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    Always been an outdoors person, grew up in the sticks of Northamptonshire but aged 18 moved to Birmingham and went city soft for 14 years but now back out in the Worcester countryside. Always had air rifles and shot on mates farms etc as well as lots of fishing but married life and working for myself meant saying bye to fishing but hello to more short session shooting. Have SGC and Browning 525, also member of shooting club and FAC. Recently joined a DIY syndicate so looking forward to first game season. Am yet to ask fellow members to take me shooting but only a matter of time...

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  1. Get one of those ex-mod Harley off roaders and so long as your gun is exactly the same shape as an SA80 they have a built in lock box!!
  2. Michael Caine missed out on picking up his Oscar because he was away filming this pile of proverbial. He has a legendary quote about it which is something like “I haven’t seen the film, but I have seen the house it paid for and it’s lovely”
  3. It's no different to lots of jobs, there's a load of people making not much and a few making loads - musicians, actors, writers A lot of it is luck of the draw, few will have longevity so grab it while you can
  4. Agreed and exactly my point, shooting birds just for the fun of it will turn the public against us in a heartbeat, our only real justification is the birds are put to use
  5. My take on it is are the shot birds being used after? If yes crack on, if no then we have a problem we can’t justify
  6. I'm not sure changing the photo would be that easy, as it's printed on the cert you'd have to scan it and reprint on good proxy paper etc?
  7. I don't think Just Eat host their own payment portal so wouldn't have access to your details anyway Dougy - as others have said likely a fishing expedition from a clone elsewhere We had a running battle last year with company barclaycards being frauded, one had a payment on it before it was even delivered to us so the conclusion was a bent operator at Barclaycard skimming details
  8. Both my Howa's shoot better than me with PPU (223 and 308) but I am now reloading the cases in 308 really just for myself (although I can knock out a Hornady SST now for less than 80p)
  9. Had to laugh at the new RSPCA advert that is all "We're in an animal welfare crisis because of Covid" yet Dogs Trust said they currently have the lowest numbers ever presumably for the reasons listed above that lots of people got dogs. If the RSPCA had said "We might be facing a crisis in the near future" and then explained why I might not have choked on my tea
  10. It's definitely a worry there will be a mass dumping of dogs, and those not dumped suddenly have to learn how to cope without constant companionship
  11. I don't know if my english is failing worse than the reporters but to copy the report... The two guns are a self-loading Ruger Rifle 22 RF with the serial number 354-66591, and a Browning 12 bore over and under shotgun with the serial number. That definitely doesn't say two semi autos, so my question about the mysterious third gun still stands?
  12. But that's only details of two guns but they stated three are missing so why no info on the third gun?
  13. Odd they say three guns but then only give details of two? Do we think one was an air rifle so no details on file? Don't mention they have recovered it so don't think that's the source of the discrepancy
  14. Very much deliberate, if you’ve never heard of the Wilhelm Scream look it up - dubbing mixers love to use sound from something else as an inside joke, the Zulu chant has been used a few time but Wilhelm scream became so ubiquitous that they killed the joke, it’s literally in hundreds of movies
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