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    Smart Meter

    Excellent idea. And let's lock up all the carbon hysterics at the same time.
  2. If you can't justify the cost of Office 365 try Open Office. It's very similar to MS Office except that it's free and it works with Office documents.
  3. Could be worse. I saw my first new type Defender today, stopped at the roadside. At least the hazard lights were still working. 🤣
  4. Depends what you're looking for and what vehicle it is. For example if you want the usual failed suspension parts for a Focus or Kuga, original Ford parts are probably the worst quality on the market, which of course is why you need replacements... Pattern parts from the bay or your local motor factor will be half the price and last twice as long.
  5. Beretta sporters have come with 76mm chambers for years and most clay shells are 70mm or sometimes less. Anyone who says they can tell any difference is either fibbing or deluded.
  6. Westward

    Ipad 32 g

    I spent 40+ years in the computer industry and I find the wife's iPad anything but foolproof. In fact it's an incredibly frustrating thing to use. Modern laptops are brilliant, They do everything and if you don't care about really high performance they're cheaper than iPads or fancy Android tablets.
  7. Try drinking more fluids. Dehydration is a well documented contributory factor. I haven't had a migraine for 15 years since upping my fluids. I'm not talking about the3 litres per day nonsense put about by the water loonies, just one or 2 glasses or equivalent.
  8. I'd bet my socks that Beretta's bean counters have cost the company far more in lost sales than any savings achieved by chiselling costs to boost the bottom line. They've lost a huge number of customers, including me, forever.
  9. It's a well documented problem which is nothing to do with the stock bolt. About 12/13 years ago the powers at Beretta decided on a cost saving exercise. They set about doing away with outsourcing by manufacturing everything in house and trimming costs wherever possible. Unfortunately, the quality control department at the time seems to have got trimmed as well! With the SV10 which has the same action as the gen 1 692, they decided that only one small setscrew was needed to hold the trigger group to action body. However, they also made it with a sort of cross between a hook and a spi
  10. For the last 12 or so years Beretta has been run by accountants and the reality is you can't chisel every last penny out of a relatively low volume product like a shotgun without sacrificing a degree of manufacturing integrity and product quality. It may be that a number of posters on here have trouble free 692s but they are as rare as hen's teeth on the registered sporting scene. Still a good number of 682s and DT10s but Beretta have shot themselves in the foot several times with the 69x family and the early DT11s. They have handed the baton to other makers who produce guns that don't fa
  11. Sorry if you're offended but beginners still need accurate information.
  12. I prefer Ben Husthwaite's video. He teaches mounting the shotgun like shotgun rather than like a rifle.
  13. I was told something very similar about 5 years ago from a guy who ran a small shooting ground here in Glos. He now owns a sizeable shooting ground up in the east midlands and happens to now be one of the biggest CG dealers. Funny old world isn't it?
  14. Not that I know of. There are however people who know someone who's brother in law works for this chap who shot game with a lad who knows a gunsmith that claimed the metal was soft even though he'd never actually seen one or was equipped to test steel hardness... And then of course it gets believed. OTOH there are 2 sub forums on Shotgun world going back to at least 2007 and I've not seen any mention in there of soft metal or carp sears (whatever that means). The reality is that a lot of people, me being one, assumed that when CGs came along they were just ordinary Rizzini action bud
  15. As you can see in this thread people get all wistful about the mostly imagined perception of quality back when the internals were hand finished forgings but modern investment castings and electronic inspection equipment means that guns are less costly to build, more uniform, cheaper to repair and just as reliable - as long as they don't tinker with the features (e.g. SV10 and 69X series). I've had 3 generations of Berettas going back 30 years and the first time I looked inside the forend of a CG I was amazed at the standard of fit and finish compared with any Beretta or Miroku I've ever owned
  16. Neither has stand out finish quality as they're both built to a price but the bits that matter don't wear out or break very often. Recent 69x series Berettas have the redesigned ejectors which appear to be trouble free so reliability isn't likely to be a deciding factor. The 695 sporters seem to be around 7 1/2 - 7 3/4lbs which is pretty light for a modern sporter. It also seems very expensive for bit of extra engraving and a wood upgrade. What about the 694? Proper sporting gun and the replacement for the hapless 692. There's not much to choose quality wise so buy the one you like b
  17. I was thinking about certain East European states. Maybe it was after the nineties but it's still socialism in the form of wealth redistribution which won't end well since those smaller states remain forever beholden to the EU for the bulk of their GDP. Since the EU is unsustainable in anything like it's present form and sooner or later will implode, what then for the smaller states? Did Ireland heed the causes of the bail out and take steps to protect itself from future melt downs, or is the same old same old?
  18. Ireland joining the EU in 1973 was an experiment which sort of worked and became the template for a raft of other small, relatively backward states to join in the 90s. The EU poured eye watering amounts of cash into Ireland to propel the country into the 1st world. Apart from a few vanity projects like random stretches of dual carriage in the middle of nowhere, the money enabled Ireland to compress 100 years of economic development into 1 generation, but the financial cost was enormous. IMO it's long overdue for Ireland to start pulling it's weight with their EU budget contributions.
  19. So... The Russians might have posted some stuff on social media that might have influenced the way people voted or might have sown some dissent, possibly. Then a bunch of MPs with too much time on their hands and who've joined some meaningless committee because it boosts their salaries, think the government should have done something unspecified to limit the effect of something equally unspecified and then produced a report to make point about ... Something. It's a non issue, but it's grist to mill for the lefty news media like the BBC, Ch 4 and the Independent who never pass up any oppor
  20. I've reffed and scored at several 100 registered sporting comps and there's fairly clear pattern that many C class shots would be in B class but for the unnecessary misses. Same goes for the many B class shooters who are technically good enough for A class and would be with a tad more consistency. Over the years I've become convinced that the main reasons for inconsistency are either wrong hold points or changing hold points. So often I see someone hold correctly and nail the first couple of pairs, then when the brain gets involved, all too often the hold point changes enough to cause a m
  21. You'll never see a bad review on any gun, especially Berettas as they spend a lot on advertising, so only go by personal experience. I don't get on well with Berettas and I found the 692 and 690 particularly horrible so I doubt the 694 would impress me much. With that budget I'd find it hard to ignore the CG Invictus. In fact it would be either that or Blaser F16 sporter.
  22. I think the real pressure for this move is from across the Atlantic. The Americans are utterly paranoid about Chinese tech and the fear of snooping so it's a case of: No trade deal unless you ditch Huawei 5g technology. From Boris's point of view, peeing off China is the lesser of 2 evils.
  23. I'm not even sure about the city folk. Look around the car park at a clay shoot where typically over half the vehicles are some variant of SUV/4x4 and all on road tyres. About the closest most of them get to anything off road is a mown grass field or a gravel car park. Last winter I had a sort of Mexican stand off in a narrow lane with a lady who expected me to drive my car onto the soaking wet muddy verge so she wouldn't get her precious Range Rover dirty.
  24. 63K??? I'd be scared park it at the supermarket much less go off road. Their range of premium SUVs is so complicated, un- coordinated and overlapping that I'm surprised anyone can work out what to buy from their range. At least with the Defender you knew what you were getting and why it existed which is more than you can say for the rest of the range.
  25. Same here - apart from Portugal & Kakow.
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