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  1. I have a Browning Prosport and THAT is the same ?? I usually pick up a cut or two, when cleaning around the ejectors.
  2. It WAS £26/100 (4 tokens) they used to give you 3/25 for no birds.
  3. I am led to believe that credit will be added in exchange for any unused tokens too.
  4. Just a bit of a heads up for those that may visit the above at Sealand, they have now switched to the Promatic plastic card system (Claymaster) from the old 'token' system. This means you no longer have to shoot a full 25 at any discipline.
  5. Can you really expect anything less ? Have you noticed the standard of driving lately ? Just glad that I no longer have to scrape up the bits and then tell someone that their beloved offspring will not be coming home.
  6. There yer go, who needs Solicitors anyway ??
  7. Judging by the vastly increased numbers of doggie walkers around a reservoir that I fish, I think that half of Lancashire is er .. working from home !
  8. I know of someone who worked in a local DSS Office. After some 5 years, she decided that she was sitting on the wrong side of the desk ! She went off with stress and now some 20 years later, claims every benefit that is available, including Motability. I feel sure that she is most certainly NOT alone. During the last 'mini heatwave' it would be astonishing to find the true figures for all of those er......'Self Isolations' !
  9. At least the Americans would not be asking if it was 'steel proofed', unlike their Brit Cousins ! 🙄
  10. Depends what you want to shoot, but Ribble Bank at Hesketh Bank is not too far from you. 10 stand sporting layout every Sunday 11.00am start.
  11. I have never cleaned a gun on here, I have to admit !
  12. I think 3/4 of the British Population were in the Lake District last weekend !
  13. I am a firm believer of 'gun in slip' between stands. Problem over ! Wait for the "But you can not see it' s empty" comments ?
  14. Westley


    Anyone ever tried Alpaca steaks ??
  15. I now have an excellent Joiner who has fitted a damp course to my wardrobe !
  16. Well done that man, excellent day and some good shooting by the sound of things. I have a 12 bore cartridge belt that seems to have 'shrunk' in storage, your lad is welcome to it.
  17. No, they send them off to forensic science labs for a Firearms ballistic expert to test, or they did in my day.
  18. They blacked the barrels on my Westley around 1990, they are almost as good to this day. I would not go anywhere else for barrel blacking. The cost was £75.
  19. Having had Cens, Howard Leight and Peltor, oh, and some very early Emtechs, the last dose of hot weather prompted me to look at the moulded ear plugs. I did my homework, Cens, after sales......non-existent, Vario.......one or two people had slight issues with them but the after sales care was good. Emtech, do not do digitals. After weeks of pondering I saw a YouTube video advertising some digitals by Custom Fit Guards (CFG). I contacted them, a week later they came to my home to take the ear moulds. The initial delivery was a little longer than expected, but I was kept well informed of the state of play. When I first tried the ear plugs, although exceptionally comfortable and I was well impressed with them, being deaf I would have liked a bit more volume. I contacted CFG who informed me that it was possible to fit larger speakers to my plugs, if I returned them, which I did. The modification did take a while, but it was during the heatwave and a lot of people were er.....'Self Isolating' ! However, I now have the plugs back fitted with the 'Ghetto Blaster' speakers and they are brilliant. The modification was carried out free of charge. The kit includes an excellent zip case and the plugs come in a variety of colours. There is a full range of different plugs available, both passive and digital and start under £100. My particular choice were £366 which I felt was excellent value for money. I have worn the plugs occasionally in excess of 8 hours and they are very comfortable and the volume level is now the same as my hearing aids. CFG do a passive ear plug with a valve that you can turn on and off for holding a conversation, I saw it on their website.
  20. I have over 1000 of them, as said, they will mince clays at all but extreme range through my 1/4 & 1/4 choked gun. I did use some 29 gram 6's of the same cartridge on pigeon and crows recently and they worked well enough too. I have seen 7 1/2's used over decoys to good effect through 1/2 choke.
  21. Anyone have a used Isis rubber recoil pad 15/16mm thick that they would like to sell ? Thanks.
  22. I was at NWSS on Saturday and it was quite busy, mainly on the Compak layout which I have to say is very good. So, one door closes and another door opens ?
  23. I still enjoy my clay shooting very much, but my S x S English gun has sat in the cupboard for a few years now and is likely to remain there, owing to the steel shot debacle. I try to shoot clays once a week and meet up with a group of other like minded pensioners. I also like to visit other clay grounds rather than stick to the same place and as long as I can still lift a gun, shall continue to do so. I buy the VERY occasional game day, (around 3 a season) again with a few friends.
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