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  1. Always used E5 in my car and continue to. Apart from the extra price nothing has changed. My wife runs hers on E10 and has noticed a difference in mpg by about 10-15% less. I also run my mower on E5. Mower goes like a rocket 😂🚀
  2. I can't argue with that 😂
  3. Yet Priti Patel kept her job. Can't think why 🤔
  4. The media have started the old fuel shortage stories again. Creating a problem that doesn't exist. Got a call this morning from my Son telling me he heard on the radio about a garage running out of fuel. Next thing every garage I drove past had a queue. Fake news at its best.
  5. I don't have the pants but do have bamboo socks. Very good at regulating heat. Warm in winter cool in summer. You have to make sure they are Panda safe certified though 🤔🐼
  6. I would imagine you couldn't. There will be public right of ways etc. The only plus is you could build a really cool beach hut (if you gained planning consent) I have walked from Chapel point to Skegness along the beach so would have gone over the beach mentioned and never noticed it was privately owned.
  7. It's not the comedy getting more controversial. It's the world becoming more sensitive. I didn't find the Jimmy Carr joke funny but I certainly wouldn't suggest he shouldn't have said it. It's a joke. I have this rule. If I don't like a performer I simply don't listen to them. I don't run around wanting them cancelled.
  8. No pubs or amusement arcades just miles of open beach. 👍
  9. I honestly would have fancied this if it was nearer Chapel Point.
  10. So glad I have seen this post. I was going to commission a Longthorne Blenheim in June. Things will always go wrong and that's fine, but it's how those issues are dealt with that's important. And I am sorry but I hate wide boy warrantys that cover nothing. This sounds like a market trader not a reputable company. Shame on them.
  11. I had a message from an American supplier I deal with. They won't ship to the UK anymore due to our Gdpr rules. I had to look up what Gdpr was 😂
  12. Hi. It was from the British shooting show. The Entwistle shop who were the importers at the time. I think it was 13 inch. I believe they have since closed now. RAY TRADE are the importers now so try them.
  13. Rough rider knives do some of their pocket knives in carbon steel as well as Stainless. I have a few and lovely quality vs price.
  14. paulinlincs


    I used them last year. Can't find any fault with them at all. Everything was straightforward and their customer service was spot on.
  15. I have one of these. Wonderful little guns. Good luck with the sale.
  16. paulinlincs


    Funniest bit was the Duke testing the 0-60 time of his Jag on his private road. I enjoyed the programme. The handyman named Hooker should have his own show 😂
  17. Yep. Dan barrel blacker. Just had two sets of barrels back from him this morning. Excellent work. No RFD required just post your barrels and wait. 👍
  18. Less is more with this. A very thin layer palmed on with your hand.
  19. Slippery **** wax. No it's not a joke it's a brilliant product. It won't let me put the name. It's the short name for Richard 😂
  20. I have no issues whatsoever using Fiochi 24g through my 28 gauge. Recoil is no worse than 28g through my 12 gauge. But it does fit me like a glove.
  21. paulinlincs

    Adele 30

    No. I watched bits of the American chat show she did and read about her telling Spotify not to allow shuffle on her album and put me right off her. Shame as a very talented woman.
  22. paulinlincs

    Adele 30

    Yep. She has a huge talent that nobody can dispute but she seems to be taking herself so seriously now. She used to be such a laugh but has all of a sudden gone all Serious and Hollywood. Such a shame.
  23. This 🙄 someone's unwanted gun could be someone else's treasure.
  24. I have the KOFS 28g. I bought it on a whim as wanted to try a 28g, think I paid £479 new. I only use it on clays using Fiochi 24g carts and now no longer bother with my 12g s as my scores are much better with the KOFS. I have put a few thousand carts through it and it's never missed a beat. Build quality is lovely on the outside great wood and decent fit and finish. Inside parts are a little unfinished and obviously built down to a price. I am comparing to my Guerini or Beretta but it's a fraction of the price and as said it's been faultless reliability wise.
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