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  1. Same as Perazzishot, too light and slim for me, so part exd for a Prosport. But the finish and engineering was lovely including the wood. May try the F3 next, but getting on with the Prosport at the moment.
  2. Mighty Ruler I would agree with Fisheruk, call the utilities out, especially from a heath and safety side, you have all sorts of risks that you need to cater and consider for before you carry out any work on sewers ie, falling down the manhole, someone else falling down an unguarded manhole, methane and all sorts of gases and diseases. call them out, could be cheaper in the long run.
  3. The camera would solve the problem of what’s going if there is something there to see. If you have now cleared the the blockage I would now wait until you have a blockage again and then open the lid on the manhole next to the road and ask your neighbour to flush their toilet if the flush runs through this manhole then it obviously means the shared part of the drain is fine, if it doesn’t then you need to rod from your nearest manhole to the furthest manhole at the same time someone needs to look down the furthest manhole to see what is being pushed through ie broken bits of drain, wet wipes etc. How often does it block?
  4. When you have a blockage can you recall if the manhole nearest the road is still flowing, if it is still flowing from your neighbours toilets etc then the blockage must be on your line, if this manhole is not flowing then either you or your neighbour is causing the blockage, but the good news would be it’s a shared drain.
  5. it is hard to visualise without seeing your drainage on plan, if the blockage is down stream then it may not be your neighbour, it could be backing up further down from another neighbours shared drain run???
  6. Firstly you need to be sure that the drains are definitely shared drains, I understand in your comments above that the drains join on your property but what isn’t clear is are you upstream or downstream of the joining connection. If next doors drainage flows through your plot and then onto the main sewer then you have a shared drain situation. But if your drainage flows downhill through your neighbours plot and you have no other property adjacent yours flowing through your drains then you have a private drain situation and the responsibility is yours. If you have a private drain, I suggest you clean it first and then employ a drainage company to CCTV your drains to decide exactly what is going on, it could be just a simple object partly blocking the flow that needs removing or even a collapsed drain. The dreaded wet wipes do crop up from time to time, but it is generally more than a couple of wet wipes that cause a drain to block. As Figgy commented they snag on anything, because they don’t tear like toilet paper, so you then need to find out what they are snagging? Good Luck Ps if you do decide on cctv then please shop around as the price like most things can vary greatly.
  7. Hi everyone Has anyone used Midland gun services for a gun fit and then a session on the pattern plate, could I have your opinions on the following questions, Did you have confidence in their ability. Was you happy with the service and price paid for this service. Did it improve your scores or at least your confidence. Thanks in advance of all replies.
  8. Thanks for all the reply’s gents.
  9. Thank you for your comments Alex1 Nat2
  10. Hi Folks just wondered if anyone on PW has purchased a Guardian Leather gun slip from GDK on EBay. just trying to find out if they are real leather and do they wear well. The company does not word the description as real leather but “guardian leather” is guardian leather real leather? Or a PU Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Steve, No I haven’t but two shooters in our club had there guns fitted and altered by them and they were more than happy. I am hoping to go in August to have mine checked. I don’t think you need an appointment, you just turn up and they fit you for the initial fitting check. They can also do the alterations at the shop. They also have a pattern plate on the premises . Might be worth a phone call. yes the bag was fine, he was more than happy with it. Thanks
  12. Midland gun services limited. Shrewsbury
  13. Hi Discobob, Asking on behalf of a friend who is not a pigeon watch me ever, is the slip still for sale and if it is would you accept 35? Cheers Steve Who is not a pigeonwatch member.
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