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  1. 9 weeks old is too young to be training, spend the time bonding and enjoy each others company.
  2. I don't see how it would even be a police matter. Unless she did it deliberately. But I think as it's accidental and on private property it's something that would need sorting by the parties involved.
  3. In Northumberland several places I've previously beat at are not shooting this coming season. How's it looking in the Borders.
  4. It's not the rocket sites they notify them about being attacked, it's ammo stores, radio stations and political offices. Some of the areas that had casualties were not on the IAF target area so the damage was most likely a falling rocket. I don't know who exactly they notify in Gaza but there are intermediaries who act as a go between.
  5. He's talking about Arab rockets falling on residential areas and yet you still manage to blame the Israelis. Today I've seen footage of rockets falling straight back down the earth and exploding in residential areas. Shin Bet also sent out warnings for areas to be evacuated and IAF pilots aborted missions due to observing children on the ground.
  6. It's the little things the media condemns the Israeli blockade but often fails to mention that Egypt also blockade. The UN describing the term "Jewish state" as an apartheid term but saying "Islamic Republic" is acceptable why just criticise the Jewish one.
  7. The end is in sight but Iran and the extremists who think all infidels should be removed from the middle east are making it hard. Only last week closer ties between Israel and Morocco were announced, there is a huge trading estate/business park being planned on the Jordan Israel border, designed to bring thousands of well paying jobs to both Arab and Jew The Abraham Accord is developing closer links between Arab and Jew but Iran and its proxys are against it.
  8. Yes the term Palestine was there as the Romans did indeed name the region that. But the idea the Arabs are referred to as Palestinian is a fairly new concept. Censuses over the ages simply referred to the population as either Arab or Jew no group was identified as being a Palestinian people. But not against Al Queda and Isis targets. I'm happy to accept criticism but some of it is driven by Anti-semitism.
  9. Funnily enough at a UN meeting last year (chaired by North Korea and attended by Yemen, Iran and Syria amongst others) Israel was criticised for using its tech and a suggestion was made that the Arabs should be offered the same tech.
  10. Just a few more points mainly on Apartheid, Arabs can own property in Israel but it is an offence in most Arab/Islamic countries for Jews to own property in fact it is a capital offence to sell to a Jew in some countries. Let's talk about peace oh hang on we can't because talking about peace with Israel carrys a death sentence in some countries, Iraq is the most recent to pass that law. The World is quick to condemn Israel but Arabs are payed a bounty for killing Jews anything up to $2500 a month (killing young children earns a higher bounty) so were is the condemnation. On Friday The Imman at the Grand Mosque in Mecca reminded the worshippers of their duty to kill Jews as they need to be eradicated again were was the world's condemnation.
  11. You really don't know anything about history. But let's get the apartheid out of the way, Israel is so good at apartheid the supreme Court judge is an Arab, the army has Arab commanders and pilots are also Arab. Some Schools, Hospitals and Universities are run by Arabs. Arabs have seats in Parliament in fact Arabs in Israel have the same rights as Jews. So much for apartheid. As for Palestinians up until 1968 there was no such thing as a Palestinian people it was a term invented by the Egyptian born Arab of Saudi heritage Yasser Arafat. There was a Jordanian terrorist at the time who said "they just started coming around telling us we were no longer Jordanian or Egyptian but had to start calling ourselves Palestinian" * up until the 1940s Arabs used to call Jews Palestinian as a way of insulting them. As for Jews being invaders under the 1894 census carried out by the Ottoman Empire it showed Jerusalems population was 84% Jewish. But you keep reading left wing comics and I'll keep visiting museums and libraries and read books pre WW2.
  12. Islamic Jihad have an ideology similar to Al queda or isis, when their leaders are killed by drone strikes or missile attacks and civilians are killed and injured why doesn't the world condemn the USA or UK
  13. You mention Israeli air strikes alongside indiscriminate bombing in Syria but fail to mention terrorists launching 100s of missiles at civilian targets.
  14. Has anybody had any luck in getting any beating through this group. I've been trying to join the group but haven't been accepted yet.
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