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  1. I did wonder that myself but didn't want to ask .
  2. Thanks again Falcon will have a look .
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Falcon as it happens I have had it appart and the only bit that its hitting is the very end as it leaves it or as far as I can see . where about can I find this other quick fill mod as the only ones I have found are the original quick fill mods many thank again.
  4. The quick fill is a proper falcon one and I have the adapter on and fits fine shoots fine with that left on its just the mod its self thats causing the problem the mod is a SAK
  5. Hi to all I got myself a fn12 light hunter singleshot in .177 which I am very pleased with but its fitted with the falcon quick fill moderator which is fairly good on its own . I also have a extra moderator with it the problem being when I fit the extra mod the pellets are hitting the end of it and going every where is there a way of ajusting anything to stop this happening as it is very quiet with the extra mod and the only thing I can hear is the hammer hitting the valve ? So would like to see if anyone knows how to rectify this if it can be many thanks to all.
  6. I've taken a bit of a gamble and just ordered a new rifle will post some pics at the end of next week once its in .
  7. I have considered a single shot but I have to shoot at night to so would be a bit fiddly but have managed in the past so not opposed to a single just easier with a multi
  8. Thank you for the replies so far I have had a look at one and a quick go over and it seemed good and was not to heavy but weight is an issue for me now I need a lighter rifle brock would suit me well but have not seen one for less than £450 and can't find a falcon in multi shot either out my way my all in buget is £450 ish for rifle and bottle/pump .
  9. Hello to everyone after nearly a year out im looking to get back in to a bit of rabbit control ( looking = being pestered by my old perm's) I have been looking about for a few months now but theirs not a lot about with my limited budget until I came across a .... wait for it..... smk m22 yes I know it's Chinese but I never had any problems with any off their other rifles all very good value for money so I have found at least . what I would like to know has anyone else used one yet and what do you think about it? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Webley raider 10 shot new £400 with 2 mags and a mod .. good rifles .
  11. I don't agree with shooting hares as they are in decline and im lucky if I see more than three or four in a year . also have been asked not to shoot them on my perm not that I would anyway. Rabbits are by far more damaging to crops and land in general than hares as I see it and have experienced . in the right conditions you might be able to take down a hare with a sub 12 lb rifle but as said they are a very hardy and haveing had trouble with big mature buck rabbits(very similar in size to a medium sized hare) in the past at 20 yards with a full power legal limit pcp with near if not perfect shot placement and had to watch and listen to it screaming and going to and froe while trying to fallow up a shot or trying to catch it to end it! I personally wouldn't use a air rifle on hares at sub 12lb limits far to many variables .. pellet type used and weight, cal,rifle out put, wind, range and its a very hardy animal too! Just my thoughts on it I would rather watch them as they are not a pest around whey anyhow .. if I had to shoot them then it would be fac or shotgun.
  12. If they could fit a brick in it and fire it they would. ?. My rifles are .177 and running at 11.5 on blisley mags I would get it running on a heavy pellet at 11.5 and no more that way you should stay at a safe level Imo the difference between 11.5 to 11.9 just is not worth the risk for a extra .4 it makes no difference in real terms to range or accuracy or being able to have clean kills. atb.
  13. Had the fsb in a sporter can say it is really good and even better with the mod on should you wish or feel the need for it sold it after 3 months as I did not like the side cocking and got a new mk2 r10 bull barrel stunning rifle but a ...big mistake wish I had kept the hw .
  14. Xs 19 is a good rifle and so is the xs38 I prefer the 19 as its lighter and a bit more easier to point at targets from hides and you can fit a mod to it aswell ! both accurate with the right pellets I still use both which are in .22 out to 45 yards . I did strip both down to remove all the swarf from in side re lube and thats it never had any problems with either good solid rifles .
  15. Could be hedgehogs if about the size of aaa to aa batteries ?
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