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  1. Well done for following your instincts and well done to the young lady doctor for following hers, wishing your lad a full and speedy recovery
  2. Great idea ! would be very interesting to see results
  3. 3" chamber and two barrels ! sounds like a sensible compromise..😄... mind you, couldn't you have 30" barrels and multi choke ?
  4. That sounds like a plan.. not sure it qualifies with two barrels..😉 Is that walked up or driven..😉
  5. Very nice.. interesting to see you will use steel, I have a 3 " T Wild 1/4- 3/4 but havnt considered Steel just use Bismuth. Im rapidly coming to the conclusion though, that the gun is there to be used while i still can !
  6. Ah, just the one for all persuasions, but the Lancaster does have 3" chambers Wouldn't the sxs do at a pinch ? Interesting to see so many opting for heavier 3" chambers ! as "the" gun
  7. islandgun

    Climate Change

    wot no oaty milk, just looked them up, these carp get better food than i do, garlic and blue cheese !
  8. islandgun

    Climate Change

    https://milklife.com/articles/nutrition/oat-milk-vs-dairy-milk-nutrition, think i will stick with the real thing
  9. Heres packams views..https://www.itv.com/news/2020-01-14/smallpox-and-malaria-are-there-to-regulate-our-population-says-chris-packham/ personally i would like him and his cronies to do the right thing for the planet and top themselves
  10. Clay and game do sample .5 kg in lead etc, not sure about steel,
  11. I used to get a lot from this kind man
  12. With a name like Ms Lucy Loo it might be better to avoid the back door altogether..😄
  13. I like the ones that advertise beautiful women that live a mile away and want to meet me. I know every one that lives here and despite asking around ive yet to meet any of them...😕
  14. was it like this one of these ? this one?
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