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  1. I wouldn't call the Ridgeline Ballistic hoodie thick, it's relatively lightweight IMO - I own it. It's ok for layering but nowhere near as good as the Igloo or Glacier tops (but these don't have hoods). Look at Swazi https://www.bushwear.co.uk/products/the-hood-tussock Or possibly this from Betacraft https://www.graniteworkwear.com/p_14136_betacraft-6512-quest-bush-shirt Or https://www.graniteworkwear.com/p_11194_betacraft-d6312-fleece-bush-shirt
  2. Think it's you who needs to re-read, not Billy The question was can you run a Hilux in 4wd on the road. The reply was no, (but you can buy one new)... Billy is asking why can't you run the Hilux on the road in 4wd, as he can do this with his L200.
  3. Becauase the L200 uses the same drivetrain setup as a Defender. It's the only pickup which does so is the only one which can/could be run on the main road in 4wd in Hi box. The rest use a simpler straight drive set up - so the steering becomes very heavy and limited, and you get excessive wind up if you try to go fast
  4. If you're after the more budget end of things try Solognac (check Decathlon website). I've a few things from them and very impressed so far
  5. Varmint. It has the heavy barrel and heavier chunkier stock than the standard/American... difference in weight between them is noticeable.
  6. These fishing bib and brace for £25. Huge pass. They are brilliant. I'm wearing them for work (I'm a shepherd). They keep you nice and warm in any weather (you do get very hot in them when it's warm!) and dry in very wet weather. The closest thing I can find to compare is a Dickies padded/waterproof boilersuit/overall and they are about £80... Just keep an eye out for when they're next back in store
  7. Might give it a try 👍 I was thinking water might leave it a bit sticky
  8. How long in the oven afterwards 😂 Good tip, how do you clean the cola off?
  9. If you use Nikwax/Nikwash you need to get the right one for the fabric you want to treat... they do work.
  10. I've both .17hmr and .22lr. My .17hmr is a CZ452. Absolute beaut of a gun - way more accurate than I will ever be... Only criticism I have is it's a Varmint, so very heavy. My other rifle goes against all other comments. If the CZ is Agricultural, I'm not sure how you'd describe the PUMA. But I bought it (£150 brand new, synthetic stock) as an out and out worker. Stuck a cheap Hawke 3-9*50 scope on it. I don't care if it gets knocked, scratched or a touch rusty (surface). It shoots lovely (accurate enough for rabbits), and I really like it. I bought the hmr first, 15 years ago. The .22 came only 5 years ago... for rabbits the .22 is my go to now (although there's not many rabbits here any more - the bunny virus seen to that!). Hmr hardly gets used but I keep it for crows. If I was forced to sell one it'll be the hmr (and it is a round I love!).
  11. I've an ASE Utra. Very very good, but a pain to clean...
  12. Ive had a 17hmr since 2006 I can count the times I've pulled the trigger and nothing has happened on 1 hand - never a stuck bullet or any other issues. Mostly CCI and Hornady rounds through it I've owned a 22lr for 4 years... I've actually had almost as many instances of dud rounds with it, as I have the HMR
  13. Not a 27, but I have a 26. From what I could tell they are possibly the same gun, just different years. (B26 sounds better than B27 to my ear) I like my one a lot. If it's all in good nick (ignoring the wood), parts shouldn't be too big a worry - but yes, getting a part could be an issue. Good gun IMO, and it serves me well wherever I take it without looking out of place, as it were. I didn't necessarily set out to buy my one, but it was the best fitting and feeling gun I handled... I've since grown very attached to it. Good luck
  14. I have a Norica 3-shot. I only put 3" carts through it, never had any issues with it not extracting... but as yet it isn't getting lots of work (no ferrets currently and not enough rabbits around). I'm using Lyalvale Supreme Game carts - 18gms, no6
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