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  1. thats a shame ,how bad is he when a shot is fired? must be some trainers on here could give you some possible advice. think you need to try and hook up with someone local who has one to see if its going to make a difference before investing., if you were closer id of been happy to help got both 410 and 20 hushpower here.
  2. reading your post you prob need to try the quietest which is the 410 full length mod or the pump for more follow up shots. not the best for shooting but you could always move on to a 20gauge if it was working for the dog. whats the story with the Springer, has it been shot over to soon and messed up or is it just in the breeding? read its very hard to do anything with the condition.
  3. great write up ,always some cock womble trying to ruin yer day. top marks for keeping yer cool in front of the tool.
  4. nice job only thing i would of done different is use hardy backer tile board under the tray,and sealed round to your walls so it was tanked. hate plywood as the swelling when wet can cause major problems in showers.
  5. nothing wrong with keeping borders tidy in the lady garden. a big angry 70's bush on par with a pet monkey in panties doesn't float my boat but its a mad world.
  6. Remimax


    had a root canal last tuesday private practice they are seeing half the patients at the moment,working there tomorrow wiring for new x-ray machine. good dentist you can trust is worth a small fortune in my eyes.
  7. funnily enough the other half is spent inspection testing and certification which doesnt apply to diyers.
  8. out of intrest how would you correct that behaviour .
  9. really ? stick to the day job. spend half my time sorting out diy cack.
  10. got a couple of smk 78s here that my two boys used to use when they were younger.out the box they are pants at around 7-8 ftlbs. did the usual probe porting and changed the transfer port seal also removed the felt filter. upped the power to 11.2 ftlbs and with a bit of action polishing they shoot pretty dam good for a cheap rifle the magazine add on is basic but it works. i use em round the sheds for ferals and rats,luv em cos they so light to carry.
  11. remember last year final day out without the spaniel as she had come into season,all our game is rough shooting so without the dog felt like i should of stayed at home !
  12. no other info on it that i can find not ever a makers name. no your right its made out of Alloy in all the critical bits so deffo not a conversion.
  13. looking at the OPs post i'd say not a hope in hell ,sorry for being so negative.
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