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  1. my bitch is ready to mate im using my own dog who she is kept along with in the same pen/run can i just leave in together and just let them get on with it or seperate them and let him mate her on different days
  2. have SACS went bust have been reading on a facebook page that theve no money left and questions being asked where all the money has gone
  3. what would the outcry be on here if this would of have been a pitbull who bit its owner , glad you are healing up and looks a wee rascal you have there
  4. its turned full circle dancake republican terrorists getting bail from courts/prison for murder yet loyalist rioters getiing 2 years jail sumthing badly wrong there yes anyone caught rioting should be in jail but when republicans get bail for murder or letters to say they wont be done for crimes they did years ago its totaly unfair and its all down to the british goverment giving the ira/sinn feinn all they want so as the bombs dont start up again as much as i hate sinn feinn there is one thing i will give them credit for is they went to the peace talks and put forward their case on what
  5. mayabe a brother he backed up in child abuse adams should of been arrested when it came to light he backed/lied for his brother when he was abuseing his own daughter
  6. and what is the orther side to the story , his former sell out comrades said he gave the order for jean to be killed so why shouldnt he be arrested and lets not forget that adams went to the police on his own free will before they arrested him a sure sign he knows that he wont get charged mi5 will look after their special friends
  7. nice bag of ducks where abouts u at on the foyle up ballykelly way
  8. i know for FACT the psni (northern ireland police) stalk this fourm
  9. big marty how does his family feel now do they see his suicide as a waste of his life as the group he once was involved in ( ira) has now surrendered and went away gave up their weapons , his army council leaders now sit in goverment with the enemy as francis would of seen them as, they also stand shoulder to shoulder with the psni/ruc they have also met the queen n.ireland is still part of the uk, they call the dissidents who attack the army.police as traitors to ireland, evrything francis would of been agaisnt this isnt a sly dig just a genuine question do his family feel his former comrades
  10. dancake if the reunifcation happend tomorrow it wouldnt be a fantastic thing to see it would be a total bloodbath sad but true FACT
  11. nice set up always fancied having a try at keeping marine fish but havent got round to it yet but i currently have a 240 litre tank with african cichlids in it
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