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  1. On the news last night, Greenland have voted to not allow mining for minerals which are used for mobile phones and electric cars because they dont want to destroy their land. I wonder where the greens stand on this [probably phoning each other as we speak] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56643429 https://qz.com/1988240/rare-earths-mining-takes-center-stage-in-greenland-elections/
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/burning-britains-moorland-ecological-disaster-23822597 The above is a link in a GWCT email this morning, GWCT appear to have replied with a 5 sentence letter sent to the mirror... The reply Our precious heather moorland exists precisely because of thousands of years of active management, including the use of fire (Burning Britain’s moorland an environmental disaster like 'cutting down rainforest’, 30 March). Drastic changes to how our moors are managed risk unintended consequences to a vital ecosystem ratified as globally important by the 1
  3. How have you found the sizing for Brandecosse ? im generally a 9 but my meindl 9's nip a bit
  4. brilliant ! Did you measure the temp under the oven and would it be an idea to put a cowl on the chimney to stop rain getting into the oven, The pizza looks fantastic
  5. Indeed. Upland pastures are at risk as well, some of them ancient, "un-improved" pasture is a mosaic of plant life that support a host of wildlife that have evolved to live there. they are what they are due to livestock grazing. Monbiot et al want to save the world by removing the livestock and planting trees, their reasoning is that we will all eat a plant diet and there will be no more methane from the gaseous cattle. sensible people can see many flaws in their reasoning but they wont get the air time. meanwhile stupid people will jump on the monbiot/green bandwagon and do untold damage, Cu
  6. The publics perception of people that shoot things isn't good, emotive language from just about anyone from vegans and save the Mink [yes its a thing] will appeal to all people intent on saving the planet, often as an aside from their own less than green lifestyle [or because of it] I guess to combat the populist media we need to disprove the like of WJ and monbiot and join with other concerned bodies like GWCT or The Moorland Association with the dominant aim of conservation rather than game shooting, healthy upland's benefits all
  7. I have your sub recipe for lead, 32grms of lead and 17grns of Vectan AS, could this be adapted, it would be good to make a suitable load using a fibre cup... does anyone have any load ideas for small gauges 28 and 410
  8. Very good ! well produced video .... enjoyed the whole field to plate coverage. for me it might have been slightly improved, if he had sat down with a large group of friend's to enjoy the occasion.. that is not a criticism
  9. I'm not sure a sport sometimes practised by a solitary person could be a religion, however if following a food fad [vegan] is now accepted as a religion then it follows that those who eat meat [perhaps harvested by their own hand] could also be considered as a religion.... The church of ethically sourced meat !
  10. Indeed. well done BASC, some might find this link interesting.https://www.moorlandassociation.org/who-we-are/
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-56370427 Quote "The main reason for decline of the curlew is loss of habitat and large number of predators", WJ [and others] disagree about predation and nearly everyone else wants to plant trees, which, if they they don't catch fire, will harbour a whole new range of predators and provide no habitat for the ground nesting birds that depend on our uplands to breed. I do despair for our country when the real land managers are sidelined by TV personalities and journalist's
  12. A great day ! Ive been trying for a McNab like yours for a few years, mine would likely be a rabbit, pollack and greylag, so far only got as far as two in the same day..😉
  13. Just googling moorland conservation and see the Wildlife Trusts are advocating re-wilding of moorland "allowing the land to be self willed" yet blaming wild fires for moorland degradation, Just what do they imagine will happen to this long woody heather growth, when [for what ever reason] fire takes hold in the dry months, god help the Curlew when the "knowledgeable" conservationist's take over
  14. How do they compare with woodcock ? I meant to have one this past season but they disappeared when we had a freeze, i did wonder where they went, as the next stop is the Atlantic, perhaps W Eire. There are several hundred flocking here at the moment, perhaps getting ready to move onto the moor ready to breed, a delightful bird !
  15. punch slowly..😴 .agree with freedom of choice. Its a slippery slope to make participants have insurance to cover rescuing and hospital treatment, "sorry can't rescue you, your insurance is only third party " got to be better to let everyone get on with their lives and we will do our best to help you if it goes **** up
  16. Plenty of these little beauties about
  17. Thats the random short back and side style, now popular with the fashionista.. full marks to your missus !
  18. I think its only a matter of time before boxing is banned, slowly followed by all other contact sports, we live in a world where decisions are being made by those with the loudest self righteous voice. individual choice will be denied
  19. Just saw this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-56360605 . all good if thats what they want , but what happens when the only transitioning person wants to use the girls/boys changing room
  20. Do you have sarking ? thats treated rough sawn boards 150mm x 25mm x 4.8m, great cladding butted up with the join covered with a half board, see photo of main building [not porch]
  21. islandgun


    I would never join a club that would have me as a member.... Marx.......groucho
  22. Of course!.. I see we are back to trendy short barrel's..🤓
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