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  1. I found it was the other way around with my MK3 mondeo. I would go through egr valves at a regular rate of one every 40k miles ish, they were utter rubbish, but Jaguar was WAY cheaper than Ford for the same part! I think the price did creap up a bit towards the end of ownership.
  2. Blimey! Who did you have to give a "special kiss" to to get flour and yeast?🤣
  3. My wife had friends of her family that worked in the USA and they ran a gardening business in Florida. All vey nice but when the kids became adults they got kicked out of the country and had to move back over here.
  4. The worst car I have had the misfortune to replace bulbs on is my mums old volvo xc70. It would make a saint swear! My MK3 Mondeo was the best, 2 pegs and the headlights just come out.
  5. Oh don't get me started on this! A good few years back I had a Mondeo ST tdci I used for work. I bought a new set of tyres for it and had the tracking checked. All the "experts" on the Mondeo forums said go to someone with a Hunter blah blah whaterver it was. So off I went to a place near my inlaws for the service , air con recharge and tracking check (it had an extended warrenty so needed a garage service). 4 weeks later both rear tyres fubar like above! grr Got 2 more new tyres and went to a closer place in Bolton with the Acme 2001 widowmaker supreme to be told that the rear alignment was O
  6. The law is different in Northern Ireland. When I collected deactivated guns many sites would openly state they do not sell mags to NI. At the time it was something along the lines of you had to have a licence for the firearm the mags went with not sure if they have changed it since then, I've got loads of mags for all sorts plus the deacs to go with them.
  7. BBC dosen't give a monkeys about viewing figures. If they did they would have sorted the clowns out that have turned Dr.Who into a diversity checklist show.
  8. On offer at a one time bargain price of £480! If I bought one of them the missus would beat me to death with it lol.
  9. We may have to go the solicitor no win no fee route. We have just had to pay £25K to my Aunts local authority to cover her fees while we got court of protection in place. That is a right pain in the bum to sort out and I would highly recommend that you get power of attorney in place before anything happens as it will save loads of aggro later.
  10. Don't forget to claim Attendance Allowance! Its not means tested and could add either £56 or £88 per week to their income. Also don't forget you could be eligible for AA as well. Check locally as there are usually places like age uk that can help with the form. If you get pension credit and get awarded AA it can also boost your pension credit. We missed out on 12 months AA because no one told us we could and it was only a passing comment that made us aware. Get power of attorney in place before it goes tits up as getting court of protection set up is a royal pain in the **** and ex
  11. That's what I suspected. Misuse of a computer or some such.
  12. I had a quick look on the tinterwebz and if he has done what I think he did then it's not that bad. I think at the time the crime was a relatively new one assuming I am not barking up the wrong tree. .
  13. You will probably find its cheaper to replace the drill unless you can find a second hand charger.
  14. Far too much chassis work to remain on the original plate never mind tax and mot exempt. I bet the only 2a parts left are the bulkhead, reg plate and vin plate and tbh the vin plate looks very new. Just double checked the link above and it should be on a q plate. You see loads of Landys like this that are far too modified to remain on the original plate. Getting caught though is a different matter.lol
  15. I have a deactivated SPAS 12, they look the dog dodahs but it is heavy. Not as heavy st the MG42 and MG34 though, the Germans carrying those things about must have been built like a brick outhouse!
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