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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.

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  1. I am lucky as I can walk to the shore from the house . I had a few good flights and the young dog did well . The last flight my 16 year old daughter came and worked the dog which was pretty special . Hope everyone has a great summer , keeps safe and looks forward to the new season.
  2. That’s really good and great idea having pocket for paperwork etc
  3. Inspired by Big Al and his 5 star Duck hide across the water. We got busy on the shore this morning . It’s not finished but it’s taking shape.
  4. Great video Big Al The usual great filming , shooting and dog work and still the ritz of duck hides. 😎 As always thanks for sharing
  5. Cheers , I spend more time sanding her and oiling her than out fishing but that’s wooden boats
  6. Aye they do , she’s just turned 3 so she’s ready for this season . Hopefully she will get plenty of retrieves over the next few months
  7. We only get one cut of silage here and it’s just finished. So you can see what’s about, it’s funny listening to and trying to see greylag in uncut silage. We have good Canada numbers and good resident greylag moving about so looking forward to getting out. Neighbouring driven pheasant shoots are heavily feeding a few flight ponds close to the shore and I suspect they will pull in alot of the mallard and wigeon like last year. Hope everyone has a fantastic season
  8. I have just read The Lost Highlander it is genuinely harrowing . He had no respect for his captors or the British government and MOD when he finally got home.
  9. That's pathetic, as Scots we worship statues and memorials, it's in our DNA
  10. The guy is a total Chancer . Do not buy anything from him as you will be lucky to see it. He cannot be trusted !! I lost my aunt last year to cancer so thought I would buy a cap for fishing and put some money back to cancer charity. Thats was last August , have sent countless emails , left countless voice messages , messaged him on Instagram, messaged his friends on Instagram, then the Caps on Cancer web page was taken down . Found another email for him about 2 months ago and hassled him again and he actually replied , all apologetic and said he would make it and have it in the
  11. Great pics Both pics are sea eagles . Sea eagles have wider wings than golden eagles and are chunkier and less agile. What you saw could have been a pair staking out a new territory, a pair driving away last years young or a pair driving away youngsters without a territory. If one of a pair dies or moves off you sometimes get juveniles on the edge of a territory moving in . It could also have been sea eagles competing with golden eagles for a territory as this is happening more and more especially in coastal areas. Whatever the reason was it's great to see and seeing
  12. Made these flap jaks earlier . Cranberry , apricot ,raisin and banana.
  13. Made a few venison burgers and have steak marinating for kebabs on the BBQ later.
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