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  1. I actually asked this question to my FEO when I had my first visit and he said contact them, they will then issue a section 7 cert so that they can be disposed of.
  2. I bought this one from Amazon last October and no problems with card errors since SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE Video Monitoring for Dashcams & Home Monitoring 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adaptor, Up to 100 MB/s read and 40 MB/s Write, Class 10, U3, V30, White
  3. You also need to use heavy duty micro sd cards. Normal cards dont do well with the high write cycles in dash cams and can fail after a few months. I thought my dash cam was broken because I kept getting card errors but then I found out that I should have been using a heavy Duty card and problem gone. I wasnt using cheapo no brand cards either.
  4. I checked a few of my old work vans a while back and it was surprising how many of them had less miles on them than they had when I gave it back.
  5. It sounds like a worn compressor to me, If it is like my Jag then when you first start up it has a timed period when it has to reach its correct ride hight. If this fails then you ge an error light. Switch off and back on again and the light goes out because it is already close to the correct high and it gets there in the correct time. An overhaul kit as mentioned above will fix it.
  6. In all honesty that's probably a step up for a few people.
  7. I've had a couple of recorded messages saying hmrc is opening a case against me ....Yawn whatever! A mate of mine loves the phone calls because he keeps them on the phone for ages, just so they aren't getting anyone else. One time he spent ages acting thick saying his pc wouldn't do what the caller wanted it to do and when the scammer asked is the internet connected he went bonkers at them and said he didn't have internet and they had wasted his time. His best one was, again acting thick, he managed to gain access to the scammers pc! Essentially they want you to open a remot
  8. Thats a bargain! My neigbour just spent £3500 on the same dog! Aparently the breeder was a bit miffed because they didnt get the numbers they were expecting in the litter. I think that tells you everything about that breeder.
  9. What he said. If you try to pressurise with water in the boiler you will end up with the wrong pressure in the EV. I have to do our boiler after the summer as it has usually dropped very low over the summer. Its a right faff on our boiler as the boiler is on a bracket so all the pipes could be run up he back, visable pipes nooooooo! But it makes it a bit tricky to get to the schrader valve.
  10. No spare tyre is a huge weight saver and makes the mpg look better when they go for testing. Plus it saves them a few quid per car!
  11. A mate of mine over Sheffied way restores old Excelsior bikes and the engines in those are very similar to the Vickers. When we were made redundant a couple of years ago he decided that he was fed up being a wage slave and is making his hobbly into a business. Link to his Facebook page bike restoration have a look at the engines he has done recently, they looked like boat anchors but he has them come up beautiful.
  12. I found it was the other way around with my MK3 mondeo. I would go through egr valves at a regular rate of one every 40k miles ish, they were utter rubbish, but Jaguar was WAY cheaper than Ford for the same part! I think the price did creap up a bit towards the end of ownership.
  13. Blimey! Who did you have to give a "special kiss" to to get flour and yeast?🤣
  14. My wife had friends of her family that worked in the USA and they ran a gardening business in Florida. All vey nice but when the kids became adults they got kicked out of the country and had to move back over here.
  15. The worst car I have had the misfortune to replace bulbs on is my mums old volvo xc70. It would make a saint swear! My MK3 Mondeo was the best, 2 pegs and the headlights just come out.
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