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  1. islandgun


    Snow at sea level here
  2. Similarly in Australia, controlled burning in the cool months by aboriginal people for 1000's of years, burning increases bio-diversity..https://www.wwf.org.au/what-we-do/species/fire#gs.02o3ee
  3. sadly your right, there are a few breeding birds here, i have been growing and leaving standing cereals for winter food for them but it is probably to little to late
  4. Im wondering corn bunting
  5. Looks good, Im sure you will get a decent price for it
  6. Good for you LG............ nice truck.👍
  7. Great stuff, are you in the Ruthin area ? you right to put as much time aside for your children as possible its not long before they grow up, my three will be at uni this year and its really doesn't seem long ago they were little and lambing
  8. Thanks gents [as always] its good to get real reviews !
  9. Recommendations [or otherwise] appreciated Goodyear vector 4 seasons generation 2 Bridgestone weather control A005 Michelin Crossclimate SUV
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56829129
  11. horse chestnut elm or alder
  12. Up here, crabs are best condition in the winter, peel/ shed their shell in the summer , avoid very clean looking crabs as it will mean freshly peeled
  13. Well said ! If possible buy fresh fish from a fisherman or fishmonger that can trace the provenance
  14. On the news last night, Greenland have voted to not allow mining for minerals which are used for mobile phones and electric cars because they dont want to destroy their land. I wonder where the greens stand on this [probably phoning each other as we speak] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56643429 https://qz.com/1988240/rare-earths-mining-takes-center-stage-in-greenland-elections/
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