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  1. Good luck, Its all kicking off here in the midlands aswell !
  2. Good evening all, Have any of you used the "Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Hypa-Flap Flapper Decoy" What did you think ? Also could it be used on it's own with no other decoys ? Im thinking for using it on one of my perms which is a bit of a trek
  3. Hello, im very intrested in the Franchi AL Hunter 12 gauge , whats your best price ?

  4. Are there any shows up and coming soon or are they all done ?
  5. As said, confidence is a big part of how you shoot.
  6. im just still unsure if to take my new daystate up to Fac, it's one of them that i need to think about as of this moment i would be limited to one farm where as with it being sub 12 i can take it on all my perms
  7. Correct, it's a sub 12 (at the moment!)
  8. at the moment ive only used out to 25 yrds
  9. My daystate is loving these pellets ! pellet on top of pellet, anyone else using them on Rabbits yet ?
  10. yeah thats the one ive got, just getting the nerve up to drill the stock 😂
  11. just been to my local gun shop and went for a Hawke tilt bipod, looks a decent bit of kit. cheers for the info guys
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