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  1. Leave it as it is and shoot fibres (or piston shells which perform exactly like fibres but cost more). It's a myth that 9s have a greater usable pattern than 7.5s. There might - just might - be the occasional extra wayward pellet compared with 7.5s, but the reality is you just get more pellets in the same size pattern.
  2. As things stand an EV is a reasonable proposition for commuting or the school run. But, we have 1 son living in Glasgow and another in Surrey, neither of whom has on property parking. We like to visit our sons from time to time and I'm not willing to run 2 vehicles just to pretend to be caring for the planet, nor am I willing to sit in the motorway services for 40 minutes every 120 miles while my Nissan Leaf is charging. Also let's not forget that 70% of global electricity production uses fossil fuels, and even in this country it's still more than 50%. EVs might not pollute at the point of use but they do contribute significantly to overall pollution.
  3. Meadowcroft ESP registered scheduled for tomorrow is also cancelled.
  4. Westward

    Pressure washer

    To answer to your question... Yes, I can run my Nilfisk pressure washer from the 210 litre water butt. The butt is raised just far enough to get a watering can under the tap so not much of a head. The pressure is pretty low from the butt that but it's the rate of flow that really matters. Any kinks in the hose though and it doesn't go too well. I do it quite often this time of year because I frequently get in from shooting on a Sunday with the car covered in mud and using the butt saves on the water bill.
  5. The (cough)experts advising the government on green issues and coming up with the crackpot idea to ban fossil fuel powered cars are merely trying to look and sound good to the even more loony extinction muppets and dear little Greta at al. There is no possible way that such a bonkers plan can have any credibility until there have been several quantum leaps in battery technology and said "experts" surely know this. Batteries will need at least 10 times the energy capacity at far less size and weight per KwH, charging times must be reduced by at least a factor of 10 and quite simply, the idea of installing inductive charging in the roads is about as realistic as time travel. Also, they must overcome the problems with relatively rapid battery degradation; something we all know from our mobile phones. Then there will have to a solution to the environmental impact of making - and potentially disposing of - several billion battery packs every year. On top of all that, as mentioned above, achieving sufficient generating capacity for the grid will take at least 30 years, probably much more, and at a cost that would utterly dwarf HS2 and Crossrail added together. There are tough decisions ahead for the government. Climate change is here and instead of knee jerks like picking on easy targets such as motorists as their "let's look good to the climate hysterics" stunt, they need to be getting proper scientists involved to work out whether or not climate change really is man made. Then - and only then - can they hope to make sensible choices.
  6. Have they changed the Guerini warranty? It always used to be 10 years (transferable) included in the buy price.
  7. As someone from a minority and on a London council (IOW one of the untouchables), odds are she'll get a pass and be back in there feathering her own nest in no time. The people who voted for her are probably getting "Tonia is victim of racism" T-Shirts being printed as we speak.
  8. There's a reality here that dare not speak it's name in our virtue signalling, multicultural, PC society. Put simply, there are certain cultures within the BAME sector for whom fraud, corruption and abuse of privilege are normal and endemic. It was recognised and commented on as far back as the 18th century by officials of The East India Company. It's not just about greed and exploitation, think Keith Vaz and the postal ballot rigging in Leicester. My guess is that this sort of thing, to a greater or lesser extent is rife, especially among Labour run councils.
  9. I have an elderly freesat box that does exactly this. Power it off for 10 seconds then restart it and hey presto. It's fine for a month or so and then it reverts.
  10. Westward

    Top Gear

    I get the point but I do find on line reviews, both vids and written, rarely focus on the things that matter to actual owners. The last thing I'd suggest would be a return to the dreary reviews by Noel Edmunds in the1990s. No one ever cared how to stack the maximum number of suitcases in the boot. 😄
  11. Westward

    Top Gear

    Haven't watched it, but it from what I've heard the chemistry between the presenters is there again after a few false starts. TBH I thought it had already passed it's sell by date before Clarkson & Co left, so I haven't much interest in watching 3 blokes larking around with vehicles, even if they are doing it well. The BBC seems to fixate on everlastingly recycling shows by a process of just wheeling in a new set of presenters and without refreshing the format at all. I actually think a show that concentrated more on the cars rather than just on the presenters would attract a wider audience.
  12. Easy enough. Just buy a Beretta stock spacer. Goes between the pad and the wood. Zillions of them on the Bay.
  13. Buy a Teague taper key. They'll tighten any screw choke in any gun.
  14. Westward

    I pad question.

    I've used Windows PCs and laptops since the beginning over 30 years ago. Wifey - who is a bit of a technophobe - never could cope with Windows so we got her a Nexus 7. She was happy with it until Google updated it to Android 5 when it became so slow it was effectively unusable. So we went and got an IPad and TBH it has always driven me nuts and still does. I'm okay with Android but I would rather cut off my own left foot than use an IPad permanently.
  15. I heard Fat Sarah knows quite a lot about dipsticks but it might be just a rumour.
  16. Have you seen the weather forecast?
  17. I seem to have trouble getting my point across. The relative circumstances and environment aren't the issue, it's about basic safety, gun handling, muzzle discipline and good practice. All things that should apply whether it's police, MI5, SAS or any conventional branch of the armed forces. As to the question above: I've reffed at hundreds of clay shoots, participated in hundreds more and out of god knows how many shots I've seen fired - 100s of thousands I should think - I've only witnessed 1 accidental discharge and that was a gun pointing safely downrange.
  18. It's not just the DG they need root and branch replacement. To start with they should retire the bumbling old board of trustees and bring in a proper functioning board of directors who''ll challenge the justification for the established practices and crack down on the systemic liberal left bias that permeates the entire newsroom and the "diversity trumps quality" mantra. A board who''ll demand more and better programming rather than just "content" - to quote John Humphrys. They are part of the taxpayer funded public sector and as long as the status quo exists they'll continue to believe they're untouchable and keep on churning out mostly trash programs.
  19. For about the last 12 months they've had an update to the ejectors making them conventional and no longer selectable and thus not likely to cause problems. I would check before buying as the selectable ejectors need regular inspection and possible replacement of the 'O' rings to avoid problems. Earlier ones also had the potential for the top tang screw to vibrate loose and they've been known to fail completely leaving the gun in 2 pieces. All the screw needs is some non setting Loctite. Other than that they are Berettas and unlikely to cause problems.
  20. Nothing to do with crossover of mission responsibility. No one wants soldiers on the streets, but I believe armed police should be given the best training possible before being allowed to carry a weapon in public. History tends to support the idea that as far as the current training methods go, either the candidates or the trainers themselves are too often not good enough. Go back 6 or 7 years to the incident when an ARU officer was showing his handgun to some schoolchildren (Err why?). Through what can only be described as a virtually criminal lack of responsibility the weapon had a live round in the chamber and the safety was off. The predictable result was that the gun went off, narrowly missing a 13 year old schoolgirl. A couple of years before that a police instructor teaching trainees in a classroom how to handle a pistol safely (!) achieved exactly the same thing with a live round in the chamber and the safety off. He managed to shoot and wound one of the trainees. Let's not forget that the subject of the lesson was gun safety. The stats below are from about 10 years ago and perhaps explains why security companies providing guards in places like Iraq simply won't consider employing ex ARU officers as they consider them to be "cowboys". ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE LEAGUE TABLE: Metropolitan Police 56 Northern Ireland 31 Bedfordshire 3 Devon and Cornwall 2 Lincolnshire Police 2
  21. I find it somewhat worrying that we put guns in the hands of policemen trained by other policemen. They should be compelled to accept training from the military.
  22. By turning out quality programs and shows that can be sold around the world. They can and do make good saleable output such as Antiques Roadshow, Top Gear (once upon a time) the occasional quality drama, documentary or wildlife programs. But so much of their stuff is simply trash tv like the dreadful game shows or parochial antique based shows, all made on the cheap and with very limited appeal. Also, the everlastingly recycled shows like Strictly or the toe curlingly awful "talent" shows that have been basically unchanged for about 20 years might appeal to a lot of old biddies, but I can't see that kind of thing doing well internationally or migrating to Netflix etc. I'd like to see the BBC move away from being a publicly owned entity that manages to not be answerable to the public, into a business that had to justify itself fiscally. As long as it's run and staffed by people totally detached from normal life, most of whom seem to work on the principal that only the brain dead watch TV, then not much will change.
  23. Westward

    BBC licence fee

    You don't have to prove anything. They have to prove you are or have been watching it without a licence, and if you don't admit to it there's nothing they can do. Looking at today's listings - as with most days - I feel like writing and demanding a refund.
  24. The underlying problem is the man has history. At the 2017 world's in the US, the organisers assigned a spare ref to travel round with his squad to prevent card tampering. Rumours or not, he simply isn't trusted and that makes it so easy to accuse him on the slightest of pretexts. Tricky situation. Who's decision stands - is the organising club or the governing body?
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