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  1. sorry been away missed your reply any joy on the dies
  2. yes can be very effective at bringing em in.got couple of gallons brewing all the time. don't do what i did and left fresh clippings in me van overnight ,the smell was unbearable the following day
  3. Remimax


    did he use that filthy word , that left our shores a long long time ago.
  4. surprise surprise and a salad dodger as well,not often you see a vegan with any "meat" on em
  5. Was a big pistol shooter before the ban ,keep looking at the blackpowder /nitro stuff which is the only option if i got back into it.
  6. like has been said if you value your gun ownership get em secured elsewhere ASAP before the poo starts flying.
  7. think that'll be me next move when i get the thing going again .
  8. forget your spotlights and fit them after,it will be easier for plasterer and you will get a better finish ,just make a plan and cut holes after.
  9. got an old nissan terrano 2 1999 plate gone into immobilizer lock out again. its happened before when not being used and battery goes down a bit,if it doesn't start after 5 goes it locks out cutting supply to the fuel pump solenoid. putting a 12v supply on the solenoid will not bypass the issue. if left long enough usually a week or 2 you stick a battery on it she resets and away she goes first time. must be someone out there with the info on what box/scanner etc that would reset it shes in pretty good order for an old shooting bus. could do with her running save lugging gear when on the pigeons.
  10. you'll need 4 burgers per bap the size they shrink down too, so snack for two and 4 bottles of wife beater each bargain .
  11. remember having a dinner time brew at me local gunshop over 30 odd years ago. while haggling over a deal on an AR10 in 7.62 an old lady came in with her husbands mint holstered luger who had recently died. she didn't want it in the house so handed it over to Mike the owner. he took it out dropped the mag which was full, cycled the action which had a chambered round and was ready to fire. was deffo one of those moments you don't forget must be loads still out there stashed away after the war.
  12. anyone got a set of these for sale.
  13. its deffo Chris Kamara off ninja warriors didn't know he could sing
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