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  1. “The fatal stabbing in Leigh-on-Sea has tonight been declared as a terrorist incident, with the investigation being led by Counter Terrorism Policing," the force said. “The early investigation has revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism." …from the BBC
  2. Yeah, completely my fault for not keeping up with routine maintenance. A lucky escape!
  3. Well, frustrating day yesterday. Ordered a UJ rebuild kit from Paddock and then realised it’s not even in stock so wouldn’t be here until Tuesday probably. Decided to take the old shaft off and strip it down in preparation. Found there was no grease nipple or blank on this one AND the gaiter had a split in it. Being as I don’t know how many miles have been through this part, when it split, how worn the splines might have been and the fact there was no way to grease it in future I opted to replace the whole thing. Nipped over to Ridgeway 4x4 in Swindon and they had a replacement on the shelf. Fitted in 20 minutes and back on the road. Cancelled the UJ kit and pleased to say the clunk and squeak was indeed from the prop. On the bench the old one looked even worse, when I prized off the circlips one of the bearing caps disintegrated!
  4. Nasty! I’ve also heard of them breaking at the front end, dropping and catching the floor sending the car over. This one will be sat on the drive until I’ve rebuilt it. Thank you everyone, you’ve likely saved me from a nasty incident! Dom
  5. Thanks guys, you confirmed my thoughts that this isn’t good but also saved me from driving it any further! Having never bothered to inspect a prop shaft in good order I wasn't sure how bad this one was! Last thing I want is that letting go and 5kg of metal spinning around under the car!
  6. Hi all, hoping for some advice on a prop shaft on my Discovery 2 TD5. In reality if you know your way around a universal joint regardless of make and model I could use your help! I have a slight dull squeal when coming off the throttle and also a quite noticeable metallic knock when coming and off the throttle. To me it felt drivetrain related rather than a belt or bearing on the engine. After crawling under and having a look I saw the front prop shaft or rather the uv joint is looking sorry for itself. I’ve uploaded a video here… https://streamable.com/sy2uez Should there be this much play in the joint? Basically it’s the bearing cap you can see has broken on one side and the joint seems to move around a lot in the bearing cup/yoke. Is this much play normal?! I’ve ordered a rebuild kit (three uv joints, bearing caps, circlips etc) to do each end of the shaft, just want to be prepared for how it “should” look once assembled. Thanks!
  7. I think this is a very sensible conclusion. As humans we strive for perfection but the fact is it rarely exists, perhaps never. Drawing on a few points, it sounds like there was an “accusation” of assault rather than a charge. Our legal system offers the protection of being innocent unless proved to be otherwise. Should an FEO work outside of that parameter? In this case I wish they had, however, if I was accused of something I didn’t do tomorrow and have my shotguns removed I would be instructing a solicitor and would feel incredibly offended. Regarding this person’s mental state and educational background; it appears an EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan) was in place at some stage whilst he was at school. Every plan is different and may not have made any reference to underlying behaviour or issues which would ordinarily result in this sort of behaviour. EHCPs also come and go and therefore it simply may not have been visible or relevant to the FEO. It could, for example, have been issued at age 6 due to ADHD ensuring he was given special attention academically but it was then dissolved 5 years later. All of these things will come out in the wash, however, the key thing to remember is, as Vince said, a perfect solution does not exist. Ban pump-actions, move all shotguns to FAC holders, implement social media checks and have an annual GP checkup… at some point we will still have another licensed gun used to murder others, either in anger or insanity. Whilst we await that tragic future event we will see many killed by knives and blunt instruments.
  8. Munzy

    sean lock

    Such a funny guy…
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    I’d add Vechain (VET) to the list too, good fundamentals.
  10. Munzy

    End of Watch

    Yep, great, movie. Haven’t seen it in a few years, will have to give it another watch. If you like Jake G then two other recommendations are Nightcrawler and Velvet Buzzsaw. The latter is a random horror set in the world of high brow art. He’s great in it.
  11. The Beatles... the most overrated band of all time.
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    Email problems

  13. So sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts this evening.
  14. When I say “targeted” I use it in the sense that we in the Advertising & Marketing world use it. A brand considers who their customer is and builds a profile. The brand then targets that profile which, using online tools, is very precise and cost effective. I assume I am target market for this new venture since I do some day trading, my Google search history is filled with ticker searches and I frequent various financial news sites. So, ignoring the fact that I think your comments were facetious and you took me for a mug without knowing the industry I work in... Yes I am confident I was targeted and no, I don’t feel the need to seek help; I’m ok with the way advertising works.
  15. Errrr... if I was targeted with an advert for his new venture I would say that is exactly what he was asking me to do. That’s kind of how advertising works.
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