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  1. France to bring back 'National Service'.

    Thats the one ,think the title was "leading from the rear"
  2. France to bring back 'National Service'.

    for sale italian rifle , unfired & only dropped once
  3. Car camera to catch vandalism

    Good chance of catching em with that if the hoodies are not up,clever bit of kit.
  4. Richmond sausages.

    yep EW lucky for me shes got a soft spot for mini chipolatas
  5. Richmond sausages.

    yep they are total pants sweepings bread, bone & pink tinge followed with a drive by wiff of summit pork. worse one i've been offered was iceland sausage squares just horrid.
  6. Planing the bottom of a bedroom door.

    i use a clamped straight edge and a router cos i can't get on with me electric planer . end up making a mess with it.
  7. Paying cash in to someone else's account

    how much extra cash for the happy ending
  8. Sump Flood Alarm. Help Needed...

    as wisdom has quoted i would use a "rule" bilge float switch a simple 12v siren and a mains 12v power output with tricle charged battery backup like is used on door entry systems. you get the lot for well under £100 plus a bit of wiring. stay away from cheap unbranded float switches found on the bay.
  9. EICR cost

    you've answered your own question there not doin em correctly for £100 if you base it on a standard 10 circuts. how can you have a set fee with an unknown number of circuts. you want a minimum of £20 a circut and thats cheap. usual made up results written on toilet paper . say thankyou for letting me quote and just move onto the next..
  10. Sole trader or LTD

    ah i see ,thanks for clearing that up.
  11. Sole trader or LTD

    when you look at ltd company's on company house how can you be shown as" actve" but have no declared accounts and minimal assests like £150 logged. i thought you had to file full accounts every year.
  12. what you guys paying for 17gr hornady ,about £20 a box round here, fair old price hike from the 12.50 i paid last batch
  13. Aldi heads up 25/01/2018

    Thank's for the heads up needed a new pair of brace/bib trousers cracking bit of kit for the money. standard kit on cold foxing/ratting evenings.

    thats a big cartridge ,thought punt guns of that size used black powder . scary thinking of the pressure nitro could produce. i'm sure clay & game will have a data sheet you can down load
  15. A step too far

    like has been said very strange choice of partner ,she must go like a world champion for him to do that. can't see her fitting in well with the royal way of life