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  1. Yes, sorry about that. Just had a read of the rules after posting? £60 ono??
  2. Rotary magnet complete. 12 shell decoys, 11 sticks Flapper (does not currently work, thrown in) Camo net (couple of gaps in it, thrown in) Kit all be dry stored last five years since last use, time to move it on. Open to sensible offers for the job lot, offer what you think the Magnet is worth, the rest is pretty much thrown in with the deal. Located in Duns, Scottish Borders.
  3. jef

    Flat Roof Fix

    You're ******* in the wind, I'm sorry. For around 18 sq m £2k isn't a bad price. I do GRP roofs and I'd be looking for £100 per m. Offer to go halfs with your gran, in my mind the money you are going to spend doing it yourself is going to be wasted. No criticisms, just my 2p worth. JF
  4. jef

    iphone 5c

    I sent my first 5c back after a couple of days stating the battery life rendered the phone not fit for purpose. The second 5c developed a faulty (did nothing) home button. Both were 32g versions. I called up and made a stink, asked them to send me a 5s on the same deal and make sure it's a 32g version. They wanted an extra £270 for the 32g so they sent me a 16g instead. I lost interest by this point and just wanted a phone. For whatever reason a new 32g 5s turned up and I still have it a month or so later. Battery life is still **** tho. Experts advise switching off Bluetooth, 3G
  5. jef

    iphone 5c

    My 5s is a great phone, until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon when the battery dies. I can't understand why apple released a new phone with such a poor battery life, especially when it's compared to its predecessor. My 4 lasted a couple of days at least! Wouldn't be without it tho. JF
  6. jef

    Mortgage quickie

    Both fixed rate 2 years at 2.49% Or 4 years at 3.48% .?? Thank you JF
  7. I've always had an iPhone so when the renewal came in I went for a 5c. Got it out the box, charged and sync'd it and off to work next day. I had to charge it again by 3 o'clock. I asked other owners and they said "oh yeah, the battery is ****!" Sent it back for a 5s which after 10 minutes out the box developed a faulty home button. I say faulty, it didn't do anything. Waiting for a new one to arrive! If it wasn't for the 4G capability I'd have gone for a 4s on a cheap as chips contract. The 4 I have does everything I need it to at the minute, tho the faster service will be good. Go
  8. Great news, should never have come to court in the first place! JF
  9. I was in the market for a camera last week, until I bought an Ion AirPro camera. I did consider the above camera from eBay. Though looking at this the footage looks just as good. The deciding factor for me was a slightly different mounting set up and the ability to send videos to my iPad or iPhone via wifi. I paid £120 for the camera and £40 for the wifi upgrade. The app to go with it all was free. JF
  10. Had another day out with lammermuir game services today, 100 bird pheasant and red legs. Ended up with 97. First stand I had 4 pheasants for 36 shots. Thankfully the other guns were the same :-) Another brilliant day with a great bunch of lads. JF
  11. jef

    Countdown is 70

    8 out 10 cats do it better! Jf
  12. Welcome to the forum. Which part of that tiny country are you from? JF
  13. Yes it's their large/extra large as per the link. JF
  14. Pigeon Watch never fails when it comes to advise! That's why I love it. JF
  15. After 13 months maternity leave my wife is finally going back to work full time on Monday. We're talking about getting a cleaner in to help with the housework for a few hours a week. Can anyone advise me as to the going rate for a cleaner??? Thank you JF
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