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  1. Remimax

    Spaniel training dvd or books

    if you can train a gundog with hugs and treats then good on ya .
  2. Remimax

    Spaniel training dvd or books

    plenty of good springer training vids on youtube search Chris Upton,shame he's so far away from me . i like his no bull**** approach.
  3. Remimax

    End of Season Near Miss

    took some extreme pressure to cause that ,glad your ok . the gods were looking down on you that day, looking at the photo you could of ended up with some life changing injuries. if there was no barrel blockage then possible wrong powder? you see it often with home reloads with pistol powder loaded into a rifle cartridge but with the large bore of a shotgun takes some doing. strange that some of the wad only made it as far as the rupture like it had no where to go.
  4. Remimax

    ALDI online DIY and Fishing 31 Jan

    cheers for the heads up , was ready for a couple of new fishing brace /trousers ,order done.👍
  5. Remimax


    don't undersrand why this total tool is getting this award.
  6. When i asked one of me mates if he'd like a go at diving in the sea he replied "i dont want to take part in any sport when i"m not at the top of the food chain' cant argue with that logic :)
  7. Cases like this are the reason i gave up being a Dive Charter Skipper in the UK after 21 years in the Game . you can have all the boxes ticked but like all high risk sports when it goes wrong the person involved or family left behind want a head on a stake. with no win no fee its easy to just have a go. don't miss it , just do fishermen now ,totally stress free and no one leaves the boat
  8. Remimax

    BASC membership hits 155,000

    They managed to stop the 50 cal ban which from previous bills that have gone thru is a miracle.......
  9. Remimax

    BREXIT - merged threads

  10. Remimax

    Vertical screw

    no m8 as far as i know they are long gone ,been a Sparky all me life and at 51 prob would of seen em on me travels. your best option to avoid ripping our the back box would be to drill and tap back of the box horizontal m3.5 and fix that way. if you put a 6mm hole top and bottom of each threaded hole you can use a masonary drill to make clearance for the screw. personally i could prob change the back box without making a mess depending on how many cable entry points there where.
  11. Remimax

    Channel Migrants

    no need to get excited its just the last of the "kids" from the jungle making there way over to where they belong.
  12. Eley pigeon select gets my vote £55 a slab no6 fibre wad no brainer for my standard of game shooting.
  13. Remimax

    Does any one here shoot Jays?

    trout fishermen like the wing feathers for making flies,should dry em out and stick em on the bay.
  14. Remimax

    PCP Compressor

    given the cost of buying a scuba cylinder,decanting whip ,travel, time & testing this has to be a no brainer for someone who does a lot or airgun shooting. i'm lucky i have a huge bristol dive compressor left over from 20years running dive charters . i think if you kept run time down and just filled yer gun direct with plenty of vent purges to get rid of the mosture it would prob last a while. if your going to try and fill even small 3l scuba cylinders with this your going to kill it fairly quick looking at the light duty ali con rod.