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  1. That would be the same NRW that approved the dumping of 300,000 tonnes of waste mud from the Hinkley power station into the sea in Cardiff bay. they certainly appear to be caring about the environment ! https://actions.sumofus.org/a/edf-toxic-waste-dump-cardiff
  2. islandgun

    Out of Town - Jack Hargreaves.SOLD.

    Looking forward to it, I remember the Cod fishing episode, sadly rare to see many cod caught there nowadays
  3. Id happily pay for a day or two pigeon shooting
  4. islandgun

    Boonie/bucket hat

  5. islandgun

    Steel load for 28 bore

    How do you get on with it, Im looking to load some ITX 10 for the 28
  6. islandgun

    Jack's game

    I certainly remember his face and Bygones, although i lived near Holkham [Brancaster Staithe] I never got an invite to the hall. You better watch it MM youll be getting as many warnings for swearing as me... Mr xxxx Joice
  7. islandgun

    Jack's game

    There was a one off docu type film in the early 80's i think on channel 4. about a falconer, it seemed very realistic and showed a fair bit of pigeon decoying and ferreting for hawk food. can anyone remember it? The Jack Hargreaves series was a must watch for me as a young man. sadly we wont see the like again
  8. islandgun

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    i would check it against the guns you shoot well with, check for stock length, drop and cast
  9. islandgun

    Cartridge length

    As I remember it, HULL uses Cheddite cases, i will be reloading some cheddite loads next week and will let you know how they go
  10. islandgun

    Cartridge length

    Ive been trying to find out why my cre8 28g wasnt cycling.. try and guess what cartridges i have
  11. islandgun

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    I loved Norfolk when i lived there, N Norfolk and just outside Norwich...... flat ole place boi
  12. islandgun

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I hope your right mate
  13. islandgun

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I find it hard to believe that trump had any motive other than sticking the boot in the old enemy
  14. islandgun

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Ive seldom believed our governments and distrust ALL politicians. So far [all my working life] this judgement has been correct and without exception in my opinion....