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  1. grrclark

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    For a part of the day there was a big telly showing coverage of the whole thing where I was and I had the occasional glance, so I guess as qualifying as watching some of it. We do pomp and pageantry very well in this country and the global interest in the wedding is massive, i guess much of the apathy in GB shows how much we take for granted what so many elsewhere in the world envy and admire. They looked happy and I hope they are.
  2. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    There is a possibility that there may be a good fun 50 bird sporting on the last Saturday of the month at a nearby estate. If it is confirmed I will pop a post in this thread. If it is on it will be a good fun shoot with good people, a bbq and as cheap as chips.
  3. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    If it is the first biometric one then they may be more particular about what they accept, frustrating all the same for you though.
  4. grrclark

    Eley Titanium Strike

    Get a red dot site and a shotkam as well and you will be entirely unassailable.
  5. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    Did they give you any reasons for the rejection? I know they are fairly explicit about having a plain light coloured background and even lighting. They work out a lot of facial biometric data from the photographs and if the lighting casts shadows or the like it is a problem. Do you know if your last passport had a biometric chip in it?
  6. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    As John mentioned there is also NSC at Falkirk which would be a little over an hour from Pitlochry, there is also Cluny Clays near Kirkcaldy which is about 60 mins away. Auchterhouse is the closest that do pay and play and it is a good ground. How long are you in Pitlochry for?
  7. grrclark

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    My missus just renewed her passport using the online service and the photo I took on the iphone was good enough to do the job, I suspect the photo booth is now in the dotage of its years. It will of course take firearms licensing another decade or so to catch up and we will still be relying on folded up bits of paper when everything else is fully digital.
  8. grrclark

    Clay shooting in scotland

    County Clays is a decent ground although they don’t do pay and play. If you were to head slightly south east, about 30mins or so you can shoot at Auchterhouse who cater for every discipline.
  9. grrclark


    Scouser, about and hour north of Rome near the city of Terni and very close to the Marmore waterfalls is the Academy of Benelli-Beretta, see http://accademiaditiro.it Unfortunately I cannot help the OP with any information in the parts of Italy he is visiting.
  10. grrclark

    Minimum Price Per Unit Introduced In Scotland

    Interesting reading some of the comments in this thread. It also strikes me of the danger when you frequent places too often where so many people are of a like mind, it leads to classic confirmation bias and entrenching a particular way of thinking. What has intrigued me is that a fair few posters have talked about their experiences of the black dog blighting their life and in general there is actually a very supportive response; yet in a rather bizarre twist, to my way of thinking at least, when talking about addictive illness there is a fairly broad church of opinion that harks back to the "pull yourself together" type of response, the just deal with it as it is entirely your choice and entirely your problem. The same attitude is prevalent in some of the threads that have talked about sexuality. Addiction is hideously complex and has biochemical underpinnings, science has identified markers within the human gnome that indicate where someone where will be predicated towards addiction, same as some are predicated towards arthritis, epilepsy, depression or schizophrenia and every other disease. For those of you that suggest it is simple choice, it may well be a simple choice for you because that is the way that you are constructed, your wiring and plumbing allows it to be a simple choice, for others the reality is very different. Same as some of us can deal with pressure and stress with little impact, where as others have a very different experience and become incapacitated with seemingly simple things that others take in their stride. I daresay the pious and self righteous will revert to type and say anybody with an addictive illness chose to take that first drink, place that wager on the horse, popped their first pill, etc and so be content that it is 100% individual choice, but how do you know until it happens to you. At what point do you see in yourself that there is a problem that is still within your control to do something about? Do you never have a beer or whisky just in case, do you never place the bet? As many on here will also have experienced I have seen first hand the destruction that addictive illness can bring, the torment in the person suffering the addiction that know they are on the path to self destruction, that they actually do understand the collateral damage to their friends and loved ones, yet despite everything that they do know they are still unable to stop. They ruin their mind, their body, their relationships; they have withdrawal fits and soil themselves in public, they shake and shiver constantly and can't string a sentence together, they cannot function in everyday life and all because they are selfish and want to live that life choice? As evidenced by many posts on here so many are content to judge and say it is 100% individual choice, they can choose to stop, but they just don't want to. Same used to be said to people suffering depression, those individuals that have a good job, good friends, a family that love them and yet that same individual that knows all those things cannot shake the black dog, the shadow that looms over them telling them they are not worthy. That is a choice too isn't it, after all they just have to stop thinking in a stupid way, appreciate the life they have and stop being silly and selfish and wallowing in self pity.
  11. Well done to the Brits, hopefully we see similar performances through all the big international events this year. Well done to you too on 4th in category and also the team silver.
  12. grrclark

    Amazon Flexible Payment Services?HELP Required

    Amazon flexible payment services was actually a service Amazon offered in the Amazon cloud environment to integrate with merchants who wanted to take card payments for online stores. It was discontinued a few years ago and replaced with "Amazon Pay". It is not the escrow type arrangement you describe. See this article, albeit a couple of years old, that is scary close to what you are describing https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/fake-holding-accounts-target-car-buyers-online-jul16
  13. grrclark

    Metal fabricators

    A super simple option is stick a dab of gorilla glue or waterproof pva between your rail and the post, once that sets it wont come off.
  14. grrclark

    pretentious made up names

    Re-enablement is a positive title and so is seen as not being pejorative to the persons disability, or lack of enablement. So going to a re-enablement centre is positive affirming and those re-inflated tyres were filled with inclusive and positive affirming air. Same as the term bisexual is now too binary, before when there were only men and women it was ok to be bisexual, but now in our enlightened and educated times a binary label is perceived as being discriminatory as it does not recognise the choice that someone has to be sexually attracted to men, women, trans gender, trans sexual, asexuals, androgynous, gender fluid (for those times when you just cannot decide what you want to be, one day you're a man, the next a woman and on a Wednesday sometimes you're androgynous or maybe even asexual if you're just not feeling it at all), hence enlightened and inclusive people now identify as being pansexual. To be clear Pansexual is not having lusty thoughts for JM Barrie's eponymous hero, that would be fictophillia or more accurately hebefictophillia as master Pan was an adolescent whilst also being make believe, but I digress.
  15. grrclark

    Metal fabricators

    The other option is the get some galv or stainless builders band, it is maleable enough the you could wrap it over the post and around your horizontal rails to get the same result as in your sketch, just that it wont be the full width of the post. paint it out and it will be discrete enough. It’s also cheap as chips and you get a muckle great roll of it.