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  1. thanks for all the comments and info, very interesting but i think i,ve sussed it folks. i,ve just browsed a few gun sales sites and noticed a nice s/a. it,s a Fabarm Titan 12g seems to have good reviews and comments so i think i may go ahead buy it @£420 .👍
  2. point taken👍 👍 dint want a anti aircraft gun!
  3. yes thanks scully, i was just making enquiries that,s all will do,cheers👍
  4. point taken, i,ve only used o/u &sxs just thought i,d try a different gun for a change a polite and constructive comment, thankyou,
  5. oops! seemed to have hit a nerve with this topic! 😂 was,nt expecting a truckload of sarcasm after a simple enquiry , did you all reply from the same hairdressing salon? point taken, just curious that,s all but you,re right.
  6. Hi all, anyone have any info or experience on tactical synthetic 12g guns like Revo or Weatherby or similar pistol grip pump /semi shotguns?I ,m thinking of buying one as a walkabout rough gun, any advice welcome,cheers.
  7. thanks i would appreciate that
  8. thanks for the info.I,ve got the model prior the one in the film and the only drawback is the action is polished to practically mirror finish that the sun reflects off it like a laser if you happen to be shooting high birds in an awkward but unavoidable position.Apart from that i think i,ll buy this gun,thanks again for the vid.
  9. thanks for that interesting info.I,ve been out and dusted a few clays on a try b4 buy basis. Got to admit it,s a very nice gun and seems quality made.(i,m more a s/a man as i like my gun to be a little lighter on the forend).
  10. hi all, anyone have any info on the Marochi Finn 12g o/u. I have an chance to buy one@£599?
  11. If she,s not actually damageing the property and is just untidy, leave her alone and keep an eye on it. If it gets out of hand Then put your foot down.
  12. moztoyota


    Hi all, Does anyone have any knowledge/info on the Breda Antares 2 semi auto 12g. i have the chance to buy one in very good condition for £350 with chokes ect.I,ve had an old breda long recoil action before but can,t find much info on the Antares 2 model any help/advice welcome, thanks.
  13. hi all, Does anyone have any info on the Breda Antares 2 semi auto 12g. I have the chance to buy one used,in fact little used in really good condition. i,ve had a breda before but it was an old recoil action but this one is,nt. i can,t seem to get any real info on the net,any help really appreciated,thanks. by the way it is going for £350
  14. thanks guys, i,ll be happy to go ahead now.
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