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  1. islandgun


    Just watched it, have to agree TBH was a bit underwhelmed. I do like Tom Hardy but he made me think of Brando
  2. Hmm cheers, Yes that makes sense, [I suppose.] So make something illegal, yet show there is a replacement, although at many times the cost, would absolve the government from any blame.. nice I think theres a market for decent English guns in America..🀠
  3. Connor.. the days of lead are numbered, do you think there is any chance the government would pay compensation to those that own [perhaps] obsolete guns. has there been a similar precedent
  4. Well ive read that 26" barrels are fashionable by 3 people in the Guns and equipment forum over the last 24hrs, so they must be, which makes me very cool.😎
  5. Prince Andrew and his nice wife ? ........or when will lockdown end
  6. It used to be that that it was bad practice to sow SB too early [the farmers bum test] must be very free draining and warm in the wolds We have had plenty of ice this yearπŸ‘. lovely to see the first stirrings of spring down in your county, Ive been cutting willows and there are leaf buds on them although the grass is still brown and no sign of new growth
  7. Agreed. The simple fact is that all, bar a tiny few are happy to be male or female despite or because of any differences. My own daughter had experience [nothing sinister] in the ladies toilet in a pub in Glasgow, I think the Girl Guides are also having problems with young people that aren't exactly girls
  8. πŸ˜„ Im not sure what the person is keeping in its y fronts, is that baldricks face ?
  9. Saw you were getting 18c ! thats a summer's day up here..πŸ˜„ Do you know what they are drilling ?
  10. Will do, I left the half bricks in the coal over a number of days and they simply cracked at the narrowest point's, this was in a very intense heat which I doubt a woodfired oven will reach ?. but it would be a shame if after completion and covering in render, bits of brick started to fall onto the base, I will post some pictures when its done, probably in the summer now !
  11. Hm cheers OPP, well the picture shows approximately where im up too. JKD advised that the engineering bricks might crack and low and behold after extensive testing in my multi/coal house stove with half bricks they did indeed crack, at prolonged temp at over 500c, I have now found some solid bricks in Skye and will build the oven with those as i don't want to risk it, Notably the standard sand/ cement mortar turned to dust at high temperature, I will be using fire cement
  12. Completely agree, Catching crays should be encouraged, it would be a live catch trap so native's could be slipped back, I remember catching them in Australia in the farm dam [yabbies] very good to eat
  13. I sometimes get seduced by my boss ! I work with my wife..πŸ˜‰
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