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  1. I did the cpsa one last year, very intense, not a walk in the park but very thorough. Recommend it.
  2. I shot there yesterday, some good targets, few a bit stiff but overall good. 32p per clay on a card count system. They have compact sporting, Skeet and DTL, ABT. So plenty to go at. Cartridges on sale too.
  3. Since opening the topic up I went on to get my CPSA level 1 qualification. As time has gone on working with clients it has come much more visible to me now. When I started the course it was hard to keep focused on the end of the clients gun not the clay naturally being shooters, but now after keeping my eyes fixed to the end of there barrels with the clay in my prefferal vision it is much easier to see the parallax error (gap)
  4. Another one to try is if say you are a right handed shooter with you’re left thumb that supports the fore end have that pointing up towards the sky in such a way it prevents the off eye from seeing the end of the gun, like a screen so only you’re master eye can see a clear route to the muzzles.
  5. Try some opaque tape over your off eye, only the size of your thumbnail and see what you think. At the end of the day all these gizmos and gadgets are fine but being shooters we know we should be looking at the target not end of the gun. Once we start looking at clay in relation to the bead the gun will have the start stop effect along its flight path.
  6. Absolutely we can stand behind someone and say you missed that behind give more lead or missed in front half your lead...that’s what you have to factor in when giving a lesson to someone three R’s. Result (hit or miss). Reason (why you missed). And remedy how to rectify. To analyse these shots when on the shoulder of someone that’s when to use the parallax, it’s interesting just takes getting use to. Also being shooters we are told to focus on the target when coaching you look at the end of the gun in relationship to the clay, that also takes bit of getting used to. Perseverance I’ll get there.
  7. Thanks for the replies gents, yes it was to do with coaching and watching the barrel clay relationship. For instance if the cpsa method of shooting is trying to be taught. Pick up and lock on, move with, pull ahead and shoot. If that method is being used by the client than an equal distance (gap) will be seen whilst looking over the shoulder of the shooter then an increased distance (gap) will be seen indicating pull ahead. If swing through is being used then the starting gap will be small increasing to a big gap before the shot is taken. If maintained lead is being used then bigger than normal gap will be used before the shot is taken. currently doing my instructors course and was struggling with the concept of parallax to analyse the shot whilst looking over the shoulder but slowly coming to terms with it. Friend of mine is going to do some fault shooting for me to analyse. As others have said comes bit more natural the more you do/see. Hope I haven’t board you all😩
  8. Any one got any good tips or advice on the above, it’s typically used when instructing clients and used to see where barrel clay relationship is. Typically used when teaching the method of shooting. I’m getting my head around it but wondering if any tips to give me a ureka moment. I think the biggest thing to adapt is to match the clients head/gun movement with your eye movement, if that makes sense?
  9. My mate had a 174 had cam go in it twice. Think same engine as the old Audi A6 2.5. Went like stink though. I’ve got 2008 1.9 t5 same old school pd engine as the golf. Touch wood bomb proof. As for gear box friends of ours had one with dsg box, went sour cost them around £6k for new box as Vw said basically it’s a non repairable part so had to have genuine new.
  10. We bought ex demo with 1600 miles, it’s the premium nav I think really pleased with it, yes it’s no speed machine but where can you stick your foot down these days with amount of traffic/ lights around. When we were looking just seemed a lot of car for the money compared to our German competitors. Sales guy said they were selling 80 cars per month at that branch. Would I recommend.... definitely.
  11. Think the days of shooting over stubbles and roost shooting look a bit grim the way I read it.
  12. Hiya Jim, I am In GL55, Noth Cotswolds shall be shooting great little shoot near Broadway on Saturday if you fancy joining me. Cotswold shooting Broadway. Have a look.
  13. Very encouraging, not just the car but backup as well, 5 year or 100k where our German competitors only 3 if I’m correct? Sales guy was saying that investment has been thrown into design as well as reliability, poaching designers from Audi and another top brand.
  14. Well after asking you knowledgeable people about the Fiesta as looking for a new car for my wife, thrown a complete curve ball in to the mix and today been and bought the above. Really impressed with the car, no pushy salesman overall impressed. Collect in a couple of weeks.
  15. So had a drive around a few dealers for a nose and happened to call into Hyundai and to be honest I was impressed. Picked up some info on the i20 and am quite taken with it. 0% apr, 5 year warranty... Another one to think about??
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