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  1. This would fit the bill. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rewriter-Internal-M-Disc-Support-Retail/dp/B079YQZZHY/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=sata+dvd+writer+windows+8&qid=1593808722&sr=8-5
  2. grrclark

    Wasp sting

    The midges on the west coast of Scotland are the worst, their misery quotient is exceptionally high. Slightly less voracious as you move east, but they are getting worse. Folk often say if you scaled a weasel up to the size of a fox they would take over the world such is their ruthlessness, if you scaled the Scottish midge to the size of a house fly not even a fox sized weasel could compete.
  3. That is entirely reasonable on her part and great news that Martin is doing fine.
  4. From the part number you give it is a SATA DVD read/write drive. Any SATA DVD writer would likely work. What version of operating system is your PC?
  5. I agree and I hope that she does take on that responsibility if that is Martin's wish, but we should not ad to the pressure of her making that decision just to get Martin his iPad.
  6. It's a big ask to ask her to take on power of attorney just to get Martin his iPad. It would be for the best as it would protect the iPad from being sold off by his sisters, but it is quite an imposition on Jackie
  7. grrclark

    Wasp sting

    Nobody ever gets used to the Scottish midge. Their capacity to make for utter misery relative to their size is unparalleled.
  8. It is something that the gun trade are of course happy to encourage. Much the same as in golf where every new club is more forgiving and hits it longer, or every new cartridge seems to hit harder even further out, etc. I find it funny to see some people chop and change and chaff around with variable stocks, swapping butt pads, etc looking for that bit of magic. Everyone wants that quick fix.
  9. The amount of time he must have spent to build that shop must run into years. Obviously a huge eccentric, but if it makes him smile and does nobody else any harm then more power to his elbow. The world is a better place for having eccentrics in it.
  10. They are a fantastic looking bird for sure, but as a non native species and an apex predator not somethign that we would wish to see lots of in the wild in our environment.
  11. grrclark


    Delta blues and the transition into jazz and bluegrass has some excellent music, likewise Chicago blues and the crossover into Chicago jazz. I do find some bebop and some freeform jazz difficult to listen to, the technical musicality Is amazing, but some of it is hard work. There is a lot of tension and release that makes it a challenge.
  12. grrclark


    Jazz is such a wide and diverse genre of music and you could ask the question of 100 different jazz fans and get 300 opinions. Is there anybody or any particular style in you are enjoying? Other than Jazz FM, Jamie Cullum's jazz show on Radio 2 is good as he introduces such a wide range of styles and artists, likewise with Clare Teal on Radio 2 as well.
  13. You’ll be absolutely fine. If the funds have cleared in your account then would need banks to be involved to do any sort of reversed transaction. Different game if Paypal, but BACS\CHAPS transfers are fine. Great news on selling the bike quickly for the asking price.
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