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  1. should be an Oscars night just for footballers :}
  2. if your happy with that logic crack on ,for me i like a belt and braces approach.
  3. Basc stepped in and sorted it ,did not go to court .
  4. Following the BASC withdrawing legal expenses cover i went over to Gunplan as it was the only reason i was with em. Its one of them things you don't think you will ever need/use. My shooting partner had his guns taken off him following a totally malicious alligation which ended up with BASC stepping in and sorting it as he had no response on his own. At the time the BASC legal expenses cover was still in force . personally think now its gone its open season on shooters who have no cover as the legal fees would be enough for most to give up a fight. works out about £40 with public liability and legal cover for existing and about £33 for new customer.
  5. yes i surpose having your helmet living its life in sudocrem would get a bit tedious after a while
  6. M8 got divorced booked his vasectomy and became an overnight man whore. hate him , looks far to happy these days
  7. can i come over and kick the tyres looks tidy that for its age.
  8. Remimax


    my builder M8 upsets the painters his fav quote " if you can **** you can paint "
  9. we had a local chap who had the remote in his pocket bent down to play with the trap hit him in the side of the head. lucky to survive.
  10. Remimax


    see it all the time EICRs that don't even come close to matching the consumer unit layout and test results that are obviously made up in the van. these are yer £75 specials.
  11. Remimax


    same here you can bet all 4 were toilet paper certs in that time frame.
  12. Remimax


    Its impossible to do a proper EICR for £75 quid sounds like you paying for a visual or a watered down version with no sampling. either that or they've tested before and re-using the results on current cert. if your going to be a domestic sparky be prepared to put up with loads of time wasting ********'s who have a M8 with nowt who can do it loads cheaper. The whole Part P scam is a joke. go into commercial if you can. loads of call round here for fixing crappy ground/airsource heat pumps might be worth a punt to get away from the crowd . No M8 nothing has changed its always been that way in one form or another.
  13. 9 flats on electricity ,going to need your own substation to run that lot. you need to look at cost of a new supply to feed all that before doing anything else. M8 converted a 42 bed nursing home into 8 flats all electric scottish power assured him the existing 3 phase supply was big enough . ******** said i and sure enough had to be upgraded big time. great untill they go wrong which in my experience seems to have a habit of being too often then it gets very costly on the repairs.
  14. whats there to get right ? ,if the tile does not overlap the edge of the back box everyone is happy and faceplates go on no prob.
  15. had o2 trying to get me to sign up to another 24month contract the other day,builder m8 was laughing while i told her i was sick of the same lies were the monthly sim only price they quote is not what you end up getting invoiced for. crooks the lot of them ,and no i don't go over me data or have any other charges from calls abroad etc
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