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    Always been an outdoors person, grew up in the sticks of Northamptonshire but aged 18 moved to Birmingham and went city soft for 14 years but now back out in the Worcester countryside. Always had air rifles and shot on mates farms etc as well as lots of fishing but married life and working for myself meant saying bye to fishing but hello to more short session shooting. Have SGC and Browning 525, also member of shooting club and FAC. Recently joined a DIY syndicate so looking forward to first game season. Am yet to ask fellow members to take me shooting but only a matter of time...

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  1. 3” chamber and 76mm cartridge - size wise it seems to be okay but didn’t know if there’s an extra proof for magnum or is it just the length that matters?
  2. As per title, I’ve got a B525 and I’ve been given some BB fox cartridges but they are magnums with a warning to only use in magnum proof guns but can’t find online what marks that would mean on the gun from proof, or even if they do mark magnum proofs? what say the PW hive mind?
  3. I wanted some Hornady SST 150 gr 308 but could only get 165 and so bought them but am now slightly regretting it as I’ve now got to work a load for a round I didn’t actually want! sidenote but TT and Dougy, I had a mate check my .308 with a bore scope today and suffice to say the inside looks very similar to the cross section of an Aero after rusty gun time a few years ago, still shoots okay though
  4. Great pics, I’m guessing if it does go over you get the choices of hunker down and hold on, try to jump clear, get splattered?
  5. Is that a free screwdriver/chisel? Glass half full thinking! Just don’t injure yourself with it
  6. Worked with her quite a few times, she was an absolute pro but could freeze the blood in your veins if you made a blunder. Rest in peace Auntie Ag
  7. To be fair Nath you have rather monopolised the emergency services over the last few years albeit mostly the medics so maybe the police were just jealous? How are you getting on with the fire brigade?
  8. I got some for free off the chimney sweep, they burnt way too quickly to be used as a heat source without bankrupting me
  9. It’s certainly nothing to do with Amazon having their own card as a Mastercard and their profit stream increasing if they push everyone over to Mastercard with their shares in it………
  10. Congrats Nath, hope you can put that behind you and concentrate on avoiding workplace accidents!
  11. This! honestly you lot are worse than a lynch mob sometimes - all they’re saying is they won’t have separate male and female categories, it’s just the same as not needing to call the police PC and WPC as their gender is irrelevant, they are Police Constables. also Actor has been the long accepted term in our industry for the same reasons, it isn’t necessary to associate a gender as we wouldn’t with any other roles, there is no such thing as a Directoress or an Electricianess. The real danger is that all the awards will go to the men as they are much more numerous and tend to be more leading roles.
  12. I think it’s more nuanced than that with the idea that the cost of the scheme is offset by the savings on medical treatment for those that continue to smoke, as vaping is deemed lower risk (I know some will take issue with that statement) personally I tried several methods to give up the fags and vaping was the only thing that worked so I’m all for it if it helps others quit
  13. I’ve worked on quite a few films and tv shows with armorers in the UK and they are so tightly controlled, the gun is kept by the armorers in a case until the moment before the cameras roll, and as soon as cut is called they take it away again. You can’t fire a blank aiming at someone without a ballistic screen between them, wherever possible an inert replica is used, often swapping it once any necessary firing is complete. Sounds to me like an unhappy shoot and unsafe too which is how these accidents happen.
  14. What a horrible thing this new card is, I had to cut it out with scissors as it was delaminating trying to punch it out
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