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  1. Funny how experiences differ, i have a good number of Ryobi tools and never had an issue. The truth is that a huge amount of generic tools and even some branded ones will all be made by the same manufacturer, same as all electronic stuff.
  2. I remember when 'controlled' stubble burning burning was common place and my dad was regularly called out when it turned out it wasn't so controlled. Stretching my memory now, but i recall around the mid 80s there was a particularly good fire around Aberfeldy that was a consequence of a controlled burn going badly wrong. Were you in the service then?
  3. grrclark

    Ugly house

    Probably part of the reason that DG firms go out of business so regularly, it is a volume play at the price point and any lull becomes punishing. I did diligence on a window manufacturer last year and the rate at which windows are produced is phenomenal. There are only a handful of manufacturers so no matter who the installers are you are likely to be getting a product from one of 3 or 4 producers at most. That helps to keep the product cost down as the high volume of manufacture supports a low price point. Although your windows have large frames, they are very cheap to make, the glazed panels are all sensibly sized so the cost is kept low. The door blanks are made by only a few vendors too, just the outside dimensions need to be modified to fit the frame, the door furniture differs and where the the letter box is, etc that mean a level of custom fit, but all done on a single machine and takes 10-15 mins. After that it is about the quality of the tradesmen they use to do the job. Definitely an improvement in the aesthetics of the house, but i liked how it looked anyway.
  4. I thought it was a very reasonable thing to say. Straying off topic I think she has been really good and it’s heartening to see her and BoJo standing in unison, she gets it and she knows that she and he are in a lonely lonely place right now. No place to hide.
  5. That's the key thing for me, we are so far away from normal right now that if something still feels normal, other than perhaps inside the home, then we are most likely doing something wrong.
  6. Agreed. They will be cognisant that what they say will have a big impact on the commercial ground so will be hoping that the ground owners make the decision for them. The CPSA nw need to say clearly and unambiguously all affiliated or registered shoots are off, including the world championships in June.
  7. I don't blame them for wanting to stay open either, i don't blame anybody for trying to keep on earning as much as they can. I do however think that anybody who thinks to themselves i'll just go along to the clay ground to have a boom need to reconsider their priorities.
  8. If you own a clay ground there are support measures open to you. I get that the self employed have a tough gig right now, i’m self employed too. However, no matter how we choose to dress it up, clay shooting is not essential or necessary in any way. I can understand why a self employed shooting instructor or commercial ground might want to stay open, i fully appreciate that it is their livelihood, but any shooter that thinks I’ll just go along to enjoy my hobby as normal needs to have a real serious think about their motivation.
  9. Some clay ground staff might be, especially the likes of instructors, but none the less it is not essential and grounds should close. As an aside I expect to see measures announced to support the self employed this week. I suspect it is coming later as very difficult to establish how the government can step in. Agreed
  10. I would say take a look at Ryobi, for performance and build quality at their price point they are top drawer and often there are great combo offers. If you're a jobbing tradesman i would say go for Makita, Bosch Blue or Metabo, but for home use Ryobi are excellent and their One system range all using the same battery is vast.
  11. Because it is not essential in any possible definition of the word. The guidance is to avoid all unnecessary social contact.
  12. I think it is time now that all the grounds should be closed. I do get entirely that it is outdoors and not a big social gathering, but quite honestly these are not normal times and if we are doing things as normal then we are doing something wrong. Every commercial shooting ground will benefit from having to pay no business rates for the next year, the government will guarantee 80% of the salaries of any employees and there are also further grants available, along with deferred VAT payments and further loans should that be required.
  13. A good hoar frost on the cars and hard surfaces last night and this morning that as you say would have burnt the leaves, just back from having a walk with the dogs and still some ice in puddles that have been in perpetual shade. One of my favourite times of the year this, especially if little or no wind (unless you’re after a day on the pigeons)
  14. That’s amazing, mine is only just starting to show signs of early bud growth. Admittedly i think if it was in a better location of being full south facing it would be a bit more advanced, but as it is it still gets 75% of the days sunshine.
  15. It feels springlike here too. I believe that the National Trust say that spring has arrived when the magnolias first start to flower, i expect in the southern reaches of the country that will be now, but my magnolia is normally late April. It’s amazing that just a few hundred miles of latitude has such a difference.
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