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  1. In addition to the comments by Hamster above, one of the most common faults is people lifting their head off the stock and when they lift their head they almost always shoot over the top as they lift the muzzle to retain the same sight picture that they are used to seeing. A higher comb means the eye is less occluded and you have a better field of view, the need to lift your head reduces and so you keep on the line of the target. You could also just be like Graham Stirzaker, another multiple world champion, and pick up any gun you like and shoot it without fuss or worry, his cheek is never welded onto the stock so doesn't care about the comb height, he's simply aware of the relationship between gun and target and lets talent (lots of it) and timing do the rest. Going off topic a little bit that is why pattern plates are really a bit rubbish to establish gun fit, they are static and people aim at them and never peek over the top. A rising incomer or going away target is much better as you still have to move the gun and you get a much more natural behaviour.
  2. I enjoy having a pint in a pub and it's not really about the drink, it is the social environment of the pub that I enjoy. A good pint of beer is a great thing, so a pub that has a good selection is always a draw, but really it is more about the atmosphere and the people. I have met some great people in the pub that I would never usually cross paths with and had some great conversations. The demise of the pub for me is sad, people are becoming ever more isolated and the pub was a great part of the community. I also think that for a lot of people the pub is increasingly seen as being a bit low rent or common.
  3. Indeed, if folks take comfort in their own actions then more power to their elbow and I would never seek to stop them, but i don't support the shouts for an overall ban just because it suits the individual.
  4. I don't disagree that it looks unsightly, but within that same field it is highly likely there will have been tons of polymer introduced to the soil as part of ground conditioning in which case the few kg's of wads are inconsequential, albeit unsightly. As an example if farmers use organic waste as a fertiliser that is pretty much all stabilised by the addition of polymer, either as a fine powder or in held in solution. To improve drainage on heavy soils the ground is aggregated with polymers, likewise in very light soils the ground is aggregated with polymer to improve moisture retention and reduce windblown soil loss. I am not particularly advocating the merits of plastic wads, but I am suggesting that if there is genuine desire to make a difference then chipping away on the extreme periphery is not where a difference is going to be found.
  5. In time yes I agree, but right now the majority of what I see and hear is coming from shooters themselves, yet I see or hear none of them castigating micro-fleece clothing which is a far far greater problem. I would prefer to see less plastic lying around too, but shotgun cartridges and wads are like a snowball sitting on top of an iceberg in the scale of the problem.
  6. I struggle to see the value in this tag. The gun already has a unique identifying mark in the serial number so another unique identifying mark adds nothing at all. The ability to read that by an RF scan is a solution looking for a problem that doesn't exist. Chipping dogs or other items with non unique identifiable references is fine. Being the cynic that I am I can also see a potential for abuse of this sort of technology if it became widespread in it's adoption. Say mandatory chipping was introduced so the police could scan any firearm at any point they choose for whichever reason they choose, which of course in theory matters not a jot if you are doing nothing untoward, but it would simply invite further burden onto those that are already law abiding and have already had to jump through hoops to establish that.
  7. Indeed, the only people i see campaigning against plastic wads are all inside the shooting community already.
  8. For all those that are earnestly advocating on banning plastic wads for environmental pollution reasons, do you wear any microfibre clothing, such as the ubiquitous Schoffel gilet? A single wash of microfibre clothing will put more micro polymer fibres into the environment than months worth of shooting plastic wads. Also most of the farmland that you shoot over, if it is cultivated, is likely to have had tons of micro polymer fibres introduced into the ground as part of soil conditioning, either for better moisture retention, for improved drainage or to stabilise things like organic fertilisers so they stay cake and not slurry. The plastic wads scattered on the top of that and ploughed into the ground is like adding a cup full of water into an olympic swimming pool. Globally we introduce tens of millions of tons of micro polymers every year to stabilise ground for construction, we put it in road substrates for better surface drainage and improved wear, we use it in agricultural land for soil conditioning, we use it in mortar, plasters and paints. Go into a carpet store and you'll find that at least 90% of all carpets are artificial polymer fibre and every time you walk across those you liberate microscopic micro polymers fibres into the environment. Where a picture of a turtle wrapped in plastic waste or a washed up dead whale that has ingested plastic debris makes the big impact news headlines, the real problem is micro fibres that are ingested and make their way into the food chain, that accumulate in the bodies vital organs. If you don't want to shoot plastic wads then exercise your choice not to, but don't advocate a total ban for environmental reasons when it is utterly inconsequential to the scale of plastics being introduced into the environment every single day. I agree that if genuinely environmentally biodegradable and effective wads can be developed and used affordably then great, but let's not volunteer to sacrifice ourselves at the alter of inconsequence for the sake of false virtue.
  9. I did think about applying for a job in a biscuit factory, but thought it would make me crackers..... On a slightly more serious note, I now have biscuit(less) envy.
  10. Shooting is full of pseudo physics where people talk utter nonsense and so many seem to lap it up.
  11. Pharmacists will use the BNF to check for the drug, you can access it online. https://bnf.nice.org.uk/drug/fluconazole.html The capsule in canesten, suggested above, is fluconazole. speak to your GP about it, don’t self prescribe.
  12. Hah, we had a factory adjacent to Glasgow airport and the CofE held the freehold for the land. A liftle while after we vacated the factory a group of travellers set up camp, I can assure you the CofE were not at all interested in accomodating them. The CofE Have a very significant commercial property portfolio, if so inclined they could easily provide sites around the country from their own estate. I rather suspect they will be looking for other to make that offer whilst suggesting they might be able to do something somewhere and never actually do it.
  13. I won £2.90 on Euro millions on Friday too, yet my fore end is pleasingly intact and the barrels only have holes in the appropriate places. If we bunce together we could buy a pint on George Street to celebrate you keeping your digits. I'd ping a mail to Browning saying that the fore end you bought last year is clearly defective...
  14. grrclark


    My dad had what was a wild jackdaw as a pet for a good while as a lad, it was free to come and go but chose to stay round and about the house and behaved like a fully tame bird. It ended up being shot.
  15. Scary stuff Andy, you are exceptionally lucky the barrels burst through the top and not out the side, had it been otherwise I think you would have been typing this post minus a thumb.. Just out of interest was that the fore end you got replaced at Churchills last year? I know in the grand scheme of things it is trivial, but if it is the same one then it adds insult to (almost) injury
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