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  1. Yes I do shoot a lot of high pheasant days and to be honest a team of 8 guns 4 drives equates to 2 1/2 birds a drive it’s not worth the estates time and the 75/100 £4000 would barely cover the cost of the day given a kill to cartridges ratio of 2to 1 your whole day is going to use a slab of cartridges let’s make this sensible for me I want a cartridge that is capable of the higher birds knowing that it’s more than capable for the lower birds not one that kills a 30 yard bird and knocks feathers out of a 35 yard bird I also want one that’s comfortable to shoot Im aware that heavy shot and tss will give me the extra range at considerable extra cost over steel current price £633 per 250 slab and only plastic wads bio ammo £125 a slab however the remit was to make the alternative affordable and effective this remit should be for everyone as for the tips Why do you tip and how much? unless your a guest
  2. There’s plenty that have worked hard all there lives paid in not took anything out and died before they could collect a bit of what they would have been eligible for
  3. Just after the Great Depression then I’ll keep you posted on its progress 😊👍
  4. How can you say the cost is insignificant? do you/have you ever shot a big day at driven birds? the additional cost will make it even less achievable for the ordinary person to participate
  5. Many thanks button very readable 😊👍 It dosent pay to think much as there’s always going to come along and be a little bit different
  6. 600 series did you notice it’s a ejector 😊
  7. New stock to my measurements then shoot with it 😂😂😂 its packed up ready to be despatched on Monday
  8. Little project side by side that I came across
  9. Very nice thing to have owned wishing you all the best in the sale 😊👍
  10. Very nice is this one of your collection 🤔
  11. Why not there’s plenty of people who shoot across paths and plenty of footpaths through shoots and shooting grounds
  12. This is the problem not lead shot the general public haven’t got a clue about lead shot and it dosent concern them however what they see does and plastic is the number 1 concern at the moment it took me 10 minutes to collect the pile of wads and I only strayed a few yards away from the public footpath I could have looked all day and not found a piece of shot
  13. Did you get 30 or 32 inch barrels?
  14. It’s got to be worth it though 😊 they should have it on a memory stick and just download it to a printer 🤭 anyway anyone else think we need a picture of the gun? 😂😂 hope your keeping well and your dogs getting out a bit
  15. It’s a reject that shouldn’t be in the box could be anything wrong with it!!! if you had reloaded it you would have rejected it either return it to the gun shop/factory to aid future quality control or take it to bits to see what went wrong it’s not worth the risk for a 50p cartridge
  16. Probably not but you miss with so much more style 😂😂 seriously try a few a lot will depend upon how you shoot and how much you shoot if your getting good scores you may gain a bit with the better trigger pulls balance and fit of the more expensive gun if it’s for pigeon shooting and game then probably not going to make much difference
  17. A serious fox problem in the area by the sound of it judging by the fencing it’s a sheep area so it’s serious issue for the farmers at lambing time?
  18. No shortage of them where you are hate to think how many you could get with a decent night vision set up on a rifle thanks for posting 👍😊
  19. Get a Clearview one they outlast and outperform just about all the other makes
  20. Thanks that’s good to know and always nice to shoot a gun older than myself 😂😂
  21. 12 or 20 ? Thought a serial number maybe help
  22. Good old webley and Scott 😊
  23. Hi chaps looking for (and I know your out there) experts on webley and Scott guns trying to get a bit of information on one if possible all the best of
  24. There’s plenty of sharks around our coastline thing is not many people fish for them so they rarely get reported also our seas are relatively choppy so surface sightings ore difficult if we had calm clear waters with less commercial traffic I’m sure there would be a lot more reports
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