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  1. so reads you can if you think you tick all the boxes but you can still get your **** kicked if you do. that would be a NO then !
  2. my experience with the lee loadall is you will need to spin the finished crimps on new carts to have reliable feed in an auto. like has been said will prob cost you more than a finished slab in 12g but it passes the time as you say.
  3. just had a call from farmer to go and shoot over drillings,he called the nfu after i declined and texted me about being a key worker on the farm and to crack on. need summit a bit more concrete before i venture anywhere. i see the pest control guys have written to Boris asking to be made "key workers" apparently we,ve been getting those near us last couple of days.
  4. bit of a tough one this. we have fields being drilled this week but the thought of having a go and ending up face down in the dirt is not an inviting one. just opinions at the moment then.
  5. good for you ,the thought of constant" you've been in an accident" calls for the next 3 years would of had me doin the same on my old terrano bus. had a guy in a posh merc sports car overtake in a 30 and drove into the front wheel of me maxus van as i turned right into a carpark. some insurance cock rang me up told me i was" self medicating" and that the couple of grand i was entitled too would be handy as xmas was closing fast ! told him to do one as no one was hurt as it was all at very slow speed.
  6. i see 4 shooting organizations have been given the go ahead to be involved with fighting this latest general licence challenge in wales despite WJ opposing it.
  7. this is the way to go . as an ex pistol shooter due to the ban keep toying with the idea of getting back into it again.
  8. discuss that with the nice firearms chap when you get a visit about your application would be one option.
  9. depends on where you live i surpose, we don't see many first time FAC grants "open" in our area on the larger centre fire calibers. All you can do is bang it in and see.
  10. i have the bolt on 9" 410 mod and it does a great job ,i've also got the copy york stealth 20gauge hushpower mossberg pump that you can use with plastic wads if you want. i has the soild screw in drilled baffle lump at the end not the spaced washers which i think are a lot better at bleeding gas and surpressing the noise. shoots a lot better with the comb riser kit fitted and an aim dot. i use 28gram homeload subsonics 5 shot running at 1050fps and its pretty quiet gauged on no complaints from a troublesome permission last couple of years. next reload batch going to go fibre. was not impressed with the 12gauge reduction in noise on homeload subsonics so went for the 20g. wish i'd spent the extra and gone OU 20g Hushpower. like the idea of the screw in mod/choke option got a hatsan 20gauge auto that could be added to the cause ,it cycles the 28gram subsonics no issues,
  11. renovated a catering trailer for a friend of the family,he does all sorts of stuff using game meat and is doing very well at it. just goes to show the market is there if you know what yer doin with it. best thing most of the meat is free so no brainer !
  12. nothing surprises me anymore with these people ,look at the expenses scandal. if that was joe bloggs you would be locked up for fraud ,nose in the trough of public funds. what a joke.
  13. Remimax

    Red Diesel

    i've been running two fishing charterboats for over 20years this will be the end of the job in my eye's. i've seen it decline in the last 10years as a lot of the clubs and old guy's call it a day running an 8.2 litre 320hp marine engine on normal diesel is a non starter at current charter fees for our area. . looks like we will be running viking fishing trips were you book you seat and row out to the marks.
  14. Them were the days ,remember when i was a kid gang of local scrotes use to harass an old guy who walked his dog at night. pushed him to far and the trails of sparks raining down the road as he opened fire on em with a catapult and i assume ball bearings will stay with me forever. imagine pulling that stunt these days.
  15. looks good. i always copy the game pie from the mary berry cook book proper thick gravy made with browning must be good cos the Mrs will eat it
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