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  1. Wee trip South for CWD,Muntjac and Fallow.

    Cracking outing , that looks a fabulous cwd and I have to say the fallow looks a proper lump ..
  2. Crow Shooting

    Is it not better to be over gunned , I wouldn’t be happy shooting crows at fifty yards with 28 gr 7 , I would with 34 gr 5 , so every thing near or far gets the same ..I accept some people are much better shots than I .
  3. Crow Shooting

    I would bother with a flapper , I normally put a couple of ff5’s out , some days they are deadly ..well worth the effort 34 gr 5’s pigeon extreme are my current favourite ..
  4. PayPal email scam

    I always “fallow the steeps “......
  5. Another Nose in the Trough!

    He’s not just got his nose in the trough , he’s in it boots an all while riding a bike....
  6. Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    Sadly this is where the chink in the armour starts , there are plenty of shooters in the CA , I’d rather be in bed with , your words , chinless wonders of the CA than not have a bed at all . Make no mistake if the Labour Party do get in having already banned fox hunting and hunting with dogs ALL forms of shooting will be there next mission ...we need everyone in ALL field sports to fight the other mans corner .Disassociating yourself from fox hunting will do us more harm than them , they have already lost there sport ours is still to be lost .
  7. Bo & stinky people

    Spot on ...I was getting a coffee and the fella in front of me was seriously chucking up ! Fags and chronic b o ..I had to skip the coffee altogether ..
  8. Shooting show 2018

    They wanted £15 each , must have thought I come up on the down train , I wasn’t having that .. I’m up , I’m up .......and I’m back ,......
  9. Shooting show 2018

    Oh s..t , I’ve bought tickets and arranged to pick a mate up 40 miles of route ..Im leaving at 4.30am to get there about 8 ....last day they might be selling of grade 5 miroku’s for a tenner ....
  10. Labour and game birds

    So the Labour Party shut down a £2billion pound industry , approx 300 game farms ..Then what ? The purge will continue , it started with Hunting with hounds , the next on the agenda is driven shooting , starting with grouse , that will then move on to pheasant , partridge,duck once that is banned do you then think the Labour / anti brigade will stop there ? ....not a chance , any form of shooting or hunting with dogs will be the next in line and I hope no one is nieve enough to think there sport will not be targeted ..the best you can hope for is clays..So all shooting is banned and the anti brigade all retire ...more chance of swimming the Atlantic with a cooker on your back ..game fishing , salmon , trout , put and take trout are the next natural targets , the last sport on the agenda will be there biggest challenge , but after separating and defeating the shooting sports one at a time they will be in a strong position, course fishing will be the last and biggest challenge ...Thankfully I’ll be dead before that day ...I’m not so sure about game shooting though ... Remember once the Big shoots are gone , it will be the turn of the small ones next ..then ....
  11. Check those high seats

    Few years back I had a spate of vandalism on some seats in a wood , one of the wooden ones was cut three quarters of the way through , luckily the idiot left the saw dust on view .. I always run a wire up the back now . If they get cut the wire it is easily visible or in the dark you can feel it ..I’ve a couple of seats that must be close on twenty years old , galvanised and then painted there are as good as new , I’ve given up buying the cheap ones they only seem to last two or three years before the rust gets them ..
  12. Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Icecream parlour in Venice charged a fella £58 for four ice creams ....
  13. Here we go again Another probable wazzing.

    Signed 4822...
  14. Application/Renewal turn around times

    Check out the other thread on certificate renewal times ! Sussex want some beating ..
  15. East Sussex- unbelievable Renewal time

    They did my fac/sg renewal in a little over two weeks ...compare that to Kent and the difference is staggering ...Sussex must be the most efficient firearms dept in the country ....no the world ..