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    Always been an outdoors person, grew up in the sticks of Northamptonshire but aged 18 moved to Birmingham and went city soft for 14 years but now back out in the Worcester countryside. Always had air rifles and shot on mates farms etc as well as lots of fishing but married life and working for myself meant saying bye to fishing but hello to more short session shooting. Have SGC and Browning 525, also member of shooting club and FAC. Recently joined a DIY syndicate so looking forward to first game season. Am yet to ask fellow members to take me shooting but only a matter of time...

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  1. I wouldn't imagine under an FOI any personal information could not be divulged as that is breach of GDPR - you could ask how many licences were issued and in which areas, or indeed any other questions about the licences but you should not be able to get the names or addresses of anyone
  2. Lovely to see Charlie Jacoby in the first row doing his best frown - the chair is amazing and clearly not impressed by NE
  3. The flip side of this is I’ve been to several cardmate grounds lately and due to no birds we’ve not had enough credit to be able to see a pair and still have enough for the round. I’m sure you could go back to the clubhouse if needed to get a few added but it’s often a long way from the stands. 420 on a card for four to shoot hundreds leaves not a lot of slack!
  4. Exactly, socio-economic data - one person is likely to respond to something like improvements in social spending, the other might want relaxation of licencing perhaps. It's a very old and time tested process Apparently the main things to disrupt is the distance between facial features like corner of eyes to edge of mouth as that is fundamentally what it's looking at. They did some trials and found the old dazzle camouflage used on warships was perfect if applied to a face. Clown makeup also works but might get you arrested near playgrounds
  5. That sort of info is massively useful as a tool to determine someones socio-economic details, you can then target them with the sort of issues likely to be high on their priorities
  6. Several clay grounds by me don't allow steel - I guess as they're very wooded and the ricochet risk from steel is too high?
  7. I'm not wearing my tinfoil hat I promise but just echoing what some of the other posters have said, it's not as simple as 'nothing to hide' etc - facial recognition could easily be used nefariously. Just off the top of my head; adverts and political campaigns can be targeted based on whether you were seen going into Aldi or Waitrose, your insurance gets jacked up for regularly being out in bad areas etc And that's not even covering how useful this information would be to criminals, who seem to regularly harvest large amounts of data. I think it has it's place for things like scanning sporting events and marches etc for known troublemakers but there has to be control and good reason for doing so, which to my mind means not ubiquitous on every lamp post.
  8. Just adding my two pence, personally speaking my beef with 'guides' is that they prevent locals maintaining some shooting opportunities - there's a good 10 farms by me that are managed by a guide who lets the pigeon shooting to visiting foreign guns and presumably makes a tidy profit from it. I appreciate the farmer can let who they want on and if someone is happy to pay them for access to their land, it just sticks in the craw somewhat that we struggle to get youngsters into the sport without opportunities or having to pay for the privilege. Shooting shouldn't just be for those with the deep pockets.
  9. As the photo is top half only I assume you are still in your work boots? glad it all worked out for you, now back to work you lazy ***!
  10. Forgive the hijack Steve but whats the germination rate for acorns? I've always been interested in how many thousands (more like millions I guess) fall from Oaks in the year and yet how few young oaks I see. I realise many will get munched when small but curious what 'ideal' conditions might bring?
  11. it looks like the basement of the gun guy from tremors! watch out for graboids coming through the walls!
  12. I don’t know what she did to deserve this? Maybe burnt down an orphanage in a previous life? Very happy for you dude, hope all the digits are still attached by the weekend - stay safe!
  13. Isn’t that pretty much the exact same article someone posted earlier from a different local rag?
  14. Whilst I agree that is logical, ignorance is no defence in law and they would argue it's your responsibility to ensure compliance with the current legislation
  15. I'm going to bang a copy of this over to Sajid Javid (my MP) if that's okay and suggest others do so too - let's get our pieces on the board at least
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