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  1. 👍Or at best glacial progress.
  2. oowee

    Greta Bristol

    Good on the Council supporting local employers. 👍 The money spent by students is not inconsiderable either.
  3. So no knowledge of anything to do with the statement then? Each of the organisations is a free and independent agent. Nothing at all to suggest anything other than their full support for the voluntary proposal.
  4. Its so much more than just the lead. Single use plastics from wads to cases. It cant be right to claim to love the countryside and at the same time despoil it with waste. A voluntary bam is a start of the process of securing better more effective and cheaper alternatves to that which we have enjoyed for the last few decades. 👍
  5. oowee

    Wilder V Fury

    Inner ear damage early on. Good entertainment.
  6. oowee


    I spend much of my time shooting (except the last few weeks due to the weather) pest control, deer and fox. I do the gym, cycling, yoga and I am rowing Pilot Gigs. I think you also need to have a workout for the brain so I Chair the local shooting club and spend a good percentage of my time managing my wifes pension fund. I also work on a few business plans for local farmers wanting to diversify. I too was at a bit of a loose end for the first few months and now I look forward to a day off
  7. Look at it this way. Less labour means wages go up. Wages go up and people are easier to replace with machines. Efficiency increases and the UK gets more competetive. The land use will change to one of higher value added.
  8. oowee

    Ghost Ship

    Should have a day shape of three black balls from the mast. 🤣
  9. @Westward whilst looking at vehicles in isolation I could agree with the sentiment but looking at vehicles as part of an integrated solution to tackling the climate change agenda I am not so sure we have much option, than to embrace the opportunity presented by ev's. Electric vehicles (EVs): EV sales are expected to increase significantly through the 2020s, both domestically and globally. The 2019 Battery Price Survey by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) predicts that EVs will start to reach price parity with internal combustion engine vehicles globally in 2024, after which sales will gather pace. This will be accompanied by improvements in performance and resultant reductions in anxiety over range. Fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure: Fuel cells are not anticipated to have a material impact up to 2030 for passenger vehicles as there is not yet a supply of hydrogen available at scale or a demonstrated infrastructure network that can safely carry it to vehicles. The 2020s are likely to provide an opportunity for testing, refining and demonstrating the technology, with it being most viable for heavy goods vehicles. (source lse Feb 2020) by 2046 NG’s analysis estimated that peak demand as a result of EVs charging would be 30 GW. By contrast, the most likely scenario in NG’s analysis saw peak demand from electric vehicles alone being around 5 GW, about an 8% increase on today’s peak demand value. This is because NG believe the switch to EVs will not be as extreme, and consumer behaviour will change to avoid charging at peak times, therefore resulting in a less significant increase to peak demand (source EV's and infrastructure house of commons library 31st Jan2020)
  10. Generation aside, one of the other massive issues for rolling out the charge point program was the lack of public ownership of the public realm within which the charging infrastructure is to be installed. Many 'public' car parks are privately owned. Add to which the power cables were simply not available even if the power capacity was provided. Homes being constructed now still do not have cabling capacity to allow rapid charging, compounding the problem of everyone switching on at 1700. We will require new legislation to enable charging infrastructure to be rolled out en masse. The disruption and costs involved are enormous.
  11. A restriction of opportunity in favour of low carbon. Further reductions in the need to travel and the further death of distance. For some change will be embraced, for others it will have to be forced.
  12. oowee


    Was it training for Brexit by any chance?
  13. What you actualy said was. Until technology is found that can charge on the move , I was simply pointing out that the technology exists now. What we need is a mind shift in the way that we own and use personal transport.
  14. oowee

    Cinema. Parasite

    Wow what a film. A completely new story line from anything I have seen before. Intriguing from start to a not so great finish but well worth a watch. If you get a chance it's a must see.
  15. They are running already. In China they use a battery swap. It exists now. Inductive put in the road surface to charge as you drive over it. IP is with PWC.
  16. oowee

    is weekend

    We have been promised a months rain in two days over the weekend. Yesterday I drove ove the Avon on the M5 and thats already in spate with little capacity. Spent some of today making sure all my ditches are running free and the culvert is clear but it's looking serious. 😟
  17. Yep but the electric ones are getting closer and you could always rent a guzzler for that longer trip Will be a while, I think, until they do a pick up but who knows?
  18. Best start getting used to it. The average daily car journey is just 24 mls.
  19. And will cost you a fraction to refuel compared to diesel or petrol.
  20. I will do the same today. This treatment cannot be right.
  21. Excellent news. i only wrote to DEFRA on the subject three days ago.
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