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  1. How would we know? Why don’t you just ask him? 😆
  2. Hi Andy, depending on news from your uncle I’ll take the Paul French Puppy one! Of course if someone comes along and wants it before you hear anything from him please don’t hold it for me. Dom
  3. No, I’m quite happy with my accountant, it’s important to realise with any profession that people specialise in certain areas. Just thought I’d see if anyone here understands the scheme inside out. I used it five or so years ago for an investment by the share structure was very simple, this time it’s more complex.
  4. Just wondered if anyone was an accountant with experience of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). After a long convo with my accountant today we were both unsure on a simple point! An investor is limited to 30% shareholding and cannot be an employee or paid director of the business or be associated with anyone that is (wife, son etc). What we find unclear is whether the investor’s wife can independently hold an additional 30% of shares. She is also unconnected with the operation of the business and will not be receiving tax relief from the SEIS.
  5. Yes good idea, I’ll clean it all up and do exactly that. By pressure testing do you mean cylinder compression? I’ve got a gauge kicking around somewhere.
  6. Hi all, Unfortunately my Disco 2 TD5 lost all its coolant on the motorway yesterday. A terrible sludgy mess everywhere. I felt a small jolt whilst driving and looked down to see the temperature gauge rapidly falling to the cold position so I immediately pulled over and had the car recovered home. I’ll start tearing it down next week and I’m hoping I’ll find that the oil cooler is shot hence oil escaping into the cooling system. The car runs fine, very smooth and there is no sign of mayo under the oil filler cap. I don’t think it’s the HG or head cracked at this stage. I’ll strip all the cooling system down, clean it up and replace whatever needs fixing. What I want to know is how I can best test for a HG or head failure at this point. I wouldn’t trust one of these analysers looking for exhaust fumes in the expansion tank since the cooling system is in a right state. What would be the best way to check do you think? It wouldn’t be the end of the world to rebuild the cooling system and see what happens but if I can do it all at the same time before rebuilding it would save a couple of hours.
  7. Hahaha! I’ll sleep soundly knowing I just shared it here then!
  8. The Shallows is a great shark movie although spoiled a little by the ending. American Werewolf In London is a classic and the effects (although terrible now) were cutting edge at the time! Not monsters per se but I love the War of The Worlds remake with Tom Cruise. The absolute destruction caused by the “Wally-around alien machine things” is scary.
  9. To be fair the CGI was pretty good. What didn’t work is the fact you had young(ish) computer generated faces on old, clunky, arthritic bodies! Avatar - A truly terrible film and awful rendering.
  10. Hi mate, very generous. I’m interested in the sander depending on your location. Dom
  11. This has been a really interesting thread for someone who shoots game birds occasionally and yet has no knowledge of what the guys and girls with the dogs are up to! Thanks to @Lloyd90, @WalkedUp, @WelshAndy and @Dave at kelton for some great insight. Hoping to get a lab at some point this year and with ideas of training and some competition in mind this thread alone has got me really excited!
  12. Munzy


    Check out the movie Whiplash. Absolutely incredible acting and well worth a watch even for those who can’t stand jazz (like me!).
  13. Munzy

    Black Lab Puppy

    That’s absolutely brilliant Andy, thank you and yes, please keep me posted. Dom
  14. Munzy

    Black Lab Puppy

    Hi all, I am on the hunt for a black lab pup; dog or bitch. Having trawled various non-specialist sites (pets4homes being a good example) I simply refuse to pay a ridiculously inflated price for a pup with no history from someone who has zero knowledge of dogs. The prices have gone mad and the quality is non-existent! If anyone knows of any litters expected or just arrived please let me know. I’m in Wiltshire but happy to travel across the country for the right dog. Many thanks! Dom
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