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    My lad is in the process of applying for a shotgun certificate and has just received a letter from our local surgery asking for a £15 fee to do letter. He has been and paid it tonight. I didn’t know if it’s for new applicants as when I renewed mine a year or so a go I never had to do it. We are in Gloucestershire.
  2. unico1

    Disco whine

    I’ve got td5 defender and that developed a whine under drive. Sounded like and old whistling kettle boiling as revs increased. Turned out to be out put bearing on transfer box going to front prop. Bit of a ball ache but to pinpoint mine I put all four corners on axle stands, started engine, selected 2nd and let wheels drive, she was whistling like a good un! Good luck
  3. unico1

    Twin magnets

    Used two together on some pea stubble, nothing else birds wanted to be there in some order, shot sixty odd, mate was other side of the field and he said movement looked good, he had one magnet going and didn’t kill half that amount. Then tried it again on another day and ended up putting both in and shot over decoys only. No days the same as they say. Give it ago
  4. unico1

    Berreta ultralight gold or silver pigeon ?

    Just bought 687 grade 5 absolutely love it. Had mk38 grade 5 before and struggled with it
  5. unico1

    Tradesman rates

    I think this day and age what with a shortage of trades and certainly no one coming in to it we need to be looking around £200 per day. As I always say take your tax, insurances, phone tool and vehicle ware and tear out of it you’ll do well to be doing £140 a day. Look at it like that and that ain’t a lot of money!
  6. There is no such thing as a new cheap kitchen, just fitted a Howdens one for a customer kitchen alone was north of £10k and it wasn’t big so as said above if carcasses are ok then I’d say it’s a good buy, fitted right it’ll look top draw. Good luck.
  7. unico1

    The Broadway Gunroom

    Chris is a sound bloke, knows his stuff and generally very helpfull. Always looked after me.
  8. unico1

    Beretta 687 5

    Scully it was on Gun Trader. Picture quality was not great. Perhaps I should of got them to send more pictures. Only saving grace it was only half an hour away, bin cheesed off if I would of traveled far.
  9. unico1

    Beretta 687 5

    Yes I can believe it, super reliable it was the fact being told on the phone that this gun had only had a small amount of cartridges through it I thought it would be a bit special this was clearly not the case. I reacon it was worth about half the cost he had it up for given its state. I’ll aim now for private sales as they seem a bit more genuine. In no mad rush one will crop up.
  10. unico1

    Beretta 687 5

    Went to have a look at one today, supposedly only had 1000 cartridges through it.... well more like 10000, wood was beaten up to all this from a trader. I’ll keep looking as I do like these guns.
  11. unico1

    Beretta 687 5

    I did see that figgy on you tube review, apparently with a certain solution it will come off. It’s not the true colour hardening, I’ll have a look. Cheers
  12. unico1

    Beretta 687 5

    Might have a look at one this weekend, fixed Choke, 30 inch just wondering any guys on here got one and thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. unico1

    VW Golf rant

    Just had egr done on 1.6 tdi polo last week, pig of a job £750. Its same engine as golf. Located at the rear of the block, driveshaft out just to get to it. Apparently there was a recall to do it but we bought it second hand. It’s 80k, garage said they normally give in around 40k so lucky to get that. I don’t think the engine is that strong, probably move it on shortly.
  14. unico1

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Got to be a Henry, them cordless jobies only good for hovering the car when you spill the bird seed😁
  15. unico1

    Law and order?

    Couldn’t agree with this post more, seems pcs have 4 days at work then 5 off! No wonder it’s a free for all for the toe rag society. Just the other day my neighbor a police officer saw a person in a vehicle stopped outside my drive taking a picture of my van, he noted the reg as it’s in his instinct. Guess what two nights after someone attempted via cutting damn big hole in me van door to nick my kit. He reported it at the time of spotting the vehicle and was given a crime number, I too reported it when they did my van telling the person to link the two incident numbers together. Now if that’s not putting two and two together and getting 5!! I don’t know what is! Received a letter the other day from constabulary saying sorry due to insufficient information this case will be closed. So going full circle back in your day they would of had a knock on the door. Sign of the time but flipping frustrating.