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  1. Are you able to take air rifle shooters out on your permission in return for outings on their permission. Have you tried to find some beating as that usually opens doors to shooting. Good luck in your search
  2. Some people do find it hard to differentiate between banter and genuine racism. An ex neighbour who was Chinese sent me a Xmas card from a dog charity, on the front was a picture of a dog with the slogan a dog isn't just for xmas. So he wrote on the inside that it's also good for sandwiches on boxing Day.
  3. Apparently it was there for about 6 months, used as a handle for opening garage door. NASCAR have done some diversity training and asked people to stop tying loops and hangman noose and just tie a knot on the end of ropes used as handles. The reason they gave was loops or hangman noose are offensive to people of colour.
  4. Yes all good fun between friends. But how would Paul react if a total stranger made offensive remarks about his colour or someone refused to serve him. It's like me I fully accept mates calling me Jew boy and always joking about how tight I am with money. But I don't see why I should have to accept people telling me the best thing Hitler did was gassing ****** jews
  5. Not so long ago there were 2 white British males both recently released from prison for killing pensioners. Together they abducted a young woman, tortured her then finally put her into her car before pouring petrol on her and setting her on fire. It just goes to show you don't need to be an immigrant to commit terrible crimes, but it does show that you do need to be an immigrant for the public to be outraged.
  6. The police officers were just acting like the rest of the Facebook society. After yesterday's stabbings in Glasgow one witness described as shocking the number of people who got phones out and started taking pictures of the victims. A few years ago a girl was raped, beaten and dumped unconscious on a street. No one notified the police but many stopped and took selfies with her.
  7. Well I'm going to offer you a slightly different opinion than everyone else. If you want to invite someone to join you perhaps there's a young relative who you could take out and introduce to shooting.
  8. It has been a joy these last 2 seasons watching CITY and LFC play football the way it should be played. Let's hope the MAGS can join them next season.
  9. The police have openly admitted that their officers received Israeli training. But it's the way the left wing report it " Jews train American police to kneel on the necks of black suspects" a statement purely designed to raise anti-Semitism among the black community.
  10. Well done, a proper role model for the young women of today instead of plastic celebrities.
  11. How could I possibly be offended after all we are gods chosen people. As slaves go we were far superior to any other, all the lesser "non chosen people" slaves did menial tasks like picking cotton and digging holes but we build pyramids.
  12. But the pard 007 requires a scope with parallax. I picked up a cheap photon for my air rifle and I find it brilliant for rats.
  13. Ant and Dec are now apologising for black face, people are saying Eddie Murphy should get grief for doing white face. Me I'm not bothered by either, in fact as a Jew I found his white Jewish old man in the barber shop amusing.
  14. It's ok the next time a black man is shot dead while attacking Westminster and killing a policeman we are having a national silence for him.
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