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  1. Haha love it Well I'm going the shop later So I'll keep you posted I wouldn't be surprised if I walked out with an air rifle I change my mind that much haha
  2. I don't really want an o/u yet But I only had this for 6 months so maybe in another 6 I might be posting about wanting 1 haha
  3. How much is it to post via shop or however it's done
  4. Exactly what I want But wanted to trade my Hatsan semi mossy oak in Fancy a swap Like new all boxed with everything there
  5. It won't be any of them I'm pretty sure What year is it I suspect it's a GG and has just 1 wire going to it and it earths through the bulb holder??
  6. Pretty sure they are made in Turkey yeah Just fancy a change Think I'll go in and have a look at. 1 just to see haha
  7. Buy a couple descent bulbs Make sure you don't touch the glass We have had a couple mazda 6 do this to be honest
  8. Really like the look of the sxp I do shoot more clays to be honest
  9. Got a hatsan escort mossy oak semi Think I fancy a winchester sxp I've had no problems with mine really Most 21g 67mm don't cycle but that's fine Just don't buy them Any body have any of these guns Or just opinions Thanks
  10. It's not gonna short if that's where it normally connects is it A short is when it's asking contact where it shouldn't
  11. Nice ride Squizzer not bad too
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