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  1. Remimax

    A classic wife over reaction.

    i know the feeling,we both work in our household but when ever the white goods fail it seems it is my duty to fund the replacement. like the new washer i bought the other day ,it's technically mine but im not allowed anywhere near it if i even pick up the box of washing powder she gets a full monk on
  2. watch this rifle in action and its as close to a hollywood "silencer" as it gets.
  3. Remimax

    A riddle for y'all

    your problem doesnt make any sense with what you have described.
  4. Remimax

    Howa 1500 stock

    found the Hogue had terrible flex with bipod attached which for me made it harder to shoot well with so glass bedded the .22-250 action into a boyds thumbhole. problem solved.
  5. Remimax

    Dog roaming, how to cure it?

    short term solution might be a Dog trace x20 tracker for you escape artist ,bit expensive in this country at £400 but can be had from lithuania with postage for £280. looked at everything on the market before buying one.forget the mobile linked stuff out in the field. well made simple to use bit of kit , fully waterproof & 50hrs tracking on a charge.updates ever 3 secs and has a geo fence alarm for sneaky slope off moments had an incident with mine 6 months ago after she went self employed for 30 mins , when she came back i said to myself that ain't going to happen again little bitch. i'm only a novice so its been a challenge but even the best dogs can go wrong i'm told . obviously the tech ain't going to cure the boging off but at least you can catch him in the act and possibly sort some correction.
  6. Remimax

    nissan terrano II will not start start

    no nothing at the injectors either.
  7. Remimax

    May to offer the EU continued free movement

    its a shame he's not the one dealing with these clowns , unlike this weak spineless shower we have crawling to there every demand.
  8. Remimax

    May to offer the EU continued free movement

    yes a remainer in charge of exit ,she's touched her toes that many times in the so called deal process its now beyond a joke.
  9. Remimax

    nissan terrano II will not start start

    wish it was that simple bud ,looking on google its not uncommon for this to happen with terranos.
  10. Remimax

    Hushpower club

    pistol powder doesn;t get any faster , bet them loads are really clean burnng. not a lot of powder that for a 12g sub ideal.
  11. Remimax

    Hushpower club

    no prob with plastic wads ,my hushpower pump is the york guns stealth copy ,it does not have a baffle stack which look like a row of spaced washers like in the first hushpower. think it states on the site you can use plastic wads in them. it looks identical to the removable baffle on the newer hushpower units . think the 20g hushpower OU has a similar setup. thanks for sharing load data on the maxam CSBS powder as it has a sensible price at the moment. looks like the CT 24g could be a good cheap option for close decoy work.
  12. Remimax

    Hushpower club

    i reload 70mm 20gauge for my hushpower using 13grains of AS powder 28gram of no 5 shot in B&P Z-19 plastic wad with 8 star crimp they give 1000fps on the chrono. got a good stock of Vectan AS powder but its gone thru the roof in price now ,bought in at £19 1/2 kg now its £34.80 1/2kg after 12months. will have to look at working up a load using Maxam CSB5 powder when it runs out. tried some stock clay cartridges eley CT 7.5 s they were quiet and showing less than 1000 fps average on the chrono. there is a good reduction in noise compared to standard game loads on my mossberg pump 20G i would imagine the full length over and under 20 gauge hushpower would be less fussy.
  13. Remimax

    12g eley hushpower

    as cookoff013 says if your shooting a lot of em its worth reloading
  14. Remimax

    Cci 22lr quiets.

    45 ftlbs at the muzzel with a 40 grain bullets can you hit anything with em?
  15. Remimax

    .410 Ambush on the corvids

    good result that for a small bore husher