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  1. Remimax

    Any CO2 lovers?

    got a couple of QB78s after a tune and polish both running at 11ft/bs and very accurate with RWS superdome pellets in .22. tried loads of pellets but the RWS seem to group the best. cheap little finger index mag upgrades for these little rifles are ok as well.
  2. Remimax

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    tree huggin slam dunk
  3. Remimax

    cleaning brass

    bloody hell thought i was the only one still using one of them ,is it the red body model with a tuppaware box on top
  4. Remimax

    Blocked Air Rifle Barrel

    had a friend bring a pre charge round which he had borrowed out there were that many pellets jammed in it had to remove the barrel and melt em out. tried every way with rods but was solid ,lead that came out made a slug about 3 inches long !
  5. Remimax

    Homeloading advice ? (Rifle)

    yep gun your shooting em in would be a good bit of info. have you got a bendy plastic stock with a bipod attached ?
  6. Remimax

    Obtaining an FAC with past convictions

    think there's your answer ,crack on
  7. Remimax

    Obtaining an FAC with past convictions

    just put your application in what have you got to lose ,i know people who have worse convictions and have an FAC. time is your friend and having behaved for that long can't see it being a prob.
  8. Remimax

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    Henry Krank reloading supplies list .44 russian brass ready to go no modifying required
  9. Remimax

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    if there still producing brass for these guns then they are not obsolete in my eyes. you can teach a monkey to reload in a very short time ,with powder and primers untraceable and bullet casing a simple process its no surprise these old guns are being used. at the end of the day they are a fully functioning firearm . trouble is anyone with a decent machine shop background can produce machine guns all day long in a small shed with the right tooling . whats the answer tougher sentence ?
  10. Remimax

    Horse fly bites

    looks like beaker off the muppet show !
  11. Remimax


    worked with a sparky 25 years ago who had it done which went a bit wrong. insisted on showing everyone it was black & blue. he'd start of with asking if ya wanted to see his" wood pigeon" followed by a cupped hand of bruised plums and a button mushroom. an image that never leaves you which put me off for life
  12. Remimax

    New kitchen ???.

    same here wrapped doors are ****.
  13. Remimax

    Sparky help.

    or next door is a serial killer with a very high wattage electric chair
  14. Remimax

    Sparky help.

    had this fault few months back ,customer had a flashing landing light which had 3 way switching. when tested one of the 2 way switches was faulty.
  15. Remimax

    Snake bite and lungworm

    my springer got bit on the cheek couple of years ago in the morning was home from the vet by 6pm she jumped back so went over to the spot and saw the adder , it was curled round a hole to assumed it was a nest.. she was a bit of a mess face like elephant man drooling and generally looking sorry for herself. had IV and steroids if i recall but was ok after a while,year before next doors greyhound died at the vets after an adder bite in the same area all down to how much venom they inject and how old it is i surpose. when she first arrived they were talking about possibly having to give an antivenom injection @ £400 but was not required !!!! . we live by the coast which is a really bad area for adders so i avoid it especially the rocky heather areas they enjoy suning themselves on.