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  1. Thanks: I have sent the message to your new address. All the best
  2. Still got the 223 for sale. Email (not pm) me and make me an offer if interested.
  3. Just the .223 fo sale now, I will even throw in the scope.
  4. NGhost

    223 rem wanted

    Yes see my post.
  5. I keep getting SMTP falier (or something)
  6. Mel b3 The PM is not working and nither is email from this site, anyway: better to come next week as I am going to be very late home tomorow. All the best.
  7. Sorry rf is now sold. Other stuff is still here.
  8. I'm in no rush, I have another 2 years on my ticket
  9. One ahead in the que. I will let you know if it is not sold.
  10. the moderator for the 223 is a custom made one by Adenbourn field sorts it is proofed to 6mm (243). it is about 10 inches long. Based on the sako. Very efective on muzel blast. I think I paid 160 or 190 for it. Not sure of the make of the rings. (I orderd the gun to be screw cut, and have good rings fitted for the scope). the pod on both guns are Outers (almost identical to harris but say "outers") they are 24"/13".
  11. Hushpower: a few scuffs, and a repaired crack in the stock. Was checked out by gunsmith who said it is safe. Other wise good barel. There is a piece of shot in the moderaror that roles about that I have not been able to shake out. shoots well I have shot about 500 rounds in this condition (I got it like this). With subsonics sounds like an air rifle. I will gave a go at loading some pics.
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