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  1. Exactly ! your doing yourself a huge favour. not depriving yourself, rejoice in your independence [ I stopped rollies 15yrs ago and never looked back]
  2. islandgun

    European bison

    Re-wilding is a very much more complicated than just sticking a few large mammals into a space, most of our species have evolved to live in the managed land that is the UK, take away the management and loose them. At the risk of repetition I was involved for several years removing American Mink as they represent a serious risk to some of our indigenous animals, should we introduce the European Mink ? As I said earlier Iv'e no real problem with a large introduced herbivore especially a threatened one but I very much doubt SNH would agree..... mind you it would be something watching a pack of wild wolves chasing a Bison across a hill top in the Highlands..😉
  3. Sounds like a great plan !..... it's quite clear that the British government wont hesitate to have ALL animals killed and make the entire population eat British vegetables. no one will mind because we all like a nice turnip for Sunday dinner..
  4. islandgun

    European bison

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cows-officially-the-most-deadly-large-animals-in-britain-a6727266.html I personally dont have a problem with large herbivores wandering about but i would hate a child falling foul of an angry one
  5. Powerful stuff !! Thanks for posting
  6. islandgun

    Golden plover.

    The sounds of Golden plover, Curlew and Pinkfoot Geese.. calls to stir the soul
  7. Class photo ! ................ Knot Dunlin
  8. Thanks for your excellent reply, the rabbits are on the increase so they might be back on the menu, I assume they are studying the rabbits they have immunity to mixy, it would be good to think that something useful came from it
  9. A question 7days Has there ever been a case of mixy in humans, also what about bird or swine flu can these make the leap to humans ?
  10. I remember a thread by a man from Germany that ate Coypu, A while ago I was selling rabbit pies and stews to visitors [before our latest mixy outbreak] but im now wondering if they would be as well received, Im surprised the vegans aren't all over these flesh eating illnesses !
  11. great stuff ! might just get a bike after that bit of inspiration
  12. Marmot ? you either love or you hate it
  13. I think there is a case for every UK citizen to receive a million guineas from the current American government That we can give it to the native Americans for all the **** we caused..😉
  14. Cheers Steve b. Good opportunity to get the UK covered with trees..👍
  15. How the other half live !!.. her dad fell off his yacht [sustaining errr injuries] her mate topped himself in prison..makes you glad to be umble..😉
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