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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.

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  1. , Only "out of the blue" if your not reading the papers or connected to social media to see a massive crowd funding campaign growing day by day , being actively promoted by a known Anti shooting celebrity with an axe to grind against all shooting ............ I am not specifically slating BASC they are all off the pace , shooting times are so out of touch and more than a week behind that they didn't mention the brewing storm and had a front page mentioning crow control . These are meant to be the best young journalists with the latest Countryside news and reviews part of a huge country magazine network .......
  2. It should have been our Countryside Organisations that should have been reviewing and making the case to Natural England long before now , that the current licenses were wide open to challlenge , not waiting for the challenge to come. Basically goverment lawyers had so little faith in the current licences standing up to scrutiny and legal challenge that they have been forced into pulling them. Find out who the lawyers are working for Wild Justice and Packham and get better and get them on the payroll. We need one new modern organisation not BASC , Countryside Alliance , Game Keepers Assoc , WGCT all openly saying today they didn't see it coming ???? We even heard the rumours up here north of the border a few weeks ago , that the crowd funding was gathering pace and current licences wouldn't stand up. You couldn't make it up
  3. A few fish moving yesterday on the shore.
  4. Inspirational Always fancied carving my own duck decoys from wood . Thanks for sharing
  5. Stamped with Prince of Wales feathers and another crest , and Hardy of Alnwick at top which I will post.
  6. I have an old Hardy landing net , would be interested if it's worth anyhthing .
  7. This has been the first season I have truly focussed on the shore and fowling instead of beating and picking up at local pheasant shoots and I have absolutely loved it. Initially lots of blank trips but everytime I have come home happy , after watching and learning flightlines , learning local tides and where I can get to and safely get back from wading and crossing tide pools. Got my first Greylag and first Canada this year and the young lab was really excelled with her first geese and ducks. Thanks to all the experienced guys for posting their accounts of their trips and for all the good discussions.
  8. Some eagles take lambs , just the same as some foxes , some badgers , some otters and even some pine martens . They are all top predators but also top opportunists. So some of the lambs are already dead when they are lifted. But some are very much alive. Some like rogue foxes develop a real taste for it others never touch lambs. I am lucky to live in work in Eagle country and see them regularly. Seeing any Eagle is special . Sea Eagles are interested in mans activities and often come over for a look , where as the Golden Eagle is the spirit of the wild and watching them even for a few seconds is a privilege as they want nothing to do with mans activities. Probably due us persecuting them for the last few hundred years.
  9. He definitely mixed up created new names in his books and blurred descriptions of various northern firths to protect the exact areas. Tides Ending and Dark Estuary are great but my favourite BB book is Manka the Sky Gypsy .
  10. Why ? , because the more people joining gives a stronger voice for shooting. It makes me mad all the bitching that goes on . Surely it's better to be a member of a shooting organisation and have a say in how's it's run , and what stances they take , than come on an opening forum to criticise. Your definitely more likely to change their approach / stance / direction from within as a member than from outside as a non member. As a member you can complain or challenge any Basc staff or council. I never said they were perfect nor was I patting anyone on the back . Fact is , if it wasn't for BASC in the last few years wildfowling would have been totally finished at both Findhorn and Caerlaverock forever.
  11. Reaching155,000 members by one of our pro shooting organisations is something to celebrate , when you read some of the comments above you'd wonder if this was actually a pro shooting forum
  12. Scottish Outdoor Access code or SOAC outlines the right to responsible access. Basically you have a right to responsible access. It gives responsible access to all. It doesn't give any rights to disturb or damage any crops , livestock or land management activities. So farmers and landowners can't restrict access unless their is reasonable grounds and access takers need to take access responsibly. Its based on common sense and tolerance . So you can cross arable farms by way of hedgerows and tracks but not stomp across newly sown winter barley. You can hike the hill but not through the middle of a fank or cattle crush. You can hike the moors but not through the middle of a Grouse drive. You can cross farmland responsibly to access the shore for wildfowling. If it's a big shoot it should post signs explaining shooting is taking place prior to shooting and take signs down after. So if you want to shoot from or over a right of way you'd have to do it , if and when it wouldn't cause disturbance of be viewed as reckless. That could be putting signs and warning people or doing it when it's least likely to be used. But Rights of Way can only be closed after consultation. Most Scottish councils have Access Officers that can advise
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