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  1. Yes, you can on this model but that would make things worse as I'd need to put my fingers near them
  2. No idea, just think that's what it must have been. These Baikal guns are normally renowned for their build quality but this one is covered in sharp edges. Probably from when someone used it to hammer in fence posts
  3. My shooting is improving. 39/50 on the sporting at CPC Northall today and 12 on the compac. Skeet was good fun but plenty of room for improvement! Ripped the skin on my trigger finger, possibly on the ejector (which is razor sharp). Made it painful to shoot but still whipped my friend!
  4. spandit


    Send it to live here - a couple of days with my mother-in-law and it'll take its own life
  5. 3344 - don't know who was more surprised, him or me when I hit it with my .410
  6. It's not that big. 12"x12"x18"
  7. Very similar to the other one I bought. I have a problem...
  8. Ha! I managed to get it into a wheelbarrow on my own but it will have to sit on the floor once it is moved
  9. It looked cool. It's pretty solid but no idea where it can go at the moment
  10. I bought a proper safe for my ammo but it's too heavy to lift it to put it where it's needed so it's still out in the barn (where I was painting it)
  11. Isn't a major market for platinum in catalytic converters, which are going to become less prevalent as internal combustion is phased out?
  12. Hydrogen certainly has a lot of potential but it's not necessarily the environmental panacea one may think. It's quite harmful to the ozone layer as a lot of it escapes during production. If there was a filling station nearer to me I'd certainly look into getting a hydrogen car - I watched a good video interviewing JCB about their hydrogen engines and it made a lot of sense. The sheer weight of electric batteries combined with the way they lower in performance over time puts me off getting an electric car, although I wouldn't turn a Tesla down...
  13. Magtech - inconsistent ammo, got quite a few sonic rounds. Was given it. The rim was quite dented - we tried multiple times, onto concrete and a rough road planing track, throwing it quite high in the air. Eventually we resorted to pushing it through an existing hole in a card target and shooting it. That worked
  14. Are you/were you happy with this rifle? Surprised they're not more popular
  15. You can buy powder blanks for nailguns in the UK but they're .27 calibre (https://www.hilti.co.uk/c/CLS_DIRECT_FASTENING/CLS_DX_PROPELLANTS2/CLS_DX_PROP2_CARTRIDGES/r4763) I have a starter pistol revolver with .22 blanks - it's pretty loud
  16. Interesting. They've done a neat job and the bead is in the right place
  17. I paid £125 for it. I'll probably keep it, in case there are any wild barn doors flying about
  18. Just tried and they both have this feature, thank you. I've measured the muzzle end with calipers and the new (shorter) one is definitely larger diameter so it does look as if someone has sawn the chokes off. Wonder why they'd bother? Not sure whether to take it back to the gunshop now... They both have the same markings:
  19. I'm not a Baikal fanboy! I just like the fact they're cheap and rugged. Like me* *not rugged
  20. That's interesting - I'll see if I can see a difference with my calipers. There are saw marks on the muzzle end but then there are on the longer one too. Not sure this one has selectable barrels unlike the older one, which I think does
  21. No, that's fine, I cleared that with my FEO months ago.
  22. I recently got slots for FAC air and mod but I used the mod slot to buy another one for my .223 One of my .22LR rifles came with a spare mod that is off-ticket (identical to the other 2, down to the lack of serial number 🙃) so would it be legal to use my spare one on a FAC air rifle? Saw a Webley Mastiff in the gun shop today and thought it was very nice indeed...
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