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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts this evening.
  2. When I say “targeted” I use it in the sense that we in the Advertising & Marketing world use it. A brand considers who their customer is and builds a profile. The brand then targets that profile which, using online tools, is very precise and cost effective. I assume I am target market for this new venture since I do some day trading, my Google search history is filled with ticker searches and I frequent various financial news sites. So, ignoring the fact that I think your comments were facetious and you took me for a mug without knowing the industry I work in... Yes I
  3. Errrr... if I was targeted with an advert for his new venture I would say that is exactly what he was asking me to do. That’s kind of how advertising works.
  4. Funnily enough I saw an advert on YouTube earlier for it. I had a gander at his site, looks dead ropey and very dated. Always ask why someone is giving this information out. Any self styled “guru” selling a book or a course on a particular subject obviously isn’t very good at the subject otherwise they would be doing and making money rather than sharing the trade secrets. With some specific exceptions, it is of no help to a trader to be sharing stock tips which introduce additional buyers into a market unless the sale of the knowledge brings in more than the profit making ability of
  5. Caught me out too, it’s normal for this version, youve done nothing wrong!
  6. “On the Vodafone router, log in and enable expert mode. Go to Internet and then DNS & DDNS. Switch DNS Configuration to Manual, and enter primary and seccondary IP addresses of any server you wish. They are better than Vodafone's IMO. Cloudflare is fast and secure, and is on and You could use Google's on and just as examples.”
  7. What make and model router do you have. We might be able to find some step by steps instructions for you. You won’t need any input from Vodafone so wouldn’t waste your time talking to them!
  8. As @ShootingEggand @discobob have already said, it sounds like Vodafone’s DNS servers are slow. I had exactly the same with Plusnet. I went round and round with engineer visits, new routers, new micro filters all driven by Plusnet who refused to admit it was their service that was the problem. In the end I heard about OpenDNS on a forum and updated the DNS IP address on the router and BOOM, internet issues gone. I had exactly the same issues as you with browser hanging when loading a new page. Infuriating!
  9. I bought a triangular plot from my neighbour last year. Weirdly the little patch (20m x 20m / 2 - it’s a triangle!) was adjoining my garden but belonged to the guy across the road so not attached to his plot. Literally useless to anyone but myself and my immediate neighbour on my side of the road. I offered him £10k plus costs. He said he couldn’t accept it but would take £7k if I covered the fees. Proper nice old boy, felt my starting bid was too high! He sadly passed a few months after the deal was done. So as a guide I paid £20 p/m for land that was pretty useless to anyone else.
  10. @steve_b_wales If you can get a digital copy to me (best quality will be from the negative but a scan of the print on a high quality scanner will suffice) I am happy to crop it down, clear it up a bit and bring some colour and sharpness back in. I can then email it back to you for you to print. Just drop me a PM. Dom
  11. A great movie no doubt but for me the Corleone’s win!
  12. Munzy

    Strange scam

    Pure coincidence, don’t worry, you’re system hasn’t been compromised. These texts are so frequent at the moment I imagine there are hundreds of people asking the same thing across the country having received one just after setting up a new payment.
  13. Munzy

    The Gentlemen

    No not at all. Netflix is churning out a lot of its own produced stuff but most is bought in.
  14. Munzy

    The Gentlemen

    Yep we’ve been doing the same. Moneyheist was good as was Cocaine Coast.
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