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  1. Just saw this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52109833 made me smile to think of all those apples being tossed about..😄
  2. Thanks all, As said there were various sizes and its now looking like a mixing of sea and golden, Territory claiming could be the case although there was no mobbing or harassment [that i could tell] just a general mingling and calling, some sight anyway.. As old man said I will probably never know for sure....cheers
  3. Not mobbing they simply flew around making the mewing sound [which iv'e never heard before] , [there was a picture of a huge golden defending a road kill red deer in the next island down Uist] That was my first thought, but then reading it appears they are monogamous and they are supposed to have laid their eggs by now.. Given our position approx central to the two main holding areas N and S maybe they just get together before they dispersed back to their own or new territories...heres a picture from last year two plus raven
  4. Im not sure, the pics were taken with a long lens, there was one that appeared to be very much bigger than the others, although i dont know if its the one in the pic, the one in the photo does have a very pronounced V to the tail
  5. You could be on to something ..👍, maybe a gathering of successive generations to push out this years youngsters, which would also explain the increase in numbers from last year, they were there for a couple of hours and dispersed gradually in different directions, just read eggs are laid in March !
  6. Just to clarify a bit, I usually might see an eagle once every couple of months, which makes this annual thing, quite something, just had a quick google, goldens usually mate for life, so my best guess is just a gathering !
  7. Just had a look, I posted in January and saw 7 Eagles
  8. On the croft today I heard an unusual mewing sound, put me in mind of a Peregrine. A quick scan revealed what turned out to be an interesting repeat of last year, also early spring [pretty sure i put it on here] We counted 9 Golden Eagles gliding around and calling to each other. My thoughts are a gathering possibly looking for mates. perhaps an extended family !, there was one noticeably much bigger than the others.. A fantastic sight even if a long way away, this was the best picture ! Anyone have any theories ?
  9. The extended season licence to shoot greylag in the islands has been stopped
  10. His negativity had a lot to do why no one voted for him in the last G/E
  11. why complicate further an already complicated issue.. stay at home !
  12. Despicable ***** where is the mind set that says i'll just put my dog **** in a plastic bag and hang it on the fence or throw it under the car before i drive off. I don't condone capital punishment but hanging is the only language they understand..😡
  13. He wont know where to put his hands at tonight's celebration..
  14. 😀 He definitely looked a bit dejected, at least he's only got a short breeding season. ..😀
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