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  1. don't use my brno semi-auto much as the sound or rounds zinging off just about everything freaks me out. reach for the hmr every time. tried calling my local rfd and e-mailing to see if they had any cci segmented subsonic rf in stock to try and restore the love for the thing. no reply as of 2 weeks ago useless.
  2. part ex it for a proper wildfowling gun a used Remington versamax then you issue will be resolved for life the best solutions are always the simplest and the gas system on a versamax semi auto is nothing short of brilliant in my mind.
  3. if you shoot a lot of CF rifle its a no brainer to reload unless you have heaps of money or a well stocked reliable RFD.
  4. fingers crossed its the last challenge on this matter from these clowns.
  5. BASC news tells a different story that they threw £140000 of the fighting fund at it and won with all 3 points by WJ being rejected and they are not going to appeal. so GL fit for purpose with no major changes in Wales as i read it.
  6. Thanks ,if a litter off her turn's out similar i'll be made up.
  7. Is Mr Smith back under a different name ?
  8. Mrs luvs them calls last one told her she'd been in a crash and entitled to huge compo,great she says i've just come out of jail as i killed everyone in the crash . now you want to give me money fantastic
  9. in that case good chance its been plumbed really badly and airlocked or you have one of the valves siezed shut. you could always shut both off drain /disconnect and test each end into a bowl for flow.
  10. like has been said turn off all your rads apart from the one not working to push all the flow to it, help with bleeding make sure the trv and manual valve on it are fully open .if it gets hot move on to next phase. chances are with 27 rads your system is not balanced and the one not getting warm is the last one on the loop. water is lazy and will take the easiest path so the rads nearest the boiler need to have the manual valve on them cranked right down just cracked open or all the flow will be lost in the first few rads and returned back .as you get futher away from the boiler
  11. we that brightened my day,think i'll have a beer and watch it again.
  12. yep prob thinks how come i ended up with this novice muppet trainer when i could of been a FTC with the right handler
  13. Thanks, got a nice dog lined up for her this month so hoping to keep a bitch to come thru behind this one.
  14. my bitch 5years old now . opps posted it in the wrong section don't know if mods can move it sorry.
  15. yep doesn't make any sense bit like the bass fishing rules . fair few boats at it as well looking at the AIS off Ireland.
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