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  1. My friend is a meat eater loves nothing more than a bacon sarnie, his partner is a lentil eating, yoga loving nut job (vegan). They both respect each others views and live a very happy life. Now if only some other vegans could adopt this outlook wouldn't things be so much more civilised.
  2. Many did a lot lot more, standing side by side with comrades fighting an enemy barely yards away, whilst watching friends die just feet away. They don't have a £30 million stash to enjoy live, some live on the streets with barely a few pounds to their name.
  3. And you think they are just going to hideaway and live private lives in Canada. Oprah Winfrey has said she has already advised them on becoming celebrities and developing a family brand such as Brand Beckham or Brand Kardashian. Hardly the actions of someone wanting more privacy, leave the media circus of Royalty and swap it for the Celebrity media circus. Only real difference being they'll now be able to rake in a fortune for attending events and endorsements, where as they are unable to do that now.
  4. Utter garbage...how do you think they are going to finance their lives, by going out and getting regular 9-5 down to earth jobs. No, the only way the two of them can make the millions they desire is by selling their souls to the American media circus. They'll end up competing with the likes of the Kardashians for endorsements and put themselves and child under even more intense scrutiny, no doubt resulting in needing extra tax payer funded security.
  5. Public speaking and product endorsement will raise them millions.
  6. Do you have a trade they could find useful. A few years ago I knocked on a door and got a "no thanks". Then a couple of days later someone I knew turned up in his electricians work van, farmer asked him if he could do a little job for him and he ended up with a new permission. Failing that beating is definitely the way to go. Even on shoots where i get paid we have people offering to come for free, just to get a foot in the door. I'm lucky at some of the places I beat as I'm allowed to take the occasional guest, this again has got me invites elsewhere.
  7. I believe he once contacted the McCann's and told them he'd been speaking to Maddie and could confirm she was dead. Now if that was me speaking to Maddie I wouldn't have indulged in idle chit chat, I'd have asked 2 questions 1. Who killed you & 2. Where are you buried.
  8. toontastic


    Religion in itself isn't the problem, it's the fact there are too many religions that's the real problem. Now if we could all just worship the same God the world would be a much better place. I suggest we all convert to veganism and start worshiping the Gregg's vegan steak bake. Let's all give thanks to the divine meat free savoury snack. * If it's a meat free steak bake surely it should just be called a bake.
  9. I don't see any double standards from LACS, unless I'm missing something.
  10. RHD & VHD are much more lethal than mixy. Where as some rabbits seemed to survive mixy the new diseases are much more efficient killers.
  11. Tell me about it, other half works in a care home and often gets assaulted.
  12. A friend of mine used to do a bit work for Northumberland Wildlife Trust, and on several occasions they had inmates from the local prison help with various projects. Including the removal of Himalayan balsam.
  13. We have a few drives that are really thick brambles and hell to get through, so if we could sign out a few convicts to beat it through it would be an ideal solution.
  14. Thank for the feedback, bought Panasonic from ecolux.
  15. I need to buy some 18650 batteries for my bike lights and there are plenty of cowboys out there on the web selling inferior product. So can anyone recommend a reliable brand and a stockist. Thanks
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