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  1. Apparently after being offered a house in Sunderland she's now decided to stay in Syria.
  2. When you took over the property they would have been the registered supplier to that property. You say you didn't want to be supplied by them but did you contact another company to take over the supply, or did you just continue using their supply.
  3. Probably once the crown estates are handed back to them.
  4. I must live in a different universe to most other people. I got a letter from Northumbria police notifying me my SGC/FAC were due to run out in 12 weeks, I filled in the forms sent them off got a visit about 5 weeks later, feo turns up with my paperwork including letter from doctor saying no problems then 1 week later new docs arrive 6 weeks before old ones expire.
  5. toontastic

    Das Boot

    IMDb describes it as a sequel, set 9 months after the original story ends.
  6. I beat four different places and in the last few years I've seen just a hand full. Only saw one this year on an estate that used to have loads.
  7. Rubbish, we've got plenty of hard cover up here in the north. Often people come up beat once and never return. Those on here who have joined me for a day will testify just how rough it is.
  8. 15th march is the start date of the brown trout season, however in recent seasons the tweed commission have advised delaying this until April 1st. Sunday fishing is also banned by many clubs.
  9. I'm right handed with a dominant left eye, the vision in my left eye is inferior to my right.
  10. I've shot a lowlander for 15 years, I use it for everything including on the foreshore for geese and its never let me down. Also have a lowlander in 20G and again never let me down.
  11. Only an hour away from home, might be worth a visit next time I cross the water.
  12. Couldn't agree more, I beat on 4 small shoots and all have given me access to some shooting. Last week alone I got offered some shooting with the air rifle, a small wood shooting squirrels and some farm buildings shooting rats. Putting yourself about beating and helping out with a bit feeding is definitely the way to go.
  13. toontastic


    Well I work with 3 vegans and none are like the vegans people on here describe. I've just sent of my SGC/FAC renewal and my reference is a vegan.
  14. Didn't judge you as a supporter of any political party, was judging your comment as been very corbynesque almost as if the man himself had said it.
  15. Neither him or most of his cronies are in a position to criticize the rich, but they still do.
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