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  1. lionelbudge

    Driven day on pheasants, Sussex, 5th Jan

    hi there, do you need any extra help with pest control at all? I'm an air gun shooter based in west Sussex looking to offer my services where i can.
  2. lionelbudge

    west sussex

    thought about that but i dont shoot shotgun or anything like that i only use air rifle.
  3. lionelbudge

    west sussex

    looking for permission in west Sussex, have posted here before. before anyone says it, yes i have been out door knocking, most of the land here is shot by syndicates already. thought id try again and see if i get any joy.
  4. lionelbudge

    West Sussex

    i guess I'm well too late for this one, just got into shooting air rifle again and desperately looking for a permission. i'm in Littlehampton
  5. I am 28 year old with own transport. I have a Bsa r10se 177 and I'm Insure through BASC. So difficult to obtain a permission here in West Sussex due to syndicate shoots. Looking for any type of pest control opportunities in West Sussex, rabbits, rats, pigeon, corvid, squirrels, Any one who knows somebody with stable, farm,small holding, golf course who may need free pest control I'm willing to help. cheers Adam
  6. evo knocked all the ppossible doors in my area and around it that i can find, everything taken by syndicates :( this is last resort for me
  7. hi im new to here after using air gun forum i am an air rifle hunter seeking permission in Sussex and surrounding areas. just a quick post to say hi every one.