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  1. My son paid £100 4 weeks at our local surgery, we are in North Wales.
  2. I took it to Malmö today for them to send onto the Browning gunsmith so should have a verdict within the next few days which I will post. Thanks
  3. Hi Agriv8 thank you for your comments, yes I do store the gun built and with barrels down.
  4. Hi Graham M, This pitting wasn’t on the gun when I purchased it new, this has appeared within the last 9 months or so, I have had the gun for about 3 years and have shot around 6000 cartridges, it seems to have puzzled everyone up till now.
  5. Hi Graham M Maybe they are, I have had the stock replaced due to a split across the grip, so will be interested once Browning take a look in the next couple of weeks. I am not dismissing Wymberley,s cavitation as this could happen if the area was put under pressure from the cartridge ignition?..
  6. Thanks Graham M, out of all the suggestions up to now i feel this is the most likely.
  7. Thanks Wymberley, I am aware of hydro cavitation but could you please explain cavitation where no water is involved?
  8. Thanks Cardigan, I will give it a try but I think that the pitting is too deep.
  9. Hi Gunman how would slamming the action cause this if both surfaces were initially perfectly flat? thank you
  10. Yes running it back to Malmö on Monday to send off to Browning, they have already replaced the stock due to a crack! My son also has a 725 and his is spotless and new looking.
  11. No nothing at all, in perfect flat condition. It won’t be grit because the tolerances are so fine the gun wouldn’t close and it is outside the area for burnt powder.
  12. Hi All Have any of you Prosport owners come across this pitting to the action ? Photo attached The gun is cleaned regularly, don’t load my own cartridges but just can’t think what may have caused the pitting. Thanks Folks
  13. I would second Malmo also, always been given a good deal.
  14. Hi Discobob They are nice looking guns and the CG seem to be on the increase at all clay shoots, they must be doing something right, did you not get on with your Blaser or is the CG a second gun?
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