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  1. get a huge bag of treats,i'm told labs come half trained and will do owt for a snack. M8 calls em a pig in a fur coat
  2. flushed 9 today on one of our usual spots 3 in the bag.
  3. Remimax

    17 mod

    unless there's been a recent miracle nothing muffles a hmr that well and for the extra tiny gains for the fancy stuff don't think its worth it. i run a sirrocco with the stainless baffle on me 455 hmr but the sak is just the same on noise reduction.
  4. i'm reading your posts and looking at all the mistakes i made with mine ,took a lot of work to try and put it right. you think you have control till you end up in a pile of birds and it all goes to rat ****. looks like your on the right track protecting the dog before its too late. friend of mine keeps saying if it was easy everyones dog would be brilliant keep it up i enjoy your reports.
  5. great film 4.25mins was a half a crown six pence moment
  6. Remimax


    moved over to greenflag this year the RAC auto renew was taking the ****,same cover half the premium cost.
  7. would a working dog policy pay out on a barbed wire /stitches claim ,just done an extension for a vet and he seemed to think no. anyone done a claim on such an injury.
  8. been buzzed by a police helicopter 2 years in a row while shooting pigeons on stubble in the middle of no where.was expecting the ground troops but was so well tucked up in a hedge with overhanging tree it would of been a challenge to find me had they turned up.farmer suspected local tree hugger as it had happened before with another guy on the permission. took me spaniel on its second full days pigeon shooting on stubble as the day before had gone so well. was like cock of the north as i rocked up in the field,had to use me van as the terrano was playing up so had the dog in the front with me. opened the back of the van and the Mrs year old cat jumped out,luckily it didnt do one so had to take that home as it was too hot to leave it in there all day. not a happy bunny.
  9. stay away from anything with oil in description for wood work tops,danish oil is utter **** on anything apart for decoration. for hard wearing floors and worktops you need a 2 part mix polyurethane varnish available in gloss or satin finish. the satin looks better in my opinion and it dries hard as nails. sadolin PV67 or similar.
  10. flushed first one of the year with me spaniel yesterday ,Anglesey.
  11. cracking bit of work ,looks like a sausage dogs been in the mix at some point :).
  12. 2nd dibs if he changes his mind.
  13. Remimax


    yes jolly fine chaps giving us an extension not as if they need the money , just keep kicking the can its all good.
  14. shame your so far away could do with a couple of skins to make a training dummy. use to process the Jay wings for fly tying many moons ago.
  15. sorry been away missed your reply any joy on the dies
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