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  1. Toothpaste heated in a flask of hot water... don't forget to take a jug or mug with you to pour the water into! Tried fishing a tube of toothpaste out of a flask with comical results! Draw a circle ( size your happy with, I use a £2.00 coin) and infill with hot toothpaste. Should the blob fall off with the shot you can still see where you've struck. For longer range verification I use my steel targets heated up with a blow torch.
  2. The most accurate .22 i have ever owned a real bargain for someone. 🙈 Not inferring I owned this particular one! Just CZ 452 Varmint in general 🤭
  3. Sums it up exactly!
  4. Hi, I'm away on hols at moment. If still there next Friday/Sat, my RFD mate will take it for me until I get a variation.
  5. Hi, i don't know if you're still looking but i have a nearly new HW97 KT wooden thumbhole in excellent condition. ( APPROX 2 MONTHS OLD) I've not even zeroed it yet, just chronoed after a full internal polish and a TinBum top hat kit fitted. It's doing 11.6 with 4.51 JSB, 11.2 with JSB 4.52 & 11.1 with H&N FTT. I'm selling because my priorities have changed and need a thermal scope for my .243 £400 collected , just off J11 M42. £425 Posted. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hi, i believe there's one for sale on the Stalking Directory?
  7. 243TSR

    Pard 007

    Hi, I have a 16mm Pard007, Complete with 3 X adapter collars, 2 X 45mm, 1 X 47/48 mm , a scope mounted weaver rail and figure of eight clamp for mounting separate IR. Also two 18650 batteries. I'm asking £325 posted inc. insurance. I'm selling only because I now have dedicated day/night vision & thermal. I will be away until a week on Saturday. PM me if you're interested. Regards Mike
  8. Is this adjustable or fixed? Cheers, Mike
  9. Pics sent Andy, regards Mike
  10. I have a H&S varmint synthetic stock, bedded for a Remington 700 short action (.222 to .308) complete with floor plate and carrier from a .222 so will suit .223. The stock also comes with an integral alloy bedding block which makes for a very stable action housing. £100 + p%p. Mike.
  11. Morning, I have a barely used Baikal 3" m/c st ej ( less than 250rds). It comes with 1/4, 1/2 & full chokes, one of the new generation of Baikal, about 3yrs old from Melbourne Guns. I'm not too far from you at J11 on the 42. £200 , pm me if you're interested. Cheers Mike
  12. Have you by any chance tried this with a NV add-on? I'm looking for something suitable for a pard add on, my current leupold LR isn't compatible
  13. Truly fine looking parents - proper spaniels !!!!! Good luck with the sale of the litter.
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