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  1. I hope you get your citizenship and never return to this country. Over the years I've seen many sacrifice everything for this country. I don't want people here who wish harm to the country and its people just because a vote didn't go their way.
  2. I'm on my way to yours, have the cash ready in holdalls. I've got it spent already, this nice Nigerian princess who contacted me via email and has offered to pay me back 50 million if I lend her 1 million. Its a no brainer really, I'll be set for life.
  3. I'll be getting a slap from my Rabbi on Friday night if I can't.
  4. I don't agree with untold thousands coming here, but I'm more than happy for a fit for purpose immigration system with proper checks and vetting. It is the responsibility of all civilised countries to provide a safe haven to genuine people fleeing for their lives.
  5. I trust if Britain ever became a nightmare state where children were raped and murdered you would not even consider sending your young family members away to safety, as that would so obviously be the wrong thing to do. When I had lumps in my throat and on my thyroid I had my life saved by an immigrant (Iranian Muslim) to this country I don't know how he came to be in this country I'm just grateful he was. I trust in the same situation you would refuse his help. I am not ashamed of being a zionistic jew but I am ashamed of once viewing all Iranians as my enemy.
  6. I for one wouldn't want to see a justice system where politicians can order a retrial if the jury verdict doesn't suit. The best hope IMO is that if the trial judge is too lenient then it is appealed and a maximum sentence for the offence is applied.
  7. I don't actually need a pup, got a house full of quality cockers. I just thought I'd do a search out of interest, and I was totally shocked at the prices. I can only put it down to pure greed. Totally agree with all your comments about finding the right breeder and getting your name down.
  8. OMG just been searching for cocker pups in my local area, prices range from £1800 - £2600.
  9. Range is open, book by phone.
  10. Are you able to take air rifle shooters out on your permission in return for outings on their permission. Have you tried to find some beating as that usually opens doors to shooting. Good luck in your search
  11. Some people do find it hard to differentiate between banter and genuine racism. An ex neighbour who was Chinese sent me a Xmas card from a dog charity, on the front was a picture of a dog with the slogan a dog isn't just for xmas. So he wrote on the inside that it's also good for sandwiches on boxing Day.
  12. Apparently it was there for about 6 months, used as a handle for opening garage door. NASCAR have done some diversity training and asked people to stop tying loops and hangman noose and just tie a knot on the end of ropes used as handles. The reason they gave was loops or hangman noose are offensive to people of colour.
  13. Yes all good fun between friends. But how would Paul react if a total stranger made offensive remarks about his colour or someone refused to serve him. It's like me I fully accept mates calling me Jew boy and always joking about how tight I am with money. But I don't see why I should have to accept people telling me the best thing Hitler did was gassing ****** jews
  14. Not so long ago there were 2 white British males both recently released from prison for killing pensioners. Together they abducted a young woman, tortured her then finally put her into her car before pouring petrol on her and setting her on fire. It just goes to show you don't need to be an immigrant to commit terrible crimes, but it does show that you do need to be an immigrant for the public to be outraged.
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