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  1. A candidate for a Darwin Award ? ........🤔
  2. Whilst the three years is nothing to the guilt he has to live with having shot his best mate , it’s well justified given he broke the number one rule when dealing with any firearm from a cheap air pistol to a 50 cal ..don’t ever point it at anyone ...
  3. moose man

    White deer

    On one of my permissions you can see groups of fallow sixty or seventy strong is quite a common sight , among them will be eight or ten white ones , it’s just a colour, same as the black ( melanistic ) is just a colour variation .
  4. moose man

    White deer

    This from one off my perms , not shot because the owners wife likes it ..😡 Poor head it wanted culling ..
  5. moose man

    White deer

    Fallow , there’s loads of them around our part of East Sussex . Useful when we are culling they give there mates away beautifully..
  6. My old terrier would have got him out a in a second , well the top half at least ...
  7. It’s all downhill from there ...
  8. Nail hammer head ..👍
  9. And long may it remain so .....
  10. I can’t see he handed it in willingly, more likely the old bill made him in on the threat of prosecution..Old aristocrats don’t give up anything willingly!
  11. There’s a fair chance your old fella could get a living out of cutting up bits of tree wood ....😂
  12. If your shooting a miroku 30 inch grade 5 , sell me your gun and go the fishing route , if not all the advice above ...😉
  13. That staircase is a different league ! ..given the rest of it is superb ..there really is no substitute for quality
  14. There’s a healthy population of foxes and an even healthier population of people shooting them !
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