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  1. 18GR will likely be enough using AA cases or at least would be using a Win209, do not know what difference the CCI primer might make, 21.5GR would be lively in a compression formed case.1 oz. Winchester AA HS Win 209 Winchester WAA12SL AS 18.1 gr 1200 9,200 PSI.
  2. Eley Lightning do crimp well as do Cheditte with the Bn2 spinner, watch Cx2000 primers in the Eley cases,tend to be a slack fit, primer pocket reconditioner or superglue are your friend!
  3. Been reloading 30 years never happened,applying wad pressure last night one cooked off in my hand! the primer is unmarked no clue as to what went wrong
  4. Unless anyone knows different ssb150 is sourced direct from Eley in commercial drums, then decanted for sale to joe public so there may be some mileage in trying ( proof test it) bear in mind just because the website says its ssb dont make it so, lots of powder look very similar.
  5. if they are from your own gun, they will almost certainly chamber ok without resizing, try feeding one or two empties into the chamber, eric lee
  6. Did know a guy with a shed full (a full barrel in reality) sadly he sold it to Claygame a couple of years ago only lasted a few days in there! should have got more while i had the chance!
  7. Thanks for that Tony, only decision now is what powder to use leaning towards SSB150 for the 12 picking up some lil gun for the 20, i do have limited quantities of M92S and steel to hand but would be loath to use it experimenting, hopefully Claygame will have itx data for the SSB150, otherwise will have to wing it and see what the test gun says!
  8. Shopping on Siarm today 5kg of copper fell in to my basket, i believe (?) you can use steel data with wad column adjustment does that sound like a reasonable place to start on some load development? (will be pressure tested before use) looking to load 20 and 12 in 3 inch,possibly 3 1/2, any input or advice from you guys that have already been down this route would be greatly appreciated, Eric lee
  9. Kranks had Steel and Bluedot last week, as far as i know all sold out but doubt they were the only drop in the UK,have a ring round, failing that Vit is the only other alternative.
  10. Just be aware many 3in rto loads will not cycle in many 76mm chambered autos 2nd round will not feed due to excess length of the finished round, some case trimming may be required! hand or pillar drill either do nicely.
  11. The cases in question are to the best of my knowledge 76mm high performance steel marked, not quite so easy to come by, but they do reload perfectly aside from the primer issue , and if the op is reloading hp steel back in them i would be leery of the primer swaps suggested, Eric Lee
  12. superglue or a primer pocket conditioner either will work nicely
  13. Had an M92S steel load tested just for curiosity having recently bought a Gaep spinner 1200 bar half a grain short of published data (should have been just shy of 900 bar) i must confess i was advised to drop a full 2 grains on spun loads,last time i had it tested sub 1000 bar higher than published but usable, only difference being spun and used once fired, as opposed to new cases, scary where pressure comes from!
  14. Our friend across the pond reckon they are a B&P wad rebadged, if that is correct it will be the S32 Clay & game should be able to confirm as they list it
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