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  1. islandgun

    Spice Girls Tour

  2. islandgun

    Spice Girls Tour

    All personal taste, these old boys are still going, [play with fire was the first record I bought] jeez theres some life lived in those wrinkles
  3. islandgun

    Making beachcasting rigs

    Braid straight through, what breaking strain is the braid, im sure you are doing a simple overhead thump 60yds, 5oz breakaway lead will do in all but the roughest conditions, 4oz when its calm, i use braid for all my fishing [boat] never happy tying braid to mono especially at night in the rain...
  4. Just back from patterning some steel, thought it would be interesting to fire off some home load lead 70mm 40 gram 3's, full choke, Fabarm Euro S/A, board was two sheets of backing paper 4ftx4ft stapled to ply, stiff cross wind, measured distances 1 @ 100yds = 10 hits 1 @ 90yds = 14 hits 1 @ 90 yds = 15 hits 1 @ 45 yds = 133 hits The long distance patterns were completely random all over the board, 100yds is a very long way and i was surprised to hit the board at all
  5. Thanks for your reply. I certainly was not disputing your point which i now consider fact. just drawing jdogs attention to a conversation i had had already..I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to more facts as they are un-earthed, cheers IG
  6. I asked the same question in the locked thread, wymberly pointed out that "extreme 4's and 3/4 choke at 50 metres the last shot arrives 45ms after the first"
  7. islandgun

    Making beachcasting rigs

    only fished there once, fished mostly Eastlane and Orford island. might be some cod about soon. need some good northlies to stir it up, plenty of lug and a decent light...not forgetting a frying pan and some chips when you get home
  8. islandgun

    Making beachcasting rigs

    Successful whiting trip then cookie where are you fishing ? regarding rigs plenty of utube videos Im sure, I can recommend going on the WSF [world sea fishing] forum , a friendly bunch, bags of info
  9. I used 3's but the impression was flimsy compared with plastic, Q. would putting cushioning filler inside the cup effect penetration/speed, or cause shot to stick to said filler and exit as a lump, [excuse ignorance]
  10. Ive just tried some fibre shot cups with steel, seem to pattern/penetrate Ok, i dont have a chrono so use a next catalogue, the thing i did notice was whereas a plastic wad will land a good distance away the fibre shredded and landed a few feet away, this was through a SA and 1/2 choke
  11. islandgun

    What a mess!

    https://www.economist.com/britain/2018/08/23/as-knife-crime-rises-in-england-police-look-to-glasgow Knife crime in Glasgow down 65% From memory they helped those that wanted out as much as they could, whilst a re-offender suffered badly. strong deterrence on its own seldom stops anyone...especially male teens
  12. islandgun

    Pictures of our companions.

    hes just a paterdale with retrieving pretention's.. quite a thing to see him swimming in a foot of water with an angry goose in his grip..
  13. islandgun

    Pictures of our companions.

    Sid, a miniature wired haired Labrador what a beauty !
  14. islandgun

    If there's 2 things ....

    cheers mate I would hasten to add that the total was very much a team effort, it was a great job in the early years.and would make a very worthwhile project for some enthusiast's down south https://www.nature.scot/professional-advice/land-and-sea-management/managing-wildlife/hebridean-mink-project