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  1. I’m selling my 16 bore to .410 adaptor made by ‘Midland Gun co Birmingham’. For 2 1/2 inch chambered gun and 2 1/2 inch .410 cartridges. In good condition for its age. The chamber is good and clean but some pitting at the other end of adaptor. £50 posted open to sensible offers.
  2. I'm selling my shotgun case. It is in excellent condition and hardly used. Has leather straps and combination lock. I will include details of how the combination can be changed. Makes a nice addition to any gun. Please note this is not an antique case it's practically new and manufactured in China. I'm looking for £40 + £10 postage. Collection from Craven Arms Shropshire. I'm unable to attach a photo but please email and I'll send photos.
  3. Hi all, if anyone has a 16bore to .410 adaptor they no longer want, do please let me know. Thanks
  4. I wanted to get a .410 for a bit of fun on clays, but I bought a couple of 12 bore to .410 adaptors. I just use them in a light weight Spanish sbs. Not quite the same but a fraction of the cost of a double barrel .410. I've no idea how they pattern but it doesn't bother me really as it's only for fun now and again on clays.
  5. wg2

    Cheap sxs

    Hi all, I'm after a cheap side by side as a bit of a project. Condition not important as long as it's in proof. Must be in Herefordshire/Powys area as RFD to RFD costs too much for a cheap gun. The cheaper the better! Thanks
  6. I'll take this if still available. PM on its way.
  7. Anybody have a 2 gun breakdown cabinet they no longer need, in the Powys, Herefordshire, South Shropshire area? Or be willing to send by courier possibly? Thanks
  8. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice on a loose rib I've just noticed. It's on a George bate sbs. I don't know if it's worth getting repaired or not. I paid £300 for the gun, I really like it and don't want to scrap it, however as I understand it a loose rib is around £400 to repair as it has to be re-blued aswell. Could I just carry on using as it is? How long is the gun likely to last as I think it starts corroding under the rib if left? Any advice is much appreciated Wg
  9. wg2

    English sbs

    I'm looking for an English boxlock, with decent barrels preferably not sleeved. Not wanting to spend more than £300 really. Thanks
  10. Does using 67mm cartridges do any damage to a 2 1/2 inch chamber? I just bought some 67mm cartridges for a 2 1/2 inch chamber. On the box it says it is ok so surely it won't damage the gun?
  11. Griffin Lloyd, have you been there?
  12. Been reading a lot on the forum for a little while and thought i'd join! Im from east powys not far from the Herefordshire/English border. I've had my shotgun license over 2 years now. I shoot clays and a bit of game/rough shooting on the farm I work on. Am lucky enough to have a nice clay ground 10 mins away too! Look foreward to learning more from the forum in the future!
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