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  1. I have a remington 11-48 in 410, its a lovely little gun but is fussy with carts, 19g fiocchi's work the best, one day I'll get a 1100 to match it when one comes up in the right condition. I shoot mainly small gauges and when armsan brought out the semi in 410 the local gun shop asked me to take one out and test it for them (Good friend owns it) I tried it with an array of carts and it was hopeless, didn't cycle any, pulled most of the primers out and bent/split the end of the shell! It went back to the shop with a damming report and was later recalled back to armsan never to be seen ag
  2. Hi all, as per title please. cheers Tedly
  3. Hi all I have the following for sale as I've I've upgraded! Brattonsound st7+ with top locking box, dimensions H 1515, W 407, D 276, suitable for scoped rifles. Not to be confused with the normal st7 as this is bigger and has a internal locking box. (if you Google it they all come up without the internal box so are smaller in height and cheaper) Few marks from moving it around, 2 sets of keys for both locks. I'd like £200 which is a good saving on a new one. PM me for pics Cheers Tedly
  4. Mk60 high pheasant with fixed 3/4 and full...! It's my game gun but I use it for clays as we'll including skeet! I was thinking about getting it teagued but I asked a mate who's shot for Wales and he told me not to bother and just shoot it more... oh, and I don't really don't worry about averages however lets just say I do alright for myself......😉 Forgot to say, I always use 24g on simulated game days and have never needed anything stronger even on 60 yard + clays.....and I don't end up with a sore shoulder after 400 shells unlike some of the others shooting!!
  5. I only use 24g on clays..... And I get on fine with them even on the long stuff.
  6. I have a mk60 HP and for the money I paid (it was a browning ex display gun which went to all the shows, so the wood is extra nice) I can't fault it... The gun fits me like a glove and soaks up recoil really well, I've shot some real stonkers with it consistently!! Oh and I shoot skeet with it as well!! Tedly
  7. Hi I'll take this please, perfect for my 28g Cheers tedly
  8. Hi everyone hope your all well... I'm trying to find a UK gunsmith who is a expert with Remington's. I searched the web and did find someone but I've lost it since and can't find it again!! Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Tedly
  9. Seen this gun it's in stunning condition, first to see it will buy as it's a bargain
  10. Has anyone got a nice example with 30in barrels and 15in stock they may want to part with! I've looked on gt and others but wondering if anyone has one or has seen one for sale in a gun shop. Cheers tedly
  11. Hi all, I've just joined the Caerwys and district clay club, I shot 50 last Sunday as unfortunately I couldn't stay for the 100. I can honestly say what a nice bunch of people who made me feel very welcome. Anyone a member on here?? Tedly
  12. Musto shirts gone to tonker... Cheers tedly
  13. It really is mint, oiled and not a mark...
  14. This item is brand new and unmarked... I bought it to put on my rifle and quickly decided it was far to nice to damage it in the field..... Yes I know that sounds daft but it's a working gun and I'd be too scared to scratch it!!! 😳 Pretty sure you'll struggle to get one of these as they don't come up very often £225 Ono posted (which will be fully insured) cheers tedly
  15. Hi guys having a big clear out lots of shooting stuff going for sale over the next week or so, here's the start before they go on evilbay! 4x shooting shirts, 2x musto both 16.5 collar both in excellent condition 2x Barbour both large both in excellent condition £17.50 each posted or I'll do 4 for £55 posted 1 X Ralph Lauren polo shirt size large, brand new never been worn just been in the back of my cupboard £17.50 posted (yes I know it's not shooting related) barbour shooting waistcoat size M fits a 42" chest, excellent condition £45 posted browning intern
  16. More than happy to RFD it... would send lots of close up pictures of needed Tedly
  17. Ha ha keep dreaming old man......
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