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  1. They must think all current members are teflon coated to withdraw this cover , as we all know it takes very little these days to have your guns taken off you. one of the main reasons i have been a member was for the so called safety net incase some clown thinks of having a pop. this is not a good move at all ,for the sum of £13.50 why were members not consulted over a membership increase to cover it ?.
  2. yes its a bit **** poor ,so now we pay the same subs but get less for it and no poll to test members opinion. i'm sure the staff are all on really **** wages as well . beginning to think the little exclusive club theory is correct and there's not enough spare cash in the trough.
  3. best way i think ,if you have a decent dog don't go telling the world as some scrote will relocate it for you soon as your backs turned. when you see good spaniels doin a Fenton makes me feel a bit better when you have a hiccup with your own
  4. if you see em again after letting em go it will be a miracle
  5. was in hurgada last november its was the reason the whole world fell out of my **** on the day i was flying home. packed trousers ,grudies and baby wipes in me hand luggage case it all went wrong lucky the overdose of Imodium but the plug on just in time.
  6. click on the blue heading for pics ,not a bad price considering a new one is around £600
  7. jobs a goodun, there's umpteen different threads used on electrical accessories
  8. does the cooker outlet plate screw into a white surface single box or sunk in the wall single steel box. if yes then just replace the outlet plate forget about trying too replace the screw on the old one. just seen you bought one whats the issue with fitting it ?
  9. yep i know the feeling had a terrano one the same siezed solid in its hole had to be hammered out. glad you got it sorted.
  10. bargain for someone lovely guns i've got the titan adj walnut stock version had it 30years still going strong.
  11. well thats me scuppered on both counts,not clever enough to be a vet and can't see meself on the meat wagon at my time of life lucky enough to have owned pistols before the restrictions ,but i do miss it. our club had a huge practical pistol following at the time.
  12. Remimax

    Nearly painful

    Thats an impressive swarm ,sisters rescue springer went on the run for 5 days no one could get near it. belonged to an old guy so don't think it went out much. certainly made up for it. never left the farm after they got it back think he had a bit of a hungry scare
  13. thinking of putting a variation in for a 45 acp welrod for human dispatch what do ya think of me chances
  14. Result, was it at the front of the engine or the more usual nightmare rear.
  15. just think of all the fun been lost blasting em off it with a water cannon. this spineless country is beyond a joke.
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