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  1. Some of the worst offenders are young females. I have been overtaken by one because I was doing 30mph. I willingly let her overtake, knowing that there was a radar van parked around the next bend ! 🙄
  2. With current legislation, ignore the cyclists at your peril ! AND they know it 🙄
  3. I think the reason behind the ONE 20mph sign is to prevent the average Richard Head, adding the 2 signs together and thus reading 40 ! I live on a 20mph road and the average speed is 35/40mph. Only last month an RTC occurred at a T junction near my house. BOTH vehicles were write offs and one managed to continue through a garden wall. All of that at 20mph ?? I would DOUBLE the number of speed cameras and certainly fit every traffic light with both speed and red light cameras. Not uncommon to witness up to 6 vehicles going through the red light at most junctions in Liverpool, in fact the red lights have become just a guide !
  4. Recently bought my old AyA back after 50 years.
  5. Mix em with a few leeks and they won't know the difference ! 🤣
  6. We coat the meal worms in chocolate and feed em to the Grandkids !
  7. ££££££££££' s ? You can replace your lead service pipe from the outside stopcock to the property with plastic, AT YOUR EXPENSE. It is highly likely that from that stopcock to the main water pipe, will remain as lead.
  8. Takes me back many years ago, when a guy was taking the new gun he had just purchased down to the range to shoot it. The gun was in a polystyrene box which had a cardboard sleeve over it. The new gun was assembled and taken onto the skeet range. The first shot was an almighty bang and the muzzle resembled a peeled banana ! There were 2 polystyrene plugs in the muzzle of each barrel from the box the gun came in. Moral of story, ALWAYS check barrels are clear prior to loading.
  9. I used to run a DTL layout and the club gun that was used for instruction was a Beretta 302 with the drop in multi chokes. We never had any chokes for it, making it true cylinder. I have seen it used by beginner's on DTL and clays were broken at ridiculous ranges.
  10. IF the objectors feel so strongly about this, let them take them in and look after them at THEIR expense. Or let them go with them !
  11. My trap gun is fixed choke and bored 1/2 & Full. My personal choice would be 3/8 and 5/8. As a top DTL shooter once commented, I would sooner have 100 chipped breaks than 99 balls of dust !
  12. Does anyone have an ISIS green recoil pad of 19mm or less they wish to sell ? Thanks. W.
  13. And been replaced with...............??
  14. Ah, THAT is why my car drinks it then ? It's bloody alcoholic !
  15. I could get 54mpg on a motorway run, keeping speed around 65mph. It would drop a bit doing 70/80 mph. Best I have had on a run from the 1.5 petrol is 34mpg.
  16. Just a shame they stopped making the 2.2 diesel, in my humble opinion, the best car they ever made. I wish I had spent £1000 on a new turbo rather than changed it for the current 1.5 petrol model. Yes, it is a nice enough car to drive, but it is slower and most certainly thirstier than the diesel. So, if you have the 2.2 diesel, pay the higher road tax and KEEP HOLD OF IT !
  17. I never said I used it in my auto, I don't, but my use in my opening guns has served me well enough over the last 60+ years.
  18. I always understood that any metal to metal moving surfaces, required some form of lubrication, regardless of how little. I remove my Browning ejectors once a year, clean them thoroughly, including their housing, lightly lubricate and refit. I just use a pipe cleaner to clean them in place the remainder of the time.
  19. Try the red Lucas gun oil off fleabay, I use this on my multi chokes and ejectors. It does seem to stay where you put it and not run back into the action or the barrels, dependant on which way up you store the gun. I am still on the same bottle after 2 years and I clean at least one gun weekly.
  20. Shooting buddy has just bought a set of shooting glasses with 4 different coloured lenses and a prescription insert. Specsavers supplied and fitted the prescription lenses to the frame insert. The set of shooting glasses was £30, plus the Specsavers bill.
  21. Absolutely great looking job. Strangely enough, my Westley case is lined in blue baize too.
  22. That's cos it was Eric Morcambe !
  23. Ah BUT, you can always shoot them as 'sim pairs' ! 😉
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