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  1. Munzy

    What am I hearing?

    Stone Curlew / Eurasian Thick Knee?
  2. Munzy

    That’s a first!

    Do we get a badge or membership card or something? Secret handshake?!
  3. Munzy

    That’s a first!

    I had the exact same experience with an orange Club about 15 years ago. I remember the feeling of joy as if it was yesterday! You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of to have the same experience and it’s with the SAME biscuit!
  4. Munzy

    Video editing tools

    I guess you don’t have a Mac as the OS comes with iMovie which is brilliant. Windows used to have Windows Movie Maker, not sure if that still exists as don’t use Windows anymore. Worth a look, thought it was free.
  5. Munzy

    Kitchen worktop >4.2m

    Will send you a PM!
  6. Munzy

    Kitchen worktop >4.2m

    I hope they haven’t changed their bespoke offering as I need a 5m run and a 3m x 1.2m island top.
  7. Munzy

    Kitchen worktop >4.2m

    I’ve used Worktop Express a couple of times. Not sure if they do laminate but the solid oak tops are very good value in my opinion. I’ll use them again and again.
  8. Munzy


    If I understand correctly he paid by bank transfer into an escrow account that he thought belonged to eBay. Once he had the trailer and was happy eBay would release the money to the seller. Only trouble is eNay don’t offer such a service. The bank won’t help either since the funds were willingly transferred to the fraudster.
  9. Munzy

    A long shot

    Make sure you post the new photo!
  10. Munzy

    Upstart Crow.

  11. Munzy

    Upstart Crow.

    I just don’t get it. I love David Mitchell but I find the writing so silly and the canned laughter is awful.
  12. ...that is to say, I saw a Land Rover with the number plate “A P16EON”. Made me chuckle! Anyone on here?
  13. Munzy


    Yep, had a few over the years and used this technique. Shaved down with an Emory board, applied clear nail varnish (it stings) and leave. Peel it off after 24 hours and repeat. Keep going and it disappears. One addition to this, and it may explain why there are so many remedies, is that I read that an immune system boost via positive thinking has been proven to be effective; in essence, “thinking the wart away”. Whatever remedy you choose, convince yourself it’s going to work and really believe it.
  14. Any S172 notice I’ve seen has an offence marked on it (eg. Exceeding 70mph on M42) along with an exact location, date and time. Therefore, if the form the OP received stated an offence of “Dangerous Driving” or something similar I would not be stating that I was driving at the time and would want a proper conversation with the investigating officer in the presence of a solicitor. Anyway, that’s just what I’d do. Hope all goes well for the OP.
  15. Sounds like a S172 to me too but I would’ve prioritised gaining an understanding of exactly what crime has been committed before providing evidence incriminating me. The OP could have spoken to the local police station and asked to come in to discuss the claimed accident and provide the information on the form under caution. The only purpose of S172 is to comply with PACE and you would also comply by attending an interview with your solicitor and providing the details verbally. As for the police not being on anyone’s side... I would say more accurately the police “shouldn’t” be on anyone’s side. To think they are impartial, unbiased or without agenda is incredibly naive and I would advise a read of The Secret Barrister, an interesting and eye-opening commentary of legal process.