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  1. Hi Discobob They are nice looking guns and the CG seem to be on the increase at all clay shoots, they must be doing something right, did you not get on with your Blaser or is the CG a second gun?
  2. Sorry folks message sent before I could complete my quote. So mentioned to one of them that the gun should really be vertical or pointing down and got a verbal beating from his girl friend, they then walked on about 30 yards where they got a dressing down by one of the grounds supervisors, so if you don’t mention anything then they will just carry on as per usual. It’s was obvious that they were either just thick or had not had a safety lesson of how to conduct themselves when using a semi-auto.
  3. Witnessed the same thing at Mickley Hall last Saturday on two occasions, at least your person had a breech flag inserted our two didn’t.
  4. Good advice oowee
  5. Hi Discobob She occasionally shoots at the club that we both visit at Trelogan, you probably don’t recognise her as nor did I at first.
  6. Hi any cscope will be suffice, built for British soils and have been making detectors for years. I would recommend a 3mx about £150 second hand on eBay, and you would be able to sell it on at only a slight loss if they get bored digging tin foil, aluminium pull tabs and tin cans. To start with you will dig a lot of rubbish until you get familiar with the various signals. YouTube have some great videos for beach and inland detecting. you will hear stories of £20 detectors finding a gold coin in just 4 inches of soil but this happens very rarely, believe me I have been detecting off and on for 30 years. But even rubbish can be interesting! Good luck
  7. Great story Oneshot and very well presented😂😂😂😂😂
  8. I presume he is still holding the dummy😂😂
  9. Thanks for getting back to me Westward. it appears that there was an issue as Salopian has mentioned but it does not seem to be due to the 725 being partly inertia. I do recall someone mentioning about 18 months ago about 725 trigger problems and I think he mentioned inertia also, but if I can release both firing pins with two consecutive pulls on the trigger with no cartridges in the barrels then the 725 is definitely mechanical.
  10. Thanks for the update Salopian, so as I thought absolutely nothing to do with inertia because the 725 is fully mechanical.
  11. Hi, i have a 725 Prosport, which has the same mechanism as all 725s, I can pull the trigger on both barrels using snap caps. So would you please explain what you mean by the trigger system needing some recoil for the inertia system. I also had a problem with with the trigger not releasing the pin for the second barrel, by the way I shoot bottom barrel first. The problem started in the first winter of owning the gun which I had purchased new. I stopped wearing gloves especially baggy fingered gloves and the issue ceased straight away. In my case like 95% of other cases the cause was in some way related to not releasing the trigger fully. I did Question by email one of the Browning gunsmith at the time because I too had read on the forum that the 725 was partly inertia and partly mechanical, I asked the Browning gunsmith how could it be both mechanical and inertia and he said I have not got a clue and wasn’t aware it was, you will have to ask the person who made the comment to explain. So your explanation would be sincerely appreciated because this has confused me for some time. kind regards steve
  12. Same as Perazzishot, too light and slim for me, so part exd for a Prosport. But the finish and engineering was lovely including the wood. May try the F3 next, but getting on with the Prosport at the moment.
  13. Mighty Ruler I would agree with Fisheruk, call the utilities out, especially from a heath and safety side, you have all sorts of risks that you need to cater and consider for before you carry out any work on sewers ie, falling down the manhole, someone else falling down an unguarded manhole, methane and all sorts of gases and diseases. call them out, could be cheaper in the long run.
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