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  1. Guntrader usually has a few around 450 ish. I've got 1, heavy but I like it.
  2. I'm interested if he is still looking for new home. I need a tracking dog ASAP
  3. If this is still for sale in March I may be interested, off on holiday now, Any loading equipment with it?
  4. Hi Ratty are you still after a 2 7/8 chambered ten. I have one that I am  going to sell. It's a bit heavy for me these days. I had. Triple heart bypass last April, and I finding my ten a bit heavy to carry around the marsh.


    1. ratty1

      308 rounds

      Sorry I don't check often. Phone for some reason doesn't notify Me anymore, I did message you back on Tuesday but for some reason it's not showing here now.
    2. ratty1

      308 rounds

      I'm selling my 308 so I have the following rounds for sale, must have fac and correct calibre on ticket. 62 winchester power point. 150 sp £60 26 ppu 150 grn. £10 Collection near Exeter.
    3. The river cottage meat book By Hugh fearnley-whittingstall. £15 Game and fish cookbook By the game conservancy Trust £15 Can post these but they at big and heavy so postage will be expensive. Exeter Devon.
    4. It's a bargain really, I would keep it if it was heavier., plus I have too many in my cabinet.
    5. This is my 28, it's a cracking little gun
    6. Need to sell one of my 10 s first I think,
    7. , Thankyou for your replys, I am aware of using bismuth /itm etc, I am looking for a 2 7/8 chambered 10 but this came up and didn't know much about the much 25/8 chamber, the gun itself I realise is now a waste of time, it is the one on guntrader but for future I'm wondering if that chambering would be OK, I've got two tens with 3 1/2 already but have always fancied a vintage 10.
    8. I've seen for sale a j. G. Brunn 10 for cheap price, But it has short Chambers and barely any choke, Is it worth bothering with, I've always wanted an vintage 10 and this is affordable,
    9. There's a zabala 3 1/2 chambered sxs up for sale on stalking directory. Multi choke, single trigger, I'm half tempted to buy.
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