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  1. Oh sorry , assumed it was shotgun and would be using slugs? Fair point dangerous game lol
  2. Don't want to get into the debate about trophy hunting. The 1st thing that stood out for me during sky's report this morning was the so called professional hunter.? Walking through the bush with a shotgun, at no time did I see it broken ? At one point Carrying it closed and over his shoulder You carry a gun like that on a shoot you would be kicked off .
  3. Watched pigeon flighting onto rape stubble today , the combine was still on it cutting I'll have a look Friday and will have my kit with me
  4. Is there a standard letter to the authorities to notify them of change of ownership / sale of shotgun? Thanks
  5. Cookie69

    Dog box

    CAB. Dog box 25 inches high 18 inches wide 38 inches deep £200 Colection only (Coventry ) Thanks for looking
  6. My mates been back to look at the field today. Birds all over it , so we will give it another go tomorrow , weather permitting .
  7. Thanks guys,, Ye don't know why picture ended up sideways ?? Plenty of maize left on top of this field , I'll take another look on Monday see if they are still on it? That's assuming they haven't been blown into the next county ??
  8. 42 on maize stubble yesterday , quite a few birds about but not decoying. The birds were flying fast on a very good wind.
  9. 42 on maize stubble yesterday , quite a few birds about but not decoying. The birds were being flying fast on a very good wind.
  10. My shooting companion is a cocker spaniel Was shooting drilled wheat although there was a hell of a lot of beans still left on top from the harvest
  11. yes not been to bad of late, hell of a lot of birds about at the moment but when they turn up they are in big flocks and very high. trying to get them to decoy has been fun lots just flying by taking no notice but then it only takes one to take an interest and another will follow , a lot have been young birds
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