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  1. Munzy

    Neighbours dog

    Doesn’t sound like there is much to lose in terms of a relationship with these people. Personally I would drop another letter around highlighting the fact that you drew their attention to it at Christmas but the barking is still an issue. If the issue continues they will leave you with no choice but to report the matter to the council. You can ensure that the letter isn’t aggressive, point out that you are coming to them first to resolve the matter and this is the second time you have done so. You don’t want to bring third parties into the mix but they leave you no choice if they don’t fix the issue.
  2. Munzy

    Advice from a Technical bod please.

    Apologies if you already know this but the Pi is just a basic computer. You can install some software onto it and have it do various network tests and monitoring, however, out of the box it is very simply a PCB and some chips, you’ll need to install an operating system, then some software and configure it all. I doubt it’s what you actually want in order to solve your issue.
  3. Munzy


    Yep... and if you must get one with wheels try to avoid using it on the A34 between Newbury and Southampton, the A303 between the M3 and Stonehenge and ideally the whole of Wiltshire. Cheers and happy camping!
  4. Munzy

    Chicks dropped by Blackbird...

    Makes sense.
  5. Munzy

    Chicks dropped by Blackbird...

    Interesting idea. The one that landed at my feet was dead, I assume before impact as there was no movement at all from it. The second I can’t be sure as it was dropped past me over a road. I have to say, it seems big if it is a young Blackbird, I would guess it’s almost 2/3rds the size of an adult.
  6. Stood in the garden today and Blackbird flew out of a hedge and dropped this little chick at my feet... Twenty minutes later and the same bird flew out of the same hedge and dropped another! Does anyone know what this bird is? I wonder if it’s a cuckoo chick that has been rumbled and dumped?
  7. Munzy

    Mortgage help

    Stick with it! Our building looked like a pub (minus the signage) when we approached Nationwide. They understood completely that it was no longer a commercial property following the granting of planning permission. They gave us a residential mortgage on it knowing full well we were about to rip it apart. Not sure what your figures look like but as a guide the LTV (value being as it stood at the time as a closed down pub) was 50%. If you are looking to borrow more perhaps the risk for the lender would make it harder. If you get stuck I am more than happy to put you in touch with our broker; I can tell him to refer to our application as a guide to approaching yours.
  8. Munzy

    Mortgage help

    We found ourselves in EXACTLY the same situation as you two years ago. We actually bought a pub cash and got planning for change of use but we hen needed a mortgage to renovate it. Then the fun started! We looked at bridging loans, development loans etc. Everything was looking very expensive and we danced around in the same circle of “We can’t help, it’s a pub, yes I realise it’s got change of use but it doesn’t look like a house”. In the end we were able to get a standard residential mortgage from Nationwide no problem. The only thing our broker told us to do before the valuation was to ensure ALL signage (including all food hygiene stickers etc) was taken down and to make it look a little less “pubby”! I spent a weekend clearing out all the restaurant tables and chairs and sticking sofas in place. Hung family photos everywhere, kids toys in the corner, softened the commercial kitchen a bit etc. It was still basically a pub when the surveyor came around, who has a 6m long bar in their dining room?! But after I thrust a copy of the planning permission at him along with three different estate agent valuations forecasting the finished value he was happy. Nationwide wanted to see a very brief breakdown of renovation costs and then they signed it off. Job done. No idea who has told you it’s not residential until the renovation is done either; or that it needs to end up looking like the plans submitted to planning. Our planning application didn’t even need internal or external plans. Ours is in a conservation area too.
  9. Munzy

    Red kite siting.

    Can’t move for them around these parts (East Wilts/West Berks). Easily see 5-10 each day, usually being seen off by very brave corvids.
  10. Munzy

    Pastrami, do you like it?

    LOVE IT! 1” thick layer of pastrami with pickles and mustard!
  11. Munzy

    Hanging driveway gates... which way?

    Yep, will definitely open inwards! I see the “possibility” of them coming detached at the top if supported at the bottom, however, surely it is better for the lower hook at the base of the post to carry the weight?
  12. Munzy

    Hanging driveway gates... which way?

    Thanks chaps, just wanted to check I wasn’t missing something
  13. I’m calling on the collective PW knowledge to help with the following. I have double driveway gates, each leaf is approximately 2m square. I will hang them off posts with adjustable hook and eye type hinges. The lower hook will carry the weight and I will reverse the upper hook to hold the gate in place and stop it being lifted off the hinges. Question is, with the gate construction pictured below, which would be the correct way round to hang them? Does the bracing direction make a difference? Assuming the picture is the back of the gate viewed from inside the driveway, my gut says “B” is correct. My thinking is the weight at the far end (end opposite the hinges) will be transferred down the diagonal brace and end at the solid bottom hinge and base of the post. Not sure if that logic is correct?
  14. Munzy

    TD5 Turbo Replacement Help

    Thanks Ditchman, had a read of your rebuild thread, interesting stuff! Unfortunately I have to get the turbo swap turned around ASAP and get the car back on the road. I am tempted to keep hold of the old one and forfeit the £60 deposit, get the rebuild kit and fix it myself before sticking it up on eBay.
  15. Munzy

    TD5 Turbo Replacement Help