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    Shooting (foxes, pigeon, general various verminous), fishing when I get the chance, motorcycling and motorsport. Also manage a countrypark.

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  1. Ok - spot the idiot competition! Should have read 100 thousand miles!
  2. A must for the pigeon shooter who wants to get there FAST - and then drive straight onto te field! L Reg 1000K miles 12 months MOT Racing green Electric everything nearly new tyres A fantastic estate car that thinks it's a WRX, check out any of the scooby owners sites and look at the write ups for the 4x4 Leacy turbo. Needs new driver mirror (thanks to some idiot knocking it of yesterday) £1800 ONO
  3. Cheers Baldrick, Will be speaking to Neville at Essex this week and letter winging it's way to they boys at Roding. Be good to see you there
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions chaps and keep them coming The show is on SUNDAY 18 MAY and HAS MOVED to Boyton Hall Roxwell We will hopefully getting Simon Whitehead back to do all things ferret and I have arranged some friends to put on some coursing demo's although due to space restraints It will only be a 150yd straight dash. I completely agree re: have a go stands and this year it is my intention to have a 'hands on' element to each and every stand within the Gamefair area. As far as double glazing etc. is concerned all the exhibitors on site have to be linked to agric/shooti
  5. Knowing you lot will always give an honest answer and have a point of view on most things I have a question for you. I am co-ordinating the game and countryside area at the 2008 Essex Young Farmers show and am currently looking for exhibitors. What I wanted to know is Who or what would you guys like to see in a game area, and how can i encourage those not already into fieldsports to atleast have a look and a chat with those that are? Your suggestions would be very welcome indeed thanks guys Pike
  6. I totally understand the keepers reaction, the only shame about the whole incident is that the film was allowed to leave the site in one piece. A whole team of beaters and one hippy with a box brownie - the odds don't sound too bad to me?
  7. Pike

    British is Best

    If only it were a joke!!
  8. Pike


    Too many drugs - or not enough!!
  9. Folks - just a shot in the dark but I was in contact with a chap called Vince Raw up in Galloway who wrote some outstanding wildfowling stories (alright on the flight). The e-mal address I used to contact him has now gone - just wondered if anyone on here knew him or how I could get in touch as I would very much like to catch up with him again many thanks Pike
  10. It's a bit like going to the pub for a catch up without the beer! You create your own 'profile' which can be as elaborate or simple as you like depending on how much info you want to get into the public domain. I personally just show my name but some go for the full works including their photo albums which I find a little trusting. Anyway- you basically 'find' your mates on-line giving you access to their profiles after which you can leave each other messages and swap photo's etc. But - the addictive bit is that each time you log in you get a history sheet of who has been chatti
  11. I can only agree with the above. I know I had been "out the loop" for a long while but there seem to be loads of regulars who have either disappeared or don't post as often. Anyone seen Tommy Trucker or Millomite (Scott) Pike
  12. If you have no idea what Facebook is , good - keep it that way for your own sanity! I used to think I was a bit hooked on keeping up with everything going on at Pigeonwatch but facebook is plain and simple addictive. If you have not already been caught leave well alone! Pike
  13. Welcome - and might I say a went on holiday to the IOW a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Stayed just outside Yarmouth old town right on the beach and now know wher I intend to move to!
  14. Pike

    PJ Harvey

    Why not - at 27 years old it's still all about numbers!
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