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  1. grrclark

    Red squirrels Scotland

    I have seen and read a few things on NZ conservation practices and I think they have it the right way round on many things. Specifically manage that which is the easier, either the desired or undesired, and take a blanket approach to the rest. If it’s easier to trap the desired then obliterate the rest why not? As for the red squirrel in Fife I live right on the edge of a red zone, within a mile or so either way you either see plenty greys or much less frequently the red. Thankfully over the last couple of years i have seen more reds and slightly less greys.
  2. grrclark

    Corner downpipe for corner shed?

    Have your down pipe on a straight edge of the shed 300mm from the corner joint and run your gradients to that point. You don’t want a down pipe right on the point of the corner as it looks pap and you cannot reliably support the downpipe.
  3. grrclark

    S.Matcham - Saddest news

    Picked this thread up very late, i never had the pleasure of meeting your best friend and i’m sorry that you’re denied his company far too soon. Celebrate the memories you made and shared together and try not to dwell on the tomorrows you might miss.
  4. grrclark

    Novochick strikes again!

    Retsdon, You’re absolutely right, my post was playing the man and not the ball, it was intended too. Not any man in particular however. My post wasn’t about a single issue, it was about the same general them amongst so many PW threads just now, quite simply anti establishment and populist bandwagon dross. I don’t disagree with your last post, there is more often than not a variance between factual minutes of discussion and the statements that are issued afterwards and very often there is very good reason for it as well. Like you the media manipulation or spin on stories winds me up, but as with the bloggers or youtubers or meme creators who frame their comments such to spin things their way, that is simply about trying to attract people to read the content. It’s dumbing down at its worst. If people can exhibit critical thinking and see past the spin then great, sadly there is not much evidence of that on PW. I think there is no doubt that those experts involved in that sector were aware of it, but the key wording in that document is “It is reported to be...” There are no empirical findings or test outcomes, just a statement of it is reported to be.
  5. grrclark

    Novochick strikes again!

    Perfect example Hamid. Up until the Skirpals incident none of us non experts had heard of Novichok, it wasn’t even listed on the chemical weapon register as it was secret. How can we possibly be so bold as to make claims it can’t be Novichok? We don’t know if it achieves 100% mortality, the creators may claim that it does but how or why should we believe them? It seems that we are content to believe something that we cannot substantiate or verify as it fits with the narrative we want to believe, and of course completely happy to dismiss something that doesn’t fit that narrative because we cannot substantiate or verify it.
  6. grrclark

    Novochick strikes again!

    I have dropped in and out of PW a lot recently and scan through threads to see what they are all about, increasingly so many threads on this forum have a remarkably similar theme to this one, which is generally anti establishment. No matter the subject matter the overwhelming feeling is simply anti establishment and bitter cynicism. It follows that general populist trend that is prevalent across so much of social media, you know that type of trend when the hard of thinking follow the herd, but they don't actually appreciate that is what they are doing because they are hard of thinking. They shout out the same cries of protest, no matter the subject matter; there is a few of hours of internet research that is mainly reading articles and watching videos that give a message that the hard of thinking herd want to hear and that affirms their collective group think and because the herd are all shouting the same message, we are woke, we don't rely on mainstream media they actually think they are. The herd rely on Internet research, you know the websites, the articles, the blogs, the vlogs that seem to escape any real scrutiny as when the views are challenged the challengers are accused of being sheeple, brainwashed, asleep. Critical argument is rebuffed as simply being a parroting of the message that those in charge want us to think, you know those shadowy institutions of Machiavellian power brokers that are behind big pharma, big oil, big finance, big media, big military, etc. After the few hours, or let's be generous and say maybe even tens of hours of Internet research, the herd are now expert economists, political strategists, chemical weapon experts, virologists, structural engineers, climatologists, criminologists, etc. Normally the route to that sort of expert knowledge is years of education that is objective, peer reviewed, critically challenged, etc, but google, youtube and blogs prove that education is also a fallacy and another of those constructs of the shadowy power brokers to suppress and control us, you don't need uni to be an expert, you just need a browser. For whatever reason PW seems to have become a little bit of a haven for that sort of herd outlook just now, where the default position is confrontation, where decent debate, you know the type that actually demonstrates critical thinking and can put put forward structured and reasoned argument, is in desperately short supply and instead the usual cabal all agree with each other enthusiastically, use memes as evidence and content themselves that they are all visionaries and the rest are unthinking thickos. Perhaps because of that you get a lot of people looking in on threads like this and then thinking, what is the point? What is the point of contributing when the outcome will be the same, you get drowned out by meretricious noise, sometimes it isn't even meretricious, it's just utter twaddle. However as I am an open minded soul and welcome learning new things can any of the chemical weapons experts on this thread, and in a stroke of good fortune there seem to be a few, give the chemical formula for Novichok and can they then describe how the bodies nervous system reacts to that particular external chemical or biological stimulus, but in a factual way that they can then demonstrate why they can so confidently dismiss the symptoms of those unfortunately affected as it cannot possibly be from a weapons grade chemical agent? Or maybe it's just easier to dismiss the people that can give that sort of information, you know like the people who have spent years in education and research, the people who are part of the officially recognised world bodies of expert knowledge on such things, as just being part of the shadowy institution and that is reason enough to dismiss what they say, that familiar anti establishment cry.
  7. grrclark

    VGA to HDMI

    Ultimately you are still trying to convert VGA to HDMI, it doesn't matter that the cable you have goes from VGA to DVI, the source signal is an analogue VGA one. DVI-A or DVI-I both support an analogue signal path. To go from an analogue VGA signal to a digital HDMI you will need to go via a convertor box and not just a gender/interface adaptor.
  8. grrclark

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    For a part of the day there was a big telly showing coverage of the whole thing where I was and I had the occasional glance, so I guess as qualifying as watching some of it. We do pomp and pageantry very well in this country and the global interest in the wedding is massive, i guess much of the apathy in GB shows how much we take for granted what so many elsewhere in the world envy and admire. They looked happy and I hope they are.
  9. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    There is a possibility that there may be a good fun 50 bird sporting on the last Saturday of the month at a nearby estate. If it is confirmed I will pop a post in this thread. If it is on it will be a good fun shoot with good people, a bbq and as cheap as chips.
  10. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    If it is the first biometric one then they may be more particular about what they accept, frustrating all the same for you though.
  11. grrclark

    Eley Titanium Strike

    Get a red dot site and a shotkam as well and you will be entirely unassailable.
  12. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    Did they give you any reasons for the rejection? I know they are fairly explicit about having a plain light coloured background and even lighting. They work out a lot of facial biometric data from the photographs and if the lighting casts shadows or the like it is a problem. Do you know if your last passport had a biometric chip in it?
  13. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    As John mentioned there is also NSC at Falkirk which would be a little over an hour from Pitlochry, there is also Cluny Clays near Kirkcaldy which is about 60 mins away. Auchterhouse is the closest that do pay and play and it is a good ground. How long are you in Pitlochry for?
  14. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    My missus just renewed her passport using the online service and the photo I took on the iphone was good enough to do the job, I suspect the photo booth is now in the dotage of its years. It will of course take firearms licensing another decade or so to catch up and we will still be relying on folded up bits of paper when everything else is fully digital.
  15. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    County Clays is a decent ground although they don’t do pay and play. If you were to head slightly south east, about 30mins or so you can shoot at Auchterhouse who cater for every discipline.