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  1. toontastic

    Guidance required!

    I don't know what you do for a living, but going door knocking in a works van is sometimes useful.
  2. toontastic

    world cup

    Two deaths
  3. toontastic

    world cup

    Let's not forget when the euros come around in 2 years time the final is at Wembley. So what more incentive is there than the chance of silverware on your own patch.
  4. toontastic

    world cup

    Apparently I'm an idiot who knows nothing about football, but IMO England lacked a few key things. A truly world class player who can make things happen, a proper captain and an ability to change playing styles when the need arises. But I've also seen some positive things Trippier has been a revelation as has been Maguire. Most of the team will get a crack at the euros, if the management focus on the negatives and learn from the mistakes hopefully 2020 at Wembley will bring us some glory.
  5. toontastic

    Am I entitled to travel time?

    +1 he's not even travelling to work and back, it's to attend college.
  6. toontastic

    world cup

    Can I come, sounds like heaven
  7. toontastic

    world cup

    If the football is so rubbish why are you bothering to watch it, or are you one of those weirdos who like to watch things just so they can then complain.
  8. toontastic

    Match fixing?

    If we wanted/needed a goal then yes Harry Kane would be the logical choice. But we put on a much inferior player, but because he's inferior and probably incapable of scoring does that mean he doesn't want to do his best and score. I'm not capable of playing for England but if I was on the pitch and in front of goal I'd want to score and do my best.
  9. toontastic

    Match fixing?

    I'm well aware of what is required to succeed in tournament football, and for what it's worth I don't rate Wellbeck at all. I think he would even struggle to score against a mediocre side. But i never said he was capable of scoring goals, I simple said he would want to score. I'm a poor shot at best and I know I can't hit anything to save my life, but that doesn't change the fact that I still go to the clays wanting to hit them.
  10. toontastic

    Match fixing?

    Well if you say I'm an idiot. Then I guess I must be. Thanks for letting me know. But I'll stand by my statement that the players on the pitch would have played to win. If I was in that situation and management sent me out to be a sacrificial lamb I think my instinct would be to prove them wrong. Our reserves lost to Belgium reserves purely because there lot were better. Or do you really believe Pickford let them score and our strikers deliberately missed if so then I guess you're just as much an idiot as me.
  11. toontastic

    Match fixing?

    It's clearly you that knows nothing about football. Of course the players on the pitch wanted to win Show me a goalkeeper who is happy conceding goals, I've seen goalkeepers have a strop when they've been 7-0 up and then conceded in the last minute. Raheem Sterling has been poor at best and Rashford went into the game against Belgium looking for goals to try and force out Sterling, even Wellbeck when he came on would've been thinking to himself that a goal or two could force Southgates hand.
  12. toontastic

    Match fixing?

    Well done Gareth and the team, good squad management is what playing tournament football is all about. All the big teams do it, resting your main players when you can to avoid injuries and suspensions. I actually thought Belgiums changes last night were bigger changes than England's, de Bruyne and Hazard are 2 genuinely world class players. I also don't think England played to lose, wellbeck coming on for rose was a change made to get us a goal.
  13. toontastic

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    The Queen isn't the wealthiest woman on earth, she's not even the wealthiest in England, she's not even anywhere near the top ten women in England.
  14. toontastic

    Mr. Tickle

    Emily Thornberry objects to the term "little miss" and suggests "ms" as more appropriate.
  15. toontastic

    Mr. Tickle

    Can all parents please be aware that there is a collection of books called Mr Men, and according to some nutter on GMB they are harmful to children. The leader of the Mr Men is Mr tickle who is apparently a sexual predator and can be compared to Harvey weinstein.