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  1. I had a drunken fight with a nasty ****** 20 odd years ago he knocked me cold with a cosh [still got the scar] the following week he stabbed and killed a retired school teacher, a big regret is that i didn't report it to the police as he might have been off the street for a few days
  2. Glastonbury farm is a dairy farm, wonder how that squares with vegan, re-wilding, bio-diversity, planet crisis, crisis people
  3. concrete ! or heavy black plastic..... or both
  4. I feed the birds daily, this chancer now comes into the house, beats me at pool and eats my biscuits
  5. islandgun


    The call of the curlew, wild geese talking in the autumn sky, whooper swans against a snowy backdrop, sights and sounds guaranteed to make me stop short and remember another life......I will look out the book, cheers You have probably read Ian Niall another writer/wildfowler from Galloway worth a look if not
  6. Heads up to those that enjoyed the first series of Borgen [ Danish political drama ] the second series just started and is as good as the first..😉
  7. Buy what you fancy they are only a tool, why not use a £8000 gun on the shore if you can afford it and get pleasure from it, you are a long time dead, I think we get to precious about guns [mind you i dont have £8000 to spend..😄]
  8. That was quick, I was counting out the money..😄
  9. islandgun


    From what I've heard it appears that burning heather on peat that is more than 300mm-500mm deep is to be banned completely. Peat is now considered the UK's rainforest and an highly effective carbon sink. It is desirable to maintain wet peat. Drainage channels are to be blocked and peat diggings are to be capped, burning heather is being blamed for increasing run-off whilst the practice of draining and planting moorland to trees will also cease... the thing that worries me is that without management the heather will grow long and woody and be more susceptible to wild fires. There is a large amount of funding available to conserve/bring back the moorland to its unmanaged state, we will see. As an aside, I also noticed that sheep are being blamed for predation ? and trampling of ground nesting birds and their eggs, if this is proven then the uplands of the UK will be seeing a real change in the not to distant future
  10. Charlock mustard, wild mustard, Sinapis arvensis, a common invasive annual, sets thousands of seeds, found in arable land and margins, seed was probably harvested along with wild flower seed, probably not what you want in a flower bed, might be an idea to pull it up before it seeds.
  11. islandgun

    What is it?

    Fair old measure 4-1/4" of rum
  12. Who doesn't like a fry up ? sadly for the last 15yrs or so I've also had to put up with the food i serve my customers, lobster, langoustine, crab, scallops, fish, venison or my home grown meat and veg....... or rabbit 😁
  13. I've heard of this, I think you need fat in your diet to absorb the vitamins and minerals on offer, Vits A, D, E are fat soluble. just proves what we all know, we need a balanced diet
  14. Me neither although i might have had the odd nocturnal wonder with a folding 410 on my then local common [the woody bit down the end..😉]
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