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  1. unbolt the exhaust off the cylinder and check your exhaust port is not blocked up with carbon build up ,also there is usually a small mesh filter before the needle valve inside the carb which could be gummed up.
  2. use 4" angle grinder with "circular saw blade" all the time ,its a standard tool for back chipping aluminum down to clean metal before a capping weld. they are called a meat axe in the states and the guard is always fitted and heavy welding gloves worn as the fall out would be life changing . you have to use these blades in a angle grinder that has a clutch otherwise a kickback would destroy a standard grinders gearbox. standard 110v 41/2 makita angle grinder has a nice slim handle .
  3. must be a wuss as had bad hip pain so got prescribed Zapain, christ only had one and it knocked me for six,felt really sick on em so didn't take another. not much chance of me becoming a druggie . sisters going to try the CBD oil for pain she gets with CMT.
  4. is the only proper cure 40watt or 60watt encloseure heater ,not going to break the bank to run its what i fitted as had the same problem. used in electrical panels etc very compact plenty available on the bay and cheap just make sure you use the right heat rated flex cable to connect em.
  5. exactly will be more than one with the same problem due to a dulled chamber finishing reamer.
  6. yep thats too nice a rifle to be bodging .
  7. yes they are ok got all the front cv boots glue on an old nissan terrano been on 3 years and no probs. saved a pile of work,bought em off the bay think they were about 10quid a kit. use a light smear of the superglue supplied and do it in inch sections at a time, do a dry run and make sure everything fits when trimmed and is grease free before bonding. splodge the grease satchet in at the end before crimping in place.
  8. so in effect a butcher to make it work which is fine but not a solution i would be happy with.
  9. Had my F1 a fair while and it works on everything i've thrown thru it.
  10. yep i'd second a Tope got hold of yer mackerel not uncommon.
  11. anything is possible in the case of your marlin would have to be a custom offset moderator to allow for the tube feed. saying that would depend on amount of barrel stickout to get a thread on but depending on barrel /tube mag clearance might be possible. after all rimfire mods are pretty basic that any decent machinist could knock one up with a lathe.
  12. good chance your chamber has been machined with dulled /blunt finishing reamer hence its a bit snug and hanging on to ya cases. could be wrong but if your case length is good and no overpressure showing on yer primers can't think of anything else it could be. not a big deal and a quick easy fix for a gunsmith with the correct tooling.
  13. chamber might need a polish with a reamer ,possible tolerance issue. had a new unfired surplus bren in 7.92 years ago that had ejection issues. use to rip the base of the case off if you turn the gas port to high. gunsmith reamed the chamber then it worked like a champ. had to hand it over 2 years later when the law changed.
  14. think there's a clip on youtube of some yanks messing about with one on a hunting trip. guys taking a **** up against a tree when his m8 shoots him in the head with it must of hurt.
  15. my m8 fishes bala a lot you want me to ask him for a few tips.?
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