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  1. They’ve been coming through the roofs for years, that’s why I recommended dual tech sensors inside.
  2. As Jaymo said, master blaster, texecom alarm panel ( I’d go wired though), shock sensors for the windows, dual tech sensors internally and one of these covering the oil tank if possible. https://www.cctvcentral.co.uk/premier-external-td---black-afq-0001-402-p.asp?gclid=CjwKCAjw7_rlBRBaEiwAc23rhmO7qod5fCN6LTbDR5iCBFpxws6vl1mhr8JnRAtp1Rj9Pq-OvMwYbxoCNVgQAvD_BwE
  3. Whoever had fitted the stainless steel cooker hood had drilled straight through the cable.
  4. Heinz’s version was a slight improvement.
  5. Cadburys version of an insulation support box. For the kids, a Haribo version.
  6. Ok, thanks for taking the time to do it. I was just curious, but it’s as I thought all the smaller companies are all similar prices.
  7. How does Octopus Energy compare?
  8. I’m with Octopus energy now after Iresa went into administration. I’m impressed with them so far. I gave them my first meter reading yesterday morning and they had adjusted my bill by the afternoon. If you sign up via the link below we both get £50 credit towards our bill.Put in your postcode and get a quote. https://share.octopus.energy/amber-rose-955
  9. 02 Discovery es 7 seater, full leather interior. Done around 127,000 miles from memory. Been stood for around a year. All the usual common faults have been done on this including rear suspension airbags, shuttle valve, fuel pipes and rear ace pipes and newish battery. Hpi clear with paperwork from when I bought it. Starts 1st time. Now the bad bits, it needs a Mot, a new clutch, power steering pump possibly leaking and the rear offside window needs putting back in its carrier ( motor works but when I went to lower the window the glass was stuck, as it’s been stood so long, so I’m assuming
  10. If I was you, I’d phone the sparky who’s going to sign it off and ask him what he wants you to do.
  11. proud dad

    Lawn care

  12. proud dad


    Thanks for that. There should be one winging its way to me at present, thanks to the generosity of forum member Deadly Plumber. Another one of the good guys.
  13. proud dad


    I’ve been after one of the fishing bags for a while now. I don’t think they sell them anymore.
  14. proud dad

    EICR cost

    Just forget about doing them mate, I have. I had someone phone me up a few years back and I quoted around £200. They just laughed at me down the phone, said they could get one done for £70. I said to them why are you phoning me then, you won't get any cheaper than that? Some firms are doing them for £7 a circuit around here, not that they will be worth the paper they are written on, but as said they rely on making money on the remedial work. There is no way you can do an EICR thoroughly for that kind of money, just filling in the report takes long enough. That's why i decided not do them
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