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  1. Ile have a dig around tomorrow for you. There's 9 gamebore 2&1/4 1s , 5 Remington 2&1/4 4s ,3 Winchester 2&1/4 4s
  2. Sadly that's usually the problem. I see things all the time I want but Scarboroughs a touch to far. Lol. Thankyou
  3. I'm clearing out all my lead loads. I no longer shooting pheasant etc , just wildfowling so I don't need any lead . 220 assorted lead 5/6 mainly 32 gram fibres , RC,bornaghi,eley, there is a Small amount of plas wads amongst them . £50 60+ heavy lead loads, from 36- 50 gram . 0,1,BB, RC,express,eley alphamax,solways, £20 There's some 10bore lead somewhere too. Buyer must show valid shotgun cert. Based near Exeter Devon.
  4. I'm interested, how old is the unit and is there any warranty left on it ?
  5. Devon wildfowlers on the exe and teign estuary. Taw and torridge wildfowlers .north Devon. Barnstaple area. Kingsbridge pidgeon club, has some nice wildfowling with it. Those are the ones based in Devon.
  6. The temptation is very high . It's been on my list of wants for a long while now. Sadly my wallet does not allow such purchases at present. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Home brewing kit, 30 litre brewing bucket 4x demijohns 40+ grolshe style bottles Camden tablets,various yeast,hops, pectolase,corks,bubblers, Basically everything you would need to make hedgerow wines,beers. I've been making beers/wines for years but I've decided I can't be bothered anymore , not enough spare time and wife giving me **** about all my clutter 🤣 £100 no offers, Collection near Exeter ,Devon,.
  8. 1 X leather rifle bullet belt. Holds 20 , in great condition. Would suit 243/308 , £20 +p&p 1 X 12bore leather cartridge belt ,holds 25. In great condition. £10+p&p 2x 10bore neoprene cartridge belts,holds 25 , great condition.£10+p&p each. Pm for measurements.
  9. I'm starting to think the same. It's annoying as I don't want to pay ridiculas prices for dangerous goods postage.
  10. Good morning. Im after buying 50 new 76mm hulls, preferably unprimed for postage reasons. Ive got plenty but there all red, I could do with another colour so I don't have to mess around in the dark telling which load is which(36grm 2s-40grm BB ect, ) , as we know permanent marker only last so long . Can't find any online,seems everyone is out of stock. Exeter based. Many thanks Ross
  11. ratty1

    Itm shot.

    Cheers mate . I need to go down and see John anyway and will ask him when I'm there . I've got enough size 1 itm to keep me happy for a while now. Although some 4s would be nice.
  12. ratty1

    Itm shot.

    I've messaged him aswel mate but there gone. 3.5 is just shy of 1 but bigger than 2 .
  13. ratty1


    I've sent you message. I will have some please.
  14. If you've still got the itm jack I will take 2 kg please 

    1. Doriboy


      Yes I can do that 

    2. ratty1


      Don't worry jack it's ross hunter and you've already sent me some. Thankyou. 

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