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  1. grrclark


    I worked for Velux for a couple of years, going back a while now though. The product quality is absolutely the very best in the industry. Had the pleasure of visiting many of the production facilities and from top to bottom everything about the product and how they are made is first class. Also a family owned business who look after their staff well. Doesn’t answer your question, but talk to builders merchants and I don’t expect there will be much of a variation between them.
  2. Some lovely Japanese knife exotica here. https://thesharpchef.co.uk I have some of the Iseya 33 layer hammered damascus and they are lovely things, great balance and feel and ridiculously sharp out the box. Easy enough to keep a very keen edge too.
  3. grrclark


    My point was the Democrat party should trust the justice system. If they are content to stand behind it for other reasons then they should on this issue too. Trump will also reap what he has sowed, after 4 years in executive office he could have done something about the justice system if it was so bad. He could have taken a stand on any of the numerous issues where the police literaly got away with murder, but he didn't, he actively chose not to as it suited his narrative. Personally I think both the police and judicial system in the US is hugely lacking, there is monstrous abuse o
  4. grrclark


    To remove/subdue the hugely divisive rhetoric and the inevitable disruption it would bring? For what it is worth my opinion on this is if there is sufficient evidence that he could be prosecuted for incitement to insurrection then prosecute him and allow the courts to rule. Much like Trump's claims of election fraud, put what you have in front of the court, if it is baseless like his claims it gets thrown out, if not then we see a trial. Trust in the justice system. While I can understand the likes of Twitter removing him from the platform, i don't actually agree with it.
  5. grrclark


    I'm sure there is a big element of playing to the crowd, but perhaps hoping that they can get a result that would bar him from any further public office and thwart another campaign from him. Perhaps many of the GOP members would support that too.
  6. grrclark


    I’m sure it would be, if it was true of course....oh hang on🤔🤔
  7. grrclark


    Apparently 62 court cases in the US dismissed against a far lower standard of evidential review. You just know it will be 😂 I reckon there is probably someone claiming a story of me riding Lord Lucan whilst he rides Shergar on there too. However, if there’s not give me 30 mins and there soon will be
  8. It was obviously brain altering nanoparticles, you can clearly see that in the dispersal pattern 🥴
  9. grrclark


    All i needed to know. I can also establish that Hitler didn’t kill himself and lives in south America, Elvis is alive and well on the moon, every David Icke theory ever and a multitude of just about anything else I can imagine. I also saw a clip of the world’s largest 48 engined plane on there too!
  10. grrclark


    If there is anything on it that could land you in jail then trust nothing but a hammer to the disk. Beyond that a restore and erase will do just fine. Yes you can use all sorts of tools to recover files, but quite frankly the likelihood of that is slim in the extreme for someone to extract a file from a random machine and then use the data for some sort of malevolent purpose. There are so much more reliable ways to scam people out of cash than spending an age trawling recovered binary files from old laptops.
  11. grrclark


    reports and photographs from who?
  12. I though Hugh Grant’s character was brilliant, so much better than the bumbling, simpering English gent type role he has played before. I thought it was a really entertaining movie as well.
  13. grrclark


    He is a hugely divisive and polarising figure, no doubt about that. I agree there are a great many entrenched in an opposing view just because it is anti Trump. It is not unreasonable to suggest that the run off in Georgia flipped to the Democrats because of Trump, he motivated the opposition to the polls while at the same time convincing the Republican voters that your votes don’t count as it’s all a fraud. If you have any belief in the integrity of the US court system then you have to believe there is no actual evidence of large scale systemic fraud, it is simply bellicose rhe
  14. grrclark


    The problem is that there is a huge amount of people in the US that are just like Walker and so blinded by their passion/devotion to Trump that they hang on his every word and believe the rhetoric while dismissing everything contrary as fake news or corruption. It doesn’t matter that 62 court cases brought in support of Trump’s nonsense have been dismissed, that no evidence of large scale fraud has been produced in court, that ballot counts have been audited numerous times and found correct, that there is even a telephone call of Trump trying to coerce a State Secretary into rigging the r
  15. grrclark


    I hope it was. I hadn't appreciated the typo in my message either 😳
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