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  1. The further back you go the more probable... 25 years is two lifespans end-to-end.
  2. If anyone doubts that big cats EVER existed in the wild in the UK then they are frankly very stupid. I’m not sure anyone falls into that camp here. It is well documented that the late 70’s saw many “pets” turned loose. The question is whether these animals were released in such numbers that the original releases were able to find a mate in the British countryside, breed, then for their offspring to grow, find a mate, breed, then for their offspring to grow and find a mate, breed and for their offspring to grow, find a mate and breed again. While male panthers roam a territory of ~200
  3. Admirable but just don’t say where it was filmed.
  4. I’m sure I’ve asked this before when it came up... post the video!
  5. Interesting you bring this up. I have a very good friend who produces big big movies. He’s German but lives in LA and he always laughs when I refer to movies as films. Apparently “films” is seen as incredibly pretentious in Hollywood where “movies” is the norm. For me, “films” has always been a standard term and “movie” has always felt a bit American. When I hear people say “cinema” when talking about films in general (eg “the golden age of cinema”) I think it sounds a bit pretentious. Either way, movies, flicks, films etc... there is no real distinction other than the fact they don’
  6. What part of the world is this @fatchap?
  7. Munzy

    Classic movies

    I signed up to Britbox last night purely to see the new Spitting Image. They have a 7 day free trial so you could give it a go. They have quite a big catalogue of old movies, mostly British (as the service is a joint effort by the Beeb and ITV). I won’t be renewing it as Spitting Image was absolutely terrible and I have access to most of what I’m interested in from the rest of the catalogue elsewhere.
  8. Ha! Small world! Yes I sold mine years ago but still log in from time to time.
  9. Love this and a great photo! I don’t suppose you’re a Cutter too are you?!
  10. TD5 Disco for me... love it to bits!
  11. Munzy


    RIP, seemed like a good guy and enjoyed his posts.
  12. She’s sleeping in her crate cosy and safe with the boot room door shut and I’m sleeping like a baby upstairs! I didn’t wake up and go to my kids when they cried and not doing it for a dog either! Some might not like it but I’m pretty old school when it comes to training and discipline for kids and dogs alike.
  13. As per my post over in the Dog section Andy has been amazing help with this litter. Not only did he point myself and others towards the opportunity he has been so helpful in supplying photos, videos and info on behalf of the owners who aren’t online. Picked up our bitch on Thursday and she’s everything we hoped for. Andy is a top lad, and has always been at the end of a PM, text or phone call since late July!
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