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    I love fly fishing the hill lochs for wild brownies and coastal fly fishing for sea trout. In winter I am now doing more wildfowling than beating and picking up and really enjoying it.

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  1. Well Done Nice gun and dog looks delighted 👍
  2. That’s stunning work , will look amazing when it’s finished 👍
  3. Cheers Yes , it’s typical Scottish west coast , lots of rocky bays and inlets . So it’s more small rafts of duck and small family groups of geese that are flighting . Again have a great season and keep posting 👍 Thanks , it is indeed great to get out . Have a great season 👍
  4. Well Done MM We never see Pintail at all so well done. Hope everyone has a great season. I was out last weekend and never even got a shot but it was magic just being back out with the dog at dusk on the shore.
  5. This is all a mix up of a series of stories and events. You’ve got to remember before you read anything that deer management in Scotland is a controversial subject and the truth often gets overlooked for a good story. They have lengthened the hind season . No one is being forced to shoot hinds out of season and no calf’s are being orphaned as no one who knows what they are doing is shooting hinds before calf’s. You can already get out of season licences to protect crops. The story about carcasses being left was John Muir Trust , a charity shooting deer on their own land so nothing to do with public money. The last one about helicopters is ancient history from the Glenfeshie cull , and the concern wasn’t shooting from helicopters it was accusations that helicopters were being used to drive deer . They weren’t they were used to fly stalkers onto hill and carcasses off.
  6. Resident greylag look like they have had a great summer here with lots of family groups flitting about and the Canada’s appear to have had a great breeding season as they are genuinely every where.
  7. Hope everyone has a great morning flight if they are out and wish everyone a great season .
  8. It’s really sad . I am a Forester and see it in everything from pencil thin regen under 5 years old right through to ancient ash a few hundred years old. They estimate it will be all over the country in 30 years and we will lose nearly all our ash. Like Elm they hope some show a resistance but the hedge rows , woods and forests are going to be a very different place for our grand kids.
  9. I am lucky as I can walk to the shore from the house . I had a few good flights and the young dog did well . The last flight my 16 year old daughter came and worked the dog which was pretty special . Hope everyone has a great summer , keeps safe and looks forward to the new season.
  10. That’s really good and great idea having pocket for paperwork etc
  11. Inspired by Big Al and his 5 star Duck hide across the water. We got busy on the shore this morning . It’s not finished but it’s taking shape.
  12. Great video Big Al The usual great filming , shooting and dog work and still the ritz of duck hides. 😎 As always thanks for sharing
  13. Cheers , I spend more time sanding her and oiling her than out fishing but that’s wooden boats
  14. Aye they do , she’s just turned 3 so she’s ready for this season . Hopefully she will get plenty of retrieves over the next few months
  15. We only get one cut of silage here and it’s just finished. So you can see what’s about, it’s funny listening to and trying to see greylag in uncut silage. We have good Canada numbers and good resident greylag moving about so looking forward to getting out. Neighbouring driven pheasant shoots are heavily feeding a few flight ponds close to the shore and I suspect they will pull in alot of the mallard and wigeon like last year. Hope everyone has a fantastic season
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