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  1. If I have nothing better to be doing and it's an alright day I'm happy to sit, listen to the radio and relax. But my usual mantra is 'am I having fun?' If it's grim and no birds I'd rather be sat warm and dry.
  2. Underarmour is much better as a base layer when you are moving around a lot. It's primary job it to wick away moisture (from sweat) things like Merino wool are far better when just sat still. - same with socks.
  3. I have a Springer bitch at 16kg, she has a myriad or genes from usual lines, but her parents were slight too
  4. I hope to be doing my reloading hz kidderminster soon. - when the house contract Completes. Maybe you could do a joint trip in the future.
  5. 20g medalist Cz .243 Cz .22lr
  6. Just perusing youtube and found this, took a screen shot just for everyone's ease. Thoughts on the shooting positions during a driven shoot where adrenaline is running high? https://youtu.be/vr6hynpnb_gg
  7. They are named specifically under the caliber recommendations for 'deer' (the allowed to use forms of .22 centrefire for CWD asnd muntjac bit) so I'd saw definitely deer to keep it legal
  8. I think I'm right in saying that a full choke should get 70%(ish) of pattern in a 30inch diameter at 40yds. - so therefore if your using a 28g load in either a 20guage or 12 the results should be the same. (Please correct me if I'm wrong here.)
  9. Love my 20g, only shotgun I own now. If you want to shoot light 21gram loads you can, and if you want to shoot 32-36g you can(but with more of a kick). Just costs as both more per box, and light gun for clays, but you get used to it.
  10. Cracking gun, I've one which I have got on with really well.
  11. True about the asntyius, I had a scasn through some of their Facebook pages a while back and they really seem happy enough trespassing to disrupt a perfectly legal farm shoot. Google earth or Bing maps satellite, print screen okntyonword or Photoshop to add the pegs and beater/stop positions
  12. cpaulc


    Cracking post, I'm in the market for a new flask too and now know what to go for.
  13. Prefer the shooting show for its week to week content
  14. Love my 20g medalist. - yup its not a browning', but its well built and geos bang twice. But if it's as 12g your looking for, the others are quite right I've seen a good few way cheaper
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