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  1. I had a WTB out a few months ago for one of these. Any chance you could send a few photos? I messaged you yesterday via Gun Watch.
  2. Gents, if you follow the view the article link there are pictures there.
  3. Still looking for a 20g Hushpower
  4. Hello Ultra and BB, I don't have an FAC unfortunately and looking for 20g only. Thank you for posting, nice to see people helping out. Sean
  5. I'm after a pump action Mossberg hushpower 20 gauge. Ideally within 2 hours drive of Chepstow. If you fancy moving one along, please drop me a message. Thanks. Sean
  6. Will do Edd, can you pm your details to me?
  7. Hello and thanks for the replies, I am after the A400 xtreme for now. Having done a trawl around google I think I will take the plunge on the new xtreme plus.
  8. I am on the lookout for an A400 xtreme, if anyone is thinking of letting one go. I live near Chepstow and happy to travel 100 miles radius. My SGC is in the process of being renewed so looking to buy after 21st July. Thank you.
  9. Thank you Cranfield, getting to see PM's now. Tweedledee is right, I think. I know I had 2 mags (14 pellets each) or so from one fill before it went into the yellow band. Not been used much since it was regulated so I can't say for certain. Just to make it easy to see, I am in Carterton, Oxfordshire. I seem to have a lot interest from up north. I will split and sell separately after next weekend (11 June 2016) if it hasn't sold as a complete setup. If you need more photos please pm your email address to me. Thanks
  10. Hello gents, I will keep the rifle up for sale as a complete set for a week. If I get no luck I will split then. I should have put that in the advert, sorry about that. I had a PM from someone. Pigeonwatch says I have been banned from the conversation? It will not let me see it for some reason, that is why I have not replied.
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