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  1. I think you might struggle to swing by [ the ferries are problematic ] anyway you would certainly get a pasty or two if you can find your way here..πŸ‘
  2. Ha ha times really have changed, last time i worked on the potato harvest, they were hand picked by hard working ladies, tipped into big boxes [5cwt] which I loaded onto a trailer in between spinning out new rows. Some of those ladies wern't all that lady like😏...Good job with your gleanings a win win situation, some things have more value than money.
  3. ha ha thats a first, baked potato straight out the ground, they will be very small unless irrigated, and expensive, your plan to follow the machine at harvest will pay off this year for sure, its been damp here all summer, shame for the tourist's, no difference to me, looking forward to a few flights on the geese when it gets cold and maybe a rabbit soon, not doing much fishing but will be looking for a cod later on
  4. Hi mate Im fine if i can endure the heat, with a high temp this weekend of 20cπŸ˜„, I was there as a teen "decky learner" in the late 60s and remember the whicker bags and taking home a few plaice, but we stayed in the seamans mission so sold on the fish. the pubs were packed with men from all over the UK working on the boats, it made for an entertaining saturday night. we worked two weeks at sea and 2 1/2 days off. hope its not to hot down there for you and your taking plenty of liquid..πŸ‘
  5. I worked on the trawlers in Lowestoft as a lad, there were a lot, along with the filleting/packing sheds, net makers and ship chandlery ...not to mention the pubs where we spent all our money... back to the op, fish prices have almost doubled in the last year
  6. Outer Hebrides..πŸ˜€ Not any more, we used to deliver meals, now just a shop.πŸ‘
  7. I come from a generation that would have had a good cuff round their ear for wasting food in such a way. Its such a shame there wasn't someone there to empty a bottle over their heads [ and trainers]
  8. excellent ! .....you forgot working for the bbc..πŸ˜„
  9. Annoying children wasting milk..😑 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11095051/Animal-Rebellion-activists-slammed-pouring-MILK-Harrods-hurting-low-wage-workers.html Just noticed the brand new suede trainers !
  10. Local news saying licenced firearm
  11. We make and sell about 40 pasties a day as part of our bakery, Fish, veg curry and meat, I make the fillings and my wife the pastry, the fillings for the fish include, cod/haddock, onion leeks, potato and fresh tarragon, the veg curry pasties mix is very similar to a samosa, I use diced skirt, onion neeps and potato with plenty of coarse pepper in the meat pasty, we sell them hot, for me a pasty is the ultimate fast food takeaway ..
  12. 53 yrs for me, bought a SB Coey [Β£5] from a neighbouring farmer who also gave me permission for pigeons on his 40 acres which included 15 acres of under-sown clover he also gave me a sack of very old Shooting times ! . decoyed from a bale hide in comfort, progressed to next door farm of 400 acres with a few small woods and bought a new AYA Yeoman which i had opened out cost less than Β£50
  13. Not seeing anything about China on the BBC website
  14. Thats great, I bet he goes from strength to strength
  15. Anyone remember the Johnny Cash number "Burn Burn Burn the ring of fire"
  16. In my view, some people questioning some things is a healthy state, it encourages others to think or argue for themselves. mind you I dont trust Putin and his mates..πŸ˜„ ......Remember when he was amassing an army at the border of Ukraine declaring it was just an exercise
  17. Sorry to hear about your lad, glad the job helps, Its long been my view that young people thrive on responsibility and encouragement... and a bit of cash also helps
  18. I really feel for the youngsters today I have three just going into their twenties, [anti] Social media can cause so many problems, young people are being judged for their every action, finish with your girl/boy and hundreds have an opinion, as oowee said many feel inadequate when comparing themselves to others, even though the others may be bs, ing
  19. The west didnt believe that the Skripal killers were visiting cathedral loving tourists either, but it didn't stop them claiming it
  20. Just googled https://basc.org.uk/ufaqs/can-i-chase-canada-geese-on-water-in-my-boat/
  21. I think shooting from a boat with an engine isn't allowed
  22. Had a look at fb page... very interesting, will message via fb
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