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  1. Any pair or just a pair that you’d want to shoot at?
  2. I might do that, but in fairness the way I have been shooting recently is so honkingly bad it would make no odds 😂
  3. If you cannot clearly see the pair then yes you should be able to view a pair in the cage.
  4. Not very UK really, once upon a time maybe. This is the savage world of private equity and the PE backers behind British Steel are predominantly Scandinavian. So much for the esteemed social values of the Scandi’s eh?
  5. Very true Andy. I can’t share the presentation on here sadly, government restricted, but if the UK achieves the target of being carbon neutral by 2050, as is the current goal, on it’s own that would mean a 0.02% reduction in global carbon emissions. The political consensus is that because we can we should and there is actually some good economic sense and science in that, but we ought not to pretend that it’s transformative at anything beyond a local level. Also makes me laugh that Extinction Rebellion chose to try and paralyse the UK for a bit, for the sake if our 0.02% global contribution.
  6. That is the 20,000-25,000 figure quoted, that is all of the jobs in the supply chain. The actual number of employees in the steel works is about 4000 I believe.
  7. Not by a long stretch. Naive idealist privileged child of naive idealist parents. That is the kind of soup that Corbyn’s emerge from. Jezza and his brother Piers both fit that mould perfectly.
  8. In case I was misinterpreted earlier, at a local level it is devastating if the steel industry in Scunny goes and I agree it should be supported. My point was in a broader scale heavy industry doesn’t matter nearly so much in terms of macro economic contribution, also given the new green agenda everyone in public office seems so quick to proclaim ,given the attention of a precocious Scandinavian teenager, will the virtue seeking populace weep for the loss of a dirty industry?
  9. That’s very true, if we had bailed with a hard Brexit there would be nothing to pay. Not arguing one way or the other as I don’t know, but wonder if the cost of the fine would be less than tarrifs and lost market share. I doubt it however. As i alluded to earlier I think the problem stems from 25 years ago and is a product of government, unions and low productivity. Tata also made a very hard nosed commercial decision in respect to pension liabilities, yet they knew what they were getting into at the outset. So in a circuitous way perhaps much of the fault does lie in Westminster for allowing rampant capitalist behaviour with no consequence which is wrong. Said by a hard nosed believer in free market capitalism!! Edit to add: I fully agree re our making an utter hash of negotiations And the seed of that demise was sewn getting on for near 100 years ago.
  10. That does a bit of an injustice to DC Thomson. The Courier is Scotland’s largest independent newspaper and The Sunday Post is massive in UK national sales. Sadly the jute industry is but a memory and Jam is more appropriate to Arbroath now. I don’t believe that is accurate or fair. Sure there was a £100m EU penalty for emissions, but even had we left it would still have had to be paid through the transition phase.
  11. It is amazing how many people don’t watch a target to the end of it’s flight. There is sometimes nothing worse than walking to a stand and being behind someone who chops the target off straight out the trap. Shooting it way too early for me and I have not a clue what it does after. In that case I would ask the ref to see a pair and explain why, some say yes and some don’t. If they say no then I bite my tongue as that’s the rules.
  12. That is the craziness if it all, the Tata long products division that since became British Steel was a sound business, however there was 1bn of pension liability from the old nationalised British steel days that the Tata group didn’t fancy having on the balance sheet. It’s not just about operational or market performance of today, it is the effects of low productivity and inefficiency from 25 years ago still causing hurt. Tragic really.
  13. China are/were also consuming steel and concrete at an almighty rate through their domestic building campaign, but they have at least 7 completely empty cities so their domestic demand has peaked. That internal demand afforded them huge economy of scale and the excess production was punted overseas at low cost, it is not a sustainable position.
  14. It is the approach of my local trust that they start on a combination therapy of methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine together. If i recall it was 20mg meth, 100mg hydroxy and 2000mg sulf i started with. It worked for 3 years, almost to the point we thought we could stop everything then RA came back strongly. When they moved me onto injectable meth they stopped the other two. There was another DMARD they tried me on too, Leflunomide Now i have to inject enteracept and methotrexate every week. Feel like a pincushion, but worth it to not be crippled. So there are still plenty options for you if the Methotrexate doesn’t work and don’t let them tell you otherwise. Edit to add: It was the opinion of the two rheumatic consultants that I know, one through shooting, that the two drugs you have been on are the least effective, but also the cheapest and less likely to have major side effects.
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