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  1. jeez , i do remember the name Bins. I stayed in a caravan across the road from the jolly. the owner was a whelk man always started every sentence with rrplus, was thet him ? I was there about late 70's..
  2. Hopefully this is still the case for the majority, sadly the most vociferous have no intention to live and let live.......how long before they become the majority
  3. The biggest threat are those that [peer] pressure young people into believing their agenda's are the only correct ones. examples include what you can say, eat, wear, think, believe, or do.. terrorist's ? yes, left or right wing ? one of the same
  4. islandgun

    What bird?

    Muck and feathers suggest a few ! . We have [just] one, it turns up here in mid October, and has done for the last three years, ive no way of telling if its the same one. it stays for a week or two then moves on
  5. Theres a good case for loading water cannons with superglue.. these dictators are often clueless of the facts about real farming. The food miles connected to their vegan diet, or just what would a world without farm animals be like
  6. islandgun

    What bird?

    agreed Egret are you inland or near the coast, if inland is the roost near water ?
  7. arrest and fine them £10000's https://www.farminguk.com/news/vegan-activists-to-disrupt-trading-at-smithfield-market_53767.html
  8. wood yer adam and eve it ! wot no eels ? https://www.anglotopia.net/british-history/british-empire/brit-language-victorian-costermongers-spoke-back-slang/ I knew a Gary Witicker [Wit] at Brancaster staithe, helped on his whelk boat a few times, best memory of him was we had both been in the jolly sailor on a lunch time session and i took him for a dentist appointment, he didnt feel a thing, his crew and my best mate has become a quite famous artist [dave greenhall]. Gary dug bait for me on occasion
  9. sounds like your feeding the full spectrum
  10. Two German shepherd's killed my JR terrier [punctured her lung and vet put her down] the JR was with my wife and child, I sometimes wonder if she didnt draw the alsations away from her, she was a clever and plucky dog
  11. Cheers mice.. ive no experience around Pheasant pens but they will find and get through a very small hole at ground level for sure, it might pay to attach and dig in some small meshed netting around the pen and screw in some boards at the gate.. I always used live catch traps baited with mink lure, fish or meat, set the trap plate very light.. they will kill everything they can catch and work hard over time at dragging off the remains to a den/cache. they will be back. try baiting the trap with bits of pheasant. Or perhaps leave out some bait and wait at night with a rimfire or air rifle ! good luck, PM if you want........ but let us know how you get on
  12. I know exactly what you mean.. happy to be safe but also with a urge to do it again, I think its what's known as the adrenaline rush..
  13. good one, was that yachtmasters, so were you going at 15kts in the tide race .?
  14. I have greylag and rabbits mostly and plenty of it. not much game in the west tbh. My brother lived in Aberdeenshire [Johnshaven] and that seemed to have good mixed arable land and all that would offer. The sea fishing here [outer hebrides] is excellent with lots of large pollack etc. and quite a lot un-discovered as yet. Sako and guzzicat are over east, they might offer advise, take a look at sako's posts for a taster..
  15. But grey mullet are summer visitors, what will they eat in winter before the lambs arrive... wild guess, pheasant's, so the game shooter will keep packams eagles going, sure he will be appreciative
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