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  1. Keep em comin MM, love to hear about the old Norfolk boys
  2. would there have been a spring housed in the tube, scales ?
  3. Great stuff ! Have they a viable chicken replacement as well ?
  4. We are all well cheers, Like the photo, proper bit of EA sky, You had a bit more cloud cover than here tonight and i know i should have gone, I took the spaniel for walk this afternoon and he put a pair of Mallard up from a drain, he watched them till they were dots then looked at me..๐Ÿ˜
  5. Nice one MM I haven't been out yet, but todays weather. [gusty northerlies] and given that i seeded about 1/2 acre with oats late this year, which is laid and has plenty of greylags feeding on it, Im hoping an after dark session might see a few ducks !
  6. Well yes, cant disagree with that, it seems we are to used to getting exactly what we want 24/7 and the thought of being without a Christmas "essential" will signal the end of the world. Im not sure i fit into this category as I have 130 mile round trip to the supermarket and most of my food comes fresh and local
  7. As a follow up to hysteria brought on by the news, seems we need to stock up with meat, bicycles, fuel etc etc etc..am i being cynical or does this look like a good way to get people to buy now at all cost's
  8. Absolutely, the world was a much easier place to live in without 24 hours of worldwide doom and gloom news, we are suffering from to much information, much of it wrong or downright lies, theres a saying " Theres no point worrying about things you cant alter" and its becoming increasingly clear to me, the most sensible approach
  9. Very true words, what a bleak future, half the country planted to scrub, crawling with introduced predators, no native flora/fauna left and a diet of expensive avocado and tofu imported from a burnt bit of rainforest in Brazil.. my god i'm glad im old...๐Ÿคจ
  10. They should have found a few charred copies of shooting times in the wreck.....oh well maybe next time
  11. I found the whole thing very cynical, enrolling children to demonstrate, lying, I despair for the future of our countryside and our food supply
  12. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-10-09/chris-packham-and-100-children-to-deliver-petition-to-buckingham-palace I noticed that packam was hanging up a cute little toy made of wool, which comes from sheep which live on farms, The stated aim of the wilders is to reduce agriculture by 50%, They also state that other countries have much more woodland than the uk, other countries are bigger and less densely populated
  13. There are plenty of seals in the Hebrides, I myself saw and heard a commotion whilst in my boat, with a big grey seal leaving the water several times and coming down with a huge splash, a lot of noise and water, A fisherman i know, whilst fishing out west saw a large shark around his creels when hauling. The incident in question with the surfers was witnessed by a friend who is a marine biologist and there were others who also saw it
  14. Quote....No laws were broken in buying the Harcourt Street office but Mr Blair had previously been critical of tax loopholes, once saying "the tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits". Loopholes he is more than happy to use
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