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  1. good shooting, luv the cocker looks like it hated every minute
  2. Remimax


    why do you think there is a shortage of natural food this time of year.
  3. Remimax


    think thats what i typed apart from it not being my cat.
  4. Remimax


    yep was thinking along those lines will give it a go.
  5. Remimax


    Mrs got a cat and its not a year old yet,its been like the friggin terminator this week with young starlings one after the other. does a better job of retrieving than the spaniel.think the parents are bringing the young to feed from next doors bird table making em easy pickings. keep telling em not to put food down but i'm wasting me breath.
  6. keep looking for a solid one will be more hassle than its worth,
  7. Remimax

    B2 refurb

    fair play to ya for having a go,you could say you can't polish a **** but we'll wait an see
  8. always take me own pen ,you don't sign anything with a pencil that matters!
  9. no you missed one ,point your gun and shout bang if that fails then you can shoot em.
  10. simple soultion put in for two rifles, one heavy wieght tactical paper puncher/gong ringer and one sensible light hunting, sorted
  11. depends on what your hunting,if your built like a brick ****house then lugging a heavy barrel 308 round the hills will be no prob.
  12. anything than doesnt have "fire" in the name or silly ah claims ,3500ah is about the norm.
  13. Agreed but can't get me head round it , you'd think they would be of a similar format so would have affected all .
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