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  1. I like mine a lot. Ok its Turkish made, but its light and reliable and feels much more solid than other pumps ive used.
  2. 72 Series 3 lightweight. Still earning its keep lugging wood with a matching Sankey trailer
  3. trickyh

    Rc plane

    They do RC targets in the UK as well. Barbury nr Swindon does it every now and again. For charity I believe.
  4. I replaced 2 front tyres on an Outlander Phev, and was read a statement provided by Mitsubishi that all 4 should be changed at the same time. It did seem odd to me at the time , seeing as there is no physical connection between the front and rear axles. Needless to say I ignored it, as it was a leaser going back in a few months..
  5. Probably a bit late now, but I'm very pleased with my sxp. Probably one of the most popular pump guns in the US if you believe the hype. The You tube videos of the Gould bros are impressive, but should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.
  6. Had my .22 100kt nigh on 10 years now. Tack driver with the right pellets. For the last 5 years its probably been out only 7 or 8 times , and not once has it lost a single ounce of pressure. The mag and cocking mechanism is totally idiot proof, which is a must on cold dark nights lamping.
  7. The most common way is to have a pin welded across the breach, so only a slotted mag can be inserted. I have a deactivated Bren in euro deac spec, and this was the way the proof house got round it. They weld in the barrels though!
  8. The forever gliding Spitfire at the end of Dunkerque was notably awful. (along with the rest of film) Okay it was the early days of CGI, but the Alien3 monster effects didn't age well.
  9. If you ever get the chance to go back, then bin hurghada and opt for el gouna 30 minutes up the coast. Much nicer gated town with amazing marinas. Very artificial, but also very chilled out. The kitesurfing and Scuba diving centres are amongst the best in the world.
  10. Would never touch a Nissan Navara again after the farce with their chassis rotting through. I lost a fortune on that truck.
  11. It's just as bad here. Sykes Holiday Cottages are refusing to give people refunds for holidays which aren't happening and only offering a credit for a let if taken over the next two years (at much inflated prices) They take 25% of the owners money as well, so they are ripping off both the customers and property owners!
  12. Barbury shooting ground has put exactly the same procedure into place. I hope to go next week.
  13. Half way through doing my lifelong dream of a Land Rover Lightweight SIII from '72 with galvanised Richards chassis My ultimate would be an M3 Half Track or a fully functioning DUKW
  14. Been using them since the eighties Always had good service . Bought a 42'' Sharp LCD which was faulty out of the box and it was swapped out at home immediately no quibble. Doubt you would get the same service from those clowns at PC World.
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