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  1. Bird flu ! blokes can get it too Ill get me coat
  2. Yes mate i have an Armsan cre8, a very handy gun, Im loading it with tungston 7's for duck, get the one with two stocks and she might let you use it as well..
  3. saw my first swallow yesterday
  4. Im just coming to the end of a business lease on a cheap van, costly i suppose but the pleasure of using a vehicle that is 100% reliable is worth the cost, in the time of lease ive also run 3 other vehicle, one died, one was written off, one will soon go on limited use, next I will probably get the best/newest vehicle i can afford for cash or perhaps hp
  5. The 20g 1 oz 2/34" is, what do you think ? thank you i will look into it and if you dont mind be in touch
  6. cheers, So if i load the 28g tps wad load with just under an 1 oz [355 grns] and use the 20g measure of lil gun to suit the 1 oz load [35 grns] i should be good to go ?
  7. Hmm.. That has never occurred to me, what would happen when you reduce the charge to suit the 28g load but still use the original 20g wad
  8. lol, oilskins, bow and arrow, thats my day to day stuff
  9. I will be making my own willow coffin and will dig a hole down the bottom of the croft [if i can find a dry bit] any cash can go on drink
  10. Thanks for the replies gents, from bpi's manual the 3" case loads for the 20g start at 11/8 oz and go up to 11/2 ! !,..speeds 1255 and 1010 respectively, with the 1/18 load requiring [4] 18cw as packing, I dont get the opportunity to use many in the season [although Im out often enough.😄] so Im happy to spend a bit more per bang.. I just wondered about anyone else's experience regarding recoil
  11. Looking at recipes for the above from BP inc, Im seeing a Cheddite and Lil Gun recipe @ 32grains lil gun and 13/8 oz 7 shot. This seems a bit excessive in a 6lb 20bore, My question is has anyone any experience of this load or similar and if so has their shoulder healed yet or am i being a total wuss..🙂
  12. Surely very efficient hybrids are the way forward, charge as you go
  13. Possibly decomposing leaves, what sort of trees around the pond [red algae]
  14. I had a pair of muck boots but after a while the sole seemed to creak and feel disconnected, I bought another pair but find them hot and heavy, back to Landmaster or Dunlop purofoot for me when the mucks wear out
  15. Indeed we were all "today's" youth once, how i hated the judgemental oldies in the saloon bar..😄
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