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  1. Very strange! If the files on the computer are no longer working it sounds like they have been corrupted somehow. If you look at the properties of a working and non-working file are the sizes roughly the same?
  2. No need to check your posts, I didn’t mean you specifically saw something sexual, just that others do in similar situations. I just find it a little sad that you saw something which doesn’t “look right”. 👍
  3. This. I think it’s a slightly odd mind that looks at something beautiful like that and sees something seedy. Sorry @ordnance. It reminds me of the photo of the guy in the shower with his child who was suffering a severe bought of salmonella. It captured the unconditional love, dedication and protection of a loving parent but caused a fuss because some odd people saw a naked adult and child in the shower and the first thing they thought of was “sex”. The questions should be directed at the twisted minds that see something sexual.
  4. Eleanora’s falcon? Can be quite light grey underneath and they are everywhere just across the water from you in Ibiza.
  5. How bizarre! Not some sort of arrangement of animal pens or something I take it? Pigsties for example?
  6. The combination of these two statements made me spit my tea out!
  7. Man... I’ve lived a sheltered life, I never knew this happened, makes perfect sense of course, just never considered it.
  8. ...say what now?!
  9. I’ve got a Hikvision kit from https://www.cctvkits.co.uk and I can’t fault it. Fairly easy to setup, chose a large hard drive which gives me about three weeks recording with 4 HD cameras. I have an app on my phone so that from anywhere in the world I can see a live stream from each camera. The cameras I bought all have night vision which isn’t bad, not sure you would be able to use them in court to identify a burglar unless they were up close but in daytime mode you would. It’s more about spotting something wrong and being able to act on it. On that note you can configure triggers that send emails when the camera picks something up but I have the basic cameras and this functionality is basic (and rubbish). Essentially you draw an area in the camera’s field of vision which you want to trigger an alarm if someone walks into it. The more expensive cameras intelligently detect movement and trigger the alarm whereas mine simply look for a change in the pixels. After half an hour setting up trigger areas I found I was inundated with trigger emails because the sun was in and out of clouds and the shadows were being interpreted as pixel changes and thus an intruder. I mention it because if this is important for you please get the more expensive cameras or a PIR sensor to add to the system. Anyway, very happy with the Hikvision kit, good admin interface, easy setup, good quality recording, remote viewing and fairly cheap, think I paid about £300 all in including four cameras.
  10. I’ve done exactly the same! Threw the stupid thing in the bin afterwards.
  11. Screwfix had a poster up advertising one on Friday, think it was £70.
  12. Sounds like they found the needed sweet spot between May being able to sack him and “plug the embarrassing leak” and there being grounds for the police to step in, investigate and expose the fact that the leak was from elsewhere.
  13. If it’s noisy enough to make a banging sound (and knowing the build quality of “new builds”) it sounds as though the vertical runs haven’t been clipped at all. You could try to pinpoint the location of the pipes, locate the studs either side and cut a couple of holes at skirting level (after whipping off the skirting board). You might be able to access the pipes and slide lagging onto them and slide it up over the pipe behind the wall by working it through the hole. Then attach the skirting board again to hide the holes. Might be worth a try before making any holes that are trickier to hide.
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