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  1. Stevielad

    1/2 unf thread protector

    Could I have 2 please. PayPal ok?
  2. Stevielad

    30mm scope rings

    What height cookie? Steve
  3. Stevielad

    Invector plus chokes.

  4. Stevielad

    Invector plus chokes.

    Forgot to add, Comp-n-Chokes are ported. Steve
  5. Stevielad

    Invector plus chokes.

    Gustav, PM sent.
  6. Stevielad

    Invector plus chokes.

    4 x Teague extended chokes, 2 x 1mp/cyl, 1 x 1/2, 1 x 3/4. £105 posted. Sold pending payment. 2 x Comp n Choke, 1 x Full, 1 x Light Full, £75 Posted 1 x Browning choke, 1 x Imp/cyl, 1/2 Steel. £18 posted All invector plus, sent signed for. Will not allow me to up load photos (file too big???) Please PM email address if you are interested, and I will send them.
  7. Stevielad

    Sportschief wetlands coat.

    Thanks anyway pal.
  8. Stevielad

    Sportschief wetlands coat.

    Long shot I know, looking for a Sportchief coat, older model (Dura - supple) in wetlands camo, large or XL. Thanks in advance.
  9. Stevielad

    Crow decoys.

    Sorted. Thanks.
  10. Stevielad

    Crow decoys.

    Probably right mate.
  11. Stevielad

    Crow decoys.

    Hello, Would anyone have any crow decoys for sale, preferably the older type with no feet. Thanks Steve
  12. Stevielad

    Sillosock pigeon decoys

    Hello, looking for some sillosock pigeon decoys (feeders), pm me if you have any for sale. Cheers Steve
  13. Stevielad

    Sporting scene winter pigeon shooting.

    Hello, anyone want to sell their back up copy or the dvd? Thanks
  14. Stevielad

    Briley Extended Choke

    PM sent.