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  1. Crayfish trap would be straight forward enough.. Cheers, The Italians were using the technique "boiled for buff" Im drying a load this year and will see about making a few different things after they have been soaked, as this helps stopping shrinkage.
  2. Aye a new fourtrak would be an awesome beast, you sometimes see them turn up with low miles and big money,, My choice for the OP would be a SWB Colorado.. mines a LWB and in its past spent too much time in the sea with a boat trailer, but the engine is superb !
  3. Ive a 20yr old Landcruiser Colorado [suffering with rust..] 140.000 and not a drop of leaking oil. Landcruisers are the most popular 4x4 in Australia
  4. Theres a converted bus that sells burgers etc near me and a tripadvisor write up described it as the only eatery in Harris with 4 michelin tyres
  5. In the hope of making my croft more attractive to woodcock i've laid some of the older stuff over, thinking it would make a very good cover especially when the regrowth thickens it up. this could also make a good cover for pheasants perhaps.
  6. Thats a very good offer, we have sold 1000's of 2ft cuttings over the years.. i love them. just stick em in the ground
  7. cheers, looking at those vids the tubes are given as 3ft. Im wondering if mine arn't too short at at 2ft. also will hoodie crows get in and take the eggs ? we like to call it decking mate..,, seriously though, i copied the idea from this..... but Im doubting the need, and will it make it easier for crows to get in
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47610896 Homing pigeon finds its way home from Japan ?... I bet the owners were relieved when it got back from its last race
  9. thanks very much.. A bit far for the osteopath, I will definitely be looking at prebiotic, i do have probiotic yogurts daily, all good, cheers
  10. It is green but i was thinking that with the rain we get up here, it would remain damp ! . I cut it yesterday and it took a bit less than 2hrs to make. bit of fun really but It would be fantastic if it has a brood or two.. lets us know how you get on Cheers of, I did make a lobster pot with the help of a very nice lady down in Devon but not attempted one since, Ive just made a few bird feeders and other simple stuff. will do..
  11. and another pic, its very strong as i was able to stand on it !
  12. Made this today from willow grown on our croft. I was going to make a couple of tubes using mesh and straw but seeing that i have lots of willow, i googled willow nest tubes to see, The ones i saw have a closed end but i thought it might be better to have an exit if/when the otter came nosing about, im going to make another couple to stick down on my pond, Anyone with tubes please comment on practicality and possible improvements another pic
  13. doesnt mint make you burp ? something to avoid with acid reflux.. as i understand it caffeine and mint are on the dont take list also high fat dairy etc etc etc Looked up some breathing exercises, seems like a great idea, can you recommend one, or link please
  14. Thats what i understood, raising your head or bending your neck on extra pillows will make it worse, best put some blocks under the head end of the bed
  15. The ENT doctor recommended me to take Gaviscon along with Omeprezole tablets for reflux, [leave an hour or two between] i'm reducing my intake of omeprozole to 10mg per day and cutting out/reducing all the stuff thats causing the reflux, curry, beer, chocolate etc and increasing water consumption, i also sleep with my bed elevated on a block......... Im sick of the sore throats and reckon its time to cut out the causes
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