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  1. I was wearing glasses for reading. A complete pita out and about not being able to see stuff close up. Constantly reaching for the glasses to read the phone when your out on the bike, shooting or whatever. During lockdown I had replacement lenses installed. No more glasses and sight is 20/20 again. Expensive and not the most plesant procedure but hopefully long term it was worth the discomfort.
  2. oowee

    Job advice

    It's easy to sit where you are. The world is a scary place full of fear of the unknown. If you are in a skilled area of IT and are young then there is a whole world of excitement out there. My friend taught herself a programming language got a junior job with a Uni for a few years to prove she could do the work. Just put herself on the martket through agency and has had several companies auctioning for her services. Her salary has more than doubled, with an introduction fee thrown in working for a large multi national. She has put herself on a trajectory which will put her in the top 5% salary earners very soon. You have to make your own world come alive rather than wait for it to pass you by. The world belongs to the brave.
  3. Anything on the Foleshill Road in Cov look decent?
  4. The same place your super team is. They don't exist.
  5. Not impossible at all. Just requires concentrated support and education. Takes time and a planned approach so unlikley to happen any time soon with the ***** we have running the show.
  6. Some of the posts on here are truly appalllingly. A child exploited even if by agreement is a child expolited. If this all happened in a kebab shop in Rochdale there would be outrage. This looks to be exactly the same and should be tested in court.
  7. Best get used to it. Our costs are increasing and peops are living longer at the same time the country is earning less than ever. We need to work harder, longer, smarter and more often to pay the bills we have. Add in the tripple whammy bonus of the Brexit dividend, climate change and the pandemic and we are a long way up that dark creek. Something has to give.
  8. Thats the way to go. Single lane for traffic with passing places. Wide cycle lanes with priority. Priority pedestrian crossings. Roads would be much slower, safer and healthier. Drivers would avoid city centres.
  9. We simply cannot afford our standard of living. Doe's not matter who is in power. Its easier to say yes.
  10. Make an electro magnet with a battery a strip of wire and a nail. Simples.
  11. We have an agrement on control already must be worth a try on numbers. French have nothing to loose. Almost whatever we chose to do is likely to be better than 'Lets tow the boats back'
  12. I would go with that if but do you think it likely the French will? Please.
  13. First look at how stuoid this proposal is. Imagine you are in a dinghy and approached by a border control vessel that is going to attempt to tow you back to France, by the longer route you are trying as a result of the UK French agreement. What would you do? 1. Wait in the boat for your tow back to where you came 2. deflate your dinghy get picked up by the border force boat and taken back to the UK Better idea would be pretty much anything else you can think of. I would try Incentivise the french for every boat stopped under the existing agreement. Establish an immigration portal in france to process legal claiments. Set an agreed (with the EU) immigration level for the UK with a funded ressetlement plan. Make immigration a defined benefit rather than an unknown fear.
  14. Certainly not blaming it on Brexit just comparing the two stupid ideas.
  15. I hear this is the proposal and I have never heard such a stupid idea in my life (other than being better off after brixit). What do our labotomised govt think will happen? Its such a stupid idea.
  16. @Lloyd90 If Doris does not know the day of the week why does she demand a better care home? Is it mostly just the family requirement? Are the basic homes really bad? Under this new system. I have to pay an additional 1 1/2 % tax and I have to pay for my care home living costs from my savings. Is that right? What happens if one of a couple has to go in a home?
  17. That will come with the refferal from your gp to the private hospital of your choice. Good to hear you got sorted Steve. I am all for going private for stuff and during lockdown we both had our eyes done and my wife had a crusciate ligament op but it would make sense to get some tax relief on the payments. Reducing the burdon on the NHS.
  18. Yep guess that put the taxes up and lowered the standard of living. !!!! Maybe the problem is a bit larger and more fundamental than a few individuals or a few thousand of them for that matter.
  19. This is exactly right. When I worked for the Homes and Community Dept of Govt this was forever being flagged up in analysis that we did of new funding proposals. It was continuously ignored as were the proposals that were put forward for increasing the number of new homes built through greater market intervention. The biggest increase in demand is people living longer and smaller households (single occupants).
  20. You would expecgt a decent return given the level of investment required. I don't know the situation now but when I worked for Birmingham we had a whole raft of these businesses going under in the early 2000's. It seemed that we were forever bailing them out and taking them into public ownership.
  21. Tax records are now at a record high since the end of WW2 under a Tory cost conscious Government. Services and living standards are far from the best in Europe. Whats going wrong? Leadership, Brexit, pandemic or is it just symptomatic of the reality of living beyond our means for the last two decades. Spending more than we earn?
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