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  1. Every time this conversation comes up the same names peddling the same tripe. Little England lives large in PW.
  2. I have seen Dan's work on Facebook and it is top quality. I'll get my mate to ask Dan directly on FB for a price.
  3. A quick query for the knowledgeable. A friend of mine has asked me about gettings barrels re-blued, he has a couple of wear marks and was thinking about using a cold blue solution to touch them up, i know this can be a little hit or miss and it doesn't last particularly well. The other option of course is getting them re-done properly. So any idea of ball park pricing on getting a set of 30" OU barrels reblacked? Modern gun, no dents, dings, loose or bashed ribs, etc, he just wants them cosmetically perfect.
  4. grrclark


    That is dreadful news to hear. I enjoyed Hammy's posts and thought he was a thoroughly decent guy.
  5. The way i always reconciled myself to making structural changes and redundancies was that they were necessary changes in order to keep the business going, yes it is undoubtably rubbish and hugely stressful to be told that someone is taking your job away and there is no good way of doing that, but by making those changes you can keep the majority of people in a role and make sure that mortgages are paid. If you do nothing then you risk losing everything. It's the old adage that a smaller amount of something is better than 100% of nothing. There are of course plenty examples in the world
  6. The first house i ever bought had 5 different layers of woodchip on one wall and what i’m sure was at least 142 layers of emulsion. Most of the other walls had just the one or sometimes 2 layers, but 5 different types on one wall. It was like the Himalayas. (It was also a no-fines built/poured house which brought a whole world of other hassles) An orbital scorer run over the wall first, then steamed, scraped and repeat over and over and over and over...............and over!!!
  7. I’d leave it as it is, no need to fill it in. However if you do want to add more detail then instead of solid colour go for dot work.
  8. Yep, now you would have to get a letter 45 days before advising that there was a risk of that and then it would happen anyway.
  9. Mass consultations are a nightmare to manage for the reason that you suggest, people start to feel insecure, the talent leaves and the less talented stay but productivity drops off. Shedding 900 jobs over two and a bit years in one facility highlighted that to me.
  10. The old Stanley planes were fantastic things. The 5 1/2 is an in between plane, is it a big smoothing plane or is it a jack/fore plane.
  11. It makes all the difference to turn a good space into a useable one. A beer fridge getting installed too?
  12. Looks excellent Django, the hidden door is really effective too. A great useable space from what I imagine was otherwise wasted ground.
  13. Sometimes it is like that and you hardly feel anything, just a bit scratchy. Good on you for getting it done too. That particular tattoo is one that has to be earned and not just inked.
  14. I expect that did feel a bit scratchy at times. I like it, had to be careful to not look directly lest i was turned to stone!
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