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  1. There are loads of considerations in respect to which is the best route to go down. Will you want to own or buy equipment to support the business, i.e. mechanical plant or vans, etc. Are you buying material up front and then charging it back to the end user customer? What is your own level of financial knowledge and ability to do rudimentary book keeping? Would your customers primarily be end user punters or would you be dealing with other businesses? For a genuine one man band operation if all you are doing is selling your own time by and large, maybe using your own tools and run
  2. I am so sorry to learn of your loss, Andrew was taken far too soon. Although you must feel unbearable sadness, try to find comfort from the life you lived together and cherish the memories.
  3. Sorry to hear your news Mike. Hopefully the specialist will be able to quickly confirm treatment options and get the disease managed for you.
  4. Good man. KoL are a good band, Muse are a very god band. I do very much enjoy port, although it gives me a stonking headache, even if i’ve not had too much. I got myself a white port to see if that made a difference, but it didn’t. It is a thoroughly good tipple all the same
  5. It's the problem of having a government with no effective opposition, other than being asked some tough question every so often there is nothing to really challenge the SNP. As a consequence there is monstrous levels of arrogance, which turns into complacency and ultimately abuse of privilege. It's for the same reason i don't like to witness the collapse of Labour at the UK level. While I have been a traditional conservative voter and even a member of the party, the failure of leadership by BoJo and the incompetence of so many in his cabinet fill me with despair because without a compet
  6. In this particular instance there is undoubtably a great many questions that stem from the process and the management of that process before even delving into the various allegations. The fact that Lady Dorian described the committee's and COPFS legal interpretation and judgement in respect to not hearing evidence in this case due to a confidentiality order in a separate case as being "absurd" should be enough to ring alarm bells. The explanation of Lady Dorian's ruling to be issued on Monday will be pivotal to what happens next and I expect there will be significant discomfort among
  7. They did make a good peh. My mum worked at Wallace's for many years, not in the bakehouse but in one of the shops. Flemming's of Arbroath always made the best steak and gravy pehs. At kicking out o'clock Rough and Fraser in the Hilltoon was a regular stopover due to their 24hr serving hatch at their bakehouse, was always a bit perilous though in case the bad lads of the Hilltoon Huns got you!
  8. It's a nice hotel, but that is utterly outrageous. You could get yourself a great quality self catering house and bring in a private chef and house keeper for way less.
  9. If you are interested i'd be happy to help you work out some options, but rural Perthshire and Gleneagles would be an awesome place to start.
  10. I’d go along with that, a few really excellent restaurants not far away, a brand new distillery just down the road where you can make your own gin, Tentsmuir beach within 15 mins drive.
  11. I hope that the result of your biopsies is the best that can be hoped for Mike. Sorry to hear that Martin is struggling too.
  12. grrclark


    I worked for Velux for a couple of years, going back a while now though. The product quality is absolutely the very best in the industry. Had the pleasure of visiting many of the production facilities and from top to bottom everything about the product and how they are made is first class. Also a family owned business who look after their staff well. Doesn’t answer your question, but talk to builders merchants and I don’t expect there will be much of a variation between them.
  13. Some lovely Japanese knife exotica here. https://thesharpchef.co.uk I have some of the Iseya 33 layer hammered damascus and they are lovely things, great balance and feel and ridiculously sharp out the box. Easy enough to keep a very keen edge too.
  14. grrclark


    My point was the Democrat party should trust the justice system. If they are content to stand behind it for other reasons then they should on this issue too. Trump will also reap what he has sowed, after 4 years in executive office he could have done something about the justice system if it was so bad. He could have taken a stand on any of the numerous issues where the police literaly got away with murder, but he didn't, he actively chose not to as it suited his narrative. Personally I think both the police and judicial system in the US is hugely lacking, there is monstrous abuse o
  15. grrclark


    To remove/subdue the hugely divisive rhetoric and the inevitable disruption it would bring? For what it is worth my opinion on this is if there is sufficient evidence that he could be prosecuted for incitement to insurrection then prosecute him and allow the courts to rule. Much like Trump's claims of election fraud, put what you have in front of the court, if it is baseless like his claims it gets thrown out, if not then we see a trial. Trust in the justice system. While I can understand the likes of Twitter removing him from the platform, i don't actually agree with it.
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