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  1. I have a deactivated SPAS 12, they look the dog dodahs but it is heavy. Not as heavy st the MG42 and MG34 though, the Germans carrying those things about must have been built like a brick outhouse!
  2. Lord O War

    UHD TV

    It makes me laugh that 40 inch is now a small tv. My old tv was a 32 inch crt and I thought it was big but then I got my 46 inch flat panel and ooh big. Now when I walk around costco the really big tv screens do look big but anything up to 55 inch just looks normal now and 32 inch is just a pc screen lol. One thing to watch for that drives me and the wife potty is the phenomenon known as the soap opera effect you get when motion smoothing is on, it horrible. It makes the picture look too real, it's hard to describe but you will know it when you see it.
  3. The place I used to work at used booking.com because every 6th booking is free or something like that. Now I never experienced the joy but a mate from Scotland who would do loads of long distance jobs did on several occasions. There was the hotel in Aberdeen that he was booked into all paid for and when he got there it was shut, and another was a b&b and his room was right next to the lounge he kept expecting people to walk into his room. A few of the guys have said if its not a proper hotel then they ain't going due to ending up in proper dives. Kick up a fuss, post on all social media you can and try your credit card , if you used a CC.
  4. I've fixed and binned stuff depending on cost and my ability to fix. The dishwasher has been repaired twice now the first time it would fill then empty and fill then empty etc. I forget the name of the part but it monitors how much water was going in and this one wasn't so it would over fill then dump the water. Second time it was flooding the kitchen every now and again and after a wash it would still have water in the bottom, but it was clean water. After a sudden AH moment I realised it was working ok but it was slowly refilling because the water cut off was weeping and filling the dish washer up. I replaced that and it is still going the only problem is the trays are starting to get a bit rusty. The gtech hoover ended up as spares for my mum and the inlaws hoovers. There is a clutch assembly in the gtech and you cannot get it from gtech so you have to get them from ebay or similar but they are **** and it failed again in hours. I've just fixed the ice dispenser in the fridge freezer, I took the gearbox off and striped it (against the label saying don't ) I put the spring back in place and plugged the motor back in and it went through the motions ok and then I suddenly went ****** it will try to fill the tray now! It then proceeded to spray a trays worth of water over the kitchen floor! oops. When I put it all back together it worked ok but only once I then realised all the condensation that had formed on it whilst I was tinkering had frozen it all up. So out again let it all dry properly and put it back. Still working now and almost a full bucket of ice in it. I've rescued a laptop from a skip it needed about £45 quid of parts as the screen had been broken when chucked in the skip but it works fine to run the diag software for my car. Fixed a couple of laptops with the baking in the oven method but after further research it seems it is not the solder that is the problem but the chips ( usually graphics)At best it is a tempfix and both machines that I have done this on eventually died again in a similar way. Although they did both get at lest another year out of them. A mate hardly ever chucks anything out but his dad is worse. they have about 13 pedal bikes hinging from the garage ceiling, they only ride motor cycles lol
  5. I had one of those questionnaires about who else is in the house, reading between the lines you don't have to fill it in but if you don't then don't expect a certificate.
  6. My Mum has one but unfortunately it is off the road. I went round the other day to do an oil and filter service on it and noticed that 2 front tyres are worn to the limit, the water pump is leaking and when I was walking round the car I noticed a huge bald patch on one of the rear tyres. Oh what has done that as the rest of the tyre is fine, well a very worn nivomat rear shock that has failed is what has done that. So it will need 3 tyres, water pump, cam belt, serpentine belt oh and 2 rear shocks at £350+ each! Car has done 180k so not worth spending over a grand on it . A shame really as she really likes her Volvo.
  7. It should have no trouble with 28g loads. Mine never misses a beat, the only time I had trouble with fail to eject shells correctly was down to storage issues of the shells. Since I moved the shells it has been fine.
  8. Don't forget that the new SGC isnt valid until your old one expires.
  9. Lord O War

    Credit cards

    You need to be really careful with 0% rates on cards. The CC companies have a priority order that you debt is paid off in. I will try to get this right as I haven't looked at this sort of thing for a while, I would do loads of big ticket items on 0% cards. If you transfer a balance to 0% card and continue to use that card for other purchases what happens is the CC company will use your monthly payments to clear the debt that earns them the least ie the 0% portion. So the expensive bit is building interest whiles the 0% is being paid off. The best option is to not use the 0% card while you have anything outstanding on it. Money saving expert is a good place to check this sort of thing
  10. My mate was at an MOD site yesterday and believe it or not they get them as well. Chap there asks the caller how he got the number and does he realise that this number is monitored as it is a military site.....BEEEEEEEEEEEE lol. Guy there says it works every time. lol
  11. Gummed up carbs will be your main concern but I would also replace the brake fluid while you are at it. And replace the tyres, even if you have had the bike stored with the wheels off the ground they are 10+ years old and very likely cracked by now.
  12. I've posted my SGC renewal in mid April but the bumf that came in the post said could be 14 weeks!
  13. I am sure a cracked windscreen is a fail and with the new MOT rules that come in soon so is the warning light.
  14. A couple of glass nails should do it but remember to use a rubber mallet or you will break them.
  15. Great now I have the stupid Zombeavers song in my head! Sharknado a case of it's so bad it's funny but 5 of them! I like my horror films but the Human Centipede is utter utter carp. Almost any film on the SCI FI channel and Horror channel although the odd gem does appear every now and again.
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