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  1. Blankfirer, are you a member of the Westmoreland Wildfowlers as I dropped them an email a while back but still haven't heard from them. Anyone in particular I should be speakting to at the club? Cheers
  2. Thanks mate, I've dropped them a quick email so hopefully they will get in touch soon.
  3. Last time I heard of someone using the quarry they got prosecuted for armed trespass or something so I steer clear of that but I've been up near Birkrigg a few times. What do you shoot these days? I'm only on an air rifle atm but looking to get a shotgun soon. If you're ever in the area mate give us a shout.
  4. Great advice from everyone - I understand the importance of getting a good fit with a gun so even if I just get to hold a few, it'll help me decide what type to go for when/if I need to search online for a good deal. Valid points raised on the getting used to one shotgun rather than trying to master two guns. I think it'll depend on what guns catch my eye but an O/U does look appealing at the moment - I think jamming/catching will put me slightly off the gun, especially if I'm on for an excellent shot. I guess as I'm starting out, one gun to get the practice in and if I feel I want t
  5. Thanks Vulpicide, might just have to wander over that way and check it out for myself. Never been before so it should be an experience. highseas I live near walney mate (or barrow island if I must confess haha) . What about you? You do much shooting round these parts? Have to say, you're a friendly bunch aren't you!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome Southern there's one near Birkrigg common and I've heard about another but just waiting on the details. When I get venues and dates I'll pm you and let you know. Barraboy if you are still in touch with any of them then point them my way if they have a free slot In the near future. How could you leave the tranquility of Barrow? Haha.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! I will definitely get myself down to Malmos and try a few out for size. I think buying two shotguns for the budget would be a good idea, more guns the merrier. Not sure the missus would agree but I'll just sneak them in the house and buy her flowers cheers guys
  8. Right, I'm looking to buy my first shotgun for a bit of clay pigeon and hopefully one day a bit of wildfowling. The budget is under £1000 and I'm right handed and I would prefer to buy new but second hand would be considered. Can I get recommendations on a good entry-level shotgun that I wont outgrow too quickly (if at all). I understand that £1000 isn't even close to what you pay for top quality but for my budget, what is "reasonable"? I have no preference on semi, O/U etc, but if you can recommend one then can you give reasons why, what makes it better etc. Cheers Bish
  9. Hi there, just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum members. Everyone calls me Bish/Bishop and I'm from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. I currently shoot air rifle at Furness Marksmen club. Looking to get my FAC & SGC in the near future once I manage to get some permissions. Struggling to find land to shoot on despite knocking on plenty of doors so not really had much chance to get into the hunting side of things yet. Hope to learn a lot from the pro's on here! Any advice would be appreciated. Any local wildfowlers (FWA members) that fancy showing me the ropes would be more
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