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  1. moose man

    Wisdom required

    Every time I looked at the range I’d think about the mini , you seen what a tidy mini is worth today ? 😳
  2. moose man

    Start as you Mean to Carry On

    What a cracking start to 2019 ...
  3. moose man

    Well I'm, Blowed

    Sounds like something the SAS would do ...to many people with egg on their faces for it to come out till now ..I bet those lads wet there selves laughing..
  4. moose man

    New Years Honours,

    What has a 27 year old footballer on the thick end of £150,000 a week done to deserve an honour. Harry Kane seems a nice enough fella but how that rates you honour doing your dream job is beyond me ..Same as Southgate , honour for getting to a semi final ,beggars belief .not to mention he’s on about £ 5mil a year ...
  5. moose man

    Drones over Gatwick

    I read there are calls for Sussex police to move over and let the Metropolitan police take over the enquiry and to use the expertise of Scotland Yard ..
  6. moose man

    Any Spare Islands in the UK?

    Already full .....
  7. moose man

    A bit thick

    Nut case ...completely of her trolly ..
  8. moose man

    Drones over Gatwick

    I was airing on the side of caution , can you be over gunned when dealing with an unknown..😂 .. I like you think they want the perpetrators more than the drones out the way , if they catch them , I’m sure they will be made an example of .From what I’ve heard they are much more than the toy type ..
  9. moose man

    Drones over Gatwick

    Surely they could block the signal ? Failing that 40grm 3 ‘s would give it a run for its money ..
  10. moose man


    How easy would it have been to admit it and apologise...end of problem ! Instead you lie , and blow the whole situation way above it’s merit ..stupid woman is hardly the insult to end all insults
  11. moose man

    Stove fan

    No chance of the postcode of your log stack ...😉
  12. moose man

    Stove fan

    Ours sits directly on the top plate of the stove and the heat from the fire drives it .The fan is about 9inches high ..be worth a look to see if you can find a shorter one ..cost wise it was about £20 if I remember right ..
  13. moose man

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    I love a garden and an allotment..
  14. moose man

    Stove fan

    I have a clearview , brilliant ! and with a fan on its even better . Our barn is open plan and it’s amazing how a small fan seems to push the heat around , so much so we close the bedroom doors so they don’t get to warm .. the underfloor heating that was installed has never ever been turned on ...
  15. I recently picked up a second hand kitchen a friend bought for a buy to let project he was doing . It started off at £300 , he bid the fella £200, which he rejected , my pal then walked away saying he’d find another one ..A week later the seller rang him and said he would sell for the £200 , by which time my pal was going to look at a different one , long story short he got it for free if he could clear it in 24 hours ..two completely full long wheel base van loads ! Old kitchens take up a lot of room and take up time and money getting rid off them ..I’d definitely bid him ..