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  1. Nowt much wrong with Laporte traps for sure and the deals with the pallets of clays was excellent.
  2. Promatic and Bowman both make really good quality commercial grade machines and both will provide reliable service. Bowman’s typically don’t need any tools tools to set and adjust the trap for tilt, rotation and elevation and not having to carry a bag of spanners is great. Bowman also offers a really personal level of support, if you need to you can pick up the phone to Andrew Bowman himself and ask him a question about the traps that he designs and builds. Support from Promatic is also very good indeed. If buying a load of traps for a commercial ground I would go for Promatic, if buying a few traps for a small club then either would be a good choice, if buying 1 or 2 traps for personal use then Bowman just for the level of personal support and convenience of the machines.
  3. A PIR activated flame thrower would do the trick, although the neighbourhood cats, foxes and free roaming dogs might object. Seriously however, poor state of affairs if scrotes in your drive every week casing your motors and the law does heehaw! My fear would be they tan your house in spite of not being able to steal the car.
  4. Made me laugh and think of this....
  5. Not going to argue with your thoughts on the absolutely misguided sense of hurt and stinking attitude by so many nationalists, but the bit that’s in bold above, can you quantify that? It is the typical sort of statement that is presented as fact on the basis of a really small percentage of information presented, mostly the Barnett formula that i would be amazed if most commentators here could actually articulate. How does your statement of “truth” consider things like the balance of trade and net cashflow contribution to the UK current account? If you spend a bit of time looking beyond the emotive headlines from either camp you will discover that it is a very complex picture and Scotland is a significant contributor to how UK plc does business and things like the interest rate on national borrowing and the yield that we can offer on government bonds and promissory notes. Sadly most of that flies way above the emotional argument that the vast majority will ever consider. If there was to be Scottish secession from the UK then both Scotland and rUK would suffer
  6. Why? No other devolved executive have full control of locally raised taxes, why would England be different? I would support a devolved parliament for England and a very much slimmed down UK parliament.
  7. Yes they did and I disagree with them, just the same as I disagree with the depressingly substantial amount of posts on this thread contributed by the hard of thinking.
  8. Yet in this little microcosm of Englishness the topic has managed to stretch to 10 pages of mostly the same old hackneyed nonsense and vacuous generalisations 🤔
  9. Have you lodged a report on it Jim? https://basc.org.uk/wildfowling/rice-breast-disease-ducks-need-help/ Interesting that from that link the drake mallards have the largest number of reports.
  10. I think most of the country is being favoured with nice weather today. I was out with my two dogs earlier too, cold, crispy frost, clear skies and barely a peep of wind. A perfect winters day for me. No geese here, but a group of 4 roe deer grazing in the first light of morning.
  11. I'd far rather that Tesco sourced their Christmas cards from the UK. That is all.
  12. grrclark

    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to both of you too Mel and here's hoping that Lin still doesn't read PW in 2020, otherwise you could have a troubling year when she discovers all your cheeky comments 😝
  13. I’m not sure of the specifics of coming from NI, but if coming from Ireland then you just need an EU Firearms pass and it’s as simple as you like. It’s easier coming from the island of Ireland to GB than the other way round. Those from the south maybe don’t bother as airlines typically want to charge for a gun and Ryan Air don’t carry them at all, so maybe the logistics make it cheaper and easier to get a gun from the guide.
  14. I am not a Microsoft fan by any stretch, however I found i could not get by professionally without using the Office suite on my Mac. I have used Pages and Numbers, i’ve used Open Office and Star Office and Google Docs and Sheet, frustratingly however the majority of the business world work with MS Office. If you are mostly providing final documents authored by you then you will get by with anything, however if you are working in the client’s world and amending their documents or providing working doc’s for them to use then the few quid a month for the O365 subscription is way less pain. O365 works fine with MacOS and iOS, just opt for the subscription level that lets you install it locally too. Working in a browser is a ball ache
  15. Most auction houses are surprisingly well connected and even if they don’t normally sell what you are putting up in their sales room they will brief other dealers and agents for online sales. Remember it is in their interest to make as much as possible too.
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