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  1. First childhood crush

    farrah fawcett mmmmm.....
  2. Sparky advice required

  3. Sparky advice required

    nothing to fear crack on google sparkys, its only us registered clowns that do it for a living that have to play by the rules.
  4. can't trust any of em,those that got caught up in the semi auto rifle re- cat to section 5 will prob remember the £50 per firearm compensation offered. we told em to stick it were the sun don't shine and exported the lot to Belgium were they could be used legally. if all shooters stuck together we would have a sporting chance ,no one has to shoot little clay discs ,pheasants or paper targets. ,we do it cos we enjoy it & should protect that right no matter what bit of pipe you use.
  5. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    really? they built the thing from scratch and you reckon transporting it to a city center while missing a few flower beds & not chewing up the road is beyond them.could easily have been towed to site on rollers/skids if control was poor. end of the day its just an easy cop out to say no. yes that would be the no forward planning for the obvious .
  6. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    refreshing change to the usual dross on the box, really enjoyed it until the part when some spineless sphincter put the block on showing it off in the city center. made me blow a gasket,should be named and shamed ,,typical of the can't do ******** Britain we live in today.
  7. Electrical certificate

    if all he has done is test all your circut's then you should have been given an EICR or Electrical installation Condition Report. if the results of the inspection are satisfactory it will be noted on the cert job done had it over . if he has altered any wiring ie extended circuts,added new ones or changed you fuse board then you should have an electrical installation cert or minor works cert. you should also have received a cert confirming building control have be notified of any works. cert will prob have either niceic,eca/elecsa or napit on the heading with reg number.
  8. Car Heater for when parked up

    sounds like condensation symptoms due to wet carpets . you got any unwanted holes in floor or leaky window /door seals.
  9. remmington versa max 12 guage semi auto

    can't go wrong at that price for new i paid £700 new for mine at the midland game fair .
  10. remmington versa max 12 guage semi auto

    had one 4 years and yes the hype is actually true for once. don't know if any one is importing them now also the v3 version is worth a look if you can find one.
  11. Full rewire or partial 🤔

    if your not doing any alterations then have a qualified electrician have a look at it,he can do a quick insulation test ,check for cpc's in the lighting circut's & test for shared neutral on lights before you jump in. you might be ok with a board change and earthing upgrade. if your adding lights & extra points rewire the lot..
  12. Lewis Hamilton

    and he binned ol Nicole swinggiwing ,she must of been a bitch to live with
  13. It's not often you see someone like this

    nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping ,i think they all like a bit of attention
  14. What do you do?

    sea fishing charter boat owner/skipper & sparky when the weather is pants.