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  1. We have a van round here with "Fencin' & Hedges" written on it in a familiar font https://www.facebook.com/fencinandhedges/
  2. Have a look for "tree fodder" or "tree hay"
  3. No, think it used to be used as fodder. Somerset renowned for growing good willow
  4. Went out this morning and planted a few more on the back of this...
  5. If anyone wants some live willow cuttings to start your own plantation we have plenty. The osier grows up to 14' a year (that's feet, not inches)
  6. Fantastic work. Looks like green willow so you might have issues when it dries but think I'll have a go myself
  7. I presume that’s M14x1. It is a thread Tikka use but they do use others http://tikka.fi/sites/default/files/documents/200036_Tikka T3x_T3 sparepartcatalogue 23042018.pdf
  8. I'd say do the Dsc1 first then book some stalking to put the theory into practice. It's a good course and a recognised qualification that will help your FAC application. No harm in applying beforehand, you might find your FEO gives you some good advice. Mine added a moderator slot as a matter of course - I have never heard of them quibbling over mods
  9. Only one today. Didn't even see it until after I'd just missed a rabbit with the 22LR. It was foraging closer to me on the ground so I shot it. There were 2 others up in the tree later on but only had the rifle with me so they'll have to wait for another day 310
  10. Not a good outing this afternoon. Haven't shot for a while and missed 3. Killed one and although I hit a baby bunny with a massive thump, it ran off so I'm not counting it as a kill. Don't feel good about that. 210
  11. spandit


    Indicative of good air quality, I was told
  12. I would hope that the courts would take a reasonable and practical view regardless of his fame. He hasn't committed armed robbery, the likelihood is that he's made a mistake and strayed over a boundary, which aren't always clearly defined, or as Old Farrier said, maybe he was going to dispatch a deer that had crossed the boundary after being shot. A wounded fallow is potentially a very dangerous animal. Before condemning him to a custodial sentence, perhaps we should be in support of someone who participates in our pastime and may have made a mistake?
  13. I hope he gets away with a warning or a fine if that's the case. He was using the correct kind of rifle although it does mention he was out after a bonfire, which implies it was night time
  14. I was given one once, but before I ever started shooting. No idea where it is now but will be interested to see if it works
  15. Gloves are a bit flimsy - my palms ripped already and haven't been doing much with them
  16. Ah, yes, not close coupled. As an aside we've recently installed a high level cistern at home and the flush power is incredible.
  17. No. It's a low level concealed cistern. I ended up patching it with CT1 and it's currently not leaking. Buys me some time to find a permanent solution.
  18. I'd use these for the tensioning: https://www.toolstation.com/search?q=turnbuckle Gripples are for joining two pieces of wire in a way that you can tension later, should you have the means
  19. Would do if I could get it today. It's the whole system, though, not just the tank. I'm going to get this one: https://www.toolstation.com/viva-skylo-compact-universal-concealed-cistern/p53849
  20. Yes. There's a circular raised moulding that take the pipe and it's cracked around that. Difficult to see but an obvious weak point
  21. I think I'm going to have to put in a push button one as that's all I can find locally, Hopefully I can get the flush handle surround out as had to glue it in as the tiled plasterboard it was fitted in is damaged. Never dreamt replacing a simple tank would be such an ordeal. That's my day tomorrow ruined then
  22. I fear I might have to try and repair this one. Finding one locally is proving to be a real problem. It needs to take a lever and be side entry. Wonder if superglue would do it or epoxy, or both. Fibreglass is possibly an option
  23. I might not have made myself understood. I have the flush system, which cost about £15 for the handle and the siphon. I just need the tank
  24. Was wondering (read: shouting obscenities) today why my concealed cistern kept leaking after I'd had to replace the syphon unit (and flush assembly). Turns out that it had a crack in the bottom and having to cut the rusty screws off with a bare hacksaw blade with very little access meant that getting it out was a PITA. Anyway, it's out now and will need replacing but it seems that you can only buy the cistern and syphon assemblies, not just the bare tank. Seems like a waste of money when the syphon and flush handles are brand new. If anyone has a link to just a tank, I'd be grateful.
  25. https://www.aldi.co.uk/crane-fishing-hoody/p/087186249351500
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