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  1. toontastic

    McNab 3.5" over unders

    I've shot a lowlander for 15 years, I use it for everything including on the foreshore for geese and its never let me down. Also have a lowlander in 20G and again never let me down.
  2. toontastic

    Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

    Only an hour away from home, might be worth a visit next time I cross the water.
  3. toontastic

    Asking for shooting on first post

    Couldn't agree more, I beat on 4 small shoots and all have given me access to some shooting. Last week alone I got offered some shooting with the air rifle, a small wood shooting squirrels and some farm buildings shooting rats. Putting yourself about beating and helping out with a bit feeding is definitely the way to go.
  4. toontastic


    Well I work with 3 vegans and none are like the vegans people on here describe. I've just sent of my SGC/FAC renewal and my reference is a vegan.
  5. toontastic

    Queens Speech

    Didn't judge you as a supporter of any political party, was judging your comment as been very corbynesque almost as if the man himself had said it.
  6. toontastic

    Queens Speech

    Neither him or most of his cronies are in a position to criticize the rich, but they still do.
  7. toontastic

    Queens Speech

    Bloody hell Corbyn has joined pigeon watch, welcome Jeremy.
  8. toontastic

    Drones over Gatwick

    Yes the man was given an alibi by his boss saying he was at work, but would the police have to verify that alibi.After all they've probably been given plenty of false alibi's over the years. Another unknown factor in the case is no-one knows what was said to the police by the neighbour. Could he have worded things in a way that made the police convinced they had the right person. Could he have said something putting his alibi in doubt. Still plenty of unanswered questions, especially 67 people seeing a drone that may not have been there.
  9. toontastic

    Drones over Gatwick

    Surely if anybody should pick up the tab it's the 67 members of the public who reported seeing a drone. The police can only act on information given to them.
  10. toontastic

    Shotgun Cert renewal

    I had this with Northumbria a few years ago, got a phone call basically saying my renewal was due in a years time, they were quiet and did I want to renew early at a reduced rate. I said yes did the paperwork sent it off, week later new docs arrived. Can't see the problem, thought they were being very proactive in bringing some renewals forward at a quiet time.
  11. toontastic

    Drones over Gatwick

    Can anybody remember a few years ago there was a story about a goose or a swan being shot on a village pond. It had been reported in the press how a car pulled up fired some shots then sped away. It was even covered on Jeremy Vine with locals talking about the incident. Many in the village reported seeing the car or hearing shots. The police and the RSPCA investigated and the dead bird was taken away for an autopsy and found to have not died by shooting. Many who had previously gave interviews to the press admitted they hadn't actually seen or heard the incident but we're sure they had been told about it from someone who had seen it happen. Further investigation failed to find anyone who actually saw anything and nobody could remember who told them about it.
  12. toontastic

    Annual Booster

    In the small print of my springers policy it mentioned vaccinations having to be up to date for the policy to be valid.
  13. toontastic

    Annual Booster

    You need to get jabs the first few years to build up resistance, then there is a blood test that can let you know if your dog has built up enough antibodies and no further jabs needed. If you get the blood results and it shows your dog carries antibodies there are a few kennels that will take them in but not many. It's also a no no with many insurance firms as many require dogs to be vaccinated. A few years ago my Springer injured both his eyes resulting in a rather expensive claim and one of the first things they asked was had he been vaccinated. I imagine if I had said no they wouldn't have paid up.
  14. toontastic

    Guided deer stalking north Wiltshire

    Especially so if it's a fallow you shoot.
  15. toontastic

    Guided deer stalking north Wiltshire

    I've seen many adverts for stalking on other sites and all their price structures are very similar. A fee of around £70 for the actual outing, followed by a second fee if you are successful (usually called a shot or kill fee) this varies by what you actually shoot. Normally taking the venison requires a third fee which would normally be whatever price the game dealer would pay. So comparing his pricing to other stalkers pricing I'd say you'd need to also pay an additional fee to take away the venison.