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  1. islandgun

    recycle ?

    was in the coop car park as the bottles were being recycled, made me smile when all the bottles so carefully placed in the green brown and clear containers. were all emptied into the same container and driven away
  2. Agreed, very hard to defend, the public arnt all that interested in way of life or tradition.. it would be easier if the birds ended up in the food chain and comparisons were made between a free range pheasant and a battery hen......... others will argue that we shouldnt have to defend our past time or career, but sadly in a country controlled by the media and go fund me or by a public that perceives shooting as barbaric whilst munching on a KFC its going to be hard
  3. Respect your choice, life can be a complete **** at times, it occurs that there are plenty of older rescue dogs that could do with a home.. just a thought and like i say respect for what ever you choose
  4. Apologise to those that saw this but i find the whole thing bizarre https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-48395241
  5. All of the above, How about comparing the life of game to that of a battery hen, pointing out to vegans that if we followed their choice, all farm animals will be destroyed, that cheese and leather etc are bye products of animal production, that land management is about diversity not monoculture.. We really need someone with clout to point out some simple home truths to the fools that are being manipulated by the likes of these wee freaks.
  6. Indeed ... and only half joking, the anti gun lobby will want single shot shotguns and shot size no larger than 7's one thing MM you and me will be pushing up daisies by then.. , but for youngsters now ! , theres no way they will enjoy the freedoms we had..
  7. Its hard to see any future for shooting TBH Commercial game rearing Driven shooting Wader shooting [woodcock, snipe, golden plover] Hare,Jay, Stoat, Weasel [protected] Pest shooting under licence will be allowed but strictly controlled, [depending upon which desirable bird spp they want to protect] even rabbit will be subject to licence Rough shooting, pest control and some fowling will be the last to go........................... clays will still be legal Does the government pay full compensation for guns when they are withdrawn from circulation ?
  8. Was reading RSPB article about magpies and garden birds. they are saying that despite the increase in Magpie numbers especially in urban ares they are not responsible for decreasing songbird numbers, however they do recommend that you plant thick hawthorn hedges to deter predators ! Anyone got anything to add to OP ? perhaps published papers on the benefits of shooting and land management ?
  9. I remember pulling a partially rotten lamb out of a ewe, she was pregnant with twins, birthed the first which was fine but the second was dead, she carried on for several days until we noticed, [she was one of over a thousand ewes we lambed outside on a farm i worked on in N Wales].. ive skinned dead lambs to dress an orphan lamb for adoption often enough but the rotten lamb was rank.. the ewe, not surprisingly died
  10. Was laying in bed this morning listening to a Corncrake outside my window [wakes me up every day **** ] and i started to make a list in my head of birds and mammals that are endangered in the UK and why they are endangered Corncrake loss of habitat and predation Curlew " " Lapwing " " Dotterel " " Water vole " " Red Squirrel [competition] Songbirds over 20 spp habitat/predation As said a very long list with hundreds to be added. Non of the above are decreasing because of shooting in fact all benefit because of predator control and correct land management. noticeably moorland birds are suffering along with all ground nesting birds. Surely an in depth study could be made on behalf of shooting rather than the one sided diatribe spouted by Packham et al.. https://www.songbird-survival.org.uk/bird-statistics anyone care to add to the list or give an example of the benefits of shooting etc ?
  11. wheat and sweetcorn.. looks like its been on my henfood
  12. Meanwhile, save the planet by shipping the windmills in from Indonesia https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-48350352
  13. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2017/08/labour-mp-sarah-champion-resigns-over-grooming-gang-piece-sun I would have voted for this young lady.. but she had to resign...😉
  14. islandgun


    your own words spell it out .. she had a great life !
  15. You could always hang on until packam and corbyn ban those double barrel shotguns and hope the governments compensation payment covers your loss
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