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  1. Im after a Benelli M2 Comfortech Stock in black if you have one spare?
  2. Liam was adamant he straightened that barrel out! Well done.👍
  3. Cawdor118

    American lead

    Grahams in Inverness had a vast range of Winchester lead and steel 👍
  4. Muddy gutter calls are good. I had a great season with mines.
  5. This is an exceptionally noble thing to do in my opinion. The ball is in their court now...
  6. Drop your man an email and he may come up trumps? The online store is somewhat basic
  7. Agreed the delivery times from Italy are insanely quick.
  8. https://www.slipperydicksgunwax.co.uk/
  9. That is cool, I would love one but cant see how I would get it passed the boss. Is the video footage good? All the very best with the sale.
  10. Why wouldn't they have a sensitive scale on the factory line with fine enough tolerances to reject anything deviating from norm? Or, as has been said previously, has the weight differential been made up with a heavier shot charge? Weird one indeed. Just as well you never blew up your new Purdey haha.
  11. Thanks mate, I love gear but simply didn't get on with "the feel" of it. So went back to a standard version. Cheers 🍻
  12. Bump, last offer - £170 posted
  13. Bump. Last offer - Now £210 Posted
  14. Indeed, I would like to know too.
  15. I would suspect its a "sponsorship" deal gun. I reckon it would be in the region of £25k new if you or I were to purchase it.
  16. I don't know anyone that does serious work without a Hilux.
  17. Also, enjoy the process. No ones expected to know everything and its all about learning. So don't worry about it.
  18. Done mines many years ago. The best thing you can do is the online tests - its well worth signing up to. The questions in the exam papers are verbatim. https://dsctraining.org/
  19. I know a guy with a wheel refurbishment firm, so as you would guess he is fitting more tires than the average bear. He swears that the new Pirelli Scorpion AT's are the absolute best thing since sliced bread. Beating BFG's.
  20. Am I correct in saying its the choke thread that's damaged rather than the gun thread? If so, yes it can be restored with a thread file and a little patience. Just go slow and with not to much pressure. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/cutting-tools/thread-restoring-files/thread-restoring-files/f/61
  21. Pilla X7 Copa Mundial Arms - Black Used but never adjusted Perfect working order £250 recorded posted
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