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  1. To those with helpful comments much appreciated and many thanks. I've been out to check things out today and there indeed were plenty of pigeons so ill give it a go. I just started shooting pigeons only a year or so ago but my shooting partner with all the knowledge and experience unfortunately had a heart attack and passed way last spring which is why i joined this forum for advice etc. I was hoping to invite some experienced shooters within travelling distance for a couple of days shooting as i have the exclusive free range of approximately 2500 acres of corn rape and beans. However
  2. Sounds good to me. Ill try and pop over today and take a look. Many thanks
  3. Good morning all I'm relatively inexperienced and would like to ask a simple question. Can you decoy successfully on Rape stubble? I've had some good days on corn / bean stubble and on rape in the winter. I had a call from a farmer yesterday that he was cutting his rape (next to a corn field to be cut in a few weeks time) and there were lots of pigeons around. I was very pleased that he rang but had no idea that pigeons liked rape stubble. Can you decoy successfully on recently cut rape ? Should i give it a go? Many thanks for and tips
  4. Thank you everyone ... All good information. Ill post the results tomorrow evening if possible.
  5. Evening people Id be grateful for some advice. I received a call from a farmer asking me to go to about 90 acres where the crows are having a feast on the new wheat sprouting. I called there this afternoon and sure enough there were plenty of crows on several fields so i plan on going tomorrow. However, surprisingly (to me anyhow) there were quite a number of pigeons flying around as well . I intend to target the crows particularly as the farmer has specifically asked me to do so but can i mix a few pigeon decoys and a flapper in the set up as well with the hope of bagging a few at the same
  6. Really great news ... I was really gutted as i met a chap that said he'd done decoying in the past and that as soon as its spread the opportunity is gone. (sorry for posting the same post twice) Hope you dont mind another question but i had another new permission that was cut a day or so ago and i'd been watching for weeks. There were plenty of birds whilst it was standing but went today hopeful of a good day and nothing ! Only two birds flew anywhere near the field in around three hours .. so i gave up. Is this common that they can all disappear? Were they disturbed by the harvesting and
  7. Evening all Can anyone advise if its still possible to decoy on a field that has had muck spread on it. I have an excellent couple of fields that have been cut today. Ive been watching and waiting for ages and there has been loads of pigeons feeding with great flight lines over them. However, the farmer is very quick to spread muck and im worried that ill miss out before i get a chance to have a couple of days shooting in. Many thanks
  8. Evening all Can anyone advise if its possible to decoy successfully on corn stubble after it has had muck spread on it. It was only cut today and ive been watching closely for weeks. There has been plenty of birds feeding and excellent flight lines. However the farmer is very quick to spread muck and im not sure if that means the opportunity will be gone even though there is residual corn in the field. Many thanks
  9. many thanks everyone. When i looked last week i must confess it was around 5pm so may have been a little late. I'm popping down to the farm lunchtime and see if there are any about. Cheers
  10. Many thanks I thought that might be the case. I did notice lots of pigeons on the acorns last year but as you say, there are very few about this year. Ive been keeping an eye on the fields lots of seagulls and crows but no pigeons yet. Regards
  11. Hello As a relatively new (but hooked) pigeon shooter i would appreciate some advise on the best time to shoot on Rape. Ive had a couple of great days shooting on corn the last couple of years and the farm on which i have permission is very helpful. He has recently seeded rape which is starting to shoot. My question is when is the best time for decoying. Are the pigeons interested in the young shoots now or mid winter when they are hungry. Many thanks for some tips
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