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  1. Thanks Dave. I've only got blue dot at present as I had a load of 3inch bismuth loaded for me and I've some left over. don't really want to get a new tub to reload 10cartridges worth. Think I might just hold onto it until I get more loose shot in and then buy a tub of csbo ,maxam or something similar.
  2. Good evening all. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please. I've got a small amount of itm to reload and told to use lead data for loading. My problem being I can not find any data in my manual or the internet for a 70mm 34/35 grm lead fibre wad load. Plenty for plas wad. I've got the Lyman shotshell 5th edition manual and the only fibre load I could find was 1 bismuth load which I've loaded tonight. Many thanks Ross
  3. I thought so but no takers so far , priced to sell.
  4. ratty1

    The storm

    Its worked well for me at the start of the storm. Shot 2 Canada's and sat back and watched the rest. Was a great flight. Wind was in its 40s so not overly strong but was fairly wet. Didn't bother going out again.
  5. I'm having a major clear out and I have the following 12g cartridges for sale. 100 eley lightning 36,gram 3s. 25 RC atomic steel 34g 1s 30 gamebore mammoth 36g 3s 10 gamebore magnum steel BBB. 10 X gamebore 3.5 42 grm 3s 10x gamebore 3.5 42 grm 1s. To sell as a job lot. Buyer collects. Must have shotgun cert,. Based near Exeter ,Devon. £60.
  6. I'm planning ahead of myself a little , I've always had a friend of mine load for me but I really do need grow up and learn to do it myself instead of pestering him. Got some Bismuth coming which I've asked him to load for me then I'm going to start having a go myself.
  7. How much would you like for it? Thankyou that's very nice of you. Is this Mr Clark ?
  8. Good evening , has anyone got the above they want to sell. I'm not worried about missing bushes ect as I will only be using it for resizing, priming and crimping. Many thanks Ross
  9. Hi bishop. I ended going for for a thomas wild 12 , decided it would be more practical for me and will get more use. Picked her up tonight, in very good condition ,. My friends going to load some 40/42 gram Bismuth 2s for me to try in it. It's nitro proofed to 1& 1/2 Ounce with full and xtra full so should be good out to 45yard,. Will be just right on a windy night and some low pinks up north.
  10. Thankyou Holloway. I did wonder if I could getaway without the Lee loader. Just resizing would be the issue. Johns not far from me and would be where I was heading for components anyway. I will only fire 20/30 goose loads a year so not a lot. I use the 10 for most of my fowling. I'm getting shot of my modern guns now and going old school. For the little I do nowadays I want to enjoy it more.
  11. Good afternoon. I'm about to purchase a t.wild 12g 3inch hammergun. Tight choked 30inch barrels. It's nitro proofed for 1 1/2 ounces . Im looking for a fibre /felt goose load in Bismuth. I thinking 40 grams of Bismuth 2s would be something useful to 40 yards. I'm going to buy a leeloader for loading but I'm new to reloading shotguns. I've always had a mate load for me. Many thanks Ross.
  12. Ive seen one on gun star , t Harrison 3inch that I'm going to message about. I have a friend that has used a 2 7/8 th and 3inch for years and shoots well with them. Price of Bismuth has always put me off but I've decided to just bite the bullet.
  13. I've seen the ones in Holt's , will have a better look through later. Thanks bishop. The ones seen have all be choked full and full or similar ,I wouldn't want a light choked version. I would happily go for a 3 inch 12 hammer if I could find one.
  14. I've got a 3.1/2 ten already but just fancy something lighter and older. For most of my shooting a 2 7/8th will do just fine. Would be not much difference to a 3 inch 12 I imagine. We don't get high geese down here in the south west. 20yard Canada's
  15. Good evening. I'm looking for a 10bore with 2 7/8 chambers or 3inch . Not looking for something fancy just something that I can use on the foreshore. Ive always wanted to use a older fowling piece with a bit history. Will load with Bismuth/tungsten etc.
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