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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.
  1. greenshank1

    Tree or big shrub recommendation

    Buddleja , butterfly bush . thrives in shallow soils and waste ground , comes in variety of colours , attracts butterfly's and bees , and you can hack it back and it will come again.
  2. greenshank1

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    I don't think it's too easy now. Yes we have better clothing but other things have changed. Theres less understanding and tolerance towards people who shoot nowadays so you probably need to be more considerate maybe even discrete than in the past. Locally there are now , no old experienced fowlers to pass on local knowledge so everything I learn is through trial and error . It's always been a challenge , against wild birds , the wind and tides. But that is the attraction and probably why only a few people are wildfowlers compared to the number pheasant shooters. Dont know if it's arduous or maybe it's as arduous as you want it to be ? It's still accessible but you need to work at and be patient and success isn't guaranteed and probably the reason that less people now are wildfowlers than in the past ?
  3. greenshank1

    Side by Side Club

    I'm in. With my old Yeoman , on the peg on keepers day
  4. greenshank1


    They are stunning and it's great shame they are declining , too many predators and change in farming. Did people shoot and eat them years ago ? If so what did they taste like ?
  5. greenshank1

    Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    Martins are here and my daughter heard a cuckoo last week. snipe are drumming spring is here at last
  6. greenshank1

    Grand National

    Any good tips for the other races ?
  7. greenshank1

    Caledonian canal.. holiday advice

    Hi mate Amazing scenery and quiet . It can still be cold in the Great Glen at this time of year so take plenty of warm clothes and plenty warm food. Lochness is stunning with the south side being quieter . North side has busy main road and Urquarhart Castle and Drumnadrochit and all the Monster hunting etc etc Fort Augustus is beautiful with locks then on the canal along to Loch Oich . This is a beautiful quiet section and then Loch Oich has the well of Seven Heads then canal and along onto Neptunes stair case at Fort William. Some people prefer the lochs others the canals. Have a great time.
  8. greenshank1

    Pricing green timber for milling.

    Woodturners are another possible market to try for buyers , but if it's straight and clean furniture / cabinet makers will be interested. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  9. greenshank1

    Pricing green timber for milling.

    It's not easy to clarify without seeing the logs. Traditionally single logs were lucky to get firewood price. But bouyant firewood prices has forced the log price up. Its also really variable depending on species. Hardwood or soft wood and quality and what the buyer wants . Anything with character adds value , so old gnarly twisted logs can be rubbish or worth a fortune , pippy oak , spalted beech , burred elm all add to the price. Hardwood logs are measured and valued still on the the Hoppas scale. Rare things like Yew cost even more. But until you take the first slab off you won't know if it's sound (no rot) got good character , colour etc etc. That where traditionally the mark up is , buy for next to nothing , mill it into slabs and cash in. Elm can be worth a fortune if it has burrs , best advice is take loads of pictures and send them to a few a few reputable hardwood sawmillers / hard wood furniture makers/ wood workers etc etc as different woodworkers want different things. If it's good they will bite your hand off.
  10. greenshank1

    Scope and Lamp combo ??

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good scope/lamp combination for my 15 year old son to use on his airgun just for rabbits. The airgun is a older Webley eclipse ,.22. He is relatively new to lamping rabbits so looking for a good reliable and straight forward (combo set up) that doesn't cost the earth. Thanks for any advice
  11. greenshank1

    Rucksack or gamebag.

    Reckon the rucksack is better as it has more pouches and its better and easier to keep your balance when wading creeks or tide pools. when I used the game bag I always felt lop sided.
  12. greenshank1

    Nesting Canadas

    I don't know about Canada's but I have seen a male mute swan drive off and kill mallard ducklings that came to close to the nest.
  13. greenshank1

    **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    Scotslad Your confusing two issues , No one can accept birds being wasted or dumped . No right minded country people could , nor antis or general public. There is already a growing ill will towards fieldsports and Toffs . Fuelled by a largely anti urban based media and politicians in the central belt. The deer issue in Scotland is different and is a complex issue where tradition , passion and mis management have created the current issues and extremes. Unfortunately the wider public are detached from both and believe whatever they are told by the media. The truth is totally different. Sporting Grouse estates have probably killed more deer in recent years than all conservation groups put together. But we don't talk about that ?? The same people who berate deer culls turn a blind eye to huge winter mortality where deer basically starve to death. But we don't talk about that either ?? If we aim to educate the public and get their support for fieldsports we need to tell the truth and get our own house in order in all areas including game shoots , deer management and all fieldsports.
  14. greenshank1

    Coast to Coast

    I just watched Coast to Coast I thought it was excellent . I thought The Fenland section was really interesting with great footage , great shooting , a great variety of wildfowl and great dog work. The slow motion shot of the greylag turning on the young dog and the dogs having to work through the ice was stunning. Well done all involved 👍
  15. greenshank1

    wet and very friendly

    I don't use a coat on my lab whilst on the shore , but fold up an old cammo goretex bivvy bag for to lay on and fold over her. It's light to carry in my rucksack and helps hide her on the shore.