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    Always been an outdoors person, grew up in the sticks of Northamptonshire but aged 18 moved to Birmingham and went city soft for 14 years but now back out in the Worcester countryside. Always had air rifles and shot on mates farms etc as well as lots of fishing but married life and working for myself meant saying bye to fishing but hello to more short session shooting. Have SGC and Browning 525, also member of shooting club and FAC. Recently joined a DIY syndicate so looking forward to first game season. Am yet to ask fellow members to take me shooting but only a matter of time...

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  1. The common prawn... how very common...
  2. We’ve got one, it needs some heavy foot on slip roads etc but in these eco days that’s about par for the course. Does great mileage though and after 4 years nothing but a couple of tyres and brake pads replaced.
  3. I absolutely loved it when they had trial day at south Worcester - they did warn the laminate is almost impossible to adjust if you want more or less cast for example but on the whole I thought it was ace. not sure if it’s marketing nonsense but was told a few of the other firms are developing laminate for entry level guns as cheap and bomb proof
  4. Thanks for the replies, looks like a smith job rather than a DIY job to answer why she doesn’t want the auto safety, it is only ever a clay gun and completely as someone else mentioned, having to flick the safety off every time is a minor inconvenience and some targets have been lost as a result. I’m not reinventing the wheel or anything, just trying to remove something that is not needed - think of it as a gun appendectomy! 😎
  5. Friend bought one of these for clays and was assured no auto safety, short story it came with auto safe and the shop want £80 to remove the function - she explained how she specifically asked to not have auto safe as it’s clays only but the shop are not budging (Ian coleys so you might expect better) question is I’m reasonably happy with some tinkering, have changed firing pins etc but is removing an auto safe an absolute nightmare of a job and best left to a professional? cant find anywhere how to do it which suggests it’s beyond my abilities but thought I’d ask the massive anyway
  6. I filled it in, what a load of twaddle, I made plenty of references to the need to control foxes all year round and the massive impact on the rural community that the GL fiasco had south of the border, any other licensing would follow the same path
  7. I've seen some truly amazing scaffold engineering of late - I'm guessing it comes with a very healthy price though! I'm sure if no other option they will find a way to get up to that roof from the property, probably more expensive but if you're not paying the bill don't worry
  8. Countdown to Burnley Dave reference... Dammit I've just mentioned him...
  9. The Mighty Prawn

    UHD TV

    LG make the large majority of modern flatscreens for the rest of the market so it’s pretty hard to not buy one albeit with a different name on them. That said they are perfectly good. Sony and Panasonic really the two best in pure picture terms, sound is largely dependent on if you want a separate sound bar or the onboard speakers?
  10. Completed, slightly bemused by the gear shift from very political orientated and climate change then boom, grouse shooting in the middle - classic version of the bait and switch hope we get to see the results but suspect we won’t
  11. The Mighty Prawn


    There was a documentary where they actively tried to buy full price items from DFS and the like and weren’t able to pay RRP for anything at all - much of the “list price” was derived from online only listing which you could only find if you searched for the specific item number, which you could never know because until it is stocked in stores nobody would have access to that. and if the DFS sale has gone 21 years HMV is positively middle aged! I remember their big sale from childhood thirty odd years ago
  12. Hi all I have a woodburner with a chimney liner and a china hat type cowl - Every year we get the odd bird down but we've had half a dozen in the last month and I'm sick of it. Does anyone on here fit bird proof cowls and rough idea of cost to install? Myself and my stupid dog that goes nuts every time thank you ps my chimney almost definitely needs some repointing if that makes it more appealing/financially beneficial
  13. I agree it seemed a proportional response to a potential threat - if a BNP type had stormed a meeting the reporting and reaction would have been very different With the current carte blanche for lobbing stuff over politicians I would deal with it similarly - For anyone who doesn't see anything wrong with lobbing a milkshake over anyone, politician or otherwise you might try imagining how you would feel if for example an anti chucked milkshake over you. I can't imagine you'd conclude they were justified!
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