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  1. always take me own pen ,you don't sign anything with a pencil that matters!
  2. no you missed one ,point your gun and shout bang if that fails then you can shoot em.
  3. simple soultion put in for two rifles, one heavy wieght tactical paper puncher/gong ringer and one sensible light hunting, sorted
  4. depends on what your hunting,if your built like a brick ****house then lugging a heavy barrel 308 round the hills will be no prob.
  5. anything than doesnt have "fire" in the name or silly ah claims ,3500ah is about the norm.
  6. Agreed but can't get me head round it , you'd think they would be of a similar format so would have affected all .
  7. does anyone know if this applies to the whole country or just England,we are in wales and someone has allready asked the question but no reply.
  8. Thanks for supplying the Pard NV008 great service.comms and price. cracking little compact day/night unit with staggering image and range when married with the reccomended Sirius XTL MK2 illuminator laser. more range than you'll ever need for about £630 combined got to be a game changer in my eyes.
  9. There goes the can into the long grass , done and dusted.
  10. like you say tis a bit silly when you can cast your own in the comfort of yer home . do you have to show your licence to buy a LEE mould off them as well.
  11. did my maxus cambelt at xmas on 92,000 ,should of been sooner, pig of a job. on site the plasters van going bang a week before with belt failure with not much more milage sort of gave me a reality check the Mrs Zafira was 60,000 in the book so that got done on time. the shooting bus is an old terrano on chain drive so will prob out live me on 198,000 now and runs sweet.
  12. cheers will have a spy
  13. got a 20 gauge pump hushpower its ok but wish i'd gone down the 20g OU hushpower road . pump is not as quiet as the 410 in my eyes. i load me own subsonics so carts as good as it gets really.
  14. anyone tried one user comments good/.bad. still using an NT300 add on thats ok but fancy a better shooting position with a dedicated,
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