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  1. The problem with apps is they chew through the battery something shocking plus someone always calls when you are negotiating a tricky roundabout or junction and the screen switchs . Aways, without fail 100% of the time. I think its some sort of universal law
  2. I am surprised the MOT didnt pick up on that. Sill not as bad as the prop shafts on my series 3 though. The P.O. had spent money on getting tissue paper welded over the rusty chassis and it had a good paint job but there was only 50cc of grinding paste in the gear box and the props were both 100 yards from full self destruct! I bought it as a rebuild.
  3. I wonder if they changed it again.
  4. If you use the grandfathered rights on your licence please check they are still there. I have a feeling they remove them if you renew online. I seem to remember telling my mum but she wasn't bothered.
  5. I would leave it a bit first, say 8 weeks, then cantact the vendor and ask if they have had payment. That should be long enough for anything odd to have sorted itself out. Otherwise you just know it will get mucked up and you will get billed twice then. I had an airport purchase take 2 months to turn up on a credit card a few years back
  6. A cashless society is a society controlled by the powers that be. In a crash intrest rates fall, as we are still seeing after 10 years, and most people stop spending due to uncertainty. Lets say interest rates go negative, we now have 2 secnarios here: 1. cash society. With negative rates you are paying the bank to hold your cash. Most folk would go thanks but no and invest in the under the matress bank. Gains you nothing but it's not costing you anything either. You have your money still and can use it as you wish. 2. Cashless society. Negative rates are here.. ok I will take my money out, ooops cannot do that. Er another bank? nope neg there as well. So now you either have to spend it or lose it in neg interest rates. Plus every single transaction you ever make is now recorded. Solution here is precious metals and barter, Gold and silver are money that plastic funny money backed by a politicians promise is fiat currency and worth the same as a politicians promise. But then they know you have bought gold and silver so come knocking at your door when they do the gold confiscation, like they did in the USA in the 1930's. The solution to this is a boating accident and you lost all your precious metals when the boat sank.🤣 Don't be keen to get rid of something because it is a bit easier. I'm off to re-apply tinfoil to my hat now. Them 5g waves man lol. ps bitcoin isn't anonymous.
  7. Egr valves are a royal pain in the bum. My old mk3 mondeo sttdci would go through one every 40000ish miles there were several failure types. Sticks open, means car would be a pig to start and keep running at low speeds, stick closed you would not know there was a problem without the mil light.
  8. I was told the same thing at mine, we are a naughty bunch.😅
  9. I actually asked this question to my FEO when I had my first visit and he said contact them, they will then issue a section 7 cert so that they can be disposed of.
  10. I bought this one from Amazon last October and no problems with card errors since SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE Video Monitoring for Dashcams & Home Monitoring 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adaptor, Up to 100 MB/s read and 40 MB/s Write, Class 10, U3, V30, White
  11. You also need to use heavy duty micro sd cards. Normal cards dont do well with the high write cycles in dash cams and can fail after a few months. I thought my dash cam was broken because I kept getting card errors but then I found out that I should have been using a heavy Duty card and problem gone. I wasnt using cheapo no brand cards either.
  12. I checked a few of my old work vans a while back and it was surprising how many of them had less miles on them than they had when I gave it back.
  13. It sounds like a worn compressor to me, If it is like my Jag then when you first start up it has a timed period when it has to reach its correct ride hight. If this fails then you ge an error light. Switch off and back on again and the light goes out because it is already close to the correct high and it gets there in the correct time. An overhaul kit as mentioned above will fix it.
  14. In all honesty that's probably a step up for a few people.
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