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  1. Funnily enough I heard an interview recently with a doctor who was involved in gender reassignment on young people. During the interview he claimed that he was under intense pressure to give the go ahead, as if he or any of his colleagues showed any reluctance they/clinic were immediately accused by the patient/parents of being transphobic.
  2. Nearly Yorkshire Newcastle wildfowlers can offer all of the above. They also do a guided permit scheme to Lindisfarne where you do a number of trips with experienced Fowlers There are also plenty of shoots in the Hexham area who often need beaters
  3. You say you are self employed, is it something you could use to your advantage. A few years ago I asked about some shooting and was told nothing available, a few days later a friend (electrician) turned up in his work van asking. The same farmer told him if you do a few little jobs you can have as much shooting as you want.
  4. Very good post. We charge £1200 for 5 X 80 bird days. So doing 10 X 120 bird days for £1500 doesn't seem possible. But I'm willing to be proven wrong.
  5. Different matter totally, we are discussing celebrities being paid for advertising products. You object to gambling adverts I work with a LACS supporter who loves cricket and never shuts up about Alistair Cook endorsing rifles. I also work with a vegan who complains about celebrities endorsing meat products. So where do we draw the line in regards to celebrities being paid for product endorsement.
  6. Like celebrities promoting countryside activities and the possibility of influencing people to kill animals. So why don't we just stop everybody from promoting anything, as there is always going to be somebody out there who will be against something.
  7. Cheers thanks for that, It seems back in the day everyone visiting the house carried a firearm for PP.
  8. Again thank you for your kind words, I am indeed very very proud of the things I have done. Pointing out the hypocrisy of your toxic statement is simply one of many many things of which I am proud of.
  9. Thank you, but I was just pointing out facts. So it's totally fine for you to be toxic towards BASC while at the same time praising KC when in fact both companies are acting as agents for AGRIA and selling policies which are subject to terms and conditions set by AGRIA. Perhaps you're just a BASC hater looking for another opportunity to have a rant.
  10. You whinge and moan about you went with BASC (AGRIA) but their discount has ended and how you're not impressed. You go on and on about how you lost out on the KC (AGRIA) offer which is also only for a limited time. Just in case you haven't yet realized AGRIA provide the policies for both companies.
  11. I've not been home for quite a while but I seem to recall people still had firearms for personal protection. Is that still so
  12. Never been myself but I know quite a few lads who have been, and they all speak very highly of Dave and his little shoot
  13. Paid nothing for mine last year but my practice are now charging £15.
  14. No they are not all part of BT. The confusion is probably due to BT owning the infrastructure and other companies then lease it from BT. As for virgin they do have their own infrastructure in certain areas but in others they too need to use BT.
  15. My friend is a meat eater loves nothing more than a bacon sarnie, his partner is a lentil eating, yoga loving nut job (vegan). They both respect each others views and live a very happy life. Now if only some other vegans could adopt this outlook wouldn't things be so much more civilised.
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