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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to find out some information about two Arrieta sidelocks. They say no 35575 and no 36379. Images are attached. Any info on what model and date made would be great! Thanks Simon
  2. Hi Chaps, I am looking for an AYA no.2 or an Arrieta side lock. If anyone has any that are for sale please give me a shout. Simon
  3. Will have it off you if you could meet me near surrey or deliver if to me?
  4. Hi, Myself and a friend are looking for some pigeon shooting in the Surrey and surrounding areas. We are both very experienced shots and have been shooting for 10+ years. We hold shotgun and firearms licenses along with BASC insurance. We also have trained gun dogs for pickups and we always leave land as it was before we arrived. We are happy enough to pay for this privilege so if you have any suitable land please get in touch. Many thanks, Simon
  5. Up to about £500. Not in Surrey is fine i am happy to travel
  6. Hi guys, I am after a cheap and cheerful .17hmr rifle in the Surrey area. If anyone is selling one or wants to sell one please let me know. Thanks, Simon
  7. Ahh ok, sorry i will move it. Cheers,
  8. Hi, Myself and some friends are looking for some shooting over the Surrey area. We are all very experiences shots and hold both firearms and shotgun licences. We also hold out own insurance. We are mainly looking for permission to shoot over land for pest control (rabbits, foxes etc...) but we are also looking for permission to shoot wood pigeons, crows etc. If you have any land that would be suitable or need some help in pest control or crop protection over the next year please get in touch. Simon
  9. Hi, Myself and a friend are very interested in beating for the next season with you. We are fairly inexperienced at beating, we are however very experienced game shots, but would love the opportunity in learning and helping out. If you think this may be suitable please contact me. Many thanks, Simon
  10. Hi, Myself and a friend are looking for permission to shoot on land over Surrey. We are both very experiences shots and hold our own insurance and all the equipment needed. If you have any land that you require pest control help on or just any land that you would allow us to shoot over please contact me as it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Simon
  11. Hi there, I am looking for some pigeon/rook/rabbit shooting in the surrey area for a group of 5 guns. We are willing to pay and travel for this. Many thanks, Simon Lockyer
  12. Hi James, I know this is a very old post and may not still be relevant but i was wondering if you have any shooting left available? Let me know. Thanks, Simon
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