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  1. Gun Related Number Plates

    My mates plate spells CAT, yet he doesn't even own one. How many people have a plate spelling GUN that don't even shoot there must be thousands.
  2. Shooting Services Ltd

    The address on the site is Jonathans home address, I believe he runs the Mayfair shooting centre in Sunderland and also Tyne Valley rifle club. I used to be a member of Tyne Valley for a number of years and never had any problems dealing with Jonathan. I also know several other members of both clubs that post on PW.
  3. Lily Allen at it again

    TFL were right to wipe the board clean, the only thing that did wrong was not to then write it on an even bigger board. I say let's have 3 new public holidays, roukes drift day, Waterloo day and trafalgar day and make the lefties work on those days if it offends them.
  4. Springer Spaniel “Crabbing”

    Mines 13 and he still does it
  5. Stolen gundogs

    Yet more dogs stolen from down that part of the country, last night kennels near Bridport were targeted and 6 cockers taken. once again there are reports of a white transit in the area.
  6. Fac question

    I'm no expert, but wouldn't it make more sense to allow rfd to be able to do a one for one swap of guns of the same calibre.
  7. Stolen gundogs

    Update: just heard 2 of the dogs stolen from south Molton have been found dumped in Northumberland, which goes to show that no matter where in the county you live please keep a look out for these stolen dogs.
  8. stolen pets

    A man was convicted at Newcastle crown court last year of doing such a thing, dogs were stolen and taken out to woods near Durham where a pit had been dug. The stolen dogs were then thrown into the pit with fighting dogs.
  9. Speeding Fine (Best option)?

    The op has been a very naughty boy, he's accepted his guilt and is awaiting his fate. What harm is he doing anyone by asking for advice on how to proceed in the hope of getting the best possible outcome.
  10. Five people killed, West Yorkshire

    How can you make such a ridiculous statement from the info given.
  11. SGC question

    Your health centre should provide you with the information you require, but it may take a freedom of information request to get it. Unfortunately it can take up to 40 days and it may cost you.
  12. Best trousers for beating?

    Glad you enjoyed your day out, next time you come up guess who'll be doing all the rough stuff.
  13. I've just been asked to go beating tomorrow but can't make it. If anybody is after a bit beating I know of 2 places looking for help.
  14. I was with ISIS and now I want to come home.

    To quote conservative MP Rory Stewart, "they should be shot on sight"
  15. BBC show ignorance again!

    Sky, itv, channel 4, channel 5 and the majority of the written press have all covered this story. But you choose to have a go at the BBC. Perhaps you should have done your homework then you could have stated a topic highlighting the ignorance of all broadcasters on this matter.