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  1. BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    Where does it say Peter Glenser was the QC Who carried out the review.
  2. Luxating patella

    Thanx all for some very positive input, I'm progressing with his training and just treating him as I would any other puppy.
  3. Luxating patella

    It was a ftch x ftw mating, the ftch stud dog is very well known to anybody with an interest in trials. Sorry I don't want to pass on anymore info regarding names until diagnosis has been confirmed. Perse Thanx for the info about the other dogs with it, hopefully he'll be able to fulfil his potential even if diagnosis is confirmed.
  4. Luxating patella

    Just had my 17 week old cocker at the vets for his final jab He's been examined twice already and the vet found nothing wrong, but now he thinks he might have a luxating patella He's getting checked again in four weeks as the vet says it might just be a puppy issue that will settle down Does anyone have any experience of this type of problem and it's long term affect on a working dog
  5. cocker how far can it run?

    Ego trip, hey everyone look at my cocker he can run 26 miles wow isn't he fantastic.
  6. A New Political Party on the horizon.

    No matter how many times a fat lass says she's on a diet she'll always stuff her face at an all you can eat buffet.
  7. Terrible decisions

    The breeder also deserves some credit in offering to take him back and give a full refund. I know a few people who wouldn't be so obliging.
  8. Dog eating too fast

    You can buy bowls designed to slow down fast eaters.
  9. Depression

    Is it depression or are you just feeling a bit fed up with the same old routine, either way have a chat with someone. As others have said don't be worried about seeking professional help, I personally know a shooter who was off sick with depression and he still has his SGC.
  10. What to do when killed?

    I raw feed my dog and on FB there is a group for local raw feeders, one member regularly sells fresh head shot rabbits to other members. May be a worthwhile idea to see if there is a similar group covering your area Pity you aren't closer I would happily take some rabbits and squirrels off you, I don't manage to get out now and my freezer is empty.
  11. BASC opposes new proposals for medical fees

    What would you suggest as a suitable cost.
  12. Who are you insured with

    I'm NGO, but I often wonder what would happen if everyone just took out public liability insurance and we had no funding of shooting organisations.
  13. Are you British

    It chops and changes, when England play Wales, Scotland or Ireland at Rugby I'm English. When the lions play I'm happy to be British and proud of it.
  14. Lidl

    Too true, but pandering to these groups and giving them small victories such as kangaroo meat and huntsman outfits is only going to encourage them.
  15. Lidl

    Animal rights group viva are claiming credit for spearheading the campaign to remove kangaroo from sale in British supermarkets.