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  1. Think the days of shooting over stubbles and roost shooting look a bit grim the way I read it.
  2. Hiya Jim, I am In GL55, Noth Cotswolds shall be shooting great little shoot near Broadway on Saturday if you fancy joining me. Cotswold shooting Broadway. Have a look.
  3. Very encouraging, not just the car but backup as well, 5 year or 100k where our German competitors only 3 if I’m correct? Sales guy was saying that investment has been thrown into design as well as reliability, poaching designers from Audi and another top brand.
  4. Well after asking you knowledgeable people about the Fiesta as looking for a new car for my wife, thrown a complete curve ball in to the mix and today been and bought the above. Really impressed with the car, no pushy salesman overall impressed. Collect in a couple of weeks.
  5. So had a drive around a few dealers for a nose and happened to call into Hyundai and to be honest I was impressed. Picked up some info on the i20 and am quite taken with it. 0% apr, 5 year warranty... Another one to think about??
  6. Thanks for replies, definitely food for thought.
  7. Currently my wife drives Vw Polo diesel, only doing short journeys ain’t doing it much good. Just had new EGR, DPF currently has a hole in it.... Anyway come to the conclusion of a petrol would be more justified for her nipping around. Quite fancy newish Fiesta eco boost. Wondering if any one runs a Fiesta and what they are like. Many thanks.
  8. I had a Benelli and it was cartridge fussy, didn’t like 24 gram cartridges and needed to be 70mm case. Mate just bought a super sport and that’s the same, fussy. Think reading somewhere one of the main brands was not great. Nothing worse than having a shot then seeing the case stuck in the breech!
  9. My lad is in the process of applying for a shotgun certificate and has just received a letter from our local surgery asking for a £15 fee to do letter. He has been and paid it tonight. I didn’t know if it’s for new applicants as when I renewed mine a year or so a go I never had to do it. We are in Gloucestershire.
  10. I’ve got td5 defender and that developed a whine under drive. Sounded like and old whistling kettle boiling as revs increased. Turned out to be out put bearing on transfer box going to front prop. Bit of a ball ache but to pinpoint mine I put all four corners on axle stands, started engine, selected 2nd and let wheels drive, she was whistling like a good un! Good luck
  11. Used two together on some pea stubble, nothing else birds wanted to be there in some order, shot sixty odd, mate was other side of the field and he said movement looked good, he had one magnet going and didn’t kill half that amount. Then tried it again on another day and ended up putting both in and shot over decoys only. No days the same as they say. Give it ago
  12. Just bought 687 grade 5 absolutely love it. Had mk38 grade 5 before and struggled with it
  13. I think this day and age what with a shortage of trades and certainly no one coming in to it we need to be looking around £200 per day. As I always say take your tax, insurances, phone tool and vehicle ware and tear out of it you’ll do well to be doing £140 a day. Look at it like that and that ain’t a lot of money!
  14. There is no such thing as a new cheap kitchen, just fitted a Howdens one for a customer kitchen alone was north of £10k and it wasn’t big so as said above if carcasses are ok then I’d say it’s a good buy, fitted right it’ll look top draw. Good luck.
  15. Chris is a sound bloke, knows his stuff and generally very helpfull. Always looked after me.
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