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  1. 06/02/16 - 07/02/16 Gundog Wash and Tidy Up Weekend Norwich, Norfolk. Well that's the season now over and my 3 Spaniels will get a well earned wash groom and tidy up, ready for a well earned rest. I'm lucky that my wife is a Dog Groomer and the grooming salon is right next door to the kennels. My wife has kindly agreed to offer a gundog wash down and tidy up weekend on the 6th and 7th of February for anyone looking to come along for a cuppa and treat their Gundog to a bit of a pamper. She's offering a Wash, Dry, Brush Out, Nail Clip, and trim up all for a special price of £20
  2. Thanks for your reply’s / advice, I'm going to get him out with Mr Morley and see what he likes and can handle, don’t think I trust Santa with a gun in his sack coming down our chimney on Xmas night.
  3. Hi All i'm looking for a 410 or 20g shotgun for my son this xmas, i'm based in Norwich so if anyone has any suggestions or guns for sale please let me know? Thanks Jason
  4. Thanks Guys Permissions now granted. Thanks Whitebridges for taking me out tonight, my first rabbits in the bag! I was shocked how many Bunnies actually on the land, as well as the Munjack! Rabbits all gutted and in the fridge, ready for hotpot tomorrow. Any ideas how to get the stink of my hands? Cheers Jason
  5. Norwich folk must be fully permed up. Not much intrest so far. Local Farmer has said to get the poisons out and be done with? Dont see that as much fun
  6. jayman


    I live in the Golden Triangle, wonderful Such a vibrant diverse community with some quite upmarket areas. 5 mins from Norwich High School for Girls and 10 min walk to City Centre. I regularly drive to Station during rush hour and is 10 mins using known routes. Some nice houses on Christchurch Rd and a straight line drive to NHG
  7. Guys I have 25 Acres available to offer a couple of permissions for clearing Rabbits, Crows / Pigeon etc, will be planting in the spring so looking for someone with time on there hands and not just the odd day a month. Looking for someone with experience and willing to pass on their knowledge, particularly with rabbiting techniques. Normal safe conditions will apply, insurance, FAC, kit etc etc. Hopefully this will be of interest to someone as we have a lot of Rabbits. PM me with interest and details Cheers Jason
  8. Thanks Bentos I'm in no hurry still training my young Sprocker so would love a spot in a couple of seasons maybe? I'll keep in touch. Jason
  9. Welcome, any details on your syndicate any places coming available?
  10. Bird as in women, that would be cool!!? My post had a touch of tongue in cheek, dry wit about it, you obviously missed it!?
  11. Clay ground with a couple of raw juicy meaty bones in the back, she'll soon ignor the bangs. Try Cap gun starter pistol, from a distance before meal times the gun will signal dinner, then work your way up starter pistol, dummy, starter pistol closer and closer. starter pistol as she walks by your side, bang, sit. eventually trained to drop to shot. little at a time, always ***** your dogs reactions and try to think / plan out things that can incorperate the gun so they become comon place and to signal something is going to happen or something is required of the dog.
  12. Fenboy Please show me a real life Bird Launcher, that would be cool. Seriously come on??
  13. I could think of a few places to launch my wife, but no this is for the feathered kind. I did chuckle to myself... sorry weird sense of humour!?
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