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  1. Hi Will It 3" long cartridges,? Don't suppose you travel to West Midlands area by any chance Simon
  2. Welcome, Grow up just outside Uttoxeter, so know it well
  3. Bullet wallet came today, brilliant thank you
  4. Hi Does this have 8x digital zoom Can you spot rabbits at 200yr with extra ir?
  5. Hi all Looking for a new pair of warm, waterproof gloves. My old pair of seeland keepers have lasted well but time for some new gloves, struggled with cold fingers. Was looking at the Sitka gloves but are they worth the money?
  6. Yep, lifetime guarantee, myself and work colleagues have Stanley flask. Sent few back and always swap no problems
  7. If sales falls though can I take it please
  8. Looking buy the muckboot artic ice, as sick of cold feet but reading this maybe not
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