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  1. Kill the chickens then your rats will have nothing to eat .job done
  2. I love my fx cyclone i have had every make model out there in my 35 yrs and so far this is looking a keeper it's beautifully made shoots like a dream and looks nice too but the main point about this is it hasn't developed any faults ,leaks or anything . Unlike my daystates ,hw s which gave me endless faults so much so i will never buy another one of either of those makes again.
  3. My fx cyclone preferes the daystate heavy's brilliant pellet
  4. Yeah the only way the hw is way infront of bsa is by the amount of leakes you will develop lol all my hw 100 s leaked either straight out of the box or a week later .i have had 2 r10 s and scorpion se,ultra se .and never had any issues at all.
  5. If you do choose parcel farce ask the driver to wait while you quickly open the box and inspect it before he leaves .i have seen several rifle stocks broken by them then it's a huge problem for compo as the delivery company will blame the factory and viser a versa or you will be blamed .i always do this with my guns .
  6. I've found one of these 06 plate £4999 i'm tempted is there anything i should look out for when test driving any known issues .
  7. It's not the lead you need to worry about *** there's more **** in your food ie antibiotics in your chicken,pork,lamb,beef,etc,iodine mercury and other toxins in your tuna,hormones in your eggs,milk,gluten ascorbic acid etc in bread acid nitrates in your bacon artificial sweeteners in drinks lol all proven to cause cancer ,diabetes,hormone imbalnce leaky gut etc etc .then theres the GMO foods TOXIC is one word lol and they are crying over a few tons of lead over the whole of the UK.
  8. A person i know was charged with abh he did 4 months he also was granted a sg license two yrs later but the police took it back off him saying it was granted in error he took it to court and lost so just uses airguns now .My friend is a sargeant in my local station and he says when violence is used then there is basicaly no chance now of gaining a sg license .
  9. I've shot for 35 yrs now and i don't turn up till around 9.am i like to let the birds settle on a certain field before setting up
  10. Shame your too far bud i would have had this been after one for ages
  11. 25 in one bird i shot a few yrs ago whilst roost shooting
  12. The oak trees are bare up here so too are the conkers and beach mast .which is a good thing as the birds will be on the rape early.
  13. I had all three mk1 2 3 ,the mk2 was the best i put a custom bolt and ten shot mag converter and it was great obviously theres no anti tamper so i had it running at 11.9 with AA field 22 cal and it was very accurate and bagged me loads of game great little gun
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