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  1. Nadolig Llawen I pob aelod o P/W
  2. bonddu

    montana coat

    I will buy this please. How do you want payment? Regards, P
  3. Don't hold your breath! BBC pro shooting? What I would like to say about the piece shown is; I don't know how many of you pay a good whack of a subscription to your particular shooting body, but I saw no representation from either BASC, CA, CPSA etc. maybe they weren't invited to participate. Surely the nearly new Media Centre at Marford Mill have let the BBC know that they would be interested in participating in any shooting related issue they are thinking of broadcasting? The NRA put their point of view over, so did the Law Commission! Who are again attempting to tightening the noose ar
  4. Can you tell me where are you located please?
  5. Been a keen follower of the forum for a few years but never posted. My interest in the shooting world is working my Labrador and shooting a few clays.
  6. Will take the recoil pad if still available, just what I want for the daughter's 20. PM details for payment
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