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  1. The old chestnut of "It should shoot where you look" is just another shotgun myth that won't die. A shotgun, as opposed to a rifle, shoots where you point it and to be able to point it well the rib should be below the line of sight and within reason, it doesn't matter by how much as the brain can compensate. Lots of sporting shooters use trap guns for that exact reason and similarly, Guerinis are becoming ever more popular as they are higher in the stock than Beretta or Miroku sporters. Watch some top sporting shooters in action and see where their eye is relative to the rib. Virtually all are pointing the gun exactly the same way as they would point with a finger, in other words with the line of sight above the rib (or finger).
  2. Well... Not to put too finer point on it, few nations are more accomplished at stabbing their "allies" in the back than France
  3. I can't help but wonder what will happen a few years down the road when 80 or 90% of the cars are electric and we've killed off all the fossil fuel powered generation and we get a day like yesterday. For those who missed it there was little or no wind anywhere in the country, hence the wind turbines generating what the eco warriors etc. claim to be endless free energy, were unable to produce any electricity at all. Luckily we still have some coal and gas powered generation capability which was started up to save the day, albeit at a cost of over £20 million to the National Grid in startup and balancing costs.
  4. And then there's the E10 petrol cock up by the EU who we assume are about 10,000 times smarter than the loony greens. The 10% Bio fuel component is mostly refined from palm oil, the cultivation of which is responsible for the devastation of one of the world's greatest rainforests and home to everyone's favourite primate the orangutan.
  5. Perhaps we should stop talking about NI as if it's a special fund used to pay for things like social care. In reality it's just tax and it goes into the same piggy bank as all the myriad other ways the government uses to pick our pockets.
  6. I think you mean 95% of journeys rather than drivers and FWIW I agree, but I stand by my comments in earlier threads that the 2030 ban is unachievable and will slip to at least 2040. I've no idea how many households have to park on the street or in designated parking areas but it's a lot and charging points on street lights at 50 yard intervals is no solution. Last week, Mrs W and I drove to visit our new granddaughter. There is no charging facility within miles of where they live and they have no on property parking. The round trip, including diversions due to the current craze for road closures and roadworks, was over 250 miles. I've sent Boris a text asking him to explain how or when it's possible to make the trip in a Nissan Leaf but he hasn't answered yet.
  7. Just in case that's aimed at me let me assure you that I only refer to reports, material and books written by genuine scientists who, unlike the talking heads on TV etc., do not receive enormous bursaries to fuel the propaganda initiated by the IPCC. In fact, some of those scientists have resigned in disgust from the IPCC owing to the unscientific methods, misuse and misinterpretation of data and extremist rhetoric used to instil panic in otherwise sensible people like David Attenborough and presumably yourself. The IPCC charter categorically states that their function is to examine and report on anthropomorphic climate change. Which means caused by human activity. CO2 is the only candidate as they dare not mention overpopulation and they're barred from considering earlier warming periods in recorded history which were much hotter than any of their predictions for the 21st century and obviously weren't caused by CO2 emissions from industry. China, a member of the UN security council, has just announced they're starting work on 28 new coal fired power stations. America is boosting coal and oil production, Germany has announced their CO2 emissions are set to increase, so the dumb idiots of XR are protesting in the wrong places. Quite frankly, despite Attenborough's pronouncements, there's nothing we can do, either in this country or the EU, to make any substantive difference to world emissions of CO2. China's emissions increase by more every 18 months than our overall total and we simply cannot afford the £trillions needed to fund Boris' pointless mad charge for Nett Zero. The Global Warming Policy Forum reported recently that so called "Green taxes" already account for over 40% of household energy bills. That's for things like solar panel installations and buy back of surplus energy produced from them, heat pump grants, electric car subsidies and so on. Just imagine how much tax we'll be having to pay in 20 years. And example of how things are done under the bonkers Nett Zero wheeze: If every diesel or petrol car in the UK was replace with an electric version (EV), over their lifetime they would avoid 324 million tonnes of CO2, which has a market value of £15.7billion. However, the taxpayer would have to fork out £82.1billion in EV subsidies alone – not to mention additional costs, such as funding hundreds of thousands of EV charging points.” Do you see how it pans out?
  8. The reason Nett Zero is an impossible goal which will only serve to bankrupt the country and send our civilisation backwards about 200 years was neatly shown - by accident - on Sunday's Countryfile. They wheeled up a bright eyed bushy tailed "scientist" to assess Adam Henson's carbon footprint. He estimated how much CO2 would be sequestered (they love that word...) by the farm's production and then how much CO2 would be emitted in order to calculate an overall annual figure. What he totally failed to allow for is that virtually all the CO2 sequestered by the crops and in the soil would be released back into the atmosphere within a year or less and for some organisms within days or weeks. The fact is there is no sound, repeatable peer reviewed science that can prove the greenhouse gas effect even exists. Even now, despite BBC reporters spouting nonsense about carbon dioxide settling like a blanket over the planet, CO2 is still one of the trace gases at 0.04% of the atmosphere. And let's not forget that far from being a pollutant, CO2 is as fundamental as oxygen to all life on Earth both animal and plant. Without CO2 Earth would be lifeless planet. There are now numerous books that explain all this in clear logical terms and totally refuting the utterly biased IPCC's agenda which seeks only to prove it's all the fault of the 1st world nations.
  9. I agree. Manufacturer approved used cars sell for the same money and you get goodies like map updates and extended warranty.
  10. Whilst they probably fit the same they won't handle the same as the fixed choke barrels are noticeably lighter than the standard m/c ones. I recently asked Ivan Reid of Teague Precision if the f/c barrels could be retro fitted with thinwall chokes. He said most can but not all, so opening out would be the safe option. Personally I like the comb height on CGs but it's not hard to find places who could take some wood off for you.
  11. You're no longer automatically allowed to drive a 17.5 ton van on a car licence once you pass 70. Like most of the government's pettifogging driving rules it makes no sense to me either.
  12. I take your point, but having owned a Baikal I can't quite agree. They may be rugged and reliable and fine for rough shooting etc., but Baikals just aren't good enough for serious clay shooting. I fully accept that a decent mid range sporter is all the gun anyone really needs and for sure the law of diminishing returns applies to shotguns as much as anything else, but the budget guns just don't perform as well as the next level up in cost.
  13. The game version is very light for a 12 and therefore thumpy recoil is a given. I gather the sporter is heavier but it still begs the question... Why? I'm no Beretta fanboy but I'd take a Silver Pig over an 828 Benelli every time.
  14. I've only seen one at a clay shoot and that was on trial. Basically the 828U answers a question no one asked. Change simply for the sake of change usually doesn't work out well in the gun making business.
  15. In light of the woke demands that Oxford & Cambridge accept more students from state schools, it's worth bearing in mind that in the 50s and 60s around 45% of entrants to those top universities were from grammar schools. Of course back then it was socially acceptable for them to accept students purely on merit. A bit different from today's "Inclusive" society where other considerations can and frequently do, trump ability.
  16. Judging by the merry collection of wires up there it looks like there was a ceiling rose and incandescent bulb fitted before the fluorescent tube.
  17. My point exactly. We moved to this town in 1984 because there was a grammar school here. The LEA had run it down and underfunded it for years along with the girls high school on the same campus in a failed attempt to put them out of business. Under Thatcher, schools had the opportunity to get away from the dead hands of LEAs such as Gloucester and that's what happened here. The two schools had a long history as part of the local culture and many locals who hadn't attended them happily signed the petition to retain them. The schools achieved direct funding in 1986 and haven't looked back. My 3 sons all went and all achieved 10 or 11 GCSEs and 3 A levels. They all have good careers... Today those 2 schools are thriving, and whilst the 4 local comprehensives are under subscribed, pupils are bussed in from all over the county and even from as far away as Swindon to get a grammar school education. Grammar schools as such were never the problem. The 11 plus was a desperately poor method of selection and many - such as my brother- who would have done well in a grammar ended up in the dumping ground known as the secondary modern. He got out after a year and transferred to a technical school in London which worked well for him.
  18. Okay fair enough. It was the text you quoted that cause me to infer otherwise.
  19. Depends what you mean by relevant. How many employers ask for drama, art or RE qualifications in preference to English and Maths?
  20. Spot on! The general standard of written and spoken English in this country is appalling, thanks in large part to the ideological bigotry that abolished the grammar schools and replaced them with educational mediocrity. Whatever anyone's personal view of the value of Latin, the grammar schools were by far the greatest enablers of social mobility this country has ever had. The irony is that with a very few exceptions, they were destroyed by the very party that claims to champion social mobility! Latin, along with other classical languages such as ancient Greek, was of course a factor in engendering the hated "Elitism" label the socialist loonies applied to the grammar schools. Judging by the opening post such attitudes still exist.
  21. It will have a date code stamped on at time of proof which will help but if it's the same Franchi as today's guns then GMK would be a good start as Franchi is owned by Beretta.
  22. I know what the word is. I originally qualified in electronic engineering. I deliberately didn't use it. The 4G router is running okay so far. getting a full 5 bars signal strength and close to 40Mb/s download. I'm using it right now...
  23. Right now I'm getting 31Mb download, 8Mb upload. That's on fibre but not superfast fibre and seems adequate for our needs. Keep in mind that data signals travel end to end at the same speed regardless of whether it's copper, fibre or through the ether. Large values for Mb describe data volumes per second rather than actual data transfer speed and even 100Mb/s can't fix congestion and slow sites. In the event Three claim 50-100 Mb download, but as I say, I'm not looking for bragging points about download rates but reliability does matter to me and if it's patchy I'll report back here and cancel the deal with three. The home broadband signal uses a different spectrum within the 4G bandspread than mobile phones. Did you use the Three coverage checker?
  24. We have the usual fibre broadband on BT kit + landline phone. Our ISP is Zen Internet and I can't fault them. Excellent customer support, good router and guaranteed never to go up in price. However, from Three I can get a 4G hub with 4 ethernet ports capable of handling 64 wifi devices at once with unlimited data and all for nothing up front and a monthly charge of almost £11 p/m less than I'm paying now because obviously there's no BT line rental. There is a 14 trial period and if not happy back it goes. I'd be interested to hear opinions from anyone else who's done the same.
  25. The action height is irrelevant except for the lower firing pin erosion. It's the rib height relative to the comb height that matters. A proper gunfitter would know that. I wonder, is it possible the one you shouldered was a trap gun? Lots of sporting shooters choose the MK38 trap because the sporters have low-ish comb game stocks.
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