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  1. Munzy

    Crow antics

    Saw a video a while back of a corvid (can’t remember genus) pulling a plastic lid up a snowy roof before sledging down it and then repeating over and over!
  2. No cap on the number of times you can apply for planning permission.
  3. Munzy

    cctv help

    I agree. What CCTV system is it?
  4. If that’s the extent of the “dispute” I would be comfortable not mentioning it. It is a personal issue rather than a dispute relating to the property.
  5. The posts above are correct but in context they’re potentially misleading. It is true that you will be asked to disclose any dispute you’ve had with your neighbours, HOWEVER, reporting your neighbours to the police/council doesn’t necessarily mean you have had a direct dispute with your neighbours. I don’t know the motivation for your question but suppose a homeowner is fed-up with the loud music from next door and is considering selling his house as a result. The sensible thing to do would be to avoid talking to the neighbour directly and instead report the neighbour to the council anonymously. When the homeowner’s sale is progressing there is no proof that any dispute has arisen with his neighbour.
  6. Munzy

    London bridge

    Thanks. I meant the presence of a vest not whether it was fake or real but you still answered the question.
  7. Munzy

    London bridge

    Has the fake suicide vest been verified?
  8. Same situation as you with a new business, went with Barclays... shockingly rubbish. Had half a million quid deposited and it took more than three weeks for me to finally receive the telephone and internet banking details to be able to access my own money. On my final phone call of frustrated complaint I was hung up on. If I had any energy left I would have got in the car to the local branch and asked them to close the account and move my money to a different bank. I have another business with Santander, operated it for 12 years and they are great! Only reason I didn’t go with them for the new venture is I got a £100 sign up bonus for choosing Barclays!
  9. Heads-up! Aldi have an OBD fault code scanner in their mystery middle aisle! £16.99, order online or store collection.
  10. In this case it was commercial but I guess it works with any account that has made transfers to multiple people over an extended period. I was surprised looking through my personal internet banking dashboard to see how many payees were saved allowing a quick transfer in future. Some of these people were for purchases of goods to whom I’ve never sent another penny again. ...Actually, having written the above I guess the scam relies entirely on being able to identify the payee from inside internet banking to then allow the scammer to make contact with them. Most of my personal transfers are to “John Smith” and so the scammer could send them money but wouldn’t be able to call them afterwards to reclaim it. My business account has payments to “ACME Trading Ltd” which is just a Google for the scammer in order to make contact with them.
  11. As always scammers are staying one step ahead of bank security processes. The following happened to a friend last week, be warned, it’s simple and very clever... My friend runs a small consultancy business and has been trading for more than ten years. Two weeks ago he received a call from an old client he had not worked for in a few years. The call was from the client’s Accounts department. The caller was very apologetic and explained that she had made a silly mistake when paying a supplier and in a hurry had made the transfer to my friend by mistake. She blamed it on being busy and clicking the wrong payee in the online banking dropdown. Anyway, to save her from being fired would my friend please return the money? Smelling a rat my friend’s guard went up but he was reassured when the caller advised him to actually call his bank and check that funds really had been deposited AND that the funds had cleared before he returned the payment. The caller even asked my friend to ask his bank if the payment could simply be reversed. My friend called his bank to check and sure enough the payment had been made and the funds had cleared. The bank confirmed that if the credit had been made in error it should be returned and my friend would never be at risk of losing money since the payment had cleared and could never be recalled. Unfortunately the bank couldn’t do it but my friend was reassured that it was safe for him to return it himself. My friend was content and so later that afternoon made a transfer to the client’s account to return the £4,700 paid in error. My friend heard nothing more until last Friday when the fraud team called him! Turns out my friend hadn’t lost any money, the payment in had cleared and the payment out had gone leaving his account with the same balance it started with. The problem was his old client had lost more than £25k in the space of 48 hours! Someone had managed to access the client’s online banking. The scammer knew that they wouldn’t be able to transfer money out to a “new” account without the bank sending the legitimate account owner a One Time Passcode to confirm the transfers. The scammer instead made a series of payments out of the account to existing payees knowing these would go through fine. Once the payments had all gone out the scammer then made contact with each of the companies who had received a transfer (including my friend) and got the transfer returned TO THE SCAMMER’S OWN ACCOUNT! The scammer knew the bank wouldn’t return the funds automatically so the sort code and account number of the scammer’s account was given over the phone to each recipient. So, my friend (along with every other transfer recipient) helped move the money along to the scammer and didn’t lose a penny themselves in the process. Very clever! Word of warning then, it might be worth setting up alerts to your phone or email for any large transaction from your accounts. This poor company knew nothing until someone in the Accounts team checked the account and saw a load of transactions to old clients.
  12. Reminds me of a Panerai Radiomir although by the sounds of it a lot smaller.
  13. The donkey thing does not happen all over Spain, I only know of one place in particular which has a fiesta based around a donkey and they don’t chuck it off a cliff! Hence my interest in whether @derbyduckwitnessed this himself or just heard about it from a guy down the pub. Bull runs yes, I’ve run in many of them. Lots of weird fiestas across the country but I get a bit defensive as a half-Spanish guy who has lived for many years in different parts of the country and have to hear embellished and fabricated accounts of animal mistreatment from PETA nutters.
  14. @derbyduck Did you witness this yourself?
  15. Did you see each of these specific acts with your own eyes?
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