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    Sinn Fein

    Like I'm ever going to walk down the falls road and into the offices of the enemy. I just found it ironic that of all the people on the list who are able to sign stamp/sign my form, the only ones prepared to do it were the ones who have happily seen me dead all those years ago.
  2. toontastic

    Sinn Fein

    It wasn't so much about who refused to sign it was more about who was willing to sign.
  3. toontastic

    Sinn Fein

    They nearly all said that it's no longer policy to sign passport applications. A school is on the list of acceptable witnesses and renewals are a breeze as they are now online.
  4. toontastic

    Sinn Fein

    I've finally decided to get myself a passport, and as I'm an Irish citizen I've chose to apply for an Irish one. Form nice and easy to fill in, no problem. Just need to get it stamped and signed from someone on the list. Doctor's surgery of twenty years - refused, Bank of twenty five years - refused, Police station - refused, Six different solicitors office's - refused, local councillor - refused. As I'm an ex soldier with loads of family and friends who served in either the UDR or RUC in the war against the IRA (including many who were killed or injured) I find it quite ironic that the only person I've found willing to stamp and sign my form is someone at the Sinn Fein office on the falls road.
  5. Not just head shot but every round in the exact same spot.
  6. Only hitting 9 out of 10 at 500 is very poor shooting in my book, I regularly shoot rats at 1000 and always hit 100% of the time.
  7. The way around it is to have your guns on someone else's ticket, then you can both share the cabinet. Thus legally giving a third party access while you are out of the country.
  8. When they give advice like this it isn't aimed at normal people. It's aimed at the ones who'll complain in later years that they have an illness caused by lack of sleep, but nobody told them how much sleep to have so they'll start looking for compensation. Over recent years there have been a few parents of obese children attempting to sue the government. All cases were thrown out early, one parent of a 20 stone teenager admitted allowing her child to binge on crisps, pop and chocolate but said it wasn't her fault as nobody had given her advice not to do it.
  9. It's basically unlawful to use a semi auto to shoot any birds (as all birds are protected) however it is lawful to shoot pest birds under said act as long as they are shot under the terms of the GL. It's a bit confusing as it tells you that you can use lawful methods, then it tells you the unlawful methods and then finally it tells you that you can use the unlawful methods as they are after all lawful as long as you shoot using the terms of the GL.
  10. 7kg she's not just skinny she's really small as well, her parents were small both under 10kg.
  11. My cocker bitch is 4yrs old and weighs 7 kilos. She also eats the most food of all my dogs, she's as skinny as a whippet ( as some on here will testify ) the vet describes her as a highly tuned athlete and has absolutely no concerns over her health.
  12. Basically it's unlawful to shoot pigeons with a semi auto, the wildlife act prohibits it. However within the GL there is a clause allowing semi autos to shoot pigeons ( it's only valid as long as you are shooting within the conditions of the GL) It doesn't just apply to pigeons it also applies to any birds shot under the terms of the GL
  13. We are, you've said using semi autos is a no no and I say it's yes yes. I was just pointing that it clearly says you can use an unlawful gun as long as it's not a prohibited gun under section 5
  14. Partially correct, a semi auto is not lawful under the act for shooting birds. But operating under the GL gives an exemption.
  15. If you can't use a FAC semi automatic then how come loads are on fac for pigeon shooting.
  16. I've read it again and stick by my initial interpretation of the wording. It says you can use a shotgun not prohibited by section 5. So as neither section 1 or section 3 shotguns are prohibited by section 5 then IMHO they are ok for use when operating under GL36
  17. I don't see a problem using a FAC semi-auto. I can't see it written anywhere that it may be an issue.
  18. I give up as well, I'm sat down with a land agent and a solicitor specialising in shooting rights and you even have both of them baffled.
  19. If you have the shooting rights then you'll be able to possibly do a few things. You'll be able to allow whoever you want to come onto the land and shoot the deer, if the land owner wanted to take up stalking you'd be able to stop him shooting deer on the land(as you have the rights) and if you got skint you could always go to an estate agents and sell the rights. You don't get it do you, shooting rights are part of the estates value they are covered by the deeds of the land. You have permission to shoot not the rights if you had the shooting rights even the land owner couldn't shoot without your say so.
  20. If you have the rights to shoot the deer then you'll have a legally binding contract between you and the farmer.
  21. You don't need permission letters as apparently all your farmers have given you the shooting rights, I have also never said anyone needs permission letters to go shooting. I did however quote the relevant act from 2017 which says that if an unlicensed shooter is being supervised by someone other than the land owner/rights holder then the person doing the supervision must have written permission from the land owner/rights holder but this law doesn't appear to apply to you.
  22. But that has now been superseded by the policing and crime act 2017. It does away with terms like servant but it states that the person doing any supervising of unlicensed shooters must have his permission from the land owner in writing.
  23. Have you got your permission in writing
  24. And someone wrongly believing they have shooting rights could easily find themselves in legal bother.
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