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  1. Theres a difference in being polite and nice and helping people, which i do on a regular basis. perhaps i should have said being polite to people that don't deserve it
  2. islandgun


    So Boris is PM then, any thoughts
  3. I remember in the hard winter of 63, gulls killed a cat on Cromer sea front. the other day a black- back flew past my kitchen with a young starling in its beak
  4. Wait until the non- native Sea eagles being introduced to the Isle of Wight start swooping down on your burger..😨
  5. Im having a getting on for end of life not giving a s-----t crisis. I cant be bothered in being polite or nice, I haven't got time to listen to people lying, or whingeing. i dont bother with fools or people that haven't thought it through, I have no time for pretentious - - - -, I spend as much money as i can afford on things for memorable times with my family. This approach is derived from knowing so many people that have died in various nasty ways and the realisation that these nasty ways always happen when you least expect it.. get on and enjoy your life, while you can
  6. Quite a few years ago there was a man here the worse for drink that threatened a couple with his air rifle. they called the police in our nearest village, being cautious they sent round a constable [who parked outside] and notified the police in Stornoway who notified the police in Inverness. An armed police response was dispatched, they drove too and waited for the ferry after a further hours drive they eventually arrived some hours later. the man was sleeping it off, I think it would be different now though..😉
  7. Agreed, what happened to "Never point a gun at anyone" let alone a loaded gun at passers by. A few weeks ago I was in Glasgow Braehead shopping centre, when I saw a young man running towards me being pursued by three store detectives. I instinctively grabbed him and he was taken away. I slightly regretted grabbing him, then thought well it might be his first offence and being caught, might deter him from doing it again
  8. Then we have super bugs to infect those of us that use Penicillin on a regular basis [with or without our knowledge] they evolve just as fast as we find ways to kill them https://www.aftermath.com/content/superbug-infection-symptoms/
  9. islandgun

    brave dog

    shame she didnt latch on to their nads https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-49060280
  10. Im sure he would be grateful if there were any game pies going spare..😉
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/uk-birth-rate-latest-number-babies-born-lowest-decade-a8066101.html As you rightly point out its the ageing population thats costing the money...time for a bit of voluntary euthanasia. any volunteers😨
  12. Has anyone been on the WJ Avery blog.The blog is mostly about pandering to averys ego. they hate people that shoot things for fun, most that contribute are sycophants clamouring for attention.. however its hard to imagine that wj wont succeed in getting their way and banning wholesale pheasant breeding and releasing whilst financing it by crowdfunding...... whats next i wonder...................the blog contains not one shred of humour
  13. was reading on the Avery blog that crowd funding allows that if you loose a case there is a ceiling of £10 thousand cost's.. so small change.. why don't pro shooting exponents initiate some crowd funding. ?
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