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    Always been an outdoors person, grew up in the sticks of Northamptonshire but aged 18 moved to Birmingham and went city soft for 14 years but now back out in the Worcester countryside. Always had air rifles and shot on mates farms etc as well as lots of fishing but married life and working for myself meant saying bye to fishing but hello to more short session shooting. Have SGC and Browning 525, also member of shooting club and FAC. Recently joined a DIY syndicate so looking forward to first game season. Am yet to ask fellow members to take me shooting but only a matter of time...

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  1. I love being behind those guys that change chokes for every stand, and sometimes mid stand - taking ten minutes to shoot 5 pairs is so infuriating!
  2. Could that be concussion rather than fumes? I got a headache after shooting too many heavy carts when I normally shoot light clay loads
  3. only based on schoolboy chemistry but I would guess as they use Nitro spray for angina sufferers the fumes probably dilate your blood vessels and cause headache - anyone who's ever sniffed poppers will be familiar with the hot face and banging head! (former 90's rave child speaking)
  4. I don't think you can compare Saville with Jackson, Saville was never properly investigated in his lifetime whereas Jackson has a pretty long investigation by the FBI who found no evidence of wrongdoing He was definitely weird and I think we all agree his behaviour was not normal but I disagree with the way this has been so one sided and contradicting the accounts from the same families that previously took the stand for his defence - I know victims of abuse will often side with their abuser etc but in light of the FBI investigation etc I just don't believe these lads or their families.
  5. Waititi is a ridiculously talented writer director, also made “what we do in the shadows” and “Thor ragnarok” but I think wilder people has the most heart - still not seen “boy” which I think was his first film. also it’s easy to forget just how good sam Neil is and then you see him in something like this
  6. Trouble is you rarely find out what happens as only the charges making the paper, without scouring court docs I hardly ever know hw some of these more interesting stories resolve
  7. I’m sure Fister would have an interesting viewpoint on this - online stuff is great but not sure about monetising vs what a print publisher would pay? If you can’t make enough from articles etc then we’ll lose shooting journos and be left with random snippets from blogs, or even worse those awful advertorials where the maker makes a publicity video masquerading as an independent review.
  8. Definitely watch Norsemen if you get a chance, it’s a Norwegian comedy about vikings which they record in Norwegian and then again in English but it’s the closest I’ve seen to Monty Python humour apart from Python itself. also to second some of the others, Narcos, Ozark, breaking bad
  9. They are amazing, I watched their videos after seeing Blue Man Group and they did a film together
  10. Still looking after the wooden spoon!
  11. I haven't, that said I'm not sure with the Bravo magazine whether the floor plate still fits - i'll have a try and see what happens
  12. worth a try - I did wonder if spring might be too tight or too loose but too loose would explain why the bolt is able to slip over the round - I might try sitting something on the follower to add some more tension in the spring thanks
  13. Hi folks ive got a howa bravo in .223 and put a few hundred through it from new. I have a problem with the last round in the magazine, the bolt pushes the round forwards as if to load, but then the bolt slips over the top of the round and fouls against the side of the case. The first time it put a good sized ding in the brass so I scrapped that round and am now super cautious but it is happening every time. Tried several different brands and various bolt speeds but it is totally consistent. I can’t see where the problem is coming but would guess it has to be the follower as all other rounds load fine so the last one sitting badly must be the cause? i don’t know if fettling or shimming the follower might work but does anyone have thoughts or ideas to try?
  14. It’s fun to see the same guns that I saw at the game fair still filling the 2nd hand shelves! Other than that nice to have a mooch. Picked up some quad sticks from bush wear for a bargain fifty quid. Finally got my moulds done for custom plugs. Handled some silly money new guns which is always fun. overall a good day and only twenty minutes from my house!
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