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  1. moose man

    Lidl Impact Driver

    I can’t see what impact driver you bought but if it’s a standard type I wouldn’t think it has any where near the torque required to undo wheel nuts . They are designed to put in and take out screws , the ones designed for wheels have the 19 mm drive as standard and as said it’s a impact driver not impact wrench ..
  2. moose man

    Shower Screen Cleaner

    If you run a window cleaning squeeze over it after a shower it stays spotless ..
  3. moose man

    Filling holes in a brick wall

    Spot on 👍
  4. moose man

    opt out organ donation

    When I’m dead , IF ....there’s anything of use to anyone one else they are more than welcome to it , the bits they don’t want they can chuck over the tip , feed to the pigs or do what ever I won’t care , I won’t have any say and won’t be in the least interested ..All I ask is they find a good home for the dog , guns, fishing tackle and any sporting kit that sees me out ..😃..I’d really hate the ff5’s to go to waste ..😉
  5. You have had a result mate , I’ve had a buck knife that was used and abused for twenty odd years until i dropped it and the gut hook snapped off , luckily a pal flys over the pond on a weekly basis and picked me up a new one ...not the same knife , poorly made nothing quite lined up , definitely not the same quality as the American original.
  6. moose man

    An unbelievable first

    How could you ! Poor rabbit minding his own business going about his daily chores then BANG ...now he’s dead ... 🙄 ..life’s a b...h ...😂😂 hope you have the same result with the magpie ..
  7. moose man

    Slow gun sales

    Cheers for that J , I’ll have a go on guntrader , it’s just sitting in the box I haven’t fired it for ages ..other than shooting a mole ..
  8. moose man

    Large game meat hygiene

    The NGO definitely did used to run a course , perhaps give them a call .
  9. moose man

    Slow gun sales

    It was the 28 inch fixed choke ...I’ve given it to the keeper over the Shoot to see if he gets on with it ..it is in mint condition though ..I was gifted it eight or nine years ago but it just doesn’t come up right on me hence the reason I never shot it ..
  10. moose man

    Slow gun sales

    I took a 687s a Winchester pigeon grade xtr s/s and my old miroku 6000 to try and trade in for a new miroku grade five , the 687s hadn’t fired 500 carts ..the pigeon grade although 40 years old had done very little work ,they didn’t want to trade any and reluctantly offered me £500 for the 687 against a new browning which I didn’t want ..
  11. moose man

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Vigilantes would have come a poor second , my old fella finding out would have been my biggest worry by a country mile ..he wouldn’t have even issued his customary one off warning ...
  12. moose man


    Mercedes are paying him £40 million a year ...he’s obviously ticking all the boxes for them . Where does unpatriotic come into it , it’s his job . The likes of Hunt , Hill Coultard have all been champions but to do it multiple times takes that bit extra that sets them apart , bit like Digweed does on the clays ..
  13. moose man

    Are blackberries early?

    Picked a few this morning because they looked so good , surprised given the lack of rain ..
  14. moose man

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    Well that clears 15% of male Londoners , and all the women ..now where to begin ? ...
  15. moose man

    Navy Diver

    And you did this for fun 😳...luckily my belly would stop me from going down anything smaller or wetter than the Blackwall Tunnel ! It takes a special kind of person to do that , the guy that died , experienced as he was shows just how dangerous the task is ..I wish them all the luck in the world , they will need it ..