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    I take my black lab beating and picking up at 2 local pheasant shoots. I am getting into Wildfowling for ducks and geese on the shore .
    I fly fish for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore.

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  1. That's a stunning pic 👍
  2. Great pics Both pics are sea eagles . Sea eagles have wider wings than golden eagles and are chunkier and less agile. What you saw could have been a pair staking out a new territory, a pair driving away last years young or a pair driving away youngsters without a territory. If one of a pair dies or moves off you sometimes get juveniles on the edge of a territory moving in . It could also have been sea eagles competing with golden eagles for a territory as this is happening more and more especially in coastal areas. Whatever the reason was it's great to see and seeing eagles is something special. These are a couple of Eagle feathers I have found whilst out on the hill.
  3. Made these flap jaks earlier . Cranberry , apricot ,raisin and banana.
  4. Made a few venison burgers and have steak marinating for kebabs on the BBQ later.
  5. 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Not much happening in Essex today !! 😜😜😜
  6. Good luck with the rebuild . That's a real bit of history you've got to restore. If you need any oak let me know as i could give you some for replacing the ribs / framing. I don't know much about boat building though. I have an old clinker dingy, she takes loads of sanding and oiling but like you say I could of wrapped her in fibre glass but it ain't right.
  7. greenshank1

    Six Nations

    Thought Ireland were a massively improved team yesterday than their performance against us the week before. Glad I watched the Scotland v England game from the couch rather than Murrayfield where I would have spent a fortune , got soaked and watched a shocking game. Weather kind of spoiled it and you want to see free flowing exciting rugby , neither team can claim they achieved that. England took their chances and Scotland didn't . I do think we should respect the kicker but I don't think it makes a blind bit of difference as they are already in the zone. The litter on the pitch is just blown on as it's all plastic , plastic pints , wine glasses and bottles. Eddie Jones is on the wind up all the time , from not talking in mid week interviews to putting Ellis out with a beer to do the post match interview . He cultivates controversy the whole time and uses it to deflect from his teams performance . By allowing players to talk of hate and war fare mid week is he really surprised the crowd boo the kicker.??? I don't think as rugby supporting Scots we hate any of the other nations teams , supporters or coaches , we do struggle with the BBC bias. Enjoy the rugby and the beer . 🍻
  8. I love my books , and have book cases full of them , but agree , some I have read countless times others I struggle with. I bought A Wildfowler in Scotland recently and loved it as I know the firths and can relate to them , but then bought Hawkers Diaries and Instructions to Young sportsmen and found both the Diaries and Instructions disappointing and would happily swop or sell for other fowling books. What are your favourite wildfowling books and why ? My favourite is BB 's Tides Ending as it's the first fowling book I read
  9. They should be hosting it in a coastal area putting money into a rural community where the positive benefits will be welcomed especially in March.
  10. I have used pine and spruce branches and there cones , I used them green unseasoned and they were fine. You can use any wood seasoned or unseasoned all depends on the taste your after , I have done Canada goose breasts and the usual summer mackerel. If your getting chips or sawdust make sure it's not from chainsaw and only from chipper or planer.
  11. greenshank1

    Black lab stud

    They are quality 👍
  12. Big Al Thats a real shame that folk are over shooting the area and from your generousity of sharing your videos. Your videos have been inspirational. Sadly the shooting community can be its own worst enemy. Instead of posting them at the end of season you could maybe send your videos to pigeon watch members who appreciate your videos for what they are with no ill intentions. Maybe direct message them ? Whatever you decide all the very best to you and the dogs for the rest of the season and thanks again for sharing all your videos so far.
  13. Great video Great to see you and the dogs having great fun at the Pheasants. The banter at the Pheasants is the best bit of the day.
  14. Great video with amazing gun history. Thanks for sharing. If you read Robert Burns poem Twa Dugs , he mentions the first labs coming off the boats.
  15. greenshank1

    Duck guns

    I am using a Lincoln o/u , with eley bismuth no 4 on the shore for ducks and no 3 alphamax bismuth in wet flushes fields for geese. I have an old Aya yeoman sbs which I used to use but I think swopping between o/u and sbs wasn't helping so tend to use o/u for everything now.
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