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  1. jeez.. good luck all !
  2. saw a menu the other day that proudly announced "hand carved " turkey....what no laser !! many menus seem to be pretentious twaddle
  3. Pricked birds must be a great food source for birds such as Red Kite..😉
  4. I shoot rabbits, then cook and sell the resulting meal [along with other things] to tourist's. Its very popular.. free range, organic, low fat, and above all an agricultural pest..a win win for all concerned...apart from the rabbit
  5. islandgun

    Order Order

    might be worth a whip round to MAKE HIM STAY THERE !!!
  6. islandgun

    Order Order

    He would make a good darts commentator, or bingo caller
  7. But the two lights appear to be on the top of long poles.. very much like street lights.could there be a connection ?
  8. Great stuff, Whatever your views, management plans, and quotas are the way this will go if game shooting is to continue. also good to see the Danish perspective. very good film and good to see some are taking it seriously.. need some more, but perhaps shorter to reach a wider audience
  9. Where are you going ? Quite right, I usually go about four and dark by five.. unless its heavy rain then it starts to get dark at three..😕
  10. The fact is that without the self employed starting businesses there wouldn't be many jobs
  11. WJ rspb can say what they like when they like, not one pro shooting organisation has any comeback except a stiff letter to the times, 50% of pheasants released are not shot but provide food for wild animals and birds.. taking this food source away will result in the death of many raptors [is this a rspb policy] Removing game shooting revenue from the farming community will result in the removal of habitats that benefit all wildlife, woodland, hedgerow, cover crops etc Leaving predators to proliferate will reduce the number of songbirds and decimate the English Partridge Allowing moorland to grow wild will result in out of control wild-fires and loss of waders such as Curlew.. come on BASC et al get your **** together
  12. Cheers Penelope and MM, given me food for thought, When we get heavy rain 😉 the grassland does flood in places, and i have had limited numbers come into these "proper" splashes, the water might not be there long because its over sand but following both your suggestions, a plan would be get some feed onto these splashes as soon as possible. I do have other places i might try if it doesnt rain !. MM your right it is a lot like N Norfolk but without the mud and food to hold them. Home bred ducks also struggle to raise a brood due to Otters, Blackbacks, Ravens and hoodie crows
  13. Cheers MM, excellent response. Im guessing your duck are roosting on the estuary mud and coming to the splash at sunset to feed, my situation is slightly different. my estuary is almost pure sand and of little interest to ducks, apart from a salt water lagoon which they sometimes roost on during the day. i have lots of permanent splashes about 1ft deep, which they roost and/or feed on, day or night, I usually try and get under them between the lagoon and the splashes. Very random and dependant on luck. consequently im lucky to get more than a couple of shots. Greylags are much more predictable, [which is obviously why i spend so much time after duck,] I get mallard and Teal. Below is a picture of the area showing some of the splashes. have you or anyone else any ideas about how to tackle it, I would feed a splash but the bottom is made up of very fine silt and i reckon the grain would disappear. The photo was taken last year on a welcome beautiful day
  14. Not a lot of cover out there, were you shooting from where you took the picture, or were you under a flight line, or just hoping [like me] something would chance to get within range
  15. Doesn't really matter who wins, the losers can call for a peoples vote
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