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  1. Nothing like a bit of victim blaming, someone near me fought back when they were raped and had their head bashed in with a brick. But I suppose they could have stopped it if they wanted to.
  2. If we entered such a league Mike Ashley would be happy finishing bottom every season. He'd pay mediocre wages, buy second rate players and just happily lose every game and pick up millions in tv money.
  3. No longer the special one. How do you feel about a super league, I've just heard that Florintino Perez (Real Madrid) is going to be chairman with a 3 member (American) sub committee of Glazer (Man U), Henry (Liverpool) and Kronke (Arsenal).
  4. Don't be negative and don't give up. Get around your local shoots looking for beating and offer to help out. Once your face gets known you'll soon pick up offers of shooting trips.
  5. Is it newcastle wildfowlers you are joining
  6. I notice you are from Prudhoe, plenty of farmland west along the A69. Have you tried out Corbridge, Stocksfield or Ponteland. Failing that have a look at Newcastle wildfowlers, they have access to pigeon shooting and inland fowling (although there are one or two on here who will be insulted by calling it fowling). They also hold monthly meetings and social events (dog scurries, clay shoots, BBQ). A good place to go and meet like minded people, and if you are mad enough they'll even arrange a few guided trips to lindisfarne.
  7. Don't just limit yourself to beating at one place. I have one place where I attend every shoot and a few other places where I go if one of their regulars can't make it. Network and make yourself known to as many people as possible. DON'T be too pushy in trying to get shooting from other beaters/gamekeeper, they'll likely ask you to participate once they get to know you. DO be helpful and join in the banter with the rest of the team. Eventually opportunities will come along.
  8. The people I know who buy gold all use Atkinson.
  9. Bullion gold coins are the way to go. They are CGT and VAT free. To give you an idea of price the current spot price of 1oz gold is £1230, Royal Mint is selling a 1oz Britannia at £1330, Bullion by Post at £1320 and Atkinson at £1309. So as you can see prices do vary. Buying single coins is the most expensive way to buy, dealers give discount for multi buy. Silver Brittania coins are CGT free but are not VAT free.
  10. But chances are your local chippie is on just eat.
  11. People are assuming the Millwall fans were booing taking the knee, it could have been the player standing in the centre raising his fist they were booing.
  12. If I've read it right the Senate would vote for president and Congress would vote for vice president in the event of a draw. So we could have had Trump/Harris which would have been very interesting. Biden/Pence would have been no fun at all
  13. Of course he shouldn't have had the death penalty, he should have been subjected to a regime were he woke up every day wishing he was dead.
  14. We in the free world keep trying to bring democracy to everyone else, yet we can't even seem to get it right ourselves.
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