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  1. select choke meaning it does all choke sizes ?
  2. Daz Harrison


    Good day all, when you have a FAC air rifle cert how do you go about making an existing 22 air rifle upto FAC and getting it registered ? I aready own a rifle which has seen better days but still shoots very well (Webley Raider .22)
  3. Hi what you got to offer ? prefer 22
  4. What pump do you use to charge it ?
  5. Possible swap for air rifle or falconry equipment ?
  6. Hi all are many of you using the KRAL ARMS bullpup ? whats your thoughts on them ? Daz
  7. Hello i'm looking into the sport of falconry, any of you guys do any ?
  8. Nite Site Wolf £450 as new never been used. or swap for falconry equipment
  9. TTT these are realy good boots chaps
  10. Hi all i have for sale a brand new pair of haix blue mountain uk 9 £100 posted to uk http://www.skylandequipment.com/haix-blue-mountain-chainsaw-boots.html?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-MPCBRCZ0q23tPGm6_8BEiQAgw_bAn2rHvQ7ntIPM0fk6rCExYAu_xzdI0Z6jIcbhX4oz9MaAuxs8P8HAQ cheers Daz
  11. Hey all, what neoprene coats are you all using i have a spanial which shivers because he has a short coat and gets cold easy.
  12. He will be coming along this weekend where ever we go, Hes just came back from a walk and seems to be picking up each time i take him. Thankyou all Daz
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