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  1. IF you have a decent alarm installed, there should not be any false activations due to weather conditions. Both of the 2 'false activations' on my alarm system, during the last 10 years, were caused by pigeons flying into the patio doors.
  2. I also store the gun muzzle down to take the weight off the recoil pad.
  3. Maybe the first question on the questionnaire should be "How do you find a Doctor " 🤔
  4. I suspect HSE will be all over it and I am sure it could affect a lot of shoots in the future, especially with regards to shoot transportation. I can recall an incident that occurred with a shoot trailer being involved in an RTC several years ago. HSE visited all of the shoots in the area and their transport had to be altered/adapted to their spec.
  5. As even the thinnest 725 pad is too thick for my required L.o.P. I have fitted a 525 pad on my ProSport. It is around 1/16" too small but I made a thin plastic back plate to protect the toe of the stock. Been on for 2 years now without a problem. Avoid getting ANY oil on the rubber pads, I think that can contribute to their demise.
  6. No, the force next door. They contacted me for renewal last September. I had so many problems getting my medical records, it took 7 weeks, but that was SOLELY due to the Practice Managers attitude problem, towards shooters. After all, if you pay and use an outside agency they only obtain your records from your GP Surgery. Then, someone who has no knowledge of you whatsoever, fills in the questionnaire, attaches your records and sends it to your F.E.O. I did just that, apart from the questionnaire.
  7. I have just gone through this process for my renewal. My GP Surgery refused to sign ANYTHING as they are, and I quote " Conscientious Objectors " (unquote). I therefore demanded a copy of my medical records, to which I am entitled, free of charge. I was asked to fill in a standard request form, which I duly did. They were not impressed when I was asked for photographic I.D.................I gave them my Shotgun Certificate ! Mind you, it then took them SEVEN weeks to supply me with a copy of my records, following my pestering them on a daily basis. (they are obliged to supply my medical records within 20 working days following my request). I then attached copies of the THREE A4 sized sheets to an Email and sent them to my local F.E.O. I have since had a visit from a very nice young lady F.E.O. and my new Shotgun Certificate is 'in transit'.
  8. Lost my roost shooting last year, due entirely to farmer not wanting the hassle. I can understand why too.
  9. Sorry but got a bit confused with all 'will it, won't it' threads, BUT rest assured that ANY Browning choke key will fit 325, 425, 525, or 725 chokes regardless of variation. As already said so will the Beretta AND many others on the market. So get the one from Scully bought !
  10. I have used Barbour stud on leggings of the short variety for over 50 years and they have ALWAYS been 2 seperate leggings. I would be cutting the stitching to seperate them. I also have the same thing in Gore-Tex, made by Musto for less arduous days. The belt attachment was designed to be worn at the side, or that is where I have always worn mine.
  11. Knowing of an actual incident involving shoot vehicles being broken into during lunch break, I would be reluctant to leave a spare gun in my unattended vehicle when shooting. Using an old English gun (while I still can ), they are probably more likely to break than a modern gun with coil springs, IF I felt a need to take a spare gun, maybe leave it at the Keepers house in case of need. If your spare gun was to be stolen from your unattended vehicle, I would suggest that your Certificate could be revoked ?
  12. I got rid of mine, got fed up waiting for it to turn to green to tell me to pull the trigger !
  13. I use my 6lbs 2ozs S x S with 28 grams of 6 for game shooting and a ProSport weighing almost 9 lbs. for my clayshooting and can switch between both of those and also a semi auto, without issue. That also includes the single triggers and the double triggers and the auto/manual safety catches. The only time that I occasionally get caught out is if using the S x S on clays, in a pre game season warm up, the auto safe can catch me out. I have switched the leather carrying straps on my gun slips for leather rifle slings. They are wider and spread the weight across my shoulder better, they also have a convenient thumb hole which, when used, helps stop the strap slipping off my shoulder. Just use the gun that you are more comfortable shooting and do not 'overthink' the issue.
  14. Beretta key fits my DS chokes.
  15. ANY gun is only as safe as the person holding it !
  16. That is odd, I traded some Briley extended, invector plus with them for some extra DS chokes, not long ago. Must have sold them.
  17. Have you tried Malmo Guns, they usually have a fair used selection ?
  18. I did something along the same lines for my eldest girls birthday, sorted the entertainment, party hats, jellies etc. the full hit. She seemed so ungrateful and was NOT at all pleased.................................I expected a bit better reception on her 54th. Birthday ! 🙄
  19. Whereabouts are you ? I have a Beretta 301 with a short stock and it is fitted with a 303 multi choked barrel at a similar price. West Lancs, Merseyside area.
  20. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the wood trap forend for a Franchi Dragon or Barrage 12 bore shotgun ? Thanks ,W.
  21. Excellent, thank you for that.
  22. I used gun cleaning products for years, then I realised what a waste of money it was. I use GT85 spray down the barrel bores, ONLY if they need it (normally they do not) but I do use a 'clean' cartridge in the first place. I use Lucas red grease on the knuckle or hinge pin, Lucas gun oil for the multi chokes and my old unused engine oil (all synthetic stuff now) for wiping down the outside of the metal. I do not oil inside the bores, ever. My guns are all in gun socks in the cabinet, the S x S' s are stored muzzle down and with snap caps. The remainder are all 'nose to tail' and no snap caps. Every six months or so, I remove the bottom barrel firing pin on the Browning/Miroku guns, clean off the carbon, LIGHTLY oil and refit (dressing the point of the pin, if required). I clean out the action at the same time. I do not apply any oil to the semi auto's actions, other than a tiny amount to the bolt rails. They do not rust, break down or anything else, apart from shoot quite well.
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