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  1. But chances are your local chippie is on just eat.
  2. People are assuming the Millwall fans were booing taking the knee, it could have been the player standing in the centre raising his fist they were booing.
  3. If I've read it right the Senate would vote for president and Congress would vote for vice president in the event of a draw. So we could have had Trump/Harris which would have been very interesting. Biden/Pence would have been no fun at all
  4. Of course he shouldn't have had the death penalty, he should have been subjected to a regime were he woke up every day wishing he was dead.
  5. We in the free world keep trying to bring democracy to everyone else, yet we can't even seem to get it right ourselves.
  6. As the form covers both fac and sgc has he just misread the form, and is referring to a section intended for fac
  7. Too many people are getting in a tizzy over nothing, they've already said travelling to a location to exercise or undertake a recreational activity will be allowed. They've also said they'll clarify things, so let's just wait and see what tomorrow brings.
  8. I notice today that all bbc presenters are wearing poppies. This sounds like they've gone on set with poppies on, only to be told they are wearing them a day early so they removed them.
  9. You forgot to mention our loyalty to the Queen, at every synagogue we read a prayer on the sabbath for her good health.
  10. I've had my last 3 tests at Specsavers and they never once tried to sell me anything. My previous test was at boots and on arriving the first thing they did was ask me to take a look at the new range of frames. At the end of the day they are all fully qualified opticians at both chains and hopefully the customers eye health is their number one priority. In both companies I'm sure you'll find staff who are sales driven.
  11. Just checked it has been nearly 10 years since my dog had a similar injury and in that time he's had no further issues. The opthalmologist did stress at the time the importance of putting in the drops as he said getting an infection was the biggest danger to the dogs eyes.
  12. I had something similar several years ago, but my springer got a thorn in each eye. Luckily I had the number of an eye specialist who was waiting for me when I got to my local vets. He removed the thorns gave me drops and tablets and after a few follow up visits gave the dog the all clear.
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