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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.
  1. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    Scotslad Your confusing two issues , No one can accept birds being wasted or dumped . No right minded country people could , nor antis or general public. There is already a growing ill will towards fieldsports and Toffs . Fuelled by a largely anti urban based media and politicians in the central belt. The deer issue in Scotland is different and is a complex issue where tradition , passion and mis management have created the current issues and extremes. Unfortunately the wider public are detached from both and believe whatever they are told by the media. The truth is totally different. Sporting Grouse estates have probably killed more deer in recent years than all conservation groups put together. But we don't talk about that ?? The same people who berate deer culls turn a blind eye to huge winter mortality where deer basically starve to death. But we don't talk about that either ?? If we aim to educate the public and get their support for fieldsports we need to tell the truth and get our own house in order in all areas including game shoots , deer management and all fieldsports.
  2. Coast to Coast

    I just watched Coast to Coast I thought it was excellent . I thought The Fenland section was really interesting with great footage , great shooting , a great variety of wildfowl and great dog work. The slow motion shot of the greylag turning on the young dog and the dogs having to work through the ice was stunning. Well done all involved 👍
  3. wet and very friendly

    I don't use a coat on my lab whilst on the shore , but fold up an old cammo goretex bivvy bag for to lay on and fold over her. It's light to carry in my rucksack and helps hide her on the shore.
  4. Ryan's First Pintail

    Well Done , Great Father and son time , His grin says it all. Great parenting
  5. Starting Again

    Last week I got the terrible news my 6 year old lab has PRA and is well on the way to becoming totally blind. So I am looking for a lab pup or young lab to help be a companion for her before she loses her sight completely and hopefully help her adjust and become my main working dog . I am looking for a bitch and preferably black but would consider a dark yellow one. I am looking for it to come from working parents and a good strong traditional working lab line with good coat , and obviously good health tests. I am a forester and work in the woods and mountains , so the dog will be out most days. During the season I beat and pick up on several driven pheasant shoots and go wildfowling on the shore . My wife runs in the forest and I have two active teenage kids so any dog joining us with have a great active life as family pet and working dog. I don't buy and sell or trade dogs any dog I get is a dog for life. Feel free to contact me if you know of any good pups or young dogs that you think would suit my situation.
  6. Tide flight

    Well done We never see pintail up here.
  7. Gutted

    If they are both close to the feeders they may gorged on the feed and bloated.
  8. protein level

    Tried my lab on the Working 23 on recommendation of Skinner rep and found she almost lost sheen off coat and condition after a fortnight . Switched back to Duck and Rice and she is back to her best.
  9. protein level

    Motty and Scotslad You both have fed or feed your dogs on Wagg. When your feeding them Wagg are you supplementing it with anything else or are you feeding them solely on Wagg. I have never tried it , but am willing to if it's keeping working dogs in good condition like you guys have mentioned. My lab is currently on Skinners and looks really well on it but I suppliment it with venison , heart and liver , eggs , sardines etc so I am not sure how much is down to Skinners and how much is done to my additions.
  10. Roast Venison

    Next time you roast venison put garlic and juniper berries in the haunch . They work really well with red and roe haunches.
  11. Snipe in the rain

    Great pic , well done
  12. Working Spaniels

    Locally on the 3 driven shoots I go to , the fashion is growing for spaniels , this means there are significantly more spaniels than labs both beating and picking up. As it's been said it's horses for courses . On one shoot several of the drives end up on the shore so after working my lab in the beat line I then get asked to use her to pick up and retrieve birds from the sea / surf. So I kind of get the best of both worlds and the dog loves it. The terrain here is really rough hill pasture , wooded sea cliffs / gullies and crags and old oak woods with commercial conifer and edged by bracken . This makes great pheasant drives and typically good woodcock ground. So a lab or spaniel that couldn't or wouldn't face thick cover would really struggle getting through the drives never mind finding birds.
  13. Healthy or Not Healthy

    Glad your soldiering on with the fowling , there's plenty of time for pheasant shooting when your proper old and decrepit If your old chessie is retired are you getting another and how did you find this one . Apologies for going off from original topic but always fancied one and wondered what they are like.
  14. Healthy or Not Healthy

    Supergoose75 it's only natural to feel your age if you have led an active life and been out in all weathers since you were a kid and your now in middle age. I do think different people feel the cold , wet , weather differently . It doesn't make you hard or soft it's just your natural metabolism. And your tolerances to bad weather may change as we age. As our hardiness goes our wisdom and cunning are meant to compensate for this. I hope !!! Look after yourself mate , take extra dry clothes with you and a warm drink they do help and if you get a soaking and are getting wet and cold come home. There is no shame in calling it a day and coming back early. We also have the benefit now of understanding good clothing , layering , taking warm drinks , wearing gloves etc and going home to warm and dry houses with hot water a change of clothes and living in our modern homes. This has got to benefit us and prolong our wildfowling careers that the old guys didn't have.
  15. Disgusting way to treat our Veterans

    What a shocking way to treat someone who has given so much. There is currently estimated to be around 5000 homeless ex servicemen and women in Scotland . Holyrood and Westminster along with the MOD should be ashamed of themselves.