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  1. I don't know how many more times it can be said but, if you have crops being damaged by woodpigeons you don't need to apply for a licence to shoot them. There is a new general licence available allowing them to be shot, just read the licence thoroughly, make sure you understand it and follow what it says.
  2. Wales is currently unaffected by the general licence fiasco, so for guided shooting it's probably still business as usual.
  3. Just Read gl31 and comply with it. If you think sufficient non lethal methods have been tried and problem still exists then crack on.
  4. They could be legally shot up until a few weeks ago, apply for an individual licence if they are such a problem.
  5. No need to apply for anything.
  6. You didn't actually get a letter it was just a condition on your fac. The rule only stopped target shooters getting expanding ammo, nothing to stop you using solids on vermin.
  7. Rules on expanding ammo changed last year, it's no longer covered by added conditions.
  8. Because you couldn't use expanding ammo for target shooting . If your fac was only conditioned for target shooting you were prohibited from buying expanding ammo.
  9. Wouldn't have thought so, as their responsibility for the animals ended when they handed them over to the care of the vets.
  10. Up here we always take our butlers shooting with us, nothing beats being served ice cold Moët and best beluga caviar when out shooting pigeons.
  11. Exce Did you apply online for your licence for crop protection from pigeons.
  12. Why can't he protect his lambs, GL for crows attacking livestock has been active since yesterday.
  13. Looks like licence's to protect wild birds from carrion and magpies are the next 2 to be issued. Thanks for posting the link.
  14. Apparently after being offered a house in Sunderland she's now decided to stay in Syria.
  15. When you took over the property they would have been the registered supplier to that property. You say you didn't want to be supplied by them but did you contact another company to take over the supply, or did you just continue using their supply.
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