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  1. Remimax

    PCP Compressor

    given the cost of buying a scuba cylinder,decanting whip ,travel, time & testing this has to be a no brainer for someone who does a lot or airgun shooting. i'm lucky i have a huge bristol dive compressor left over from 20years running dive charters . i think if you kept run time down and just filled yer gun direct with plenty of vent purges to get rid of the mosture it would prob last a while. if your going to try and fill even small 3l scuba cylinders with this your going to kill it fairly quick looking at the light duty ali con rod.
  2. Remimax

    First flying lesson

    its great but the bloody uk weather can make it a very slow process to get a PPL
  3. Remimax

    electrician help

    why not call an electrician first ,bit late after you've covered it all up. sounds like a diy job from start to finish.
  4. Remimax

    BREXIT - merged threads

    when they launched the Benjamin Pioneer air crossbow i thought this would not be far behind ,same old story.
  5. Remimax

    50 cal update

    that's excellent news, a bit of common sense for once. after being thru two bans i was not holding me breath for the 50 cal's. have always fancied one but when this bill came out thought it was the end of that dream. think i'll have a beer to celebrate
  6. Remimax

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Could this be the first sign of spine regrowth. would be great if it spread to a middle finger and the EU.
  7. Remimax

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    just watched news with some EU reps spouting off how they have been in stronger position from the start so rightly have not given away anything in the negotiations. i'm sorry but its time to remove this weak chaff of a leader and head down the no deal route with two fingers up at the 39billion payment the whole thing has gone beyond a joke.
  8. Remimax

    Titan x Ultishot

    i,ve had a titan pcp since 1994. .was an expensive purchase at the time being there field target model in .177 with adjustable walnut stock non thumbhole mtc manitou 010 ? i know they did not make many of them. for an old design its pellet on pellet and can't bring myself to part with it for a more modern offering.
  9. Remimax

    BREXIT - merged threads

    yes lets all get ready to fall in line and touch are toes for the EU cos thats all i can see happening with this bunch of snowflakes.
  10. Remimax

    .17 hmr range

    Is that stocked Thompson Contender ? had the pistol version with a stainless16" barrel chambered in 444 marlin years ago ,you had to fire it with a gel mitt on full loads as the recoil was a bit brutal !
  11. Remimax

    Power showers?

    what type is your heating system ? if you have a hot water tank the cold feed for the shower pump will have to come from the header tank to keep it balanced. for a power shower you will need hot and cold .
  12. Remimax

    50 cal Ban

    yep real rifle of choice to go on the rampage with ,really portable with nice light ammo.
  13. Remimax

    50 cal Ban

    you my friend and others like you are a typical example of why we will continue to be shafted over gun ownership in this country. the" i'm allright jack " attitude that makes it so easy for them. trust me having been shafted twice allready with the semi auto & pistol ban this proposed 50 cal ban is just another stripe off the shirt . don't think for one minute that if they push this ban thru everything else will be left alone.
  14. Remimax

    Shooting bag filling

    rice and put it in a plastic bag inside to stop any damp.
  15. This affects 1 in 2500 people so i'm told so the question is has anyone on here been diagnosed with this and if so did it affect you at licence renewal time. its a neurological condition affecting lower legs /feet hands or both due to nerves not working in them.