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  1. How near, how far.

    Now a pie on a roll is a very fine thing. The roll soaks up the grease, bit like using a slice of bread to soak up the gravy after your mince and tatties. A pie is also known as a "peh" in my home town. All the Scots will know where I mean, but how many other will? 🤔
  2. How near, how far.

    A bread cake is a Yorkshire thing apparently, we just call them rolls. A tattie scone is the same as the Irish call a potato farl. Convenience carbohydrates Stovies shouldn't be greasy, but if folks have added in meat with a high fat content then it can be greasy and that is horrid. The best stovies, i think, are made using roast beef and not tinned corned beef.
  3. How near, how far.

    Stovies is what you mean. Great beer food.
  4. How near, how far.

    Hahaha only until you have one that is well cooked, a doubler with a soft fried egg, the tattie scone as above or a nice bit of Scottish black pudding and a sclery of brown sauce. Fabulous stuff it is too. Like a dirty pleasurable secret.
  5. How near, how far.

    I appreciated that it may be Annoying i inadvertently posted in a pic of a link sausage and tattie scone roll previously, now corrected
  6. How near, how far.

    Yes, now you're getting it, a square sausage roll. The breakfast of champions. I rather suspect the angry bloke in the meme would support my opinion There you go, a square sausage roll with a tattie scone (or potato farl for the Irish) for good measure.
  7. How near, how far.

    Breadcake nonsense. Cake is sweet and can be eaten for pudding or for having with a cup of tea or maybe as part of a high tea. For those that call them balmcakes, well that is because they are bams who obviously have no clue what cake is. It is a bread roll, or simply a roll, no more complicated than that.
  8. How near, how far.

    I have never actually seen that in a chippy. Yes, pudding is what you have after your tea, unless of course you have a pudding supper for your tea, like a black pudding supper. Deep fried pizza is less common than it once was, but still common enough. I have not had one, could you imagine how hot the cheesy sauce would be?
  9. How near, how far.

    Breakfast, dinner and tea and a supper is what you get from the chippy. A fish supper with salt, vinegar and brown sauce. Chips in gravy with some grated cheese is perfect post beer munchies.
  10. North Sea oil rig part evacuated due to storms

    I read an article saying that there was already some investigation or inspection work taking place on the jacket and as BBL said this coupled with the stormy weather prompted the down manning.
  11. Artists

    Fisherman Mike did Steve's dog I think.
  12. Ditchman.

    I will miss his cheesy innuendo and musings. His reasons for no longer being part of the forum are his own and I wish him all the best.
  13. Gun Sock recomendation please,

    They're a bit too gauche for my taste, but some like them
  14. Not turning up because of childcare

    Always going to be a topic that polarises opinion. My thinking is very much along the same lines as Thunderbird on this, which is taking a practical and common sense view. Sometimes things happen with kids that mean a parent cannot get in to work, much the same as someone might be ill and cannot come into work, but those are exceptional events. As an employer I was always sympathetic towards the exceptional events, but on the handful of occasions it become more regular, as Lloyd described, then it was a different approach. The time off was deducted from holidays and then taken unpaid when holidays were exhausted. Understandably, for a parent the child is the absolute priority, but that does not make it OK for parents to have a dismissive attitude to their employer, regrettably however this is quite often the case.
  15. Dare I Say It

    Well said Scully. The 'leave it to someone better qualified' approach is a false premise unless there is very real cohesion amongst the community and we know in the shooting community that is absolutely not the case. Even on this forum amongst the top 30-50 regular posters we would struggle to find any sort of consensus, let alone a nominated spokesperson. There is not even cohesion between the half dozen representative bodies at times. What happens is that people are happy to leave the smelly parcel for someone else to handle and nobody does. The stupid will always make themselves heard as well because that is what the stupid do, whether there is professional representation or not, so best to accept that and make sure that as many well formed, reasoned and clearly articulated points of view are put forward.