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    What a spineless cabinet we have

    It’s worse than that... if only it were a delay! This agreement puts us into the Transitional Period from which the EU will NOT agree the terms concerning the Irish border resulting in the Backstop Arrangement going into force which cannot be dissolved without EU approval which of course will NEVER come. If this Draft Agreement gets signed we are done for, Hotel California at full volume, we will have checked-out but we can never leave. May and the “negotiating” team have stabbed every Brexit supporter (and to a great extent every Remainer too) in the back. We now have a choice of: 1) Go along with the Draft Agreement, lose our seat at the EU table but NEVER fully leave. 2) Vote down the Draft Agreement in the House of Commons, go back to the EU and renegotiate. 3) Walk away in March with no deal. 4) Hold a second referendum with the outcome either being Brexit (full circle to where we are now) or remain in the EU. Personally I think Option 1 (Signing the Draft Agreement) is the most disastrous outcome for this country, literally the worst thing that could happen. Option 4 (A second referendum) I am torn on. I voted to leave, I want us to leave BUT we need to have the right terms. If we don’t have the right terms agreed, either by malice or ineptitude, I want to remain in the EU. I do see that many Brexiteers will see a second referendum as a betrayal and the question of “how many times do you want to keep voting?”, comes into play. Hence I am split. My logic is, I voted for Brexit because I feel it will be better for us; if when it comes to the crunch, the terms are not better for us then I don’t want Brexit. Thankfully there are other options. Option 3 (Leave with no deal) is very bad short term (<10 years) for business and the economy as a whole, the EU will make it so. However, I hope that beyond 10 years the EU will have failed and together with other countries in Europe we can look to build a union which works, makes us stronger but does not attempt to control. Option 2 (Renegotiate) is what we need to aim for, it is the only logical thing to do given the terrible job these cretins have done so far. It does require a new team with some clout however. It also needs MPs and the electorate to stand up and be heard... the latter being the important bit. Ironically one of the things we lack which most of Europe specialise in (particularly the southerners) is the heart for protest and civil disobedience. The French or Spanish would’ve had their respective country’s on their knees by now. Port and motorway blockades, nobody at work, people refusing to move in the face of swinging police batons and water hoses. Sadly this romantic vision we have of Churchill, Spitfires and Blitz Spirit no longer exists even though we feel it’s at the heart of our Britishness. We are oppressed sheep, continually screwed by our governments, media and big business and never standing up to it. We sign online petitions and chat on forums. We are too “British” to make a fuss, a real fuss. Around and around we go because we don’t have the balls to stop the abuse. For all my patriotic feeling I am ashamed of myself and my fellow countrymen for letting this happen, for being so British. We should be on the streets NOW demanding a resignation from Mrs May and ensuring this Draft Agreement is torn up. Instead I’m posting on an Internet forum before going out for breakfast. I really don’t know how to change this situation.
  2. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Thanks, that’s very kind. Weirdly the guy who didn’t turn up and hasn’t been in contact has just sent me a text to say “All’s good here, shall I see you Monday?”. I’m yet to respond.
  3. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    You have a PM!
  4. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    This is exactly how I feel. I’m of course not saying every Englishman is a lazy feckless individual but I am saying that there are many who are. It is quite right, as someone mentioned, that there are equally lazy individuals from other nations. On reflection, my first hand experience with employment is skewed because I can advertise a job to an entire country of Englishmen if I wanted and see a generally weaker work ethic but in comparison the foreign workers I’ve employed of course are incredibly driven, they have left their country, possibly family too and arrived here to work. I’m not comparing apples with apples. The main issue for me isn’t whether what I’m paying is good enough or how many people showed an interest, it is the two guys that said, “Amazing, thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early”, but failed to appear OR give me a courtesy call. Why did they bother in the first place?
  5. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    I agree. Or for someone older who is between “proper” jobs but wants some cash. £100 is slightly above the going rate round these parts for unskilled/semi-skilled labour.
  6. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    For a lad out of school? Are you serious?
  7. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    I don’t follow, sorry. Do you mean why don’t I entertain it? 👍
  8. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Of course this is simply my opinion but having employed British and foreign workers for years I have noticed a marked difference in work ethic. I blame abuse of the benefits system and the emergence of a nanny state which has led to generations of people who don’t see work as being worth their time. Sure, it’s not going to make anyone rich but if I was an 18 year old, perhaps just out of college, I’d be biting someone’s hand off for £2k a month cash. Your last paragraph is the real issue, why bother responding to an advert AND turning up for a chat only to disappear?
  9. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Is it really that contentious?!
  10. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    👍 If only your enthusiasm was contagious!
  11. Munzy

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Wiltshire Might be a struggle round these parts... not even sure they’ve discovered Mexican food yet!
  12. I can’t believe it 🤬! So I’m doing up our house, total refurb whilst we live in a converted outbuilding. It’s a lot of work but I’m almost approaching first fix doing it all myself aside from some big steels and the roof. Anyway, I need an extra pair of hands and I advertised on Facebook for local labourers, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. Knocking up some plasterboard, lugging rubbish up to the burn pile, bit of digging, bit of muck mixing, basic easy stuff. It’s all indoor work as we approach winter, three months work, £100 day rate. I had six responses, five specifically approached me and expressed an interest but never called me to organise a meeting! The one who did call me came around and spent half an hour chatting it all through. He left enthused and interested and proceeded to pester me for the next few days for a start date. The date was arranged and yet he didn’t show up. No text, no call nada. I need someone I can rely on, not someone who needs to be chased so I didn’t even waste my time calling him back. Fast forward a few weeks and I put the advert up again and this time got three response. Two didn’t call me to get further details despite sending a message that they were interested. Long story short, one guy did call me, did come around and have a proper chat and then pestered me for a week for a start date (I was on holiday but didn’t want to tell him this for security reasons). Date arranged to start yesterday and received a text at 6:45am to apologise, his daughter was sick and he hadn’t slept all night, could he start today instead. Slightly miffed but aware that this stuff happens we agree on today and he says, “Ok, see you tomorrow, 100% I’ll be there”. Low and behold, no show. Not a call or text as courtesy even. What the bloody hell is wrong with people? I know without doubt that had I been living in Southampton still I would have had 200 Poles queuing up for the job and whomever I picked would’ve turned early, worked his **** off and expected far less money than I was offering. Boils my urine.
  13. Munzy

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    Ripple and XRP are two very different things. Many people assume XRP is the “currency” associated with Ripple and the term is used interchangeably. I would be hugely excited had I shares in the company Ripple, it is doing some really exciting deals with large brands and most importantly high street banks and investment firms. My word of warning is that buying XRP does NOT buy you into Ripple the company. I’m holding XRP and every time I read about Ripple doing something amazing I see a small rise in value as people who don’t understand the difference buy up XRP! What’s the difference between Ripple and XRP?
  14. Munzy

    BBC iPlayer

    Yes but it’s complex and not worth it. The basic process involves installing a screen recording program, download (or stream) the programme in iPlayer on your computer, play it whilst recording the screen and then from within the screen capture program you save the recording as a video file. You then need to burn the video file to disc in a format that a DVD player will decipher and load automatically once you put the disc into a DVD Player. Basically it’s a ball ache and easier to buy someone an Amazon Fire TV stick so they can plug it into their TV and use iPlayer directly!
  15. Munzy

    Goodbye London

    How funny that this post has turned up again! I just re-read my comment when you first posted back in 2015. At the time we had moved-on from Málaga and settled in Ibiza. Now three years later I am sat on a hotel bed in Barça having moved back to the UK with a three year old who was born in Ibiza! We will definitely move back to Spain again in a few years and almost certainly to Andalucía. I know exactly how it benefits the kids having lived there with one and acquiring another along the way. Pleased it’s going well for you, you’re in a fantastic part of the World, one I love more than any other!