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  1. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Thinking about getting a PCP for squirrels etc. and have read that FAC rifles are cheaper than non. I already have an FAC so it would just be a case of getting another slot or is there any reason to not go for an FAC rifle (which could after all be made to shoot at sub-12ftlb levels as desired)?
  2. Trying to expand my 3D printed magazine repertoire with the Sako Quad/Finnfire II - think I have the 22LR magazine down OK but need someone willing to test prototypes in their rifle (which I don't own). Please PM me if you're interested
  3. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Why would I need a 3rd 22LR? I've also got 17HMR and a couple of CF but as has been mentioned shooting one off a branch with a .308 is unlikely to win me many friends in the police!
  4. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Always fancied a Rapid 7 ever since a mate of mine had one years ago (FAC power but he didn't have a licence, naughty chap... this must have been over 25 years ago and I know he doesn't have it any more) but don't want anything too heavy and although the ammunition is cheap, if I have to buy a divers bottle etc. it's going to get expensive!
  5. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    Not so easy for the rest of us to obtain rifles! I have a Weihrauch HW60J in 17HMR and love it - I’d go for a Weihrauch in 17 hornet given the chance but might have to sacrifice another rifle to get it as struggling to justify why I might need it when I have the aforementioned plus a .223
  6. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    I reload for cost reasons but I also find the ammo a lot more consistent.
  7. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    You'll also get a massive range of different bullets for the .223 (and other .22CF) that you wouldn't get with the Ruger. I'm tempted by a 17 hornet but don't really need one and don't think it would do much that my .223 can't do.
  8. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    You'll also find way more reloading data for the .223 as it's so popular in the USA.
  9. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    Don't know how available .204 ammunition is unless you're reloading. .223 is available everywhere.
  10. Can some kind soul please measure the length (front to rear) of a Sako Quad or Finnfire II magazine (which are the same)? They're longer than the P94S magazines that I currently make so they can accommodate the 17HMR in the Quad but I reckon I can still make them cheaper than factory
  11. Thank you! Funnily enough I'd guessed at exactly 38.8mm (because the P94S ones are 28.8mm long)
  12. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    Ah, then go for it. Doesn't cost you anything to apply for the lot and if you can convince your FEO then you should be fine. Good luck!
  13. spandit

    What guns to choose?

    Asking for both a .223 and a .22-250 is a bit much. A lot of crossover with the 2. I'd go for the .223 as for harder hitting stuff you can use the .308 and it's a bit cheaper to run than the 250
  14. spandit

    Missed my first fox

    Better a miss than a poor hit That said, I've never missed, I just tend to fire a lot of warning shots
  15. spandit

    Working with stainless steel.

    If you can get through the top layer without hardening it then you should be OK.
  16. spandit

    In the money

    You are the lucky ones. I only get told I've had an accident but when I ask them what they're wearing they just hang up on me 😞
  17. spandit

    Fishing Knife

    They're dirt cheap over there
  18. spandit

    magpie decoying

    Both my rabbit and magpie were gone when I returned this evening and Charlie was nearby judging from the blue eye shine. One less to wake me up in the morning though
  19. They turned up again this evening, sans bière, as I was watching a fox slink through my woods. Scared him away... don't think there's a law stopping people walking on their own property 😞
  20. Was up in my high seat practicing with my new fox whistle when I heard voices in the wood behind. It was the owners of the wood and I heard one of them mention my name. They then called out a greeting and we had a little chat. She then wandered off whilst I was talking to her husband and came back with a cold beer! Very welcome in the heat.
  21. Despite having owned shotguns and rifles for nearly 5 years, until today I'd never killed anything with a shotgun. Ever. Had been in my workshop giving my bolt action Anschutz .410 a bit of an oil and when I walked back outside there was a rabbit. Fortunately it was loaded (as I'd heard some magpie chatter) so I shot it. Clean kill and he's now lying belly up in a prominent position in case pica pica makes a return.
  22. spandit

    An unbelievable first

    Please don't report me to my FEO. If he knew I'd been using my guns rather than just talking about them he might rip up my licence. He's already narked after I posted a photo of a rabbit I didn't shoot
  23. spandit

    Pest controller for moths, near Chepstow?

    How about one of those zapper lights?
  24. spandit

    An unbelievable first

    I'm so ashamed. I shall surrender my licence and guns forthwith. I'd forgotten this forum was only for armchair snipers The magpie received a gentle invitation to quit from the muzzle of my HMR. They declined the offer and has sat there for 40 minutes now without breathing
  25. spandit

    winchester 17 hmr

    Shame. Too far for me.