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  1. ^^^^This you don't need to be a cynic. If only that's all it was. Maybe if I kill a few people you will encourage looking the other way, for the sake of the charity of course. Where did the money come from in the first place? Who was robbed?
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    My son is a fan and I have been impressed when I tried them.
  3. oowee


    That's simply not true. Poland was straight off the mark. Not saying at all that Boris has not helped but given the size of our country the help has not been above and beyond. Indeed with refugees the Govt help can best be described as obvuscating. Hardly the actions to hold up as credit worthy.
  4. This if your healthy. They get more expensive to buy as you get nearer to drawing. Make sure to buy any years that may be part paid first. The revenue won't do this automatically. More of a quandary if you can buy extra years in employee pension scheme with tax relief on the contributions. Even then it's very unlikely to be better.
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    Whys that then? Total value of aid contributrd is behind Poland. If measured against GDP the UK is 6th or so behind Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. Better than the Germans though.
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    Yep I can totaly see why you would want to forget about it 🤣
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    No no no surely everyone loves him? No one could see beyond his schoolboy charms. Unfortunately he fooled 52% of the population and only now, do some see him for the wind bag he is.
  8. Wow they better be quick. Recession is just around the corner with the gas cuts from Russia.
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    I was looking forward to the anniversary party for Brexit but guess there is nothing to celebrate. 😢
  10. Very nice. Had a call to come out on flattened barley Fri but I am away now for two weeks so will miss the action.
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 that made me laugh. I am sat in the marina at Brixham. Wind has just quietened down for the day (40 knots for morning). Waiting for settled weather to head South.
  12. I wonder if he even checked. Whenever we used to drill (much deeper) lots of work went into testing in advance. Do farmers even have to check?
  13. It should have given him a clue the refusal on the drop before the explosion. That chap will be in for the high jump for that negligence I hope he has good insurance.
  14. Sounds super sonic. Great video som excellent sport and a useful job of pest control all at the same time.
  15. Well done. Unfortunately he is my MP and almost a neighbour a complete donkey more interested in selling pensions to the public sector than doing the job he is paid for as minister.
  16. We could solve the housing crisis if there was a will to do it but................... We home owners don't want it in our back yards or to affect the price of our own house so its politically a no no.
  17. 👍 Living of our kids futures unable to face upto the reality that it all has to be paid for.
  18. Exactly the same with the tapered tax relief (tories) on pensions which had a huge impact on the NHS. Pension legislation changes are complex and the law of unintended consequences loom large. Unfortunately the £50bn pension tax relief is a tempting target in times of austerity. I would mostly agree. My point with things like utilities ect was they were national assets being sold a part of which could have been retained and put into the pension pot (if we had one).
  19. It's a chronic shame that the UK has not adopted this route of investing for the future. It could be investing in assets of the country. Owning say 40% of the utilities, highway and bridge tolls, national grid, power generation would have been a good start. Instead we squander short term income. Many public sector pensions are now funded this way. I am a big believer in saving hard for your pension at the earliest opportunity. The state pension itself is a very basic back stop. The tapered tax relief on contributions needs to be looked at (the 60% tax band) together with the loss of tax relief for higher earners, and pension life time limits. The government made a good start insisting on work based pension schemes (was it the coalition that brought it in?) but it could do with another rethink.
  20. We have similar that fit on our life jackets they transmit both GPS location to satellite and AIS through VHF.
  21. I hope all goes well. Fingers and toes crossed.
  22. If your looking for a Brexit benefit its not easy to see other than higher migration rates for skilled workers, we don't pay membership fees and greater control. Try this,
  23. Meet on 'The Packet if you are about on Monday around 1315.
  24. Over 60% are genuine refugees and asylum seekers and are allowed to settle. They risk there lives because the official channels are simply not available to them.
  25. Not sure i follow your thoughts. It is not illegal to land in the UK and ask for asylum. There are clearly many economic migrants on the boats but 61% of these potential migrants (data to 2021) are recognised as refugees and allowed to settle in UK. Why would we want to tag innocent people? Why are the refugees risking their lives to cross when they could go through agreed channels to settle here? There are policy documents that set out the plan but there are such small resources that the policy as described is not delivered.
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