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    I'm going vegan

    I've decided to go vegan, but once I've finished the pack of Vivera steaks I bought, I will return to eating meat again. Bought them in Tesco this evening because I'm curious to see what they're like. I think any proper vegans would have been horrified at my leather boots, leather belt, leather wallet and leather watch strap, not to mention the piece of rabbit rawhide cord in my pocket or the incredibly itchy army surplus wool snood I had around my neck (won't be wearing that again). There are doubtless vegans out there that would rail at the thought of something simulating meat but maybe it was too cold for them tonight as I wasn't accosted by any upon leaving with my purchase. I've long thought that in order to shift opinion slightly one way you need people on the extreme and maybe the militant vegans out there will do something to improve animal welfare and make everyone think a bit more about what they eat but I don't agree with their methods or their ideology
  2. spandit

    LG TV

    My LG HDMI ports stopped working. I took the motherboard out and baked it in the oven to reflow the solder. Fixed it but after a few months they stopped working again so I bought a new telly
  3. spandit

    Very large Log Section

    I've got some big sections of softwood
  4. spandit

    I'm going vegan

    Well. Ate the "steaks" this evening and I must say, they weren't all bad. Not a lot of flavour, but did taste a bit meaty and the texture was like a decent burger. I suspect that were they served in a bun with the usual accoutrements, most people would struggle to tell the difference. Expensive, though...
  5. spandit

    FAC Ammo Safe Installation

    Wow, your FEO must be easy to get round https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC-10 (and why do you need 8 of them?)
  6. spandit

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    I think the OP wanted a gunsafe, not a keysafe
  7. spandit

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    http://www.sealey.co.uk/PLPageBuilder.asp?id=20&method=mViewProduct&productid=15694 Fine until the batteries went flat and it started making funny noises at night when I wasn't here
  8. spandit

    fine for too much ammo

    At over £1 a round, it's not just logic that's saying that!
  9. spandit

    fine for too much ammo

    The rules are nonsensical. I can hold 500 rounds of 223 (I think, can't actually remember but I haven't got that many "in stock"). If I were to go on a rampage with my bolt action rifle, I doubt I'd get through very many before I was stopped so whether or not I had thousands hoarded is irrelevant. Can't see the logic behind the restriction, but then that holds true for many aspects of firearms licensing (such as moderators, having to apply for specific calibres etc.)
  10. spandit

    17hmr ammo

    He's in Kings Lynn
  11. spandit

    101 woes

    Sounds like you need to improve your camouflage skills... either that or dress in neutral country clothing and less like you're at an ISIS training camp
  12. spandit

    Buying my First Rifle

    I'd say with a rimfire you can shoot with NV or a lamp so dusk scope performance is not as important as it is on a deer rifle. My experience of CZ rifles is that they're accurate but don't have the quality feel of something like a Weirhauch or Anschutz.
  13. spandit

    . 22lr cases

    Ah, nice idea. Please show us pictures when you've done it
  14. spandit

    . 22lr cases

    I'm intrigued as to what you're going to do with them as I keep all mine and have a huge amount
  15. spandit

    50 cal update

    That is my understanding
  16. spandit

    50 cal update

    I only skim read it. Looks like we can now buy belt fed heavy machine guns. Bad news for squirrels
  17. spandit

    RFD's around Worthing

    The 525 isn’t actually made by Anschutz and although mine was a very reliable rifle, I can’t claim it was of the same standard as their bolt action guns. They are cheap, though, and good fun, although I chopped mine in to save on ammunition costs as I didn’t have the self control not to empty the magazine every time. It’s on sale at Diamond Guns and until it goes, I won’t be paid!
  18. spandit

    Shotgun problem

    Think the 70 means 70mm so might not take a 3” shell
  19. spandit

    RFD's around Worthing

    Diamond Guns in Heathfield has a lovely Anschutz 525 22LR for sale...
  20. spandit

    FAC Grant

    I'd have asked for 600 rounds HMR so you can buy a brick when you're down to your last 100. I don't know if you needed to specify S/A for the 22lr either. Good luck
  21. spandit

    lots of leather shooting goods

    I've just acquired a sewing machine that can sew thin leather and just marking and cutting it out takes ages. These are remarkably cheap for the effort involved. Don't expect any competition soon!
  22. spandit

    They shall not grow old

    Beautifully constructed film. Glad I watched it without my 9 year old as I think she'd have nightmares. I wonder if the Germans and French have similar archives that could be restored in the same way?
  23. spandit

    Spice Girls Tour

    Not at all but slagging off a very popular group just out of jealousy that they're wealthy and not to your taste is boring. I think they were a credit to GB in 2012 and good luck to them
  24. spandit

    Spice Girls Tour

    They were brilliant at the 2012 ceremony - so much better than that old Scouser and that ghastly Emily Sandé who can't hold a note. If you don't like them then don't buy a ticket but I suspect they'll be sold out
  25. spandit

    .17 hmr range

    Destructive little round if you are wanting to eat rabbits - head shots are achievable though because it is accurate. I've had it pencil through squirrels at shorter ranges but plenty of rifle choices out there and ammunition widely available.