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  1. The animal sentient bill could finish all meat/fish eating, crowd funding will take governments or individuals to court. you cannot kill/slaughter an animal without causing it distress. They are already seeking to include invertebrates i.e crabs, lobster etc in the bill
  2. If BMX or skate boarding inspires a few kids to put down their phone, then thats a good thing.. in fact surely "inspiring" is the point of the olympics
  3. Boards and bikes, whatever next ? they might as well race bikes around a track......no wait!
  4. That was my thought, it looks to be on made up ground [newly planted trees] just wondered why you would need two together
  5. D you ever ever use the Honda to go off road..... how does it perform ?
  6. I was/am looking at these, a very popular car in the highlands, recently bought a Honda Cr-v [right price and place] and its proving to be a good car
  7. Thats a good weight for a single,
  8. Brilliant and inspirational, I will certainly make a point of visiting some of the above.. [better start saving]
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