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  1. moose man

    Neil Kinnock

    Neil and his money sucking EU family boil my urine ..... nothing turns a good socialist more than money and power ..he couldn’t cut it over here so decamped to Europe and got all the family a trough ticket ...we now have son of kinnock shoe horned into a safe seat over here to carry on the family tradition...
  2. moose man

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    My pal will be spitting nails when I show him this ..he never got the option of a front loader or even the off road tyres when he bought his , mind his does have two seats ..
  3. moose man

    My Fella's Cooking is terrible

    Gets my goat why all of a sudden we have gone back in time and eat food of a piece of wood , or roof slate as is now the fashion in my local ..I always ask for a plate ..
  4. moose man

    A bit of culture.

    And sadly repeated time and time again for equally stupid reasons and beliefs ....
  5. moose man

    nail guns gas or battery

    I’ve had my paslode guns 1st &2nd fix for twelve years with no problems , regularly serviced they have done a lot of work ..nails and gas I now buy separately off the www , much cheaper than paslode and does the same job ..
  6. moose man


    We heard our first one earlier this afternoon ..two days earlier than last year ..The swallows this year were six days later than last year .
  7. moose man

    Packing in the Fags.

    The greatest aid to stopping smoking is really WANTING to ..mindset is everything ..stick at it !
  8. moose man

    Down the barrel

    Superb photograph ...thanks for sharing..
  9. moose man

    Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    First Swallow yesterday 11th ...six days later than last year , and just the one ..
  10. moose man

    Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    Seen none in East Sussex , 5th April last year ..weather is pants today
  11. moose man

    What weed is this?

    Every day is a learning day ...
  12. moose man

    Well it was nice while it lasted.

    24years ....your not rushing into this are you ...think it through .
  13. moose man

    Another watch topic

    Understated , classic looking watch ..
  14. moose man

    pigs in the trough

    You would hope so ..call me an old cynic but I’m not sure anything will change after the debate ...bit difficult to pass any new legislation when nobody ( or very very few ) want things to change ... in fifty years of work I’ve never enjoyed the benefit of subsidised food , let alone alcohol , and having worked in parliament and most of the government properties over the years I have to say the bars in parliament do a roaring trade ...
  15. moose man

    pigs in the trough

    101,916 ...signed .