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  1. moose man

    Spice Girls Tour

    Who without the help of narcotics and / or alcohol would pay £110 to watch four old woman who had little , or none in some cases , talent try to relive there youth ...? ..
  2. moose man

    What ever next

    The world has gone completely nuts ! 🤪
  3. moose man

    Injured Roe Deer

    I’ve despatched dozens of deer the have been in rta’s mainly with the .22 but also on the odd occasion the shotgun ..one I came across , that I hadn’t been called out to , while on the way out early the other morning I despatched with a knife , not pleasant but it was in a wretched condition..
  4. moose man

    Missing Dogs.

    No doubt some get stolen to be sold on but I think the vast majority are stolen for breeding , my friend got her springer bitch back six years after it was stolen from her kennels and a cording to the vets had been a virtual breeding machine . Along with the fashion for mongrel breeding that gives silly names to dogs the whole range of breeds are now on the stolen for breeding list .
  5. moose man

    Survival tools

    Fair play mate there is that to it ..😂
  6. moose man

    Survival tools

    If you wanted to last any longer you would need to change the Range Rover for a Landcruiser...😉
  7. moose man

    Invictus Games.

    Spot on Walshie, With these people , paying their dues was taken to a level way above money . No amount of money/benefits could compensate for what they have paid into the system..
  8. moose man

    Passing Out

    Well done him ..plenty try many fail ..the best get through ..
  9. moose man


    I’m sure they’ll spit the dogs out ...😉
  10. moose man

    Muntjac died after getting caught in fence.

    Very common around my part of East Sussex , I get called out to despatch several a year .Mainly fallow , they jump the fence but the back leg goes between the top two strands and twists the foot between the two . Stock fence with two strands of barb wire is the worse , especially when the wire is pulled really tight , if they left the lower strand with a bit of slack it would help enormously. On a couple of the estates I manage the deer I’ve put deer leaps in the well used crossing points which has all but cured the problem . I watched a dog chase a group of deer , I was in a highseat , and flat out running the deer cleared the fence by several feet there timing was perfect , yet from the same seat I’ve witnessed two deer getting caught as the just hop over from a standing start while under no pressure . Both managed to free themselves before I intervened as the wire was old and had some slack in it . Just an observation.
  11. moose man

    Antique table

    Nice gift mate ..thick end of 200 years old , there’s no substitute for quality. How many bits of furniture you can buy today will last a quarter of that ..have a look about and see what a nice condition one makes , it might surprise you .Money aside if you like it keep it ..I wouldn’t think of getting rid of it ..
  12. moose man

    Antique table

    Looks like a regency rosewood drop leaf breakfast /dining table ..tell him it’s beyond repair and full of worm ....I’ll come straight over and clear it for him ....👍
  13. moose man

    Woodwork/tool question

    He does make a nice handle ! Walshie has got more chance of swimming the Atlantic with a cooker on his back that crafting a handle like that ! . 😂..pm me Walshie I’ll send you a couple of oak wedges ..
  14. moose man

    Police chief. ?

    And the blood of the Pc will be on the hands of all the senior officers who’s negligence allowed a lone unarmed officer to stand on the door of what surely must be the terrorists number one target ..The system that allowed it is a national disgrace , the senior career officer who did nothing as his comrade was attacked and killed is beyond contempt .. I understand he is due to take early retirement, about fits the bill .
  15. moose man

    Part time man/woman