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  1. They don’t say they are they do say any chokes though it’s a step forward which can only be a good thing a positive move by a company and to be honest I never asked if they were available in short chamber or other calibers I was given a box to try and accepted graciously
  2. Not tried them out yet but there in the project list I’ll let you know when I’ve given them a fair test
  3. I shall try some 3s when they’re available here as you say good for long term storage and damp days came across these as yet not tried them
  4. Thanks for posting they seem very tight pattern’s mic a couple bioammo blue 5 shot from the shotcam hope you don’t mind me adding them in the real world shooting I found they pattern tight and run out of steam at 35 yards the case and wad is supposed to be biodegradable I’ve kept a couple of cases one on the surface of a hanging basket ( water sunshine and microorganisms it’s not changed in a year one buried in a plant pot that’s starting to show signs of degradation
  5. Nice looking gun you have there I hope you wear it out 😊 always seems to make me smile killing a bird albeit a pest with a nice gun enjoy your posts keep them coming 😊👍 for the record I don’t have any trouble changing from a single to a double trigger gun even shot a double gun gun with odd guns one single trigger one double but that’s a story for another day 🤭
  6. Thought about this one a bit why bother half the guns in the country will be obsolete in a few years cartriges un affordable if there available a licensing system that is beyond belief will your average Boy Scout be able to get into shooting in the future I think BASC should use the resources on sorting out the licensing process first followed by the shambolic lead ban then worry about getting people into the sport it’s a bit of a smoke screen I am glad that the kid’s had a good time and it’s a good pr stunt sorry to seem negative but surely the broken stuff needs fixing first just my view
  7. Hard for many people to get to grips with the massive increase of the daily energy costs I can understand gas and electric have to go up all be it a massive amount however the standing charge seems to have increased in line I can’t understand why have they put in new pipes and cables? more meter readers or maybe I’m just not looking at the bill correctly
  8. You could just put a tray on the ball hitch I’ve seen them for moving deer that way it’s always in the back of the car save you towing all the time I’m sure someone will find you a link to them 😊
  9. I usually have my annual one in August 🤭 find the warm weather save’s on towels that I turn save’s on washing them far more eco down south 😂
  10. I’m sure it’ll be adequate although shooting of the wing mirrors maybe tricky the new suzuki looks promising with the backseats down
  11. Fastest combination in the world one man’s spurs on on other man’s horse 😊 im sure there’s a collector out there somewhere
  12. Having read the reply I shall not comment further at this moment in time It seems a unfortunate chain of events has led to the delay in getting a reply Many thanks for your input of
  13. As I reply I’ve just had a reply from express As yet unread I shall keep you posted 👍
  14. Still waiting for someone from express to get back to me regarding the issue ostrich syndrome I believe is the description Next step in the process?
  15. Hi learn how to catch moles when you see a farm with the problem go offer to catch them for free show him what you have caught mention his pigeon/rabbit problem and you will probably get that for free to best of luck of
  16. There’s a reason the licensing authority ask for face to face transfer think about it get in your car drive up look at it try it buy it do the transfer face to face or buy from a local dealer
  17. Very interesting thank you for your reply 👍
  18. To heat your fireing pin get a inch square block of mild steel heat it up to red hot remove heat source and place your pin onto the block darkened room you can see the culor far easier hope this helps all the best of
  19. Those from aberisle show case mouth damage Was your damage the same? did the case head’s come off ?
  20. Have you ever seen it happen or had it happen to a cartridge that you have fired ? open to anyone anyone seen this happen to a cartridge ( not a home loaded one) genuinely interested
  21. Probably? do you honestly think it’s acceptable for the heads to come off a case when you fire it personally think it definitely shouldn’t happen
  22. so there’s so much pressure it’s blowing the heads off and shredding the front of the case? That’s theory!!! And physics !! and probability In theory you should be able to buy a cartridge that works in practice well it appears you can’t In probability there’s going to be a serious accident and in theory the manufacturers would be helpful in practice well who knows in probability they probably don’t care as 410 is only a very small market
  23. I think you should notice it in a break barrel gun but a pump or semi automatic? I do think there’s a higher likelihood of the end of the case travelling up the barrel and remaining in the choke area though again a problem with none break barrel guns irrespective of that should the heads come off any cartridges ? we shall see what Monday brings my apologies I see you have directed the question to walker sorry
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