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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.

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  1. greenshank1

    Black lab stud

    They are quality 👍
  2. Big Al Thats a real shame that folk are over shooting the area and from your generousity of sharing your videos. Your videos have been inspirational. Sadly the shooting community can be its own worst enemy. Instead of posting them at the end of season you could maybe send your videos to pigeon watch members who appreciate your videos for what they are with no ill intentions. Maybe direct message them ? Whatever you decide all the very best to you and the dogs for the rest of the season and thanks again for sharing all your videos so far.
  3. Great video Great to see you and the dogs having great fun at the Pheasants. The banter at the Pheasants is the best bit of the day.
  4. Great video with amazing gun history. Thanks for sharing. If you read Robert Burns poem Twa Dugs , he mentions the first labs coming off the boats.
  5. greenshank1

    Duck guns

    I am using a Lincoln o/u , with eley bismuth no 4 on the shore for ducks and no 3 alphamax bismuth in wet flushes fields for geese. I have an old Aya yeoman sbs which I used to use but I think swopping between o/u and sbs wasn't helping so tend to use o/u for everything now.
  6. Beautiful Drake Gadwell , well Done and fantastic dog work sending them back across the bay . Both Ted and the youngster are a credit to you.
  7. Cheers Al thats really interesting . Quite drepressing though , as now not only are you Irish boys having a better run at the rugby than us your shooting our best mallard 🦆 Sounds similar to our resident greylag that are now worldly wise and now flighty and wily compared to the migrants geese we get coming through. Interesting about the woodpigeon as here on west coast we get very few , nothing like the east coast , Perthshire and Lothians. It's amazing to think something like woodpigeon are shifting so far for better winter feeding and milder conditions. Have a great season
  8. Cracking mallard Al What about them makes you think they have come from Scotland , the size and colouring ? A great flight , with the young dog learning well. Combining the two cameras gives a great perspective Thanks for sharing another great video.
  9. Seals are the biggest fear I have working the dogs on the shore. The stretch of west coast I shoot is full of rocky inlets and tide pools and they can appear anywhere in the deeper ones. I forgoe shooting the big pools as I have seen seals swim past me under water with just there nostrils coming up. Huge big things just a few feet away . They seem fascinated by the dogs . I tend to focus on the smaller shallower pools where you rarely see them. It might mean I get less shooting but my dogs mean too much to me. A mate reckons the noise of a shot will scare them off but I am not convinced.
  10. Had Le Chameau's but found last few pairs quality was getting poorer and poorer. I have a pair of green Dunlop Purafors , big huge chunky sole and steel toe cap. I have worn them at work hiking over clearfell sites and along deer fences and over mountains and they are genuinely brilliant. Think they were £70 quid , wear them walking the dogs , beating and wildfowling and they have never given me cold feet . They are a countrymile better than Le Chameau . mrs has agile paracours and says they are way better than Le Chameau.
  11. Great video , congratulations on the two shovellers and the big mallard drake Your young dog is looking really good and steady. cheers
  12. Great video Al Ted still doing the business and your young dog Bear starting to learn his trade. Happy Days. Have a great season
  13. Not sure about Pinks , as I am on the west coast. In time i think it will be rolled out , that wild goose meat can be sold across Scotland . The farming community on the west coast and Hebrides are making a big noise about loss of grazing and silage and to be fair the damage is pretty bad in places. The unscrupulous are already already taking massive bags with no outlet , so authorising the sale of wild goose meat , would resolve the issue and ensure a market for the meat.
  14. This is new today. Hopefully in time it will be rolled out across Scotland.
  15. I am hoping to get my lad his first goose this year. Last year he came out a few times but was just unlucky, they either went wide or too high. He really enjoyed the flights but he needs the success this year. Hope everyone has a great season
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