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  1. Wow, what an offer. Thought I was needing a visit to specsavers as I had to read it a few times.
  2. Are the police really any different from any other group of people. Are all Nurses Beverly Allett are all Doctors Harold Shipman. How many times have people stood up for a work colleague without really knowing them. How many times has someone come on this site and talked about accusations made against them and straight away members automatically take their side purely due to the fact they share similar interests. Why is it so strange to think this policeman's colleagues would initially support him. But no all coppers are scum because of one man. Put it this way someone comes on here saying *I've lost my guns because my wife reported me to the police for a row" straight away she's an anti bitch and the police are overreacting. If it then turns out poster has kicked the **** out of his wife and kids does that then make those who offered him support scum.
  3. Totally agree with the points you've made. Don't agree with the garbage some numpties are spouting about Southgate choosing black players to take penalties purely to make a statement.
  4. toontastic

    ENG v DEN

    Some people can't resist the chance to put down football and English fans. I've seen laser pens in use at many different sporting events not just football. Bad behavior from sports fans is nothing new and it's not just English football fans. Take a look at what happens in the USA when a team has won a sporting event, rioting and even cases of people being killed. I was in Germany when they won Italia 90, gangs took to the streets smashing up cars and vandalising property.
  5. Yes. Greggs now do Vegan sausage rolls
  6. There you go then, that explains it all. If only he supported the mags and had a decent bacon sarnie he might have made the qualifying time.
  7. Unbelievable, a man can't run as fast aged 38 as he did aged 29. Who'd have thought it, someone getting slower as he gets older.
  8. In the de Menezes case the officers had a judgement call to make on the info given and an innocent man died. But it could have so easily been the other way around, he could have been a suicide bomber and the officers judgement call could have been different and dozens could have died.
  9. I was in a similar situation. I was 16 and working for a dairy and started at 3.00, for the first few weeks I got stopped on a number of occasions but then it just stopped.
  10. For the armchair experts who think killing someone is just a matter of shooting them in the head.... Tomorrow is the 39th anniversary of the shooting of the Israeli ambassador to London . He was shot in the head with a 9mm, his attacker was shot in the head with a. 38 by his police protection officer. Both men survived.
  11. You mean let them detonate on a crowded bus just to confirm it's a real bomb.
  12. Problem is too many play x-box and become experts. Why did it take so many rounds to actually kill him? Some are questioning the shooting ability of the police but sometimes it takes a lot to stop a target with loads of adrenaline pumping around. In the Falklands on Tumbledown some Argentinians had 7.62 SLR rounds in them but kept coming and kept firing. Its amazing what it actually sometimes takes to stop a person.
  13. I was on a bus the other day and there was more than 16 passengers, was that just the frantic pursuit if the pound?
  14. Surely the number 16 is irrelevant without further details
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