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  1. If you're after the more budget end of things try Solognac (check Decathlon website). I've a few things from them and very impressed so far
  2. Varmint. It has the heavy barrel and heavier chunkier stock than the standard/American... difference in weight between them is noticeable.
  3. These fishing bib and brace for £25. Huge pass. They are brilliant. I'm wearing them for work (I'm a shepherd). They keep you nice and warm in any weather (you do get very hot in them when it's warm!) and dry in very wet weather. The closest thing I can find to compare is a Dickies padded/waterproof boilersuit/overall and they are about £80... Just keep an eye out for when they're next back in store
  4. Might give it a try 👍 I was thinking water might leave it a bit sticky
  5. How long in the oven afterwards 😂 Good tip, how do you clean the cola off?
  6. If you use Nikwax/Nikwash you need to get the right one for the fabric you want to treat... they do work.
  7. I've both .17hmr and .22lr. My .17hmr is a CZ452. Absolute beaut of a gun - way more accurate than I will ever be... Only criticism I have is it's a Varmint, so very heavy. My other rifle goes against all other comments. If the CZ is Agricultural, I'm not sure how you'd describe the PUMA. But I bought it (£150 brand new, synthetic stock) as an out and out worker. Stuck a cheap Hawke 3-9*50 scope on it. I don't care if it gets knocked, scratched or a touch rusty (surface). It shoots lovely (accurate enough for rabbits), and I really like it. I bought the hmr first, 15 years ago.
  8. I've an ASE Utra. Very very good, but a pain to clean...
  9. Ive had a 17hmr since 2006 I can count the times I've pulled the trigger and nothing has happened on 1 hand - never a stuck bullet or any other issues. Mostly CCI and Hornady rounds through it I've owned a 22lr for 4 years... I've actually had almost as many instances of dud rounds with it, as I have the HMR
  10. Not a 27, but I have a 26. From what I could tell they are possibly the same gun, just different years. (B26 sounds better than B27 to my ear) I like my one a lot. If it's all in good nick (ignoring the wood), parts shouldn't be too big a worry - but yes, getting a part could be an issue. Good gun IMO, and it serves me well wherever I take it without looking out of place, as it were. I didn't necessarily set out to buy my one, but it was the best fitting and feeling gun I handled... I've since grown very attached to it. Good luck
  11. I have a Norica 3-shot. I only put 3" carts through it, never had any issues with it not extracting... but as yet it isn't getting lots of work (no ferrets currently and not enough rabbits around). I'm using Lyalvale Supreme Game carts - 18gms, no6
  12. Do you mean Percussion? They seem good stuff but I've only seen their items online... from a bit of digging I believe they are behind the Solognac shooting clothing found in Decathlon stores (both brands are French, at least) which I am very impressed with - and it's at bargain prices!
  13. Got Hawkes on both of my rimmies, great scopes for the price. One on the HMR is a bout 6 years old, standing up to it well - but, I bought a new one under a year ago for my .22 and the quality has moved on quite a bit. I'm very pleased with it, especially for the price
  14. Exactly. Currently, the writing is on the wall for diesel (rightly or wrongly does not matter). If Suzuki wasn't interested in selling a diesel Jimny here in the early 2000's when fuel was a lot cheaper - and everyone was switching to diesels - I can not see them doing it now...
  15. Aye right! The Jimny has been here for almost 20 years and Suzuki has stuck to a small petrol in all that time. Everyone is out to kill off diesels currently... take note of the likes of Subaru saying they are dropping ALL diesel engines. I would be VERY surprised if Suzuki offer a diesel at any point in the new Jimny.
  16. Update on this... Was doing some shopping today and ended up in a Decathlon store. They've got a shooting/hunting section and sell these types of trousers (along with matching jackets, just like the big brands) but a name I've never heard of - Solognac. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/C-310094-shooting-trousers-and-shorts Bought 2 different pairs. There is only 1 leg length and the waist is just Small-XXLarge with not much reference as to what each size fits... tried on a Medium and it fits my 32ish inch waist well and the leg length must be around 33-34inc
  17. Get the right Whisky and it certainly is 👌
  18. Haha Be surprised the number of people have tried my damson brandy, liked it a lot then say they don't really like brandy..👍 Doesn't matter, mind - If it's a liquid you can put fruit in it... never been a vodka drinker, it's tasteless to me so I don't see the point. I prefer rum, brandy, whisky and as I get older I'm appreciating gin more. Bramble rum, Damson brandy and Plum whisky is what I tend to make.
  19. Aye, but what's the leg lengths like? Merry Christmas folks! Hope it's a good day for all.
  20. Cheers, Percussion are the ones I'm leaning towards... quite like the Skintane ones. What's the leg length like on them? My jeans are all 34" leg and trousers 33" - anything shorter usually looks ridiculous on me
  21. Been looking at some of these - Seeland, Percussion, Jack Pyke etc. Some look good at reasonable prices. Wanted for general shooting and maybe a bit of hiking/hill walking... I'm not really interested in which are best, BUT I can find very little info on sizings - especially leg length. I'm 6'1" tall with a 32"-33" waist and I take a 33"-34" inside leg. Doesanyone have any pairs, and can anyone give me helpful advice about sizes?
  22. I'm a hill farmer (shepherd). I hate wellies... Been wearing GoreTex lined boots for 12-14years now and for me they are definitely best for working in. The Altbergs will be fine for out shooting where the demands are a lot less.
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