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  1. Just spoken to my FEO who has confirmed that the RFD/friend route is the way to go. My friend lives 60 miles away, so that's not my ideal situation, so I shall have to ask my local gun shop to hang on to them for me... Thanks all for your replies! SF
  2. Hello All, I have to move out of my home in the next couple of weeks, and cannot move into the house I am buying until the new year at the earliest. This means that I will be staying in rented accommodation for 2-3 months. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how I can safely and legally store my two shotguns for the duration. Currently, I keep my shotguns along with my air rifles in a gun safe which is affixed to my property. Obviously, I'll have the same arrangement when I move to my new house, but in the intervening two or three months, I'll only have a rented property (details not yet finalised!). I don't think the landlord is going to appreciate my drilling four massive holes in his wall, and that's assuming the place I find even has a solid wall to affix the safe to. Most of my furniture and possessions will be going into self storage, and I was wondering whether I can also store my guns there. Obviously I would like to retain the ability to get at my guns so that I don't have to give up my favourite hobby during the winter months. If I were to put the safe into storage along with my other stuff, would this be good enough? It seems that the legal requirement is to keep the guns secure, but I cannot find anything that says I MUST have the safe at my home. I have also considered asking an RFD to hang on to them, but this will obviously cost me money and make the guns harder for me to access, since the clay shoots I attend tend during the autumn/winter months tend to be on Sunday mornings. I do have a friend and work colleague who I could ask, but he has a pretty large collection of guns and I'm pretty certain he doesn't have room for two more. What are the legal implications of keeping the guns secured in the boot of my car? I don't (and will not) need to park on the street at night, and my work also offers secure parking facilities. Obviously the car is at risk of being stolen, but I have never had such a problem in 20+ years of owning a car. My biggest concern with that is that the car might not always be warm and dry, so corrosion might be an issue. Obviously I want to do the right thing, but I also would like to have the guns accessible by me at short notice and on Sundays! I can do that if I store them in the self storage, but not if I give them to a friend to keep for me. Any comments or ideas on this would be much appreciated. I did search the forums before posting, but apologies if this exact question has been asked before. Many thanks, SF
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