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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.

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  1. greenshank1

    Canada goose

    Breast it , cut it into cubes ,brown it off and casserole it with soy sauce , brown sugar , orange marmalade 👍
  2. greenshank1


    Stunning picture
  3. greenshank1

    stalking BBC

    "We are culling not killing " "Its all about what's best for the deer " (shovelling out winter feed and they are still dying)
  4. greenshank1

    Caerlaverock wildfowling update

    That's a great result for everyone. Well done local wildfowling clubs and Basc and well done SNH for listening to wildfowlers and working towards a practical solution. This sets a real president ?
  5. greenshank1

    Treating softwood for outside use

    Use larch . Cheaper than hardwoods and will last ten times longer than soft wood.
  6. greenshank1

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    Everyone needs to email the SNH reserve managers asking for an explanation and ask why if SNH are struggling with resources don't they the wildfowling scheme to BASC or local wildfowlers to manage. Copy in SNH chief executive. The reserve manager is Suzanne McIntyre and her details are on the NNR website. The more email enquiries and formal complaints the better .
  7. greenshank1

    wild flower ID

    Looks like Eyebright , Clover and Speedwell
  8. greenshank1

    Canada Geese.

    I smoked Canada breasts last year and they were delicious
  9. greenshank1

    Avon 'Skin so Soft'

    Skin so soft will put them off but as it dries they will continue to land and bite. It's oil based so can be an issue as it can accentuate sun burn. I have also seen it make plastic bags go all brittle and crack like glass. So maybe not the best for putting on your face. Smidge is decent. Deet based sprays come with their own issues as do cypermetherin , but both work. Natural Systems sprays are the best that I have used. Midgies and mosquitoes come with the territory , it's ticks that everyone needs to be aware of and be really careful with , avoiding getting bitten and getting them out safely.
  10. greenshank1

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    Do the wildfowlers association operate in Scotland ?
  11. greenshank1

    Tree or big shrub recommendation

    Buddleja , butterfly bush . thrives in shallow soils and waste ground , comes in variety of colours , attracts butterfly's and bees , and you can hack it back and it will come again.
  12. greenshank1

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    I don't think it's too easy now. Yes we have better clothing but other things have changed. Theres less understanding and tolerance towards people who shoot nowadays so you probably need to be more considerate maybe even discrete than in the past. Locally there are now , no old experienced fowlers to pass on local knowledge so everything I learn is through trial and error . It's always been a challenge , against wild birds , the wind and tides. But that is the attraction and probably why only a few people are wildfowlers compared to the number pheasant shooters. Dont know if it's arduous or maybe it's as arduous as you want it to be ? It's still accessible but you need to work at and be patient and success isn't guaranteed and probably the reason that less people now are wildfowlers than in the past ?
  13. greenshank1

    Side by Side Club

    I'm in. With my old Yeoman , on the peg on keepers day
  14. greenshank1


    They are stunning and it's great shame they are declining , too many predators and change in farming. Did people shoot and eat them years ago ? If so what did they taste like ?