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  1. Another series well worth a watch is Norsemen. Probably the most bizarre comedy ive seen, Vikings struggling with their emotions and art whilst raping and pillaging anything that moves, We watched the "English" version which is the same as the English spoken in N Wales, really funny The last series is a Prequel so watch that first https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norsemen_(TV_series)
  2. Watched some of the first series of Spiral last night [thanks to all for the heads up] Enjoyed it so far despite the then craze for not holding the camera steady, Wasn't fazed too much by the defaced girl or even the stabbed baby but the druggie eating his own faeces had me grabbing for the sick bucket..🤢... looking forward to seeing some more tonight..👍
  3. cheers Indeed what a cracker...both ! will check that out as well
  4. I think the 3rd and 4th series came out a decade later than the 1st two, I hadn't heard of it until recently, watched the final episode last night and now feel at a bit of a loss..😃 but will be checking out OPP's French Spiral, cheers OPP
  5. Reading the Swedish thread prompted me to mention the the TV drama "The Bridge" set in Malmo Sweden and Denmark it follows the exploits of a outspoken and attractive policewoman. We watched it with subtitles and was one the best programmes iv'e seen of it type, 4 seasons the first 2 on i player and the second two on amazon.. 👍
  6. Exactly that...made my day when he walked off..😀
  7. Agree on the RSPB, pest control when it matters to them, Glad to hear the Brinkleys are still going strong, reckon Ralph was the father. lovely village Orford, took a boat out of the river one winters day, theres a fair sea builds up with wind over tide..😀
  8. I spent a quite few nights fishing on Orford "island" in the late 70's, [deep water in front of the lighthouse] went over with Ralph Brinkley, even had some nice Codling !
  9. but but... those nice WJ people said that predator control isnt needed and that left to nature all species will find a balance..😲
  10. packam is just promoting his caring persona...... "oh look everybody, chris even loves wasps...think i will send him a few pounds"
  11. I drained my bit of land and then dammed it before it empties into the sea, in the summer i have a lush water meadow [increased nutrients?] In the winter plenty of wildfowl come into the pool and the flooded meadow. Sticklebacks have appeared as have wild flowers, some areas ive planted willows around the edge.. one thing that surprised me was the build up of gravel into a small bank to the side of the main watercourse. I love it, and would highly recommend it if you can, Picture few years ago, mallard are decoys..🙂
  12. Hmm £200/300, a bargain ! . i have the same in a 20 bore and can recommend it, mine weighs in 6lb with 30 inch barrels I also have an Armsan 28 S/A which behaves faultlessly
  13. Nice old clinker dinghy there, a common sight in my youth usually with a 4hp seagull outboard on the back. Ive started feeding my pond and noticed a couple of mallard on it yesterday, so will keep with it to hopefully attract some birds in once it gets a bit stormy
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