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  1. islandgun


    It seems both drivers were breathalysed..🙂
  2. islandgun


    Indeed..😉 Thankfully no one was injured
  3. islandgun

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    Agreed, this is how he comes across when you see him in parliament, a weasily little man quick to disagree and without one constructive suggestion. a deeply unpleasant conniving individual.........and thats his good points
  4. islandgun

    7 Seat 4x4

    good point, i failed to read the post properly....again ! perhaps your car was trying to tell you something..
  5. islandgun

    7 Seat 4x4

    Its up hill to Teeside
  6. islandgun

    Weather over the Wolds.

    Snow on the hills last night, but a fine day today,, bit icy..👍
  7. islandgun

    Gillette ad

    if their razors are so good why do they need two blades ?
  8. islandgun

    Resource guarding

    this terrier just seemed to blame my daughter for getting into trouble, if she petted it, it just went stiff, shame really as she would have loved to have spent more time with it, It was definitely my fault
  9. islandgun

    DIY red

    Thats the ticket, I have the chance to start stalking [red hinds] but im in two minds due to the physical work involved dragging it off the hill, also bearing in mind that im not over keen cleaning rabbits let alone a deer, I love being on the hill and am fit for my age, Its good to see threads like yours, keep it up
  10. islandgun

    Resource guarding

  11. islandgun

    Gun Auctions

    Great advice as always folks, I like the idea of commission sales cheers OPP but going off the auction idea [dougall ] Trouble is my RFD doesnt have a gunshop really, and is always busy doing his day job. I might put some adds out there over time and see what transpires cheers IG
  12. islandgun

    Resource guarding

    I had a Terrier that often growled at my youngest, chastisement made it paranoid which in turn made it growl at her even more whenever she went near it. patience worked better than chastisement and I think i made the situation worse.. my advice for what its worth is to go carefully,
  13. islandgun

    Gun Auctions

    Hmm thanks men, not sure what i want to get rid of yet, nothing outstanding. I would like to sell privately but given where i live, it makes it difficult. I wondered about dropping the lot off at an auctioneers on a visit down south. TBH if the guns were to go for silly money i would rather offer them on here at a reduced price.. as an example and for arguments sake, I have a T Wild 3" chambers, C&H single folders 410-20-12 g Beretta o/u, Ugartechea 10g, Remington r/f...... This is NOT an advert just looking for advice
  14. islandgun

    Gun Auctions

    Anyone have experience of selling at auction, can you recommend one, good or bad idea ? cheers IG
  15. islandgun

    Shot with #5s

    No problem